March 2, 2010

In Which States Is It Illegal To Drive While Using A Cell Phone And Why

One of the main controversial issues in the news is the use of cell phones while driving. Many have said that it infringes upon the rights of individuals and that there should not be any type of ban on how and under what circumstances they can be used. The Department of Transportation has cited numerous accidents that have been caused by drivers being distracted while talking on the phone. Most individuals feel that a driver can be just as distracted while talking to a passenger in the vehicle. There are several states that have banned the use of cellular phones altogether while driving. A few states will allow the driver to use a hands-free set or only use the hand held set during times of emergencies.

The state of California, Washington, District of Columbia, New York, Oregon, Utah and New Jersey all have a ban that forbids the use of hand held cell phones while driving. In the states that have bans, an officer can issue a ticket for a violation that pertains to cell phone usage alone. This does not apply in the state of Utah. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a driver in the state of Utah must have some other type of violation along with being cited for using the cell phone while driving.

Due to the attention of the driver not being on the road, serious accidents are happening more frequently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has data to support the increase in accident rates due to cell phone usage while driving. To decrease the rate of accidents that occur while on the phone, strict bans are being put in place. Most cell phones have the capability of sending and receiving text messages. Sending and receiving text messages while behind the wheel is just as dangerous as talking on the cell while driving. New Jersey and Washington are the only two states so far that ban texting while driving. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association can be contacted for more information regarding new cell phone bans.

All drivers have the responsibility to practice safe driving techniques. Driving is a privilege that should be protected. Auto insurance premiums will be high for drivers that have tickets for driving while talking on the cell phone. Young drivers have formed bad driving habits that cause numerous accidents and result in fatalities each year. Trying to obtain auto insurance will cost more once the auto insurance quote is requested and the agent is aware of all types of tickets including ones for cell phone usage. While on the cell phone, driving is considered dangerous.