What To Know About Adding A Secondary Driver

If you have been driving for awhile, you probably do not need car insurance tips. If your driving record is good, it may be that your car insurance premiums are low already. However, if you get married or decide to add a secondary driver, such as a child or friend, your premiums will definitely be affected.

What Car Insurance Companies Need To Know Before Insuring You

Car insurance companies collect very specific information about you before agreeing to insure you. Whether you are speaking to a car insurance customer service agent over the phone or getting quotes online, you will be asked for details that determine whether you pose a low or high financial risk to the car insurance company. The dollar amount of your car insurance premium will depend on a combination of factors.

The Benefits Of Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage is a type of coverage that can be added onto your new or existing auto insurance policy. In some states, such as New York, Maryland, and Illinois, this coverage is mandatory. In most other states, it is an optional coverage that drivers can purchase. With this insurance, a driver can receive financial compensation for injuries sustained in an accident that was caused by another driver who doesn’t carry adequate insurance or has no insurance at all.

The Benefits Of Supplemental Family Member Liability Car Insurance Coverage

Supplemental family member car insurance is advantageous to owners in more ways than can be imagined. Though such insurance plans may prove to be more expensive, they are well worth the time and investment. Here, we list out some of the biggest benefits of family auto insurance coverage. Knowing the benefits will help you understand if such a type of insurance is ideal for you.

Special Types Of Auto Insurance Only Offered In Certain States

One of the largest misconceptions about auto insurance is that it is all created equal. There are many auto insurance coverage types based on how extensive the actual coverage in the event of an accident actually is. Furthermore, different states often have different qualifications, rules, and protocols for insuring drivers. Here are just a few of the special auto insurance regulations that differ between states.