February 22, 2011

Specific Details Your Auto Insurance Company Will Want After An Accident

Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. If you, like most people, find yourself in a car accident there are a few things you will need. The first thing to do after an accident is to calm down and phone the police. The police will come out to the scene and take statements of all of the people involved. After taking statements and analyzing the scene of the accident, they will assign fault. This is not set in stone; it can be contested by either party involved in the crash. Most accidents involve making an auto insurance coverage claim with a driver's auto insurance policy.

After fault is determined by the officers on the scene, the police officers will write up an accident report. Sometimes, one of the drivers will also receive a ticket. If a driver gets a ticket, they will be the one considered at fault for the accident. Once all of this is taken care of, the drivers are free to go about their business. If there is damage to either vehicle, usually an estimate of the cost of repairs is obtained from one or two repair shops or dealerships. The repair estimates are to be sent to your insurance company if you are the driver at fault, and the other driver's insurance if they were the ones at fault.

In accidents, only one driver's auto insurance policy pays the bill for the cars, and that is the policy of the driver at fault. As a driver, you need to have auto insurance coverage on your vehicle in case you are found liable for the accident. Either of the drivers at fault would have to have to tell their auto insurance policy holding company. The insurance company will need to know a few things. The insurance company will need to know if there was a ticket issued. If there was, they will need to know exactly what is written on the ticket, exactly what the charge is. Typically, in a rear end collision, the driver will be issued a ticket for failure to avoid an accident.

The auto insurance coverage will cover certain dollar amounts of damages to another car and medical bills for the other driver. When contacting the company that holds your auto insurance policy, they will need to know who was determined at fault for the accident. They usually also need a copy of the police report and the other drivers auto insurance policy number. This along with whether you intend to dispute fault will be required information when making a claim on your auto insurance policy.