May 5, 2012

What To Do When Stalled On The Road

There are a number of ways to handle being stalled on the side of the road. A few basic things need to be done at first for safety purposes; however, an auto insurance quote can determine what happens next. When comparing auto insurance costs and quotes, it's important to look for bonus features, such as roadside assistance.

As soon as the car stalls, a few things should be done. First, the car needs to be pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. This will ensure no one will hit the car while before help arrives or during any basic repairs to get the car back on the road. Secondly, the emergency flashers should be turned on. This will alert other drivers to the fact that there is a reason for the car being on the side of the road.

Once the car is securely on the side of the road and out of harm's way, the next step will greatly depend on insurance. Every auto insurance quote is different. Some companies will provide basic coverage, while others add in other features at no additional cost. These additional features can include 24/7 roadside assistance.

With auto insurance costs on the rise, it's important to consider what one is getting with a policy. Many companies who offer the roadside assistance can be just as cheap or cheaper than the companies that don't include it. With the right policy, being stalled on the side of the road is suddenly not a big deal.

There is a toll free number on every policy card that can be called. After the operator knows where the car is stalled, they will dispatch assistance and provide an estimated time of arrival. In most cases, a tow truck will arrive and bring it to a mechanic to have the car looked at. If the driver knows of a certain mechanic, the tow truck will take it there; otherwise, they will take it to one they are affiliated with.

Without insurance provided roadside assistance, being stalled on the road can be a little more complex and a little more expensive. A tow truck would still need to be called, but then the driver is financially responsible for the bill. Some states and some highways have roadside assistance as well, but it's not a universal offering and without the number, it can take walking a lot of miles to come across the number.

Auto insurance quotes are free online. There is no reason for drivers not to get roadside assistance with their auto insurance if they want it. A car can stall on the road at a moment's notice, even the newer ones.