February 23, 2010

Top 3 Reasons For Higher Auto Insurance Quotes For Men Under 25

Let’s face it, numbers don’t lie. Statistics are a useful tool in determining auto insurance rates and use many factors to determine industry standard rates and guidelines. While each company may charge slightly different rates, one thing that all auto insurance companies have in common is an increased rate for men under the age of 25. So let’s take a look at the top reasons young men pay more for auto insurance, regardless of other factors, such as demographics, health conditions, and how often they drive.

First of all, male drivers under the age of twenty five are the highest risk group of drivers to be involved in accidents causing bodily harm and death. This piece of data is obtained strictly by statistical research. Auto Insurance companies are completely aware of this and the only way for them to cover this risk is to charge higher premiums to young male drivers. The law of large numbers’ is what auto insurance quotes are based on. Even though you have never had a ticket, never driven drunk, never made a claim, you are still going to pay more based on your fellow American drivers in the same category.

The second reason that men under the age of twenty five pay more on auto insurance is based strictly on sex. Sure, it doesn’t seem fair, especially if you are a male who has never been involved in any kind of accident or claim, but once again numbers don’t lie. Let’s face it: statistics tell us that men are much more likely to cause accidents than women, men receive many more speeding and moving violation tickets, and men simply tend to be less cautious than women while driving. Another factor that raises your insurance quotes when you are trying to find insurance is the fact that men tend to drive faster and more expensive cars than women. Obviously, a more expensive sports car is going to pay a higher premium than, oh let’s say, a VW Jetta.

Lastly, male drivers under the age of twenty five all have one common factor against them that is going to cause them to have a high auto insurance payment. If you are under twenty five, you are young, and by the auto insurance company standard, you are not an experienced driver. You just don’t quite have the experience necessary to qualify for lower premiums. If you are a male driver under the age of twenty five, don’t worry, the more years of experience you gain, the less you will eventually pay on auto insurance.