May 24, 2012

Getting Stains Out Of Your Family Car’s Upholstery

Unwanted stains in a car's upholstery can damage the look and feel of a family car and significantly lower its eventual resale price. As gas prices, automotive maintenance costs and family car insurance rates go up, it's increasingly important to find inexpensive solutions to problems in the family roadster. Removing stains from car seats is a quick way to manage the value of the car, and may feel as gratifying as getting free gas or finding cheap auto insurance rates.

Treat stains differently

Every stain in the car may require its own unique treatment, so it's important to know how the various stains are caused. Ink stains can be excised with rubbing alcohol dabbed on a clean piece of cloth. Never rub the stain, but blot efficiently. Another cloth or a dry part of the original cloth can be used to blot the alcohol back out of the upholstery.

Food stains are best treated with dishwashing liquid in a clean piece of cloth or old clothing. Instead of throwing away old socks and shirts, save several to use for cleaning purposes. Dishwashing soap mixed with warm water can clean up most food stains, and are also of use in the event of a gasoline stain. Adding a dash of vinegar to a dishwashing liquid and water mix can help to blot out gasoline stains and smells.

Coffee spills are best handled with cold water and another clean cloth. A bit of glass cleaner can be used after fully saturating the area of the coffee spill to fully remove the stain.

The value of timing

Acting quickly is important with all stains. For this reason, it helps to have a few key instruments on hand in case of accidents. Many drivers consider being prepared for food spills a form of family car insurance, as one ensures that stains don't sink in too deeply. Have a few cloths and small amounts of cleaning supplies tucked away in the trunk or in a side compartment in the car, out of sight but within reach if a spill occurs. Rather than leaving stains to soak in on the trip home, it helps to pull over to the side of the road and deal with the problem immediately.

Prevention is key

Knowing how to prevent stains is the most important way to keep the car clean and protect its value. Eat carefully if at all in the car, and bring napkins to put on laps in the car. Maintaining a car's resale value is as important as finding cheap auto insurance rates. By being proactive and vigilant, anyone can protect the life and look of a car.