November 12, 2011

Vehicles That Help To Keep Auto Insurance Costs Low For Teens

One of the biggest concerns parents have about teenagers driving is being able to give them the most insurance coverage without breaking the bank. Teens are generally the most expensive people to insure on any car insurance policy. Auto insurance costs are determined by several things other than the age of the driver. Teen drivers have to pay more because of their age, but there are things that teens can do to keep the costs lower. Car insurance companies have a lot to look at when they determine pricing and age of the driver does play a big role. There are a few different types of cars that can cut the overall cost of a policy.

Teen drivers are generally charged more for insurance because they are considered to be risky. Car insurance companies rely heavily on statistics to determine the cost of a policy. Teen drivers have higher numbers of accidents and tickets than older and more experienced drivers. This makes it so that an insurance company is more likely to have to cover costs from a collision from a teen than an older driver. Teens also have not had a big chance to develop a positive driving record. Driving records play a huge role in auto insurance costs. Driving records include anything from tickets to collisions. If a teen is looking to keep down costs, it is important to start by driving safely to avoid any accidents or tickets.

Teens can also keep auto insurance costs down by driving an older car. New cars are very expensive to repair and replace when compared with older ones. Since new cars cost so much more to replace and repair, auto insurance companies need to charge more in premiums to cover the new vehicles. Some accidents leave a car totaled and the companies need to prepare for this. Older cars cost significantly less to replace than a brand new vehicle. Location is another aspect that car insurance companies look at when they determine how much to charge for coverage.

Sport utility vehicles and sports cars can really drive up the cost of insurance. The cheapest cars to insure are regular sedan vehicles. Some cars are hybrid vehicles and these tend to cost a bit more to cover than normal cars. Electric cars also cost more than normal ones. Teen drivers have enough to worry about without paying high insurance rates every month. A normal sedan or coupe can keep costs low. Many young drivers want to have the sports cars and the SUVs, but those will carry a hefty insurance tab every month. The best cars for teens to drive for low insurance rates are older sedans and vehicles.