May 23, 2012

Tips for Maintaining an Older Car’s Brakes

Brakes play a big role in driving and avoiding collisions on the road. This piece is responsible for responding to pressure on the brake pedal and slowing down the car to a stop before turns and at traffic signals. Older cars can have worn out brakes that need to be kept up with to make sure that they are working properly. Safe cars tend to cost less money when it comes to auto insurance coverage. This is because a safer car with maintained systems is not as likely to be involved in a collision. Many drivers compare auto insurance before purchasing a policy because that helps to keep the cost down. Drivers can compare quotes from several different auto insurance companies for the best rates, but having a safe care means more on the road.

One of the most common issues with the brakes on older cars is the brake pads or brake shoes being worn down from years of use. The pads on the brakes should be checked every 20,000 miles to make sure the pad is in good shape. Any mechanic in the neighborhood can check the pads and let drivers know when they should be changed. Brakes wear out slower on highways than they do in cities with more traffic. Brakes that are severely worn down tend to make noise when the car is stopping. Brake system checks should also include a look at the brake fluid and rotors.

The rotors wear out in time as well as the brake pads. Newer pads leave less wear on the rotors, but many older cars should have them looked at. Grooves can develop in the rotors over time and this will mean that they have to be either turned or replaced. New brakes and rotors on an older car can make the car stop faster and smoother. Getting these things checked out can keep drivers on top of any repairs their older car might need. After inspecting the brakes and rotors, it is important to take a look at the brake fluid. Over time the brake fluid can get contaminated with moisture or become too low to work properly. Changing the brake fluid can fix both of these problems.

Car insurance helps drivers stay safe on the road when accidents happen. Drivers can compare auto insurance online to save time and money. Comparing auto insurance coverage online gives users quotes from top insurance providers so that they can choose their coverage. It is better to be safe with brake systems to avoid accidents that will lead to an increase in car insurance rates. Many insurance providers offer discounts on coverage for cars that have newer brake systems.