November 13, 2011

When To Consider Adding Rental Vehicle Insurance Coverage

When you get an auto insurance policy, you're given the option for rental vehicle insurance. This will protect you in the event that you or the teen drivers in your house drive a rental car while on vacation. This is optional coverage, so you need to decide if it's worth the extra money to have.

If you travel a lot for fun and like to rent a car, your rental car company will give you the option of getting a policy right at the desk. This will cost a lot more money than if it was worked into your regular auto insurance policy. Ultimately, you need to consider some type of policy so that you're protected in the event that you get into an accident.

When you have teen drivers accompanying you on vacation, there is a big chance that they'll want to drive the rental car. If you let them, you need to have rental vehicle insurance. Teens have one of the highest probabilities for accidents, and you don't want to be out of pocket for the damage that they could cause.

Traveling shouldn't cost a lot of money. If you already have the rental coverage with your auto insurance, you can turn down the coverage at the desk every time, knowing that your company has you covered. This will reduce the cost of your rental car and make your vacations cheaper.

Anytime you rent a car, whether it's once a year or once a week, you would be covered with this coverage on your auto insurance. What you need to consider is exactly how often you think you would need a rental car. The more times you rent a car, the more sense it makes to have it in your monthly premium.

If you almost never rent a car, you may want to pass on the rental vehicle insurance. This will keep your monthly premium low.

Remember that if you were to get into an accident, your fault or not, your car may be out of commission. If your car is in the shop, you will probably get a rental car to drive around until it's back up and running. This is the same type of scenario. You would want the coverage.

Whether you plan on taking a vacation or having your car in the shop, the rental coverage is a serious consideration. The last thing you want is to be responsible for car damage. That's the quickest way to waste a lot of money.

The vehicle insurance coverage may only add a few dollars to your premium. Cost it out and then make your decision based on that.