April 8, 2011

Three Ways To Get An Auto Insurance Policy In 24 Hours Or Less

For drivers who have recently purchased vehicles or drivers who have suddenly found themselves without a valid auto insurance policy, it's sometimes important to get a policy very, very quickly. Unfortunately, it can be hard to quickly find an auto insurance policy and get proof of coverage without sacrificing coverage. Worse yet, many drivers end up overpaying. There are certainly options available for drivers who are willing to search for them, however, and quickly finding policies from reputable auto insurance companies is often a very simple process.

One method of getting a quick auto insurance policy is to visit a local insurance office. This doesn't give an office a whole lot of options, as many towns only have a few auto insurance companies with local offices. Nevertheless, it's a way to quickly get a temporary proof of insurance card and valid coverage. Drivers should try to contact all of their local auto insurance companies to check rates before signing up for a new auto insurance policy. This is important, because drivers who need quick policies often don't take the time to check around and overpay for their policies. Even checking a few car insurance quotes is preferable to blindly signing up for an insurance policy.

It's also possible to get a car insurance policy within 24 hours by calling insurance companies individually and asking for quotes, then choosing a company and applying for coverage over the phone. However, most auto insurance companies will require their drivers to sign some paperwork in order to start a policy officially, so it may be necessary to have a fax machine or scanner ready to buy an insurance policy using this method. Again, it's important to get a variety of quotes before signing up for a policy over the phone, even for drivers who are in an extreme hurry to find auto insurance coverage.

The final and best way to purchase auto insurance coverage is to compare rates and buy online. There are websites that allow drivers to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers, and these give a great breakdown of coverage limits, deductibles, and premiums. They can take a lot of the work out of looking for an auto insurance policy. They can also work very quickly. Many auto insurance companies also allow their drivers to print out temporary insurance ID cards, so a policy can be used immediately after it has been purchased. Official identification cards will be sent later on, or in some instances, they can also be printed out once the policy is official. Online auto insurance policies are certainly a preferable product for drivers who need valid insurance coverage quickly.