February 21, 2011

What Information To Get For Your Auto Insurance Company From Another Driver

Going online to obtain free auto insurance quotes is a good way to start the process of securing a new policy or to compare your current coverage with other policies available. Any reliable auto insurance company is sure to have a website and most of these offer free quotes on their respective sites. To save some time in the process it may be advantageous to visit one of the many auto insurance company comparison sites where you can receive multiple quotes from a list of providers. This is just a first step, and a bit more in-depth research should be accomplished before deciding on which specific company to give your business.

One thing that is important to understand when receiving online auto insurance quotes, especially those from a comparison site, is that their primary purpose of offering this free service is to acquire your personal information. When you fill out the auto insurance quotes request application on a website, they capture that information to use for other purposes. In most cases, your name, email address, age, marital status, year and model of vehicles owned, etc., will be sold to an insurance company or an insurance agent as a prospect lead. This is why, after requesting auto insurance quotes online, you will probably notice the arrival of auto insurance company promotional material in your email inbox.

All of this is an advantage to the consumer in that the strong competition for your insurance business keeps the costs down, saving you premium dollars. This is important, especially since auto insurance claim amounts continue to escalate due to cost increases in medical care and vehicle repair.

Auto insurance is something nearly everyone needs but no one ever wants to have to use. When the occasion arises that you do need to use it, though, you'll feel good, even in a moment of possible tragedy, that you have insurance and that your company and coverage are top-grade. It's important, when involved in any type of vehicle incident, that you follow certain procedures. Experts recommend you have a cellular phone and a disposable camera just in case. You should also have road flares or traffic cones as well as a first aid kit on hand.

Getting proper documentation from the driver of the other car is critical as both your insurance company and the local authorities will need it. Name, address and phone number are required. The name of their insurance company and the policy number should also be determined and also make a note of their license plate and driver's license numbers. If the driver is not the named insured, find out their relationship. All this will help speed your claim.