Will Marrying Someone with a Poor Driving Record Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?

When you’re tying the knot, there’s a lot to think about. For most couples, thinking about your new combined auto insurance rate isn’t something that comes as a high priority on your wedding day. However, it’s a very important thing to consider when planning your new finances and budgets. In most cases, combining both spouses’ car insurance policies will result in a lower auto insurance premium, which is, of course, a very good thing. Insurers consider married couples to be less of a risk, and they will usually give them multi-policy discounts when they picking up a new policy. However, your insurance rate may actually increase if your new spouse has a bad driving record.

Because a joined auto insurance policy essentially combines the driving records of both drivers, you might see quite the rate hike in your insurance bill after you get married. Of course, if you and your spouse completely combine your finances, you’ll see an overall drop, as his or her policy cost will go down proportionally. If you maintain separate accounts, though, it can seem like a raw deal for the good driver. Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure you and your spouse end up in a fair auto insurance position and get an overall decrease in your auto insurance bill.

First, you should recognize that combining your policies is the perfect time to re-evaluate the coverage that you’re paying for and the insurer that you’re using. Go online and get an auto insurance quote or two (or three, or five) from your insurer’s competitors to see how rates stack up. Your new married status is a big draw for insurers, and you’ll see rates vary pretty wildly from insurer to insurer. If you find a better insurance rate for the same amount of coverage at a different company, contact your current insurer with the news. They’ll often try to meet or beat their competitors’ prices. You can also see if there’s anything that your spouse can do to improve his or her insurance risk level. For instance, many drivers with a few citations or accidents on their records can take defensive driving courses or drive safer vehicles to bring their rates down. Adding car alarms to both of your vehicles can also help. Your insurance agent will likely have many more suggestions that can lower your premiums.

In any case, remember that accidents and other incidents are removed from drivers’ MRV (motor vehicle report) after a state-mandated length of time — usually two years for most incident types. If your combined auto-insurance rate seems very high, you’ll probably just have to wait for them to drop again.

What You Need to Know about Contributory Negligence

In the aftermath of any motor vehicle accident, the question of fault arises. In many cases, there can be no doubt of fault and the matter can be handled swiftly and with little trouble. However, there are instances in which a claimant or plaintiff must seek legal action in order to attempt to recover costs associated with the accident.

It is within the scope of legal proceedings that the concept of “contributory negligence” comes into play. Contributory negligence is defined by Charlesworth and Percy as “some act or omission on the claimant’s part which has materially contributed to the damage caused and is of such a nature that it may properly be described as negligence.” This means that although the defendant may have caused the accident, for example by running over a cyclist while operating a vehicle, the cyclist may also share some fault. This could be the case if, for example, the bicyclist failed to obey the rules of road and turned into the path of the car.

Under the system of pure contributory negligence, if the plaintiff were found to be negligent in any way, they would not be entitled to recover any of damages from the defendant. Most states have deemed this policy too harsh, although five states retain it.

The system that has replaced contributory negligence is comparative negligence. In this framework, the amount of fault borne by both parties is assessed, and the ability to recover any damages is based on this finding. Following the example above, if the cyclist was only five percent responsible for the accident because they were not wearing the proper equipment, they would only be entitled to recover 95 percent of their damages. Thirteen states use this system.

In a modified comparative system, a plaintiff can only recover damages if their fault falls below a 50 percent threshold. If in a 50-percent comparative system state the cyclist was found to have contributed 50 percent or more of the fault in the accident, they can recover nothing.

It is important to have a basic understanding of contributory negligence when obtaining any auto insurance quote and when making a claim. While an insurance company may be able to provide a low quote, if they operate under a pure contributory negligence system, they will not cover the policyholder if they are in any way deemed to be at fault. As well, when making an auto insurance claim, if the plaintiff is determined to bear any fault it can cause their premiums to increase.

It is worth the time and effort to be very clear about what the auto insurer’s policy is on contributory negligence before purchasing any type of auto insurance coverage with them.

The Difference Between No-Fault Coverage and Traditional Tort Coverage

Indeed, all drivers make it a point to know everything about their auto insurance policy that they can. Unfortunately, the subject can be somewhat confusing and complicated — especially to new drivers who’ve just procured auto insurance coverage. Even those who had been driving for a considerable amount of time should be attentive to new changes in insurance policies of their respective states, and new options and coverage being instituted by the auto insurance sector. Needless to say, every driver should self-educate and be an informed consumer for his own good. With up-to-date information and know-how you can benefit from your auto insurance policy. Two types of coverage that most people are unfamiliar with are no-fault coverage and traditional tort coverage.

No-fault coverage was instituted to help drivers avoid costly legal expenses. With this coverage the parties involved in an accident will merely have to file a claim for damages with their respective insurance provider regardless of who is at fault. This is generally true to all small claims. Advocates of no-fault coverage assert that this coverage is a better deal than the traditional tort coverage due to many advantages it can offer the policyholder. Some of the main advantages of no-fault coverage are that the policyholder — on average — pays lower auto insurance premiums, he or she won’t have to spend time or money going to court to settle accident claims, and he or she will likely see faster insurance claim payouts. Some states will allow a no-fault policyholder to go to court in cases where the accident is extremely serious and the dollar threshold or limit has been reached.

Traditional tort insurance coverage, on the other hand, mandates that the injured party be allowed to seek accident compensation directly from the party at fault. It takes into account the person that is at fault and to what extent in order to determine what the at-fault party and their insurance company have to pay. To many, traditional tort coverage gives more justice to the injured. This is because, under this sort of policy, the insured receive compensation not only for economic-related costs, like medical bills and lost wages, but the person will also be able to get remunerated for pain and suffering incurred in the accident.

As with driving itself, when it comes to auto insurance coverage, it’s always good to be ahead a few good steps. It’s important to know everything there is to know about this topic, as it could potentially affect your future. Auto insurance is such a significant subject and safety device for all drivers. Therefore, dedicate yourself to being a well-informed policyholder, familiar with premiums, your policy’s fine print and the details about your coverage options. It is also important to compare auto insurance quotes on an annual basis to ensure that you have the best deal.

Snowbirds Can Save Money by Minimizing Insurance on Cars Left Behind for the Winter

Often, the way many northern U.S. residents opt so live out the winter is in some sunny southern locale, such as Florida or California, where the headaches of winter driving and snow shoveling are a distant memory. For these “snowbirds” this means leaving behind their home, most of their possessions and often their vehicles to endure the winter without them. One way for these people to save more money during these months is to minimize the amount of insurance coverage left on vehicles still at home.

The first important thing to know about this process is not to completely cancel any auto insurance policy for a vehicle if going away for the winter. Even if the time gone will total six months or more, canceling a policy will mean no coverage at all for it, even in the event of a theft or fire. Additionally, when attempting to re-insure the car upon returning home, the auto insurance will likely cost much more, as any insurance company contacted will consider the car to have had a gap in coverage. Another problem that can be faced if the car has a lapse in coverage is that it may require a re-inspection by an auto body shop to be considered fit to drive. While the owner may know that the car never left their garage during the period they were away, the insurance company does not, and will likely demand that the owner pay for an often costly inspection of the vehicle.

Instead of canceling a policy on a snowbird car, it is best to first check with the state, as well as the insurance provider, to determine exactly what type of insurance is the minimum required. Often, this will be “fire and theft,” which is a form of auto insurance coverage that prohibits the vehicle from being driven on the road, but allows it to remain parked and still be covered in the event of a fire or a theft of the vehicle. This type of insurance comes with a far lower monthly auto insurance premium, but allows for there to be continuous coverage on the car.

Also be sure to inquire with the auto insurance company if there are any fees for lowering the level of coverage and then increasing it upon return. As well, make sure that this will be under the same policy number currently being used. It would be unfortunate to have to purchase another new policy after coming home because the insurance company considered the two types of insurance to be two different policies.

If diligently researched, minimizing auto insurance coverage on a vehicle when flying south for the winter can be an excellent way to save money.

Factors You Can’t Control That Increase Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Your auto insurance premiums are based on several statistics gathered by your insurance company. As you will probably notice, these insurance rates are subject to a lot of fluctuation. Some of the factors that raise or lower your insurance rates are in your control. For instance, if you driver a car considered to be safe, you’ll often get a lower auto insurance quote, since there’s a smaller chance that you’ll make a claim on your policy. Consumers can manipulate many of these insurance factors to try to get the lowest rates possible. However, there are some statistics used to by insurers that policyholders have absolutely no control over.

The age of the insured, for instance, can make a huge difference in the cost of auto insurance coverage. Younger drivers are statistically much more dangerous on the road, so all young drivers pay a little bit more for coverage, regardless of their driving record. Gender can also factor in. Relied-upon studies and statistics consistently show that female drivers are safer on the roads than males. Obviously, drivers don’t have much control over their age or gender — though the gap in premiums between men and women gradually decreases at older ages.

Where you live can also influences auto insurance rates. You’ll get worse rates in a high crime neighborhood, as auto theft represents a huge loss for insurers. Different states also have different insurance standards and laws that can cause rates to vary. If you’re not willing to move, there’s not much you can do to bring your premiums back down — other than installing an anti-theft system in your vehicle (most insurance companies offer some discount for car alarms, etc). The financial stability of insurers is also a factor. In a bad economy, insurance companies don’t have as much capital to invest and can’t back up as many policies. Rates go up as a result, and will go back down when a company’s stocks improve. Watching financial news about your insurer can help you anticipate changes.

Despite these few factors, consumers actually have a lot of control over the cost of their coverage. Adjusting coverage amounts and looking for low-mile insurance if you don’t drive much can have a big effect. Taking defensive driving courses can keep help to keep points off of your record in many states, which can be a lifesaver if you get a traffic citation or cause an accident. By using insurance comparison shopping websites, drivers can locate the companies with the lowest rates and the best coverage then negotiate to bring quotes down. The first step is always just to read your policy, get a few quotes and talk to your insurance agent.

What You Need To Know About Online Auto Insurance Quotes

If you have a vehicle you need to get insured and are looking for auto insurance quotes, look for them online. There are reputable sites which provide you free online quotes and the entire process is fast and easy. The forms that you fill out will make an assessment of your requirements.

After you have filled out the online form, the site will let you know how much the auto insurance policy is going to cost you. The quotes that are provided come free and you have the option to choose or not choose the particular insurance.

Benefits of online auto insurance quotes

Online insurance quotes will prove to be beneficial for you. This online method is popular and convenient for deriving auto insurance quotes.

· You are saved from the hassle of meeting and contacting various auto insurance agents. These insurance agents can be pushy and may confuse you with various kinds of quotes. The agents often guide you into making the wrong choice and you end up having the wrong insurance.

· If you compare quotes, then you will be able to find out what exactly your needs are and whether a certain auto insurance rate is suitable for you or not. See if the rates are fitting your budget. Differentiate between the various insurance policies and go for the one that is best for you.

· You have the option to increase or decrease your deductible figures. It is wise to consider the death factor on an insurance plan as your family could be requiring money to deal with the demise of someone near and dear. When going through the quotes, have in mind that the more the coverage, the more the monthly payment for the insurance policy.

· Online auto insurance quotes works to your advantage. Getting information is very easy and saves a lot of your time. All you need to do is give your information to derive the insurance quotations and other information that you want. You have to feed in your personal information and other details like your gender, age, the model and age of the automobile. For comparing information, you can always go to another site. This works very effectively and in a simple manner. You an easily get the lowest price and end up saving a lot of money.

Make sure that you are doing the proper research for getting the online auto insurance quotes. Emphasize on the quality of the company when looking for quotes. Also ensure that you are provided good customer service by the company.

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes and Know What Is Best For You

Comparing auto insurance quotes has one major requirement and that is getting lots of good auto insurance quotes. For instance, if you have 20 quotes, they need to be good enough for enabling you to make a proper comparison. It is important to compare auto insurance quotes so that you are able to get the lowest possible rate and also high quality insurance at the same time.

Ways to do good research for auto insurance quotes

There are various websites which will provide you auto insurance quotes from the many auto insurance companies. In this case, make sure that the site you are referring to is a reliable one. The website should guide you and help you get the most suitable and affordable insurance for your car.

Compare the quotes for the same kind of coverage always; that way you will be able to get the best deal for yourself. Just fill in the online form on the website and request for free auto insurance quotes for the coverage that you wish to opt for.

There are certain things that you need to know. Price is not the main factor when it comes to comparing auto insurance quotes. You have to know how long the particular auto insurance company is in business. It is often found that the new auto insurance companies offer lower rates only to get into business. Remember that such companies are highly prone to increase the rates the following year.

In case you have suffered several accidents, you require doing a broad auto insurance comparison of quotes for getting the insurance rates that fit into your budget easily. Remember that if you have a record of accidents, it will put you in a bad risk category and that will increase the insurance rates.

Get the most suitable auto insurance quote

Compare auto insurance quotes very well, analyze them properly and then go for the cheapest one that meets your requirements. Also look for insurance companies that offer discounts.

A good website will save your time and also save you the hassles of going through the Yellow Pages and contacting insurance agents. Go for websites that provide quotes for A-rated companies only; this way you can choose from reputable auto insurance companies. Compare insurance quotes and for that look for a highly reliable site that will make your task much simpler.