What Students Can Do To Minimize Their Car Insurance Costs For Parents

When under the age of 25 it can be expensive to insure student drivers. Fortunately, there are many auto insurance discounts available to minimize this cost for teen drivers, and their parents. Parents can call for an auto insurance quote and ask for discounts applicable to teen drivers.

Students have at their fingertips an array of auto insurance discounts that they should take advantage of in order to save substantial money. For example, teens are able to take courses to reduce their auto insurance rates. To qualify for this discount, the student usually has stipulations to meet with the course. Most times these include receiving 30 hours of classroom instruction, undergoing a minimum of six hours operating a motorized vehicle and that the course must be conducted by a licensed instructor. Students can locate courses online, and oftentimes, insurance companies work with specific programs that offer driving courses for students. If using an outside agency, students should verify the course meets the required stipulations before signing up for the class.

A good driving record can also pay off for teens when it comes to car insurance rates. In order to apply for this discount, all members under the same insurance policy (usually all drivers in the same household) must have no at-fault accidents and no moving violations of any sort within the past three years. Teen drivers can receive further discounts for good grades in school. If you are enrolled in high school or college full time, under the age of 25 and unmarried (depending on the insurance company), you may be eligible for an auto insurance discount. The student must show proof of their enrollment and meet one of the following requirements: rank in the top 20 percent of his/her class; a grade average of B or higher; a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (out of 4.0); or made honor roll or dean’s list. Students that are home schooled can also qualify for teen auto insurance discounts. They need to rank in the upper 20 percents on one of the following tests taken within the last 12 months: PSAT, PLAC, SAT-1, ACT, TAP or the California achievement test.

Teens can also minimize auto insurance rates by choosing cars that are low in maintenance costs, are not at high risk for being stolen, perform well in safety testing and are low performance’ vehicles. It is prudent for students to contact their insurance company for an auto insurance quote and double-check their vehicle of choice.

Students have many opportunities to save their parents money. A little bit of research goes a long way, and so does good grades and driving records.

Can Proper Winter Car Preparation Result In Auto Insurance Discounts

When looking for an auto insurance quote, you probably make a point to take advantage of every possible discount you can find – good driving, multiple car, safety features, etc. After all, you don’t want to pay a cent more for good auto insurance coverage than you had to. However, once you get your policy, is also helps to look at it every season to find seasonal discounts on your premiums. This is especially true in the winter, which is historically the worst season for driving – claims against auto insurance policies skyrocket during the icy season, and the number of accidents in colder climates climb as drivers hit the road in vehicles that are under prepared for winter driving conditions. Under many policies, you can get an auto insurance discount by taking a few simple steps to get your vehicle ready for the cold.

Many insurance companies will add a discount to your policy if you get regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance. This maintenance decreases the chances of a vehicle malfunction that would lead to an accident – ultimately leading to claims. Choosing tires that are well adapted to snow and ice can also be beneficial to your car insurance policy. The type of tires that you drive on can make an enormous difference, as many motorists in the northern United States already know. Insurance companies also know that the best way to avoid accidents in the winter is to drive more safely. You can refresh your winter driving skills by attending a defensive driving class, and most insurance companies have discounts available for drivers who attend these short, low cost (or free) sessions.

Some insurance companies don’t offer any sort of discount for smart drivers that winterize their vehicles. Most of the major companies have discounts, but it’s impossible to say whether your policy has built-in discounts without looking at your car insurance coverage. Contacting your car insurance agent is the best way to determine whether any sort of auto insurance discount is available when you take steps to winterize’ your vehicle. This may also be something you want to inquire about in your initial car insurance search, especially if you live in the northern U.S. that experiences lots of snow.

Regardless of whether a winterizing discount is available for you, you will at least know that you are taking the proper precautions to keep your passengers safe, and to help you avoid insurance claims due to winter accidents. Doing all these things will also help in the long term, because the less claims you make and the smarter you drive, the easier you will make it one yourself to get car insurance in the future.

The Worst Cars You Can Drive When Looking For Cheap Auto Insurance

As most drivers know, the type of car you decide to drive directly affects your auto insurance rate. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see why a certain model of car can be so much costlier in terms of auto insurance premiums than another. Overall, auto insurance companies base it on sound statistical reasoning. The most expensive cars to insure tend to be the ones that cost the most for insurance companies when it comes to accident claims. Here's a look at how insurance companies determine insurance rates on a per-model basis.

Auto insurance companies figure premiums by measuring a variety of statistics and variables that help determine the risk they take when insuring a certain customer. These statistics can be skewed when there are a high number of claims from drivers of a certain model of car. If you drive one of these vehicles, you will be labeled a high-risk driver. Regardless of your driving record, a high-risk vehicle will mean higher auto insurance rates. Sports cars, which tend to be driven faster and more recklessly, traditionally have very high insurance rates. However, premiums can also be driven up by cars that simply don't stand up well in an accident or are likely to cause injuries. This will cause an auto insurance company to pay more out for a claim, hence the higher premium.

The worst cars to drive, as far as premiums are concerned, tend to be high-performance vehicles. A study released by the Highway Loss Data Institute indicated that the most expensive models to insure were the Subaru Impreza WRX and Scion tC. These cars are not only statistically unsafe, but they cost more to repair. These higher costs lead to higher auto insurance rates for their owners.

You may be able to gain an auto insurance discount by opting for more family-oriented vehicles, such as minivans and some SUVs. These vehicles typically perform better in safety tests, cost less to repair and have a lower incidence of claims based on who's driving them. Family drivers, as you might have guessed, tend to drive cautiously and are therefore rewarded with much lower auto insurance rates. If you insist on driving a high risk car, you might be able to get an auto insurance discount by taking defensive driving courses, opting for no-fault insurance if it's available and discussing your driving choice with your insurance agent to try to determine other ways to save.

While driving a faster car is fun, the bad auto insurance rates are a significant drawback. Smart drivers should be able to negotiate a bit with their insurers to keep their new rides.

Auto Insurance Discounts and Safety Equipment

When getting your auto insurance quotes online you may ask how you can save more money on your plan. The answer will not only save money – but maybe your life: safety features. Highlighting safety features your car has – and using them each time you’re on the road – can trim down your monthly auto insurance payment, and drastically save you money over time.

Seat belts and air bags

Using seats belts seems like a no-brainer, right? But it’s important to make explicitly clear to your insurance provider that you use seatbelts every time you get behind the wheel. They keep you and your passenger safely inside the vehicle in the event of a collision, and therefore cut healthcare costs that an accident might incur.

Just like seat belts, air bags are employed in the case of a traffic accident and severely reduce any harm or injury to the driver and the passengers. So many cars come equipped with air bags nowadays that drivers often forget to remind their auto insurance providers that their car has that feature. Everyone tries to avoid accidents, but if they do happen, safely deployed air bags will greatly reduce costs to the insurer.

When you get your free auto insurance quote, make sure that you highlight the air bags in your car, and that you use seat belts every time – it’s important for any insurance provider to know to save you money on payments.

Anti-lock brakes and traction control

Inclement weather often leads to poor visibility and slippery roads, which in turn can create a perfect atmosphere for a car accident. While air bags and seat belt use will prevent bodily damage should an accident occur, anti-lock brakes and traction control can prevent the accident from happening in the first place.

Your brakes can become hazardous if they freeze up when you’re trying to stop the car over a patch of ice or slippery street. Anti-lock brakes condition them so that the wheels continue moving over such terrain. This means your car is less likely to spin out of control, so that it’s far less likely to veer off the road or collide with another vehicle. That keeps you and your car safer, and in turn reduces the risk an insurance company takes when providing you with a plan.

Don’t forget to inform your auto insurance provider that you have anti-lock brakes and traction control features in your car. You’ll find that your auto insurance quotes drop in price because your car is much safer on the road, and less of a risk to them. They save money, you save money – and all for features your car already has!

Discounts That You May Qualify For

In California the law is that everyone who drives must have auto insurance. It’s also true that in the Golden State, many of us are feeling the hurt of the recession. We are all cutting back on our spending but your insurance is something you cannot do without. So what is the solution? Try looking for a good deal. It’s easy to find auto insurance quotes online and the best part is you can usually get a quote for free! Also, if you’re a really smart consumer, you can usually score yourself some deals and discounts you many not know about when it comes to your insurance.

Depending on your California auto insurance provider you can get some discounts on your car insurance based on a number of factors. Mostly, if you’re less likely to get into an accident or less likely to get hurt in an accident, you can get a discount. One of the ways to save is based simply on your driving record. Are you a good driver? Have you been accident-free within the past five years? If you said yes to both of these, then you probably qualify. Often times, this is the biggest discount you can get, up to 25 percent or more off of what your total payment would be. Maybe you got into a little fender bender in the past five years. It is still possible to receive discounts, depending on whether your insurance company provides Accident Forgiveness and what their stipulations are with that. Another way to save on your auto insurance depends on the type of safety equipment in your car. Do you have air bags? Front seat air bags provide a discount and full-front seat air bags might even provide you more. Have anti-lock breaks? Have an anti-theft system or daytime running lights? You guessed it. All of these provide potential for a little extra cash in your pocket.

Often times if you stick with a provider instead of switching, they will reward you with some discounts. Another way to save is if you buy in bulk – if you have multiple cars, put all of them on the same auto insurance and receive more bang for your buck. They consider both of those to be a type of loyalty, and every smart business is good to a loyal customer. And smart companies reward smart people too. If you’re a high school or college student who is enrolled full time, you can receive some discounts if you get a “B” average, usually. If you take some driving courses, like the defensive driver course or driver’s education, you are eligible to save too. Lastly, if you’re a member of the military, you’re probably going to get some form of a discount and it could possibly depend on your rank.

So before locking yourself into an auto insurance plan, explore what discounts are available. Inquire with the insurance company themselves and discuss some ways that you can have your auto insurance lowered. It never hurts to ask.

Multiple Car Discount

Let’s face it, getting car insurance isn’t always affordable or easy. But at AutoInsuranceQuote.com you can get quality car insurance online with no hassle at a low cost. This means no bothering with different local agents to schedule an appointment to get the auto insurance you need. Instead, you can simply go online and compare quotes with other providers.

At AutoInsuranceQuote.com customer service comes first and the site is dedicated to helping consumers find the best auto insurance deals and quotes at no charge. The team at AutoInsuranceQuote.com is able to obtain these free quotes by joining forces with some of the most reliable and trustworthy auto insurance providers in the country.  

So what’s the best part about getting your auto insurance discounts online?  You can be anywhere in the world and still have access to the same discounts you would receive with your local agent. This means, you don’t have to be in your home state of California to get your California auto insurance discounts. Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more about the many perks of using AutoInsuranceQuote.com.

What is a Multiple Car Discount?

Among the many special offers available to you at AutoInsuranceQuote.com, including Good Student and Multi-Policy discounts, is the multiple car discount. If you’re one of the millions of families in the United States that owns or leases more than one car, the multi-car discount from AutoInsuranceQuote.com is perfect for you.

With the multiple car discount you can get insurance for more than one car with the same auto insurance company. This will not only save you time and stress, but it will also provide you with cheaper auto insurance quotes. Since each of your cars need auto insurance, why go through different providers to get the protection you need? With the multiple car discount offered through AutoInsuranceQuote.com you can get fast, reliable auto insurance quotes for all of your cars at a reasonable price.

How Do I Get a Multiple Car Discount?

So how can you get the best multiple car discount available? It’s simple. Visit AutoInsuranceQuote.com and type in your zip code. Choose from a list of local providers and search for the one that you think is best for you. The most important part about searching for auto insurance is to do your research. There are hundreds of auto insurance companies throughout the United States offering multiple car discounts, but with a little research and the help of AutoInsuranceQuote.com, you can find the best deals to fit your needs.

If you are interested in the multiple car discount, visit AutoInsuranceQuote.com today. You’ll be able to get a fast quote on your vehicles. You’ll also be able to compare quotes with just a few simple clicks.