May 4, 2012

Staying Safe While Changing A Tire

A tire blows out as one is driving down the road. There's a spare in the back, but that's not the issue. The issue is trying to stay safe while the tire gets changed so a person can get back on the road. Automobile insurance may not cover the cost of the tire, but it can offer assistance in the form of roadside assistance. Even cheap car insurance can include this benefit.

Many people are looking for cheap car insurance. However, the cost of the premium isn't the only thing that matters. What's included is also of great importance. One may be interested in paying a few extra dollars a month to an insurance company that offers roadside assistance. This 24/7 benefit can come in handy when there is a flat tire.

If one doesn't have the roadside assistance, or chooses to change the flat without waiting for help to arrive, there are some basic things that need to be done to stay safe. One of the first things is ensuring that the car is completely on the shoulder of the road. Without sufficient room to be next to the car, a person runs the risk of being hit by traffic passing by.

Especially if it's dark outside, emergency lights need to be put on. These flashing lights will let everyone know there is a car on the side of the road and that there is a problem. One may be lucky enough to attract the attention of a state roadside assistance vehicle for help as well by following this method.

A roadside assistance kit can be kept inside of a car for these very instances. These will include pop-up orange cones or tents to alert people that there is a problem and to keep distance. This way the driver has the room to take the tire off and put a spare on without anyone encroaching too close for safety.

Automobile insurance can include comprehensive insurance, which will cover such things as a cracked windshield from a flying stone or a dent on the hood due to hail. Very few policies will cover a flat tire, but it is possible, depending on the rider as well as the insurance company. One should always know what a policy entails because it can help when one is on the side of the road dealing with a flat tire.

Most owner's manuals actually include instructions on how to install the spare tire. The tire and the iron are usually in the car; therefore, it becomes about staying safe while changing the tire. If it is not safe to change the tires, roadside assistance should be called.