Where Do I Look for Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

You can barely turn on the TV or the radio without hearing about going online to get a free auto insurance quote. But you may be wondering where to find the best, most accurate online car insurance quote.

There are two ways to get auto insurance quotes online. The first is by going to an auto insurance provider’s web site and plugging in your personal information. While this will probably give you an accurate quote for that specific company–provided you give the correct information–it does not insure that you will get an accurate quote for other providers. Although some car insurance providers, like Progressive, give you quotes from several companies and allow you to compare, many car insurance providers do not do this in an effort to persuade you to buy your car insurance through them.

The other place you can visit in order to find auto insurance quotes is a company that specializes in car insurance quotes, not car insurance. These companies offer auto insurance quotes that allow you to compare one or more companies with others. Because these companies don’t have a special interest in your choosing one policy over another, they simplify your life, giving you the information you need with just one simple click.

After you’ve gotten your auto insurance quote online, it’s time to decide on a policy. This can be difficult, but it’s a whole lot simpler when you have that online auto insurance quote. Although you’re probably ready to compare prices right away, it’s also important to look not only at prices, but also at what kind of coverage the policy offers. What is your deductible; how much is the company willing to pay if you get into an accident. Does this insurance cover both your vehicle and the other vehicle in the event of an accident? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself when comparing the results of your auto insurance quotes.

In the United States, you must have auto insurance in order to drive, but how much car insurance you have is left up to you and the state. Each state has a required minimum, but it’s often wise to buy more than just the necessary auto insurance. Why? Well, if you end up in an accident, and the damage is more than what is covered by your policy, you have to pay the rest out of pocket–something that could end up crippling you financially for years.

So, if you’re looking to get the best rate and the best policy for your money, check out a comparable quote from an independent company.

What Kind of Auto Insurance Options Do I Have with a Spotty Driving Record?

Fearful of calling for an auto insurance quote because of a few mistakes on your driving record?

If you have an imperfect driving history, know that getting an insurance quote does not have to be as much of a hassle as traffic court. We provide auto insurance quotes online and guarantee you will get your quote quickly by our professional staff.

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And if your driving record is less than stellar, that telephone conversation regarding an auto insurance quote can be especially painful. We know this.

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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

Imagine cruising down the highway in your new Lamborghini. Just you, your car, and the open road. Sounds like the ideal dream for any car fanatic, doesn’t it? Suddenly, your car collides with a speeding truck sending you to the nearest hospital. Luckily, you survive, but not so luckily, your car doesn’t. To add insult to injury, you have no idea what the truck’s number was and your car wasn’t insured, so it’s bye-bye car and the money to compensate for the loss.

Fortunately, getting insurance isn’t an agonizing task anymore. With most insurance companies offering their services online, one doesn’t have to deal with pesky and opportunistic insurance agents. There are numerous websites that make getting a car insurance quote a breeze. And many of them offer free car insurance quotes online.

Once, you have accumulated all the information and quotes you need, do not go for the best quoted price. Instead, consider parameters, like what’s the total amount of money you want to spend on your car insurance, your propensity to defer the insurance if you think they would give you better rates in the future (consult an expert for this), and your lifestyle.

Moreover, while dealing with auto insurance companies it’s always advisable to ask them for a customized insurance plan, or in other words, a plan that is tailor-made for your needs. For instance, you must decide whether you want your car insurance plan to cover damages to the car from third party accidents or whether you wish to extend it to your health and medical expenses in case of car accidents, as well. Remember, it is absolutely critical that one knows the terms and conditions of his or her car insurance plans because the greatest cause for customer grievances occurs due to a lack of knowledge while claiming insurance.

Another very important aspect to consider while getting a car insurance quote is the credibility of the company and its profile. It is not always sensible to go to the heavyweights of the insurance industry in case you need a car insurance plan. Some of the new and emerging car insurance companies offer more profitable plans in their efforts of capturing a greater market share and building on customer loyalty.

In the end, as any insurance company would tell you, it is the customer who decides and knows what’s best for his or her own needs. Don’t be too hasty as you set out to choose your car insurance plan. Focus on collecting and seeking as much knowledge as possible, so as to make an informed choice.

Discounts That You May Qualify For

In California the law is that everyone who drives must have auto insurance. It’s also true that in the Golden State, many of us are feeling the hurt of the recession. We are all cutting back on our spending but your insurance is something you cannot do without. So what is the solution? Try looking for a good deal. It’s easy to find auto insurance quotes online and the best part is you can usually get a quote for free! Also, if you’re a really smart consumer, you can usually score yourself some deals and discounts you many not know about when it comes to your insurance.

Depending on your California auto insurance provider you can get some discounts on your car insurance based on a number of factors. Mostly, if you’re less likely to get into an accident or less likely to get hurt in an accident, you can get a discount. One of the ways to save is based simply on your driving record. Are you a good driver? Have you been accident-free within the past five years? If you said yes to both of these, then you probably qualify. Often times, this is the biggest discount you can get, up to 25 percent or more off of what your total payment would be. Maybe you got into a little fender bender in the past five years. It is still possible to receive discounts, depending on whether your insurance company provides Accident Forgiveness and what their stipulations are with that. Another way to save on your auto insurance depends on the type of safety equipment in your car. Do you have air bags? Front seat air bags provide a discount and full-front seat air bags might even provide you more. Have anti-lock breaks? Have an anti-theft system or daytime running lights? You guessed it. All of these provide potential for a little extra cash in your pocket.

Often times if you stick with a provider instead of switching, they will reward you with some discounts. Another way to save is if you buy in bulk – if you have multiple cars, put all of them on the same auto insurance and receive more bang for your buck. They consider both of those to be a type of loyalty, and every smart business is good to a loyal customer. And smart companies reward smart people too. If you’re a high school or college student who is enrolled full time, you can receive some discounts if you get a “B” average, usually. If you take some driving courses, like the defensive driver course or driver’s education, you are eligible to save too. Lastly, if you’re a member of the military, you’re probably going to get some form of a discount and it could possibly depend on your rank.

So before locking yourself into an auto insurance plan, explore what discounts are available. Inquire with the insurance company themselves and discuss some ways that you can have your auto insurance lowered. It never hurts to ask.

Auto Insurance Deductible

Auto insurance deductibles are defined as what the insured party pays in the event a claim for damages needs to be filed and only applies to full coverage auto insurance policies. Auto insurance policies for liability only do not have deductibles. The amount you choose for the deductible affects the total price of the premium. A good example is when comprehensive and collision automobile insurance policies have a preset amount that is paid if a claim is filed. If the insured vehicle sustains damage for an amount of say $5,000 and the auto insurance policy has a deductible of $1,000 the insurance company will pay $4,000 and the insured has to pay for the balance of the repairs. It is best to get several auto insurance quotes with various deductibles to determine the best choice.

In order to make the best decision possible for your deductible, the amount of coverage first needs to be determined. If the vehicle is older, choosing a full coverage auto insurance policy may not be the best choice since state requirements may be enough. Choosing full coverage on an older vehicle may actually be more coverage than the vehicle is actually worth.

If the vehicle is a luxury vehicle, sports car or any type of high end vehicle then choosing a full coverage (comprehensive and collision) auto insurance policy is definitely the way to go. If the vehicle is financed through a financial institution, the financial institution will require the vehicle to have a full coverage auto insurance policy. Repairing a vehicle can be expensive so paying the smaller amount for the cost of repairs saves the insured money in the end.

The main thing to consider when choosing a deductible is to determine exactly what is affordable if the insured has to pay for damages to their vehicle. If paying $1,000 to repair damages is not affordable then an auto insurance policy with a lower deductible should be chosen.

However, choosing a higher deductible means less out of pocket expenses for the insured and a lower premium. Always get several auto insurance quotes in various amounts to determine monthly savings versus paying a higher auto insurance deductible.

There needs to be a lot of thought involved in choosing the right auto insurance. Choosing cheap auto insurance with a high deductible may cause financial stress to pay the premium. If the insured has to wait to pay for damages to the vehicle that delays getting the vehicle repaired. If the vehicle is used to drive to work every day and cannot be driven due to damages, the insured again cannot pay for repairs since they are unable to work due to lack of transportation.

Items to Keep in Your Automobile

What to Keep in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

Most of us keep a spare tire and a set of jumper cables in the car trunk, in case of a breakdown on the road. But being prepared for any potential automotive emergency requires several other provisions.

Emergency Kit: Start with a strong backpack or a shatterproof plastic box; include provisions to survive for 72 hours and basic car-repair tools. Some essential items for your automobile emergency kit are:

• Proof of car insurance and your insurance company’s emergency hotline number
• Flashlight with batteries kept separate
• First aid kit
• Swiss style army knife or utility knife
• Drinking water and non-perishable food
• Blankets and towels
• Hammer to break a window (Keep this in the front seat)
• Jack
• Spare tire
• Can of Fix-a-Flat
• Shovel

Include supplies for your family’s specific needs — medications, eyeglasses, doctors’ phone numbers, baby food, etc. – and the weather in your area.

Take time to prepare a complete kit, and you won’t need to think of it every time you leave the house. Check the kit periodically to be sure everything is in good condition. Pack all family cars, including those of students and adult children.

Cell Phone: This is an absolute essential, and should stay within reach at all times. Give it a full charge or bring an extra battery. Program the emergency numbers of your roadside assistance organization and car insurance company.

Document Accidents: It’s very important to document any accident to make filing a car insurance claim easier. Always carry:

Pens and paper for writing down:

• Exactly when and where the accident occurred
• Name, telephone number and insurance information of other parties
• Names and contact information for witnesses
• Description of relevant events or conditions, such as icy roads
• Any statements made by drivers or witnesses indicating driver error or responsibility for the accident.

Disposable camera to photograph:

• All vehicles involved from several angles, with particular attention to damage
• People, especially if they’re injured
• Road conditions, hazards or other relevant details such as poor signage

Complete contact information for your car insurance company: If the accident causes significant damage or personal injury, call your insurance agent as soon as emergency personnel have been notified.

This documentation and evidence will provide tremendous assistance in filing and expediting your insurance claim. It will also help support your side in court, in case of a lawsuit, traffic hearing or criminal charges for any party.

Planning for an emergency may seem like a lot of work, and an accident isn’t much fun to think about. But if you or a loved one ever needs anything in your kit, or detailed information for filing an insurance claim, you’ll always be glad you prepared ahead of time.

Driving Without Auto Insurance

If you drive a car in California, you must have auto insurance with no exceptions! California auto insurance is designed to protect all parties involved if you have an accident. It provides for car repairs and medical expenses. Without California auto insurance you could not only be held financially responsible for the medical and repair bills of the drivers you hit, but you may also receive tickets, fines and even have your license suspended for not having a California auto insurance policy.

Living in California is expensive and auto insurance is yet another bill to pay. But if you don’t have it, you’ll end up paying much more in the long run. If you are pulled over for any violation, or even just in a random traffic stop, you can be asked for proof of insurance. Without it, you will probably face a hefty ticket, costing more than auto insurance would have cost you in the first place! Of course, this is the least severe penalty you might entail for failing to get California auto insurance. You can be fined up to $500, have you car impounded, receive a suspension of your driver’s license and face additional fees associated with impounding the vehicle.

If you actually get into an accident without having auto insurance your penalties will be much more severe. While no jail time can be currently assigned for failing to have auto insurance, you can be held responsible for literally thousands of dollars which can drive you into life-changing debt.

Despite these harsh penalties, people still drive without auto insurance, putting themselves and others at risk. In fact, around 14 out of every 100 drivers in the U.S. were driving illegally, without auto insurance, in 2001. This number was the same in years prior. Many states, however, have rates of uninsured drivers that are much higher than the national rate. Those who drive without California auto insurance added up to a shocking 26% in 2001. But what is most shocking about this number is that the uninsured drivers cause the largest number of accidents. In fact, chances are about 1 in 8 that the person that causes your serious car accident is uninsured.

In order to protect yourself and others, getting at least the minimum state required auto insurance is crucial. In fact, you might even find that getting an auto insurance policy is cheaper than you think. It’s certainly cheaper than paying the fees and fines associated with driving uninsured. And because getting an auto insurance quote is free, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to drive legally and insured.

Car Insurance for Modified Cars

When you bought your car, others may have just seen a regular car. But when you looked at it, you saw potential and a project to make it run or look better. Some people change the intake or exhaust to make it more efficient while others add shiny rims or tint the windows. Whether you are looking to upgrade the performance or just make it look better, there is no denying that your car has changed for the better since you bought it. The downside to that is you may need special auto insurance to cover the new additions to your car.

A regular policy will not cover all your car’s add-ons and may only cover an automobile with standard and stock parts. Depending on what changes and parts you’ve added to your car, you may actually qualify for a discount on your policy. But more often than not, add-ons mean you will have to pay more for your policy. Auto insurance companies assume that because you have made these modifications to your car, you have the intent to go street racing or use your car for more than just a commute. This causes insurance to go because street racing is dangerous and you increase the likelihood of accidents.

Some discounts you may receive generally apply to modifications that make your car safer and less likely to get stolen. Modifications like an alarm system, additional air bags and fitting lock wheel nuts can cut some corners on your policy. If you want to save more, consider taking a defensive or safe driver’s course. If your auto insurance company sees that you have passed the course then they will cut you a break on your policy.

Unfortunately, major body modifications and engine modifications are going to raise your insurance rate. They consider this to mean that you are much more prone to accidents and theft. What can you do to make sure you get the best coverage for modified cards? Make sure you surf the internet! There are a variety of websites that offer auto insurance quotes free of charge. Don’t forget to tell your insurance company about all the modifications you have made. If you should get into an accident and the company discovers that you have undisclosed changes and modifications, they can actually void your insurance policy leaving you in a bind. No one wants this to happen to them so make sure you inform them of any changes you make even after the policy is set. This includes even the smallest modifications that change anything from how it runs to how it looks.