October 2, 2010

Special Auto Insurance Discounts For Senior Citizens

Insurance companies offer discounts on auto policies for students, women, military members, and owners of multiple vehicles and multiple types of policies. There are also special auto insurance discounts for senior citizens for more affordable premiums especially if they are on a fixed income. The insurance field is very competitive because there are many insurance companies to choose from. Auto insurance quotes can vary widely from one company to another so it is important to gather as much information as possible in order to make an educated decision.

Because men and women are living longer, they also work and drive at a later age in life than consumers have in the past. It is important to have auto insurance coverage at any age for the protection of both the driver and others on the road. Auto insurance quotes for seniors are often higher at first because senior drivers are at a higher risk of causing accidents due to poor driving skills. Policy holders reaching the age of 50 should contact their insurance carrier for auto insurance quotes reflecting senior citizens discounts.

Senior citizens can enjoy discounts based on being retired or employed on a part-time basis. Occasional drivers who spend less time behind the wheel and drive less miles are also offered lower rates. Discounts will also be applied for being a good driver without any accidents or traffic citations for a specific amount of years. Joining organizations that assist seniors such as AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) will also benefit auto policies. Auto insurance quotes can also decrease due to payments made in a timely manner resulting in a good credit rating. There are also many courses offered by the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles such as defensive driving. Completing these educational courses will also warrant reduced premiums. Most companies also automatically reduce rates once policy holders reach various levels of maturity.

There are other discounts that senior citizens can enjoy as well as other drivers. Lower premiums can be reflected by installing security devices preventing theft and safety devices such as airbags and anti-lock brakes. Policy holders can also change to liability coverage only and increase the amount of their deductible. The type and year of the car driven also reflects the premiums of auto insurance quotes.

Retired senior citizens living on a fixed income or Social Security can benefit from the special auto insurance discounts that they are entitled to. Auto insurance quotes reflecting these discounts can show savings up to 10 percent. Senior policy holders should not hesitate to compare the rates of several insurance carriers if they are not offered the discounts that they are searching for from their insurance company.