June 21, 2015

What To Know When Buying A Car For Under A Thousand Dollars

What are some things to consider when buying a car for under a thousand dollars? What are the best car insurance companies to consider for coverage? If the car is for a teenage driver, should he or she be added to the family car insurance? These are some of the questions that should be asked when considering buying a low-priced used car.

It is not unusual for a teenager that has finally gotten his driver's license to be anxious to buy his first car. Most teens do not earn much money at their part-time jobs; it probably is a good idea to consider an older used car, which is also reliable form of transportation.

Do not forget, a car is a machine that will get him to his destination and back home. Make sure it is a safe trip. A pretty paint job does not mean the car is reliable. Since this is a serious transaction, parents need to teach their child how to find the right car.

Car salesmen can be very persuasive and may not give accurate information about the vehicle; they just the close the sale. Remind the teen that there are other dealerships just a short drive down the road. Buying a car is serious business and it may take awhile to find the right one.

Check online and call friends. They may know somebody that has a car for sale. Sometimes an individual just wants to get rid of the car and is willing to sell it at the price the family has decided to spend.

The number of miles on the car is important. While it is cheaper to insure a used car than a new one, insurance companies are cautious about high mileage cars.

Test drive the car in all kinds of driving situations, including rush hour stop and go traffic, on the highway and steep hills. If possible, try driving on wet pavement as well as dry. Turn off the radio and listen to the engine. Take careful notes about any strange noises the car is making. A used car may come with expensive repairs and not be such a great deal after all.

Before agreeing to buy, take the car to a trusted mechanic for an inspection. Be sure to tell him about any noises that the car made during the test drive.

Most people immediately consider adding their children to the family car insurance to secure multi-car discounts. However, if the child has some traffic violations, this may increase the premium payments for the whole family. When searching for the best car insurance companies, parents should certainly consider their current plan, but also shop around for better deals.