Maine Auto Insurance: Shop Online to Get Better Rates

Having auto insurance is mandatory if you own a car in Maine. Each state has its own set of rules that has to be followed regarding auto insurance. Auto insurance rates can be quite expensive and you may find that the rates are increasing quite often. However if you follow a few basic rules, then finding affordable auto insurance can be easy. Shopping online for Maine auto insurance is an easy way to get affordable coverage policies. This will also ensure that you get an affordable insurance which is also offered by established and credible companies.

Points to consider

Marketing tactics – when shopping for car insurance online, you must do thorough research about the company, before you make a decision. Often certain companies will have names which are similar to bigger established companies. This is done to give you a false sense of security and thus take you for a ride. This tactic is often used by smaller and phony companies who would dupe you into wrong kinds of policies. You can also check out their company history section and do a search on the internet to find out more about them.

Big promises – certain companies will make big claims which may sound too good to be true. Pause and check it out properly by consulting the laws of the state. You may be surprised to find that you were being coaxed to buy insurance which would not cover the essentials and ultimately mean a huge loss for you.

Compare rates – you must be updated about the cheapest quote in the current year. A certain company which was offering the cheapest quote in 2008 will not necessarily offer the best rate even two years later. Their rates might have increased or even the state laws may have changed. So keep a lookout for dated information.

The Internet is of great help when you are looking for the best rate in auto insurance. It allows you to compare rates offered by various companies, do research on these companies before you make a decision, and finally even place an order online. After approval from both ends, the insurance company will send you the documents via mail or you can print your policy and keep it for your records.

There are various rules, regulations and laws pertaining to auto insurance; if you want to know more, visit

How Studying Your Driving Habits Can Lead To Discounts On Your Auto Insurance Bill

Every driver would love to limit the amount that he or she spends on auto insurance premiums; however, finding the means to get around the gradually rising costs of car insurance is another issue altogether. Price comparison websites provide a great tool for many consumers. The Internet provides a greater field of competition, which yields a much lower auto insurance rate for many people. However, by studying driving habits and practices, a driver can easily find more ways to decrease premiums.

First of all, it is helpful to look at how much you drive and to where you primarily drive over the course of a year. Many drivers are completely unaware of the discounts that some auto insurance companies offer low mileage customers. If you are not taking a lot of big mileage trips, you do not present as much of a risk to insurance companies, since you spend less time on the road than the average driver. Your auto insurance rate will reflect this rate in many cases, as long as your insurance company can confirm your low mileage (often through odometer checks, which are well worth the lowered costs). If you’re self-employed and use your vehicle mainly for business, you should check to see if it qualifies as a commercial vehicle. Although insurance costs will be higher, many of the vehicle’s costs will be deductible, which will save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Many auto insurance discounts are available for safe drivers, so check your habits to see whether you’re taking any unnecessary risks. Nothing will cause a bigger jump in your auto insurance rate than a claim or a citation (or a combination of both), so keep your mind on the road and avoid aggressive driving. If you’re paying for comprehensive coverage, check whether your insurer gives discounts for safe parking. Many insurance companies will drop your rates if you regularly park in a garage or in another safe location. The insurance companies may require verification in order to give you these discounts.

The best way to find out which discounts are available based on your driving habits is to call your insurer and ask. They will often be happy to discuss the programs that they offer with you, and you may be surprised at the wide variety of discounts available. Even if you do not fall into one of the categories listed above, your driving habits could still potentially yield some benefits. By taking the time to check, you will stand a substantial chance of lowering your auto insurance rate permanently, which is certainly good news for all types of drivers.

How Opting Out Of Auto Insurance Add-on Covers Can Put Your Vehicle at Risk

When deciding the amount of auto insurance coverage to buy, many drivers barely graze over the add-on covers that they are offered. These add-on covers provide additional insurance for varying scenarios, ranging anywhere from natural disasters to auto theft and beyond. Avoiding add-ons keeps the cost of an auto insurance policy low, but it can prove an extremely costly strategy. Drivers who opt for basic auto insurance coverage amounts may be putting their vehicles and themselves at great risk, and understanding the benefits of additional coverage is a vital step when buying a new policy.

It is important to consider whether each add-on cover represents a possible or highly improbable threat to your vehicle, based on different criteria such as your driving location. For instance, special coverage against natural disasters might not be worth the extra money if you are living in a safe part of the Midwest, but it might be valuable if you are living on either of the coasts. Auto theft coverage, which is often included as a part of comprehensive coverage, should be approached with a similar mindset. Your auto insurance policy can easily be customized with special coverage types to prepare your vehicle for the area of your residence.

One of the more important elements to deciding on add-on auto insurance coverage is your driving habits. The more you drive, the more coverage you generally need. Roadside assistance is one example of a valuable add-on, particularly if you commute large distances or if you’re planning a cross-country trip. The coverage does not cost very much and quickly pays for itself if you get stuck on the road somewhere. If you add modifications to your car, you’ll definitely need coverage for any customized parts that you add. Do not ever make the mistake of assuming that you’ve got auto insurance coverage; read your policy very carefully to determine what you are paying for, paying particular attention to any terms that mention exclusions. Be aware that covers differ from company to company; for instance, “accident forgiveness” could potentially mean just about anything. Usually, the terminology around coverage options is easy to understand, but do not be afraid to call your insurer and ask questions.

By using add-on covers, you can build a much stronger auto insurance policy and avoid the possibility of a sudden insurance surprise. You should carefully consider each option that you are offered and think about whether you’d need that coverage if an accident were to occur. If your premiums get too high, try looking at a few companies to get your auto insurance costs back to an affordable and reasonable level.

How A DUI Charge Affects Auto Insurance Quotes

The way that a driving under the influence (DUI) charge will affect any auto insurance quote that you request may vary by company. Most companies will check your motor vehicle record at the time of your application for a new policy. Some companies will allow you to get auto insurance coverage with them, while others will not cover a person with a recent DUI charge on their record. Your auto insurance will usually be considerably higher in cost if you have a DUI conviction in your past, but a DUI charge is not an insurmountable obstacle to getting auto insurance or an auto insurance quote. Here are some tips on how to deal with a DUI charge in regards to getting new car insurance quotes.

When you are looking for a new car insurance policy, it is best to shop around for the best rates yet also be straightforward with each auto insurance company regarding your DUI. The main reasons for this are simple: The company will more than likely find out about it anyway when they check your record, since this is routine procedure whenever anyone applies for a policy. Even if they do not check it before they give you a car insurance quote, chances are high that the car insurance company will discover the DUI charge and will either cancel your policy or raise your rate significantly upon discovery.

It is especially important to disclose your DUI charge to potential insurance companies since many states have a requirement that people with a DUI offense get a SR-22 form from their car insurance company. Essentially, the SR-22 form exists to demonstrate to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that the DUI offender is holding insurance. The insurance company would be legally required to inform the DMV if your insurance policy is canceled, regardless of the reason for cancellation. Because there are certain car insurance companies that do not provide SR-22 forms, it is imperative that you discuss this with them during the insurance quote stage so that you can be certain they will be able to give you what you need to stay on the road legally.

Sometimes a DUI charge will end up being dismissed or reduced. In these situations, it is possible that the charge will not end up affecting your car insurance quotes at all. However, honesty is the best policy with DUI charges and your car insurance. By giving the insurance companies you are considering a realistic picture of your situation, you will enable them to give you a realistic quote that won’t have to be dramatically changed later.

Does Your Profession Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?

Your profession can affect the rate you’re assessed for an auto insurance policy. Typically, occupations that attract lower auto insurance rates are ones in which the insured must be detailed in his job or must make safety a priority in his everyday work activities. Alternately, positions that are considered significantly stressful or necessitate that an individual spend a good deal of time in a vehicle command a higher auto insurance rate. People who use their cell phones in their cars as a part of their jobs are also considered to be at higher risk and must pay more as well.??As a result, insurance companies determine rates with regards to occupation based on several criteria. Basically, the insurer will decide on an auto insurance rate by considering the stress level of a job, the number of miles traveled to and from work on a daily basis, whether or not a job requires operation of a vehicle, and the amount of communication that takes place while in transit.

As a result, executives or business owners generally pay higher auto insurance rates than research scientists or people whose occupations involve the development of products or materials, for example, all of whom are individuals involved in safety training. As these individuals generally must be more focused and detail-oriented in their work, insurers believe such people will behave more cautiously behind the wheel and therefore be more attentive when driving.

Consequently, when your insurance provider determines the auto insurance rate for your auto insurance policy, he is taking into account how your daily tasks at work can impact the way you drive. By reviewing your occupational profile, the insurance provider is able to assess risk and make the appropriate modifications or changes with respect to your auto insurance policy rate. Thus, a career that entails a good deal of stress can increase the premium on an auto insurance policy as it is believed the individuals in such jobs are apt to be more distracted when driving and thus make more mistakes. Alternatively, professions requiring attention to detail but which are low-stress can bring auto insurance rates down, as people in these jobs are considered to be more focused when they drive and therefore have fewer accidents.

Thus, speeding occurs more often in high-stress occupations as individuals are less careful and drive at a faster rate. Research shows that healthcare professionals are more likely to crash than driving instructors, for example, who very seldom are to blame for accidents of this type. Therefore, your profession does indeed have an impact on the ultimate rate you’ll pay for coverage for your car. If you’re in a high-stress occupation, you’ll most likely pay more.

Are There Special Auto Insurance Programs For Classic Cars?

Classic cars, or vehicles manufactured before 1974, typically require a specialized type of auto insurance coverage. With a regular vehicle, coverage for auto insurance is based on the original value of the vehicle minus yearly depreciation. In the instance of a classic car however, the worth of the vehicle can’t be calculated in the same way as the vehicle’s value increases over time. Therefore, there are several ways that auto insurance coverage is determined for collector automobiles. In some instances, the value of the vehicle is agreed on between the specialty insurer and the insured, and coverage is based on this agreement. Or the value is determined by the current market prices listed for similar vehicles in popular collector car periodicals. In some instances, the monetary worth of the vehicle is assessed by an appraiser while in very few instances, the value is based on the original cost of the car plus upgrades minus the annual depreciation.

Because a classic vehicle is used for a different reason other than an everyday auto, it’s best to find a specialty auto insurance program that specifically covers collector cars. By choosing one, individuals can receive the agreed full value for their vehicle if they suffer a loss, as this type of auto insurance claim is often difficult to process with a regular carrier. Coverage for this type of auto insurance can also include payment for the loss of spare parts, towing services and reimbursement of medical and travel-related costs incurred from a mechanical breakdown or accident on the way to a car show event. Also, participants who opt for classic auto insurance coverage obtain discounts for joining classic car clubs and agreeing to restrict the number of miles they drive each year.

A number of specialty insurers offer auto insurance quotes classic cars. Some of the well-known insurers include Heritage Motor, Performance Direct, Footman James and Grundy Worldwide. As an auto insurance program for classic cars with its own set of criteria for insuring a vehicle, there are also a number of restrictions. Cars can’t be used as a daily means of transport other than only for collector events. In addition, the insured must have a daily use vehicle for each driver in his household. Classic cars should be stored in a locked garage when not in use and remain in excellent condition. These types of cars, in most cases, can only be driven 1,000 to 6,000 miles annually.

Specialty auto insurance does exist for the classic car owner. Because specialty insurers understand the unique insurance requirements for classic cars, your best option then when selecting auto insurance for your classic vehicle, is to choose one of these companies.