May 10, 2011

When To Stop Dealing With Your Current Insurance Company

Automobile insurance rates are always changing. Most of the time premiums will rise in small increments every few months or so. Sometimes after the rise in cost a policy holder will start to question if it is worth staying with their current automobile insurance company. The customer begins to think if a rate change is enough to warrant a change in carrier, or if there needs to be other reasons to change companies. There are several indicators people should watch for that signal a change would be a good idea.

One of the first indicators that a change is necessary is if the rate has increased multiple times over the past three or four policy terms. Some rate changes are needed in order for the company to remain solvent, but if there are no accidents on record and the rate has climbed many times then it is possibly a good time to look at other companies.

Secondly, if you have noticed a sharp change in the way that the agents treat claims and customers then it may signal a change in the agents' focus. Most agents realize that customers are people and should be treated as individuals. Every once in awhile an agent or customer service will lose sight of how to treat people and treat people like a number rather than a person. Agents are to be available for the policy holder when they have a claim or need to change coverage. Failure to respond right may signal a change is needed.

Time is another indicator that a switch may be needed. When people have been with the same company for several years it is possible that rates have dropped with a different automobile insurance company. Loyalty is rewarded with discounts with many carriers. However, if another company is offering the same coverage for hundreds of dollars less than what is being paid now then it may be worth the switch to the other insurance carrier.

Switching to another automobile insurance company is a painless task. Most of the time it requires a phone call to your current carrier that you are looking into switching to another insurance company to find out if they want to keep your business or not. If your current carrier really values your business then they will do everything possible to lower your rates or better your coverage. If your carrier does nothing and doesn't fight to keep your business then it is a good indicator that switching is right for you. Switching carriers usually means cheaper automobile insurance rates and better customer service. Most companies like to put their best foot forward in order to attract new customers.