February 23, 2010

Top 3 Factors In Auto Insurance Quotes For Men Under 25

When it comes to buying auto insurance for men, quotes for males under 25 are usually assessed at a much higher rate than about any other demographic. Statistics show that men in this particular group, on average, drive more recklessly, receive more speeding tickets and therefore are involved in more accidents. As a result, auto insurance premiums are generally higher as well.

The top three factors that influence the higher rates for male drivers under 25 are gender, age and marital status. Statistics show that males, 25 and younger, who are single are less responsible than, say, females in this particular group who are single. Therefore, even if some of the men in the group are considered to be safe drivers, the overall average still affects the rate that’s paid. The lowest risk drivers are typically married, middle-aged mothers who don’t smoke. As a result, men in the 25 and under age group pay approximately 40% more for their auto insurance than other groups. Therefore, if you’re a man who fits into this category, it’s important that you take certain measures to reduce your premium costs as you fall into a high-risk category even if you yourself may be a responsible driver.

If you are indeed a careful driver and have had no previous violations or speeding tickets, many auto insurance companies will provide a safe driver’ discount for drivers who can show they are conscientious in this regard. Also, some companies provide lower auto insurance quotes for drivers who don’t smoke. Your mileage or the amount of time you spend driving your car can also have a bearing on what you’re quoted. If you can keep your mileage below the average 12,000 miles per year, you can often reduce the amount of your auto insurance quote as well. The year and model of the car you drive affect auto insurance quotes for collision coverage too. Typically, luxury cars, sports utility vehicles and sports models command steeper rates. Where you live also factors into the equation. Areas that are highly populated often carry more of a risk for accidents; therefore, auto insurance quotes are higher as a result.

As there’s not much you can do about your gender or age at the present time, the only ways to reduce the higher rates associated with this kind of auto insurance for men is to drive safely, drive less, choose a car that won’t increase your rates, increase your deductibles and make sure that you only buy coverage that you really need. Keep the aforementioned information in mind as you shop for insurance and you’ll obtain a premium you can, at least, afford.