California Considers Mileage Based Auto Insurance

In an effort to both develop a fairer auto insurance pricing structure for consumers and encourage people to drive less, lawmakers in California are considering legislation that would make mileage based car insurance a reality in that state. If the bill passes, it could dramatically change the way auto insurance companies do business and the way consumers drive.

Why New Autos May be More Affordable than Used Autos Today

There is a preconceived notion among consumers that buying used autos saves lots of money. This may be true in some circumstances, but should not remain the sole influence on choosing between new and used autos. There are benefits to purchasing both types of vehicles, especially for consumers who want affordable cars. Most pre-owned vehicles cost much less than new autos, and receive lower quotes for auto insurance rates. This quickly makes used autos more attractive to prospective buyers.

5 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Rentals

Auto rental rates have risen this year, but the consumer can realize considerable savings by comparing details before making a reservation.

1. Do your research.

Turn Your Clunker into Cash — Escort or Ram Van?

How do you turn your hot 2002 Ford Escort into cold, hard cash? No problem, Uncle Sam can help. In an effort to stimulate the challenged U.S. auto industry, in June, Congress passed what is now being hawked as the “Cash for Clunkers” Act. Officially, it’s a government program called CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System). Unfortunately, you won’t actually ever see the cash. Instead, you’ll save up to $4,500 on top of any other savings at your auto dealer when you trade in your beaten up jalopy. Your dealer then gets the rebate from the government. It’s not a bad deal. You could end up double or even triple dipping on the savings. If you purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid, you can still qualify for a federal tax credit. Add on top of that any dealer incentives, plus the $3,500 or $4,500 from the government and all of a sudden that new ride is looking pretty good.

Search for Affordable Auto Insurance Online

Getting your vehicle insured is important and absolutely necessary. What you should be looking for is affordable auto insurance. To get cheap and affordable insurance rates as well as good quality coverage, you need to do your homework by thoroughly researching auto insurance quotes. So where do you start? The right place to begin your search for auto insurance quotes offered by the many trustworthy auto insurance companies is the Internet.

How to get affordable automobile insurance

Auto Insurance for the Military

Auto insurance quotes are often seen as a necessary task for obtaining the correct documents for your vehicle. It’s often easy to avoid spending the extra time on the phone or filling out the auto insurance quote online to answer additional questions that could lead to deeper discounts. Working in the military on active duty or part time in the reserves can help you to pay less for your auto insurance. Here are some tips to help you secure lower rates for auto insurance quotes online.

Auto Insurance: Should You Go With a Well-Known or Little-Known Company?

When getting auto insurance quotes online, you’re often given information for both large and small companies, companies that you know, and companies that you’ve never heard of before. It can be unnerving to get an auto insurance policy for some of those lesser known companies, but they can be a good resource if you want lower cost insurance and you’re confident in their operations. There are advantages to doing business with both prominent and smaller auto insurance companies.

How to Get Reinsured After Being Dropped by your Insurance Provider

Have you been dropped from your insurance provider? Are you constantly afraid of having to get reinsured? If you’re a safe driver, odds are you won’t get dropped, but it’s always a possibility. Car insurance companies can drop customers for nearly any reason, including demographics. Of course, you can also be dropped because of your driving record, including points from traffic violations and being at fault in an accident. But don’t let these scenarios scare you, finding insurance after getting dropped isn’t as hard as you may think.