February 23, 2010

Top 5 Factors In Auto Insurance Quotes For Women Under 25

Young drivers often have trouble locating low auto insurance quotes, even with tools like online insurance comparison websites. It’s not as simple as entering your information and selecting a quote–knowing about your driving record and how insurers decide what to charge is essential to finding a policy that works for you. This is especially true when it comes to auto insurance for women, as young female drivers often miss out on great opportunities to get great coverage at a low cost. Here’s a look at a few major factors that influence an auto insurance quote for a young female driver.

First of all, women start with a significant advantage–they’re safe, and are involved in fewer accidents than men. Statistically, women are better drivers than men up until age 65 or so, when the statistics reverse. This is a fairly well-known fact, and all major auto insurance companies give women better rates as a result. Unfortunately, young women might not see drastically lower rates than their male counterparts right off the bat, though, due to age. Anyone in the 16-25 year old age group will see higher auto insurance quotes than slightly older drivers, and this eclipses the gains from gender. If you’re going to school, however, you should investigate to see whether your insurer has special programs for drivers who keep good grades (drivers with better grades are also statistically safer).

Your driving record will certainly be the biggest determinant for insurance companies, as a motorist who’s been involved in one claim has a high chance of being involved in a second (this continues for the third, fourth, and fifth claim, of course). However, many young drivers aren’t aware that location is also a major determinant–drivers in areas with high rates of auto theft will pay higher premiums if they’re buying comprehensive coverage. While young women can’t be expected to move simply to find low auto insurance quotes, investing in an anti-theft device might be a good idea, particularly for drivers on the West and East coast.

Remember, it’s never a good idea to simply accept your auto insurance rates without questioning them. Use cost comparison websites to look for the best possible quotes, but be sure to also compare coverage amounts. If you don’t understand something in a car insurance policy, or if your rates seem to arbitrarily go up and down, call your insurer and ask. Arming yourself with knowledge is always a great strategy, and this is especially true in the field of auto insurance. Learn how your quotes are figured and what they offer, and you’ll end up with a great, dependable policy.