Selecting Your Auto Insurance Company

If you drive or own a vehicle, you need to have auto insurance as well. Now, where do you go looking for such insurance policies? You can take your pick from the various auto insurance companies that are available. Just get the auto insurance policy that meets your budget and is suitable for you.

Choosing the right auto insurance company

Why Auto Insurance Rates are Dropping

According to statistics gathered by’s RateWatch for Car Insurance, auto insurance rates are down across the United States. In some states, the drop is dramatic: average annual premium decreases of nearly 30% have been reported in Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Decreases of around 20% have occurred in South Dakota, New England, Illinois, and Tennessee.

Why Auto Insurance Personal Injury Claims are on the Rise

Risk can take on a new meaning under challenging circumstances. Under a weakened economy, fraud and abuse become more acceptable to the general problem. States may decide to crack down and implement laws that are already on the books. In an effort to offset the increase in lawsuits, no fault products are introduced to new and existing clients. All of these are possible factors in the increase of personal injury auto insurance claims.

Hurricane Ike Causes Ohio Auto Insurance Rates to Increase

For most of the U.S., fall is a welcome season, full of vibrant colors and cooler weather. However, in some parts of the world, this season brings hurricanes and destruction.

For Galveston Texas, 2008 was that kind of year. It was much more than just rain and thunder. Last September, residents were assaulted by Hurricane Ike. In fact, Ike was the third most destructive hurricane to invade land in the United States and the most intense of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season.

Can You Get Auto Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance on the Same Policy?

While there are some companies that will provide auto insurance and motorcycle insurance on the same policy, that is normally not something you want to do because of higher auto insurance rates.

Californians Experience Reduced Auto Insurance Rates from 21st Century

As reported on California’s Department of Insurance webpage (, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poinzer announced, together with the 21st Century Senior VP of the Western Region, Shannon Kelly, that there will be an auto rate reduction of $34 million dollars for policyholders in California.

Common Consumer Auto Insurance Complaints

Auto insurance is a necessary service for anyone who operates any type of personal or business vehicles on public roads and highways. There are many different types of auto insurance consumer complaints. Many of them are due to misinformation or not completely understanding the details of their insurance policy. Here are a few ways you can avoid problems that may result in consumer complaints.

How Consumers are Benefitting from Wisconsin’s Budget Changes on Auto Insurance

Consumers in Wisconsin should be happy about the recent changes that have been made to the state’s auto insurance laws, as these laws are in place to ensure that everyone gets the coverage that he or she has paid for. Starting in July of 2010, every motorist in Wisconsin will be required by law to have auto insurance. While on the surface this makes it sound like certain people will be paying more, the opposite is actually true because everyone will have full access to the coverage that they are paying for, which could save the consumer a great deal of money if he or she is involved in an accident.