Where Do I Look for Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

You can barely turn on the TV or the radio without hearing about going online to get a free auto insurance quote. But you may be wondering where to find the best, most accurate online car insurance quote.

What Kind of Auto Insurance Options Do I Have with a Spotty Driving Record?

Fearful of calling for an auto insurance quote because of a few mistakes on your driving record?

If you have an imperfect driving history, know that getting an insurance quote does not have to be as much of a hassle as traffic court. We provide auto insurance quotes online and guarantee you will get your quote quickly by our professional staff.

Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Imagine cruising down the highway in your new Lamborghini. Just you, your car, and the open road. Sounds like the ideal dream for any car fanatic, doesn’t it? Suddenly, your car collides with a speeding truck sending you to the nearest hospital. Luckily, you survive, but not so luckily, your car doesn’t. To add insult to injury, you have no idea what the truck’s number was and your car wasn’t insured, so it’s bye-bye car and the money to compensate for the loss.

Discounts That You May Qualify For

In California the law is that everyone who drives must have auto insurance. It’s also true that in the Golden State, many of us are feeling the hurt of the recession. We are all cutting back on our spending but your insurance is something you cannot do without. So what is the solution? Try looking for a good deal. It’s easy to find auto insurance quotes online and the best part is you can usually get a quote for free! Also, if you’re a really smart consumer, you can usually score yourself some deals and discounts you many not know about when it comes to your insurance.

Auto Insurance Deductible

Auto insurance deductibles are defined as what the insured party pays in the event a claim for damages needs to be filed and only applies to full coverage auto insurance policies. Auto insurance policies for liability only do not have deductibles. The amount you choose for the deductible affects the total price of the premium. A good example is when comprehensive and collision automobile insurance policies have a preset amount that is paid if a claim is filed. If the insured vehicle sustains damage for an amount of say $5,000 and the auto insurance policy has a deductible of $1,000 the insurance company will pay $4,000 and the insured has to pay for the balance of the repairs. It is best to get several auto insurance quotes with various deductibles to determine the best choice.

Items to Keep in Your Automobile

What to Keep in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

Most of us keep a spare tire and a set of jumper cables in the car trunk, in case of a breakdown on the road. But being prepared for any potential automotive emergency requires several other provisions.

Driving Without Auto Insurance

If you drive a car in California, you must have auto insurance with no exceptions! California auto insurance is designed to protect all parties involved if you have an accident. It provides for car repairs and medical expenses. Without California auto insurance you could not only be held financially responsible for the medical and repair bills of the drivers you hit, but you may also receive tickets, fines and even have your license suspended for not having a California auto insurance policy.

Car Insurance for Modified Cars

When you bought your car, others may have just seen a regular car. But when you looked at it, you saw potential and a project to make it run or look better. Some people change the intake or exhaust to make it more efficient while others add shiny rims or tint the windows. Whether you are looking to upgrade the performance or just make it look better, there is no denying that your car has changed for the better since you bought it. The downside to that is you may need special auto insurance to cover the new additions to your car.