Three Driving Violations That Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

When you call an auto insurance company for an auto insurance quote, the company will ask you about any driving violations that you may have had in the past. Insurance companies base their quotes on various factors, and driving violations are one area that they will be interested in.

Special Considerations For Older Drivers And Their Auto Insurance

An auto insurance quote for an older driver can be expensive. However, there are some strategies that older drivers can use to show the insurers that they are a good risk, and as a result, get an affordable rate.

Maintaining A Clean Driving Record For Insurance Purposes

A clean driving record is one of the best ways insurance companies have to determine what type of risk you are because it is based on your performance over a specific period of time. This is perhaps the best indication of how you will drive in the future and how much an insurance company should charge in premiums. When requesting an auto insurance quote, keep in mind that if your driving record is very bad, a company could deny you insurance.

How To Insure Young Drivers At The Lowest Possible Cost

An auto insurance quote that includes a young driver can be significantly higher than a policy for an older driver. Insurance for young drivers will usually cost more because their lack of experience makes them a higher risk for filing a claim. There are strategies that can be used to pay the lowest possible premiums for a young driver.

Auto Insurance Options After A DUI Conviction

Getting a DUI is a serious offense, and outside of major injury or death, it is one of the worst things that can happen to a driver on the road. The consequences can also be unbelievably expensive. Besides the legal fees, jail time and license suspension, there will be other long-term effects, including the negative impact on your car insurance premiums. Your premiums will go up once your insurer finds out about the DUI—you can count on it. Fortunately, there may still be ways to obtain an affordable auto insurance quote after a DUI conviction.

Why Getting Too Many Tickets Can Raise Your Auto Insurance Premium

Your driving record has a large impact when it comes to getting an auto insurance quote. Factors such as traffic violations or an auto insurance ticket can negatively affect your driving record. Knowing what your driving record has on it can help you maintain reasonable rates.

How Radar Detectors Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Excessive speed is a primary cause of auto accidents, as any police officer will tell you. Because auto insurance companies are on the hook for the damages that you may cause when speeding, they tend to react poorly to a speeding ticket, and your next auto insurance quote could be as much as 40 percent higher than the base rate. Moreover, police want to see people slow down when driving, and municipalities want the revenue that comes from speeding tickets. Thus, radar has been used to bust speeders for decades. When it comes to auto insurance, radar and premium increases can go hand in hand.

How Getting Arrested Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

An auto insurance quote for a good driver should remain fairly constant throughout the duration of a policy. Getting cited for a traffic violation, however, presents a different story. When it comes to auto insurance, arrested drivers are almost guaranteed to see their premiums climb.

How Accident Claims Are Processed By Auto Insurance Companies

The last time that you talked to your insurance agent may have been when you got an auto insurance quote. You never thought you’d have to file an auto insurance accident claim. Understanding how an insurer processes an auto insurance claim will make the process easier.

3 Characteristics Of User Friendly Auto Insurance Quote Websites

Searching for an auto insurance quote online can be a trying experience. Every auto insurance website is different, but there are a few simple features that you can look out for in order to feel confident that you’re on the right track. Look for these three, user-friendly features on your search for your next auto insurance quote: online quote scenario capabilities, policy information and a vehicle information center.