May 11, 2011

Quick Ways To Speak To Real Person At Your Insurer

Dealing with an automobile insurance company can be tiresome and can also involve a lot of work and time on your part. Endless phone calls, letters and paperwork can be a hassle on your part, and sometimes it is very difficult to speak to a professional at your company. On the other hand, over eager salesmen are often available; these salesmen, however, understand few of the nuances of automobile insurance, and are absolutely useless to solving a problem you may encounter.

A very important way to ensure that you are given proper attention is to process your papers correctly when filing for a claim. Read your contract and any other papers and make sure you are following procedure to the "T". Your goal should be to avoid having to argue with them later, so submit your claim letter properly, along with all other required papers (estimates, police report, etc.). A very important part of claiming your automobile insurance is speaking to an insurance adjuster. This works differently for some companies, but for the most part, the procedure is the same; which means that you have to first file the claim; after which an adjuster will call to make an appointment.

You should note down his name and number, as well as when the appointment is scheduled for. Many people recommend taking notes during all conversations with insurance companies, and confirming the same immediately by email or another medium. This way you have sufficient 'ammo' in case the adjuster does not meet you on time. In the case that you have received no word from the adjuster, your next move would be to immediately send a formal letter; stating politely that you have not received any word from a representative. At the same time you may call the company and, using as polite a tone as possible, inform them that you don't feel your claim has been given the appropriate amount of time and consideration as required by Law; the 'good faith' clause relating to insurance.

You also have the option of walking in directly to the firm and requesting a meeting with an agent or claim adjuster. Carry with you a copy of your claim along with any previous correspondence (telephone or email) which shows proof that you were not given the required attention. The fact is that automobile insurance companies do not allot much time to meeting with existing customers, although this really depends on the firm. That is why meeting with real people can be a problem; the key is to be persistent with your communication, detailed with your reports and papers and polite in all your interactions to ensure you are given top priority.