Three Common Types Of Auto Insurance Add Ons

When you look at an auto insurance quote, you'll have the option to select add on coverages that can improve the overall quality and protection offered by your policy. These add ons can be useful, as they're a very specific way to tailor your coverage and keep yourself protected on the road. Some of the more popular add ons offered by car insurance companies are fairly general, and have obvious benefits that can be worthwhile for any driver.

One of the most popular add ons is roadside assistance. Roadside assistance covers the cost of a tow truck, water and fuel delivery, or other services that a driver might need when a vehicle breaks down. A roadside assistance add on coverage will usually cost a few extra dollars a month, and it's well worth the money for frequent travelers. However, roadside assistance coverage varies greatly depending on the insurance company, and it's important to read about this add on before buying it. Similarly, accident forgiveness has been gaining popularity as an add on coverage, but accident forgiveness policies are extremely different from one car insurance company to the next. The basic function of these add ons is to help a driver avoid car insurance rate increases from a single accident. Accident forgiveness programs are usually only available for drivers who have very clean driving records free from accidents or traffic citations.

Drivers who own heavily customized or restored vehicles may also purchase custom parts and equipment coverage. This coverage increases the cost of an auto insurance quote significantly depending on the amount of coverage that the driver selects. The function of custom parts and equipment (or CPE) is to cover damages caused to restored or customized components of a vehicle. However, custom parts and equipment coverage is not necessary for drivers who do not drive heavily modified vehicles, as most standard comprehensive car insurance policies will cover about $1,000 of custom parts and equipment. Even so, CPE coverage can be worthwhile for certain drivers, and it's a popular option among car fanatics.

When you look at an auto insurance quote, be sure to consider the various add ons offered on your policy. Some may be more valuable than others, but knowing about your options is essential to choosing a protective policy. As is the case with any type of insurance coverage, add on costs vary greatly, so it may be a good idea to look online for car insurance quotes before adding or removing coverages from your policy. This will help you to keep your rates low as you explore options to expand your car insurance coverage.

How To Calculate The Value Of Windshield Replacement Coverage

If you are looking for an auto insurance quote for windshield replacement or repair, then look no further than this article. Glass windshield replacement is among one of the leading specialties of many of the top companies that offer online insurance quotes. With this coverage, you can rest assured that your windshield will be replaced within 24 hours at either your primary place of residence or at your office. The few extra dollars per month for this coverage is typically far less than the cost of a new windshield.

Having a feature like windshield replacement will not only save you some money, but you will also save a lot of time and aggravation. This way you can avoid the trouble of locating someone to come and fix the windshield, which can be extremely helpful in certain unpredictable situations on the road.

Replacing an entire windshield can be very expensive. The total cost of getting a windshield replaced can many times be well over $500. Usually, if there is only a small chip or crack that is less than six inches in diameter, the entire windshield will not need to be replaced. In these cases, the cost of repairing a windshield is minimal. If you have to replace the entire windshield, you have to consider parts and labor. Another thing you have to worry about is having all of the correct tools required for a windshield to be replaced.

Most people do not elect to go with a do-it-yourself approach when getting a windshield replaced because windshield repair can become a very complex project that takes a lot of time to complete. Ordering a windshield can also be difficult because advanced parts stores may not sell replacement windshields. You would probably have to order your replacement windshield from the dealership or from a specialized retailer. This would require a person to spend a lot of time shopping around and contacting many different repair shops that specialize in working on auto glass.

Most people want to get their windshield fixed as quickly as possible and are hoping to avoid complications. The convenience of having your insurance company offer you helpful services such as roadside repair and windshield replacement are always worth a little bit of extra money. Providing these services makes the customer feel appreciated, and it is a sign that the insurance company cares about the people that they are insuring. Many top insurance carriers are listing these features on their websites, which can be seen when getting an auto insurance quote. To calculate the value of a windshield replacement, you must add the cost of the replacement windshield with the price quoted by the repair shop for labor.

4 Hidden Costs Of Online Car Insurance Policies

Online car insurance policies are generally formed by the consumer who is looking for an auto insurance quote that will suit their financial needs. The hidden costs of these auto insurance quotes will frustrate the consumer as the costs seem higher than what they feel they should have to pay. There are a few areas that you can check if your auto insurance quote is higher than you want it to be, though they all may not still make it the price that you want.

The first place that you can check if your auto insurance quote seems too high is for rental coverage that may have been automatically added in. Rental coverage doesn't generally cost a lot, but every little bit in hidden costs can make your policy too much to handle. If you have more than one vehicle or think you could if the situation required it you don't need rental coverage.

The next place to look is to see if your auto insurance quote includes the hidden costs consistent with roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is another good service to have if you need it, but many times having a credit card or belonging to a club will give you this service at no cost.

If your auto insurance quote still seems to be too high, you can look to see if medical coverage, or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, has been included. When you have health insurance already and you are content with the coverage, you don't really need to add extra coverage for your car insurance. If you want the added protection it is not silly to have, just unnecessary if you don't want it.

The last coverage you can look for if you are still unhappy with your auto insurance quote is your uninsured motorist property damage coverage. While you won't want to eliminate this coverage altogether, you could lower your limit to the cost it would be to replace your vehicle. Any more than your vehicle costs and this would be a waste of your hard-earned money.

When looking for the hidden costs associated with your auto insurance quote you should look for coverage options that have been added and are not completely necessary. Especially in areas where you may already have insurance coverage of another kind this could be a waste of your money. This is a better way to go to reduce your auto insurance quote than dropping your liability limits as you could be sued for those options later on. Eliminating the hidden costs could give you the auto insurance quote you have been searching for.

Knowing Your Charges When Cancelling Your Auto Insurance

For many, changing auto insurance companies is something to be feared. Once a great auto insurance quote has been found and a policy purchased, most Americans don't want to leave their provider, especially if they have been through several accidents with them. Not only do they know how the company responds in a time of crisis, but they are comfortable with the steps they have to take to get a claim resolved or see that their car is fixed. However, there are times when switching insurance companies does become a necessity, either because the client is moving or because the company has simply begun to slide downhill. Even great companies sometimes lose their way and begin offering poor customer service or begin making the claims process more difficult. Often, what scares consumers the most is not finding another insurance company, but being forced to pay a large amount of cancellation fees. Here is some useful information to know.

First, understand that cancellation fees may apply to a policy if terminated early, but that they must be spelled out in the policy itself at the time of signing. They may be buried deep in the insurance documentation itself, but they must be there. Companies are also obligated to tell you what, if any, cancellation fees apply to an account that is terminated, as well as what type of schedule they work on-monthly, yearly, etc. Companies are not permitted to be vague or elusive about cancellation fees, and if you believe this is happening, you would be wise to speak with your state's insurance regulation board. Any cancellation fees owed must be stated in writing.

As well, insurance companies cannot hold pre-paid money as a cancellation fee. This means that if you write 12 post-dated checks for an annual policy, and you cancel after four months, insurance companies are not permitted to keep any portion of the next eight months' worth of payments as a form of cancellation fee. As laid out in law, they are not permitted to keep money for services which they did not or will not be delivering. The money must be returned, at which time a cancellation fee can be levied.

If you intend to cancel your insurance, begin by speaking with an agent and ask directly what cancellation fees apply. If anything sounds out of order or not correct, ask for clarification or to speak with a supervisor. If you have a new policy provider with a better auto insurance quote in mind, you may be able to contact them and have them take care of the switch for you, as many newer companies are offering this service as a convenience for their customers.

How An Auto Insurance Quote Advertises Wholesale Car Services

Staying insured is more than just a matter of legality and safety. Maintaining their state's required insurance standards allows drivers to avoid paying extra money for the things they need to keep on traveling and commuting. A low online auto insurance quote makes a huge difference in the way you drive and how much you'll end up paying for it with access to wholesale car services that allow you to enjoy the freedom that comes with a vehicle.

How Consumers Pay Wholesale Prices

When paying for parts and repairs, it would be nice if you could snag the same type of low prices that dealers and garages get as a matter of course. Generally, lowering your costs depends on your ability to keep your eyes open for new deals and opportunities, a tiresome process that seems like more trouble than it's worth on one's own. Since most of the fixes you'll need are going to become necessary with less-than-optimum timing, your stress levels will already be high when you start your search for solutions. Instead of putting yourself at a disadvantage from the start; plan ahead with online auto insurance quotes.

An online auto insurance quote is the only good way to access discounted, wholesale car services with regularity, because insurance carriers cooperate with certain shops. Doing auto body cosmetic work or changing out damaged parts is less expensive when completed en-masse, so these garages and service centers benefit from their preferred relationship with auto insurance carriers. For individuals on their own, finding wholesale car services is close to impossible.

Corporate Insurance Carriers

Businesses with fleets of trucks or company cars are more easily able to find wholesale services, but not if they're uninsured. Although these firms often rely on their industry contacts to find vehicle maintenance providers within their budgets, their insurance carrier's approved services are the best place to start.

Paying full price for auto services is an unsustainable proposition for those who have many vehicles to worry about. Even garages that offer discounted rates for multiple car or truck repairs may soon discontinue such programs for businesses who don't carry insurance that makes up for some of the costs.

Searching online for auto insurance quotes will provide most consumers and firms with the resources they need to keep paying low prices for insurance and benefit from the wholesale car services that can come along with it. As many services and routine maintenance procedures come bundled with programs offered at the insurance carrier's preferred garage, it's a safe bet that comparing multiple quotes online will allow you the widest range of access to low repair and service costs.

How To Locate An Auto Insurance Quote For An Eco Friendly Vehicle

There are many benefits to driving an eco friendly vehicle. You're using less gas, which helps you save at the pump. You're also not emitting as many pollutants into the environment, and you're doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. You might even be able to get tax incentives or special discounts on your eco friendly vehicle. However, the best part of driving an ecologically safe car might be the money that drivers save when looking for an auto insurance quote. Quotes can be much lower for many eco friendly vehicles for a few important reasons.

First of all, an eco friendly vehicles tends to be safer than sports cars and or similar-sized vehicles. Insurance companies decide rates based on a number of safety factors, including the vehicle safety ratings of various models of cars and trucks. Eco friendly vehicles like the Prius often score well in safety tests, which improves the auto insurance quotes that their owners are offered. In general, eco friendly vehicles are driven in a more safe and cautious manner than other types of new cars, which can provide a further reduction in an eco friendly vehicle driver's auto insurance quote. Many ecologically conscious vehicles have lower-than-average horsepower, which may sound like a bad thing, but from an insurance company's perspective it means fewer serious accidents. Again, this is a major plus for the insurance rates of eco friendly drivers.

Some insurance companies even go so far as to offer a special "green" discount to customers that drive vehicles with a low MPG. While these discounts aren't available from all insurance companies, they speak volumes about the relative safety of these "green" vehicles. The green discounts can be applied along with other discounts that eco friendly cars often receive, for instance side airbag discounts or discounts for other safety and anti-theft features.

If you're looking for a low auto insurance quote for an eco friendly vehicle, it pays to take the time to look around. Try to find an insurance company that offers special rates for green cars, and use online aggregate websites to find the best rate possible for the coverage that your vehicle needs. Remember to look into insurance discounts where possible, and feel free to actually call the insurance company to speak to an agent. This is the best way to make sure that you're not only getting a good rate for your insurance policy, but the best possible premiums. Eco friendly vehicles are safer, both for their drivers and for the environment, and their owners should take advantage of the great insurance quotes offered to them.

How An Auto Insurance Quote Can Help You Adjust Rates

When it comes time to renew auto insurance policies, many people consider getting an auto insurance quote. While it is definitely a good idea to research quotes at the end of your policy, it is a much more efficient and effective plan to begin your search before your policy expires. Auto insurance policies are not stagnant plans that remain the same throughout your life. They tend to fluctuate for any number of reasons that include, but are not limited to, age, driving record and occupation. For this reason alone, it is wise to look over your own policy and then take a look at other similar policies with other companies to see if you can get a rate adjustment or if you need to go with a new company.

First, it's not imperative that you go to each individual company's website or physical sales office-at least not at first. All of this individual research can become extremely time-consuming and may not result in finding the exact information that you need. Find a site that does all of that hard work for you. These sites can quickly search and compare several quotes from different companies in a matter of minutes. A comparison site will usually ask you a number of auto insurance-related questions to get a feel for your background, as well as your needs for a policy (type of coverage, deductibles, etc.). It's also very important that you fill out the same exact information for each quote. Either write down the specifics or print them out. This will ensure that you get the most accurate quote amounts from each company, and that you're not comparing different policies.

Once you have received all of the quotes that you think you need (usually four or five), go ahead and compare them to each other, and then compare them to your current policy. Check to see if any of the other policies seem to be lower than what you currently pay. If so, see why. Are there any discounts that you aren't taking advantage of? Are there factors that seem to be missing from your own policy that could be added on as a way to lower your payments? This will give you an opportunity to determine if you should stay with the same company or possibly move to a new one that offers comparable coverage with lower costs.

You may also be able to provide the quotes to your current insurance company to see if that will convince the company to make a rate adjustment. Above all else, research is the key when dealing with auto insurance.

How An Auto Insurance Quote Can Still Insure Older Vehicles

When you are insuring your automobile, you are managing your risk of damage and costly repairs. Most of the time, people only think of newer vehicles and the importance of auto insurance, but older vehicles need insurance too, especially when they are your source of livelihood. To get an auto insurance quote on an older vehicle that satisfies your needs, you should pay careful attention to what types of coverage you should get on the vehicle.

An auto insurance quote on an older vehicle should always include liability coverage to cover accidents that are caused by your negligence. Regardless of the type of vehicle or the age of the vehicle that you are driving, you are still open to the same faults of liability as anyone else. Proper liability limits should be considered to ensure that financial distress doesn't befall yourself or your family as a result of poor planning. Most states require this coverage to make sure that other drivers on the road are protected, but the minimum requirements may not be enough for you.

Collision coverage on older vehicles should be considered, but many people reject this coverage because of the relative value of the vehicle they are insuring. Collision coverage is what pays for the repairs to your vehicle that are the result of a collision with another object or vehicle. Some people will calculate the value of their vehicle if it were to resell and then add up the deductible plus the cost of the premium for the policy period to see if the coverage would be worth it.

Comprehensive coverage is very similar to collision coverage in that it pays for the damages to your vehicle minus your deductible; although it generally covers what collision coverage does not. This type of coverage is usually pretty cheap which makes it hard to turn down even if you don't calculate that your vehicle is worth much. Most people still decide to keep this coverage even if they have decided to eliminate collision coverage from the policy.

An auto insurance quote can still cover older vehicles if you know just how much of your vehicle you want to be covered for the duration of your policy. If you use your vehicle for more than just personal travel between work and home, it may be worth it to you to pay for extra coverage. People who are trying to make a decision about coverage can discuss it with an insurance agent or find many online calculators that will assist in the decision making.

Coverage For Medical Expenses Under An Auto Insurance Policy

When getting an auto insurance quote, there are several coverage options for medical expenses. There are a few different ways that auto insurance covers medical expenses: medical payments (Med-Pay), bodily injury liability, and personal injury protection (PIP). Each of these types of coverage is designed for different purposes.

A Med-Pay plan pays for medical expenses for the driver or any passengers that are injured in an accident, even if you are driving another person's car. Med-Pay will pay no matter who caused the accident. If another driver is at fault, the insurer will pay the claims but may seek reimbursement from the other driver's insurance. Med-Pay insurance covers medical expenses incurred within three years of the date of the accident. This coverage can range from $5,000 to $100,000. You may want to select a lower limit if you already have health insurance.

PIP covers medical expenses resulting from an auto accident. It also covers lost wages and funeral expenses. This coverage is for the driver and passengers. Some states require this type of coverage. You may already have health and disability insurance that would provide the same benefits. This type of insurance is more expensive than Med-Pay coverage. The additional premium will be reflected in a higher auto insurance quote.

If a driver lives in a no fault state, PIP insurance is required to pay for 80 percent of an injury claim, and the driver is responsible for the remaining 20 percent. If the driver has Med-Pay insurance, it would pay the drivers part of the medical expenses.

Bodily injury coverage is for those who are injured when you are at fault in an accident. It covers medical expenses and loss of income. If the other party sues you for pain and suffering, then you want to have enough coverage to protect yourself. Bodily injury coverage does not cover the driver or passengers in your car. This coverage is purchased on each car.

Before purchasing auto insurance that covers medical expenses, consider what health insurance or disability coverage that you and your passengers already have. You may decide that additional coverage is not needed. Some coverage is required by law such as bodily injury liability and personal injury protection. Other coverage such as PIP helps protect you from litigation. When you get an auto insurance quote, be sure that the quote includes the coverage you are required to have and the options that you want to include. Based on the level of coverage that you need and the premiums that you are willing to pay, you will be able to find the right plan for you.

Tips For Getting The Best Auto Insurance Quotes

Finding affordable insurance quotes for your automobile is often easier said than done. Doing a simple web search for "auto insurance" will yield countless websites promising the best prices and lowest rates anywhere. In order to sift through these often misleading offers and deals, you must first figure out what exactly you're looking for with your auto insurance quote.

The easiest way to get the best auto insurance quote is to know what kind of coverage you need and want. Because many states require a certain level of coverage, this should obviously be your starting point. Of course, as with any insurance policy, you can receive a quote that includes a higher dollar amount than the minimum, but knowing the baseline requirement for your state is a necessary first step.

Once you know the minimum amounts of coverage you need, it becomes easier for you to filter out some of the "too good to be true" insurance quotes you'll find. Often insurance companies will advertise a quote that is much cheaper than their competitors. However, upon further inspection into the details of the quote, you realize that it is proposing a level of coverage that does not even meet your minimum requirements. Insurance companies do this just to get your foot in the door, so to speak. Part of being a savvy insurance shopper is being aware of the specifics of any quote you receive.

Another helpful tip when trying to get the best auto insurance quote is to consider a very important specific type of coverage: comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Minimum comprehensive coverage is usually required by your state, as are other types of coverage on your policy. However, the reason it's important to think about comprehensive coverage specifically is that this type of coverage typically comes into play most often when making auto insurance claims because it deals with damage to or loss of personal items in your car due to theft, vandalism or other sorts of fluke incidents. It is common for insurance companies to advertise a quote that includes a very high deductible, which would mean a cheaper premium for your policy, but also more out-of-pocket costs for you if some unanticipated event happens to your vehicle or your belongings inside it.

Thus, while many quotes may seem like great deals, think about how much you are willing or able to pay if something happens. Inform yourself by looking up the minimum coverage required by your state before sorting through the throngs of insurance companies, websites, and quotes out there. Finally, consider what you're comfortable with based on your financial situation. These tips will help you along the way in finding affordable insurance.

Auto Insurance Differences Between Collision And Comprehensive Coverage

There are basically three kinds of car insurance included in an auto insurance quote: collision, liability and comprehensive insurance. In most states, it is mandatory for auto owners to maintain liability insurance as indemnification against financial loss resulting from automobile accidents; other coverage options are discretionary unless the vehicle is financed. Lenders normally require collision and comprehensive coverage as well.

Collision insurance is purchased as protection for the vehicle owner in the event of an accident involving a collision that damages or totally destroys the vehicle. This indemnification is designed to cover the cost, in both labor and parts, if the car is damaged in an accident. If the car is totally rendered a loss, collision coverage will pay the fair market value of the car. For example, if a car collides with an 18-wheeler and the insurance adjuster determines that it will cost more to repair it than it will to replace the vehicle, the insurer will consider the vehicle to be "totaled." If the fair market value is $10,000 and there is a lien on the car for $2,500, the finance company will receive the $2,500 that remains unpaid; the car owner will receive a check in the amount of $7,500, the fair market value of the vehicle minus the loan pay-off. If the insured has included a rental car addendum, collision insurance will pay the daily rental fee for a replacement vehicle until the check is delivered or a settlement is reached.

However, collision insurance is very specific; it only covers damage to the insured's car in the event of a collision. Unlike liability coverage, it will not pay any benefits for other vehicles involved in the accident. Collision insurance is often eliminated from the car insurance quote in an effort to lower overall premiums. Often, it is a more prudent decision to eliminate plain collision coverage, especially when it is included in the comprehensive policy, which is required on vehicles that are being financed.

Collision will cover the driver for damages resulting from an accident relating to the collision, while comprehensive insurance provides indemnification from other sources of damage such as vandalism, fire, theft, weather damage, and other situations that may result in damage to the vehicle. However, comprehensive insurance usually does not cover theft or vandalism by family members, members of the insured's household, or damage to the vehicle caused by inept maintenance, for example, tire damage caused by under-inflation. Collision and comprehensive coverage are different in purpose, but when reviewing an auto insurance quote, keep in mind that both are intended to prevent financial loss to the insured.

Rental Car Coverage Under An Auto Insurance Policy

When shopping for an auto insurance quote, you may purchase rental car coverage under your auto insurance policy. This coverage affords the ability to rent a car if your vehicle becomes involved in a collision or comprehensive loss. Your insurance company pays the rental charges, subject to certain reimbursement parameters.

Rental car coverage derives from a collision or comprehensive loss. A collision loss occurs when your vehicle collides with another vehicle or object. A comprehensive loss comes into play when your vehicle becomes damaged from an event other than an accident with another vehicle or object. Examples of comprehensive losses include fire, theft, earthquake, windstorm, hail and contact with a bird or animal. When your vehicle becomes damaged from any of these losses, you may obtain a rental car through a rental agency or garage, as long as rental car coverage was purchased under your auto insurance policy. When filing your collision or comprehensive claim, inquire from the insurance company representative about renting a vehicle.

Read your policy's terms concerning rental reimbursement in conjunction with how long you may rent a car, as each insurance company may word their terms differently. Generally, charges for rental reimbursement begin when your vehicle cannot be driven because of a loss, or if it is operable, when you drop off the vehicle at the repair shop. Conversely, charges for rental reimbursement end at the earliest of the following: when you pick up your car, when your car has been repaired, or when your car has been replaced with another car. If your car is declared a total loss, then rental car coverage will expire within a specific period of time prescribed by the policy terms after your insurance company makes an offer.

Subject to a coverage limit, reimbursement is limited to a maximum daily payment for your rental. The coverage limit and daily payment amounts are the rental car coverage purchased when you accepted your auto insurance quote. For reference, the declarations page of your auto insurance policy lists the coverage amounts. If the cost associated with the rental vehicle exceeds the allotted coverage, the additional amount becomes an out-of-pocket expense to you. This means that you need to know the amount of coverage under your policy before selecting a rental vehicle.

Decide if you want rental car coverage as part of your auto insurance quote. In case of a collision or comprehensive loss, you may be relieved that a rental car is available during the time it takes to repair or replace your car.

The Role Of An Adjuster In An Auto Insurance Claim

An auto insurance quote relies not only on the market value of the vehicle to be insured, but also on variables such as the age, gender, marital status and geographical location of the person to be insured. Once these variables are considered, settling on an auto insurance quote amount is often a straightforward matter with little or no negotiation involved. On the other hand, determining the amount to be paid on a claim to the insured for damage done to his or her vehicle is a more complex process. In such a situation, an insurance adjuster is necessary because of the inherently conflicting interests of the insured and the insurance company. The insured wants to be compensated as much as possible for the loss, and the insurance company does not want to pay out on a claim any more than is necessary.

Once a claim is made by an insured driver, an insurance adjuster takes the claim and investigates the cause and the damage. This investigation includes a direct inspection of the damage for which the insurance adjuster will make an assessment based on the criteria set by the insurance company. The investigation also includes direct interviews with the claimant, any witnesses and any experts who might be helpful in the investigation. For example, an architect or engineer might be helpful as a consultant if the accident involved a building. The insurance adjuster will also research any documents related to the accident. These documents might include police records and hospital records. Once the investigation is complete, the information is gathered into a report to be used as the basis for determining the amount that the insurance company is willing to pay on the claim.

Unlike an auto insurance quote, which is seldom, if ever, open to negotiation, sometimes an insured driver will hire an independent insurance adjuster to negotiate with the insurance company on his or her behalf. This is more common in claims related to significant property damage or when injury to the claimant is involved and the cost of hiring an independent insurance adjuster is worth the expense. Just as in the case of the insurance adjuster who works for the insurance company, the independent adjuster working for the insured goes through the same process of inspecting damage, interviewing the claimant and witnesses, and consulting official records and experts to develop a report. The difference is that this report is used to negotiate the claimant's award with the insurance company.

The insurance adjuster is more than a paper shuffler, and depending on the size of the claim, may even recruit the aid of specialists to appraise damage, examine health records, or research medical, legal or public record databases.

How Auto Insurance Payments Are Calculated

Knowing how your auto insurance payment is calculated is one of the most important steps to controlling your car insurance policy. Many drivers know a few of the criteria that car insurance companies check when assigning rates–a driver's record, for instance, will greatly influence insurance premiums, and even a single traffic citation can have an enormous impact on a driver's auto insurance quote. This is far from the only factor that car insurance companies consider, though, when a new policy is written. There are thousands of factors that can affect your auto insurance payment, and fortunately for drivers, many of these factors can be controlled.

Car insurance companies look at anything that they can find to determine the chances of an auto insurance claim. A big part of any insurance company's budget goes to actuaries who develop comprehensive tables that are used to determine an auto insurance quote. These tables include drivers' zip codes, ages, genders, different makes and models of vehicles, and much more. A driver may not have control over age or gender, but drivers can certainly control which vehicles they drive, and safer vehicles will result in lower car insurance rates. Other factors can be mitigated by certain actions. If a driver lives in a zip code with a high incidence of crime, keeping the car in a locked garage can lower his auto insurance quote significantly. Most insurance companies also allow drivers to make 6 month or 1 year "full payments," which can drastically decrease the annual cost of auto insurance.

There are some factors that a car insurance company cannot legally use to determine a driver's auto insurance payment. This includes a driver's race and handicap status. Insurance law prohibits discriminatory pricing based on these factors, even though other factors that may seem discriminatory (such as gender) can still be used. Insurance law can impact quotes in other ways, particularly the required minimums of certain states and the different court systems of certain jurisdictions. Every driver should take a moment or two to read up on state insurance law, as it's designed to protect consumers and can be extremely valuable when making a car insurance claim or shopping around for new auto insurance.

While a driver can't hope to control every one of the factors that car insurance companies use when determining payments, taking control of even a few of these can make a serious difference in monthly auto insurance payments. Think about your risk factors when you look for an auto insurance quote, and don't sign a policy until you understand why you were quoted a high or low auto insurance quote.

How Joining A Professional Organization Can Lower Insurance Premiums

One way to lower your next auto insurance quote is to join a professional organization. Even if you are a student in the field, you may be eligible to join. When comparing a policy directly from an insurance company and a quote that includes a professional organization insurance discount, you may save money by using their group buying power.

Almost every industry has a professional association. Engineers can join the National Society of Professional Engineers and get discounts on auto insurance quotes. A pet sitter can join National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and get special insurance rates. Other groups that can help you to get professional organization insurance reductions are fraternities and sororities for professionals in a certain type of business. Some of these groups have allied themselves with insurers that will give special discounts to members. You can also contact your alumni organization to see what kinds of discounts are available to alumni members. Many universities have alumni associations for particular professions.

Your local chamber of commerce is an organization for business professionals that may have member benefits that often include a discount on an auto insurance quote. You may even be able to get the discount if you are not the owner of the business. Some programs through the chamber of commerce include the employees of any business that belongs to the chamber. You can join a business networking group. These kinds of groups usually consist of professionals from various fields who meet on a regular basis in order to share leads for new customers and exchange information. They may have member benefits that include auto insurance quote discounts.

Trade organizations are groups that are organized to further a particular business sector. For example, pilots might be members of the Airline Pilots Association. If you belong to a labor union, then contact your trade organization to inquire about member insurance discounts that are available.

In contrast to the way that people in high risk professions pay more for insurance, there are certain professions that get discounts. Teacher, physicians and engineers all get discounts. But if you work for certain employers or belong to a professional association, you may get a discount without going through the organization. If you give the information to your agent, they will simply include the discount in your quote.

Taking advantage of professional organization insurance discounts is a matter of investigating which organization you are qualified to join and finding out what kind of discounts are available. You will probably have to pay membership dues, but consider what other member benefits you might use such as continuing education and professional publications when deciding whether to join.

How Sales Agents Make Money From Your Policy

People often wonder how sales agents make money from the an insurance policy. After getting an auto insurance quote from a sales agent, it is at times difficult to tell if one may find other auto insurance quotes from a different company which may be less expensive. Sometimes is just seems like all sales agents in the insurance industry are out to make a quick easy dollar. The way sales agents make money from one's policy is by getting a percentage of the policy costs in the form of a commission.

The auto insurance industry is a very competitive market. Sales agents are generally concerned about producing a high volume of sales by providing as many auto insurance quotes as possible. An auto insurance sales agent is known as a producer with the insurance industry. Most insurance agents have a contractual agreement to only work for one company. The majority of insurance companies pay agents strictly on a commission basis. The commission structure in the United States for sales agents is roughly around ten to fourteen percent of the total policy cost for both new policies and renewals. A higher premium means more money for the sales agent. Some agents are given a percentage of one's monthly premium. The pay structure of sales agents varies for different insurance companies. Some companies offer a combination of a salary and commission, while others give agents incentives for closing costs and provide them with bonuses. Most sales agents will receive bonuses if they hit a certain number of sales.

A company may provide the agent a fixed salary and then they will also take in a percentage of the auto policies monthly premium collected. The standard rate an agent might get would be around twenty five percent of a monthly premium. Many regular insurance companies with recognizable names who are not brokers are more likely to pay their sales team hourly because they do not charge broker fees.

In most cases auto insurance commissions are a sales agents bread and butter. An agent may provide an auto insurance quote that is much too high for the customer, and with smooth maneuvering be able to close the sale. When an agent cross sells a policy to a customer, this helps the agent accumulate more business. Cross selling is when an agent sells additional products or services to a customer. Cross selling includes the technique of up-selling additional products to existing customers. Insurance sales agents work long hours. They are constantly generating leads, making sales calls, and monitoring people to find out who is in need of an insurance policy. Online quotes help people eliminate many hassles and get more reliable information.

Why Where You Live Affects Your Quote

People may not realize that where they live affects their auto insurance quote. In fact, part of determining a quote has to do with the area in which you drive. Places people live have definite affects on auto insurance quotes. The difference can be small or huge depending on what plan you use and where you live. This is why research for auto insurance quotes is so important.

Insurance companies build their quotes upon statistics. Accident, weather, and theft statistics in your area are a part of what determines your auto insurance quote. Prices are determined from the way insurance companies use this information. That is the reason why some things matter that you may not think would matter. This is the way insurance companies work and the way they are able to calculate your auto insurance quote. The companies work by the law of averages. They take statistics from all available sources. They find out statistically whether people are more or less likely to have accidents and commit vandalism. Because of these statistics they are able to proscribe probabilities to everything from age to sex to type of car, and yes even to geographical location.

This is why rates may be higher for a person who lives in the city than for one who lives in the country. Even if every other variable about a city or country person may be the same, aside from their location the person living in the city will always pay a higher auto insurance quote. This has to do with statistics. There is more traffic in the city, there for more chances to get in an accident. There is a higher chance of vandalism and stolen vehicles. There is even an increased chance of just random accidents that happen while the car is parked. All of this is due to the increased population surrounding the person in the city. It is not based on opinion or personality, rates are determined from the facts gathered from accident reports, previous claims, and police reports. It is all statistics for a particular region.

Even within a city there will be differences. Some parts of town are simply safer than others. One part may have higher crime. Another part may have lights that are simply unsafe and generate a spike in accidents. Whatever the reason, certain parts of a city may spike high on an insurance companies data collection process. Crime statistics and accident statistics within a particular city may result in higher rates for a person living in one zip code versus another.

Why Insurance Rates Drop For Teens

Finding auto insurance quotes for teen drivers can seem intimidating. Traditionally teens are considered by insurance companies to be a risky investment, and therefore finding an affordable auto insurance quote for a teen can be difficult. The good news is that there are many things parents and teens can do to lower their auto insurance quote. There are many reasons why insurance rates drop for teens, including discount programs. Even the type of car a teen is driving can influence his or her insurance rate.

Many auto insurance quotes will drop for teens of they get good grades. This is an example of a discount auto insurance companies make available for teens who excel in school. While there are plenty of reasons why a teenager should make good grades, the truth is that auto insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to students who consistently earn high grades because insurance companies see good grades as an indicator of a more conscientious and responsible teenager-and therefore a teenager less prone to accidents.

Many insurance companies also offer an auto insurance quote discount for teenagers who take or who have taken a driver's education class. So enrolling your teen in a class will not only help them be a more responsible driver, but may also lower their insurance rates. Driver education classes tend to make for better informed, and also safer drivers, and insurance companies are looking for as much evidence as possible that your teen is a knowledgeable and safe driver. Drivers across the board who are aware of the rules of the road and the follow them earn lower auto insurance quotes.

Having your teen take a no-alcohol pledge may also lower their insurance premiums and is one reason why auto insurance rates drop for teens. A no-alcohol pledge demonstrates to the insurance company that a teen driver is serious about being safe on the road-and therefore lowering the risk that they will be in an accident. Lowering risk means that in the long run the teenager is less likely to cost the insurance company much money, something the insurance company takes a vital interest in.

You may want to see what kind of a difference assigning different family cars can make. Insurance companies are more likely to lower rates for teenagers who are driving cars that are considered safer and more reliable. This is because these cars are less likely to sustain a lot of damage in an auto accident, and are therefore less expensive for a company to insure.

There are many reasons why insurance rates can drop for teens. These tips will help you find a good rate for your own teen.

How Driving Like A Cullen Drives Up Rates For Teens

If you have a teenager, it is likely they know exactly who Edward Cullen is. And if they know who Edward is, they may be impressed with how he drives: fast and very exciting to watch. The bad news is that driving like a Cullen may drive up your teenager's insurance rates. What sounds cool in books and looks cool in movies is just plain risky in real life, and risky behavior makes it harder to get a good insurance quote. Auto insurance quotes are about risk factors, and the more reckless a driver's behavior, the more expensive the quote.

There are several reasons why reckless driving drives up rates for teens. Many auto insurers use statistics to formulate their auto insurance quotes for younger drivers, and statistics are not in favor of younger drivers. Statistics demonstrate that drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are the most likely age group to be in a vehicular accident. The cost of injuries in accidents is also high for teen drivers. Estimates state that young drivers may account for as much as 30% of the cost of injuries to men and 28% of the cost of injuries for women. Per mile, teenager drivers are four times more likely to be in an accident than any other age group.

Higher levels of risk taking behavior, like the way the Cullen's drive, may account for why teenagers tend to be in more accidents than other age groups. Whether you call this poor judgment or reckless driving, the fact is that auto insurance companies see it as risky behavior-behavior that may result in more cost and money for them. Many teenagers have yet to develop the ability to assess risky situations properly, usually downplaying the amount of risk to themselves and others, even in a driving situation. Therefore, a teenager is likelier to make a poor judgment call that then result in an accident. This kind of poor judgment results in more accidents for teenagers than other groups of drivers.

Teen drivers are also less likely to engage in safety measures than other age groups which also contribute to them being seen as reckless drivers. Teen drivers are less likely to use seat belts, for instance, causing a higher rate of injury when they are in accidents. This can drive the rate of an auto insurance quote up dramatically.

What may sound like a good idea before heading out on the road may not actually be so in practice. The average teenager will have the urge to speed down roads like the actors they watch. It's important not lok to Cullen for driving tips. Also, comparing different auto insurance quotes can save you money, keeping your teenager from sucking your wallet dry.

Why Insurance Rates Go Up For Teens

Finding auto insurance quotes for teen drivers can seem intimidating. Traditionally an auto insurance quote for a teen driver can be quite high since teens can be seen as a somewhat risky proposition for an insurance company. Sometimes it seems more reasonable for a parent to insure a teen under their own auto policy; but on the other hand, sometimes insuring a teen can be less expensive if the teen is insured independently of his or her parents. This article can tell you some of the reasons why insurance rates go up for teens.

Many auto insurance quotes will go up for teens if their grades begin to drop. While it is true that auto insurance quotes tend to go down for teenagers who excel at school, the opposite is also true. While there are plenty of reasons why a teenager should make good grades, the truth is that auto insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to students who consistently earn high grades because insurance companies see good grades as an indicator of a more conscientious and responsible teenager-and therefore a teenager less prone to accidents.

Teenagers who have not taken a driver's education class also qualify for higher rates. So enrolling your teen in a class will not only help them be a more responsible driver, but may also lower their insurance rates. Driver education classes tend to make for better informed, and also safer drivers, and insurance companies are looking for as much evidence as possible that your teen is a knowledgeable and safe driver. Drivers across the board who are aware of the rules of the road and the follow them earn lower auto insurance quotes.

Teens who have not taken a no-alcohol pledge may also see their auto insurance quotes rise. A no-alcohol pledge demonstrates to the insurance company that a teen driver is serious about being safe on the road-and therefore lowering the risk that they will be in an accident. Lowering risk means that in the long run the teenager is less likely to cost the insurance company much money, something the insurance company takes a vital interest in.

You may want to see what kind of a difference assigning different family cars can make. Insurance companies are more likely to lower rates for teenagers who are driving cars that are considered safer and more reliable. This is because these cars are less likely to sustain a lot of damage in an auto accident, and are therefore less expensive for a company to insure. That convertible may look cool, but it may cost you more money in insurance. Be sure to shop around for an auto insurance quote to find the best price.

How Insurance Companies Make Money

With the high price of auto insurance quotes, it can be easy to assume that all insurance companies are a racket designed to rip off consumers while smiling all the way to the bank. While there will always be subtle variances between the types of insurance products and how each individual insurance company manages its finances, there is a great deal of uniformity in the basic structure for how insurance companies make money and stay in business. Demystifying the process can go a long way towards reducing frustration with an auto insurance quote and obtaining an auto insurance coverage policy that is right for the individual policyholder's needs.

All insurance companies generate their income by charging premiums for the various insurance products. Premium costs will vary by age of driver, past accident and driving history, make and model of vehicle, type of vehicle, residential address, garaging situation, number of drivers on the vehicle being insured, installed safety features, and other factors. Premiums may also vary by length of coverage purchased and discounts may be available for longer policy periods. When a policyholder is involved in an auto incident and submits a claim, the dollar value of that claim is considered an expense against premiums collected. Each claim payout reduces profits to the insurance company. When claims arise as a result of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake, the insurance company may suffer huge loss of profits and may raise rates to compensate. Claim payouts do not correlate to the amount of premiums paid by the individual policyholder. An insurance company will pay the value of claims decided in favor of the other party whether or not they have collected premiums equal to the value of the claim from their policyholder.

Insurance companies attempt to leverage the potential for future losses due to auto incident payouts by investing premium funds collected in excess of claims. Insurance companies use complicated statistical models to assess risk and return for various investment opportunities, and pick and choose investment vehicles to ensure fluidity of funds against rate of return. This also factors in to the variety and type of insurance products a company may elect to offer, which is why auto insurance quotes from certain regions of the country or world may have different coverage levels and terms than in other areas of the country.

Understanding the mechanics of how an auto insurance quote is calculated and what goes into the insurance company's willingness to bear the risk of their policyholder's future involvement in auto incidents can go a long way toward assisting with locating and purchasing the best possible auto insurance coverage.

Why Insurance Companies Offer 6 Month Policies

Insurance companies go into the business of auto insurance quotes because it is lucrative. There is a lot of money to be made in providing drivers with auto insurance, and an insurance company's success has everything to do with how well they assess and leverage risk against strategic investment. When seeking an auto insurance quote, potential policyholders will note that some insurers will offer only twelve month policy, and other insurers will offer twelve month or six month policies. What is the reason for the annual and bi-annual policy option? Understanding your potential risks and rewards for purchasing a six versus a twelve month policy is the key to picking the policy that is right for you and your family.

Understanding the type of clientele that a particular insurance company caters to will go a long way to understanding why they may opt to offer two levels of options. For insurance companies who cater to a higher level clientele who generally maintain a good to great driving record, it is more advantageous for the insurer to offer only a twelve month policy. They stand to gain little for being able to renew the policy mid-year. For insurance companies who cater to a clientele who is more prone overall to have auto incidents and accidents, it may work out heavily in the insurance company's favor to be able to renew policies and hike rates every six months. Insurers also give themselves the option to drop extremely high risk policyholders twice per year with a six month policy option.

It is helpful when evaluating costs and risks to gather six and twelve month auto insurance quotes from several different insurance providers. In this way you are able to also investigate whether there may be significant premium discounts for purchasing a shorter or longer term policy. If you are a driver who has an excellent record, and are willing to take a driver safety course on top of that, you could wind up with extremely affordable premiums on a six month policy. There is also a consumer benefit to choosing an auto insurance quote for a shorter term period. It is the consumer's chance to evaluate the insurer and gives you an easy out should you decide you are unhappy with the quality of benefits or the customer service.

When it comes to understanding why an insurance company would elect to offer both a six and a twelve month option for purchasing an auto insurance policy, it comes down to three factors-risk, return, and reevaluation potential. As you research auto insurance quotes, you should do your own independent assessment in each category and choose the policy that is best for you.

Why 6 Month Policies Are Better Than 1 Year Policies

It may be surprising to discover while researching auto insurance quotes that many insurance companies now offer car insurance policies for both six and twelve month options. What is the benefit to choosing a six month auto insurance quote over a twelve month policy option? Understanding how insurance companies assess their own potential for risk and return, will help you to make the best decision. There are many reasons why an insurance company may choose to offer a six versus a twelve month auto insurance quote option. Understanding how insurance companies assess risk will help you to determine why choosing a shorter term, six month policy may turn out to be the best decision price wise in the long run.

Insurance companies understand that their risk factor comes into play when assessing whether they are likely to face claim payouts in the future from approving a prospective policyholder's insurance application. So if you are an excellent driver with a clean or even spotless driving record, if you are the type of driver who takes driver education because you enjoy the refresher rather than to wipe yet another ticket off your driving record, then you can benefit greatly from purchasing a shorter term insurance policy. Often you can get discounts for purchasing a six month policy in its entirety rather than paying in monthly premium installments. While a full twelve month lump sum payment may not be affordable, six months most likely can be. Especially if you ensure that the insurance company is applying all of your applicable discounts to get you the best rate.

If you are an excellent driver, and you understand that one primary motivation an insurer has for offering auto insurance quotes with a six month policy period is to be able to reevaluate the policyholder's driving record more frequently, you may even earn yourself a rate reduction for your excellent driving record during the second half of the year. This is a bonus-already you are able to save significantly by purchasing a shorter term policy and paying in full rather than monthly, but now your rate just went down further for good behavior on the road.

When it comes to choosing a six month auto insurance quote over the more traditional twelve month auto insurance quote, nothing says savings to an excellent driver like shorter term policy periods. It will be important to gather a variety of quotes from different insurers to be able to best evaluate which company's six month policy is the best one for you and your family, but one thing is clear-six months can be a winning lottery ticket for a good driver with a mind to save money.

What To Ask An Auto Insurance Agent On The Phone

Knowing the right questions to ask when gathering auto insurance quotes is key to getting the best possible price with the right coverage levels on your auto insurance quote. Failure to ask the right questions while the insurance agent is on the phone can result in overpaying for an underpowered insurance policy that will not meet your needs when you need it most. With a bit of preparation and some detailed note taking, you will be in a position to better evaluate and compare the auto insurance quotes you gather and choose the policy that is right for you and your family.

The first question you want to ask is: What will be covered by an auto insurance quote? With this question, you are asking the insurance agent to review each detail of the policy-coverage levels as well as all available options. Present the question with a viewpoint toward obtaining the best policy that covers every possible contingency. You can then work backwards to determine where if any you can cut corners, but you don't want to be blindsided by not having a coverage you didn't know was available. The agent should be quite happy to review all the options as their ultimate goal will most likely be to sell you the gold class policy whether you need all of the bells and whistles or not.

The next question you want to ask is: Does this policy give me all of the discounts I am entitled to through your company? Discounts can include reduced rates for being involved in nationally recognized clubs or organizations. Discounts may also apply for anti theft systems, anti-lock brakes, or airbags on your vehicle. In addition, the completion of driver education and safety courses, and having excellent driver record may make you eligible for discounts. Most companies also offer multi-car discounts or discounts for military families. The insurance agent should be able to provide a list of all available discounts for your review. Their willingness to seek out and apply discounts you are eligible for says a lot about the quality of the auto insurance quote.

Finally, you will want to know: What is the process like if I should become involved in an auto accident? You will want to ask how the claims process works, what the standard time is for claims resolution, whether your vehicle will be repaired with new or refurbished parts, how much control you get over where the repairs are completed, and how having an auto incident will affect future premium costs. Asking all the right questions now will ensure the auto insurance quotes you receive are high quality and will meet your needs.

3 Tips For Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes For Teens

Finding auto insurance quotes for teen drivers can seem intimidating. Parents and guardians usually have many factors to consider in choosing a policy for their teen. Teens can be considered risky to insure by some companies. Some parents are unsure whether they should insure a child under their own policy or if they should purchase a separate, independent policy for their child Parents may be worried that finding a fair auto insurance quote for a teenage driver is next to impossible. Fortunately, there are many things you and your teen can do to lower insurance rates. Here are three tips to make shopping for auto insurance quotes a more reasonable and less anxiety producing task.

For one, shopping online may be one of the best ways for you to compare auto insurance quotes for your teen driver. Shopping online offers you the opportunity to look at different rates from different companies and compare them immediately, with all of the information right in front of you. You can also compare rates from a single company online by submitting different but pertinent information for each option you are looking for; for example, you may be trying to choose between getting your teen their own policy or putting your teenage driver on your own policy. Submitting information online can help you get the pertinent rates in a form that is easy to understand.

Second, when comparing auto insurance quotes for teens, you will want to see if the companies you are looking at provide special programs for teens. For example, many insurance companies will lower an auto insurance quote-and therefore rates-for teens who excel in school and get good grades. Many insurance companies also offer discounts for teenagers who take or who have taken a driver's education class, so enrolling your teen in a class will not only help them be a more responsible driver, but may also lower their insurance rates. Having your teen take a no-alcohol pledge may also lower their insurance premiums.

Third, when comparing auto insurance quotes for teens, you may want to see what kind of a difference assigning different family cars can make. In other words, insurance companies are more likely to lower rates for teenagers who are driving cars that are considered safer and more reliable. This is because these cars are less likely to sustain a lot of damage in an auto accident, and are therefore less expensive for a company to insure.

Following these tips for discounts can help you and your teen save time and money. Teen driving may make a parent anxious, but finding an auto insurance quote can be simple and straightforward.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes And The Comparison Process

There is one thing you cannot go without because it is mandated by each state, and that is car insurance. Although it is virtually impossible to be able to operate any vehicle anywhere in the United States without it, auto insurance quotes can still be a hassle to obtain. There are limitations and requirements that must be met and everything is scrutinized by auto insurance companies before a final quote is even provided. One thing any individual can do to speed up the process and ensure they get the best available prices is getting auto insurance quotes online and then comparing them. The comparison process online is much quicker and provides much more fruitful results than physically going to an auto insurance company.

Searching for auto insurance quotes online can give you an advantage because you are able to look at different companies in a matter of minutes. Whereas the old process used to involve going through a phone book, calling each company individually, or even physically showing up at their doorstep in order to ask questions, the comparison process today is much simpler. Many times, the websites of insurance comparison sites allow you to enter in basic information that is used to produce a fairly accurate quote. This quote shouldn't be taken at face value because there are many questions that need to be answered that aren't asked online, but they are a great tool for comparison purposes.

Make sure you fill out the same information on each site and that you are requesting the same type of quote from every company. If you mistakenly enter incorrect or falsified information on one quote and do something completely different on another, than the quotes you get will not serve the ultimate purpose of finding a quality policy. In order to get quality auto insurance quotes, it is imperative that you do an "apple to apple" comparison across the board. This will allow you to see what each company offers and at what prices. As stated before, the true quote may not look the same as the original quote you found online, but they should be fairly close; at least close enough to be able gauge correctly.

All quotes should be gathered and possibly entered into a spreadsheet, or other preferred form, so that you can compare everything accurately. The next step in the process is to narrow down your list to the top two or three candidate companies and then giving them a call. Online quotes are great, but it is still best to speak to an actual representative, as they can provide you much more detailed information on how much exactly you will be paying in the end.

Factors That Go Into Creating Your Auto Insurance Quote

When you apply for an auto insurance quote online, insurance companies use a number of criteria to figure each element of your policy-especially your premiums. There are hundreds of quote factors that affect policy costs, and knowing even a few of them help a driver to find lower quotes.

As most drivers know, insurance companies pay the most attention to a person's driving record, and this is the single most important controllable factor in your policy's cost. Any traffic violations and accidents will cause the biggest jumps in insurance premiums. If you've had a few marks against your record, you can often diminish their effects on policy cost by taking special courses (your insurance provider will have more information about this) or by adjusting your coverage. Don't lower your coverage too significantly, though, especially if you're a frequent driver, or you'll run into serious financial consequences if you ever need to make a claim. Insurance providers also look at the type of car that a driver owns, and the most statistically dangerous vehicles carry the highest rates. Sports cars, for instance, are notoriously expensive to insure, since they're fast, expensive, and any accident involving them will carry heavy claims on the driver's comprehensive and personal injury coverages. The quote factors are most set against drivers with bad records who decide to drive these expensive, unsafe vehicles.

Another of the major quote factors is a driver's zip code. The state that you live in will necessarily affect your auto insurance quote, due to the different standards for insurance from state to state and different laws governing insurance providers. Your zip code also gives insurance companies some insight into the possibility of certain types of claims, particularly auto theft. If you live in an area with a lot of car theft, you'll have higher rates for comprehensive coverage than drivers in relatively less risky areas.

There are dozens of other quote factors involved in insurance premiums. Insurance companies look at everything from a driver's gender (men pay more than women) to age (older and younger drivers pay the most). Many of these factors are very difficult to control. However, you can talk to your insurance agent to understand what your major risks are, and by taking actions to diminish those risks, you'll be able to find a lower auto insurance quote. Keep an eye on your policy's costs throughout the year, and regularly check online for quotes from various insurance providers. This will help you to develop an understanding of your car insurance policy that will allow you to find great coverage at a great price.

Three Signs It Is Time To Switch Auto Insurance Providers

If someone is feeling dissatisfied in their relationship with their insurance provider, how does one know when it is time to get an auto insurance quote from a competitor? There are three signs it is time to switch to another company.

If there is a pattern of rate increases, even though there haven't been any claims made, then it is time to get a quote. It is common knowledge that costs are increasing for everything, but auto insurance isn't supposed to work that way. Insurance providers are supposed to reward loyalty and safe driving in a business relationship, because these qualities lower their payouts and increase repeat renewals. If rate increases are occurring without cause, they might have lost sight of the value of a business relationship and it is probably time to check out a competitor.

If customer service is deteriorated or hoops have to be jumped through in order to make a change to a policy or to report a claim, then it might be time to make a change. Rates haven't increased, but the insurance provider is probably cutting back on payroll, and this is externalizing their costs. Focus is being put on profit, and not on quality service. This comes at the expense of the client whom they are there to protect. Bottom line is, they're not putting the needs of their clients first, and that shows priorities aren't in proper perspective. Insurance providers are supposed to be there when the need for them arises.

If there are changes in the lifestyle of the client, this should be a sign to get an insurance quote to see if a better rate can be attained. Different insurance companies target different clientele. One insurance company might be specializing more in small business contractors, another for commuters, one might be going toward families and another towards senior citizens. The best rates and coverage are going toward their target crowd. This isn't necessarily wrong, but it might not be best for the insured party. Everyone goes through changes, and the insurance company that matches a client one point in life, might not be able to cater to a newer stage.

No matter what, if there is dissatisfaction of any sort in a relationship with an insurance provider…it probably means that it is time to get an auto insurance quote. After all, the person who best knows the needs of the insured is the insured. When there are red flags in any of these three areas, chances are the insurance provider is not addressing the needs of the insured and it might be time to move on.

Accident Statistics And How They Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Since it is mandated by the federal government for auto owners to purchase car insurance and hold those policies for as long as they own and drive their vehicles, auto insurance companies do a very steady and stable business. Of course, such a large operation had many myriad departments and moving parts and it can be very complex in the inner workings of the business. Insurance companies are based on the fairly simple premise that every month individuals pay a certain amount of money into the system which is then controlled and distributed by the insurance company. However, insurance companies are counting on the fact that not all policy holders will be filing claims at the same time; in fact some policy holders may never file a claim at all which is what allows the insurance provider to remain profitable. Insurance providers develop their business strategy based on accident statistics and when they form a new auto insurance quote for a perspective client, they consult many different sets of statistics.

When a new client approaches an auto insurance company for an estimate of what the monthly coverage would cost him, the insurance company must then determine the amount of risk the client represents to the company in order to formulate an appropriate price. This is done by analyzing statistics. Statistics analysts have a very important function within the insurance company. It is their job to research any number of different details about a person or a car. For instance, statistics show that female drivers are involved in more accidents than male drivers, just as younger drivers are involved in more accidents than older drivers. This means that if a young female driver is interested in obtaining car insurance, the price quoted to her for a monthly rate will be considerably higher than a rate quoted to an older male driver. This is because the insurance company knows that the greater the risk of an accident occurring is, the greater the risk that they will have to pay out when a claim is filed. In order to offset their losses, they will charge the potentially risky client more money.

There are many other different statistics that are analyzed as well. Some colors of cars are more prone to be in accidents- perhaps because the drivers attracted to those colors (like a flashy red) might be more dangerous drivers. Other colors are simply not as noticeable by other drivers and therefore more likely to be hit. As you can see, accident statistics play a very important role in determining the price for an auto insurance quote.

Finding The Right Auto Insurance Quote For A Student Driver

Getting an affordable auto insurance quote for student drivers is not as difficult as most people believe. Even if you are young, you can still lower your premiums by applying for various discounts. The main factors that will affect your initial premium rate are your age, as well as the type of car you drive, good student discounts, multiple policy discounts, and more. It is important to understand that some insurance companies offer lower rates than others for the same product. This is why you should shop around and compare several car insurance quotes before securing your policy.

Major insurance companies began offering good student discounts for student drivers with good grades. In order to receive this type of discount, you have to be full time student and have at least a "B" average. The discount is usually applied once a year. The best is to make a list of all of the possible discounts for which you are eligible. Research online, compare multiple plans, and do everything possible to find the most affordable auto insurance quote for a student driver. Keep in mind that you will pay a lower premium on your student auto insurance if you stay on your parents' auto policy. Some insurers will offer you a reduced rate if you only drive occasionally. Another way to lower your rates is to take a safe drivers course.

Having car insurance is very important especially for student drivers since they don't have enough experience on the road and present a higher risk of getting involved in an accident. That's why it's important to have good car insurance coverage. Whether you opt for collision coverage or comprehensive coverage, you should search for ways to save money on car insurance. Make sure you have a clean driving record and lower your premiums by being a safe driver. Don't forget that getting a single auto insurance quote won't help you at all. What matters the most is to compare as many quotes as possible in order to find inexpensive insurance for a student driver.

The most convenient way to find the right car insurance quote is to use the Internet. When you compare several policies online, you will notice that most insurance providers offer fast bonus schemes to young drivers allowing them to earn a full year discount. The most important thing to consider when getting insurance quotes for a student driver is to compare at least five insurance agencies. If you go with the first company you find, you'll end up paying a higher price. Finding a fair auto insurance quote is up to you, so take our time and browse through the many options provided online.

Two Ways To Know It Is Time To Switch Auto Insurance Providers

It is more important than ever to make sure that you’re getting a good deal on your auto insurance. Being able to identify when it is time to start looking at other companies for an auto insurance quote is essential to knowing when it is time for you to switch providers. If your auto insurance provider slams you with an unreasonable rate hike at renewal time, it’s time to switch providers and look at other companies for an auto insurance quote.

A massive rate hike isn’t the only reason to switch providers. Take a good look at your auto insurance policy to see if you’re getting a good value. If you don’t feel that the service that you’re getting is equal to the money that you’re spending, it’s time to consider switching providers and looking at other companies for an auto insurance quote.

The economic situation in this country has caused the government to take a closer look at insurance companies nationwide in efforts to institute reforms that can help avoid future problems. This desire for reform has caused some auto insurance companies to institute rate increases to protect their bottom line before any reforms take place. If the rate increase being proposed by your current auto insurance carrier seems unfair, doesn’t seem to match the level of service you’re getting, or you’re not getting the service you want, it is time to start looking at other companies for auto insurance quotes and prepare to switch providers when renewal time comes. When you look at your policy, pay close attention to the details; if you’re paying for services that you don’t really need, or paying a lot for minimal service, it’s time think about switching providers and talk to other companies about auto insurance quotes. When you are talking to other providers about auto insurance quotes, make sure you are looking at your current policy. Knowing exactly what you’re paying for now will help you understand your auto insurance quote and help you make a well informed decision if you decide to switch providers.

Even though it is always a good idea to look into new auto insurance quotes, price shouldn’t be the only thing that you consider when you think about switching providers. You should always think about the level of service you expect when you talk to other providers about auto insurance quotes. If the prospective provider is charging less money but isn’t able to give you the level of service, coverage or service that you need, it may be better to stay where you are instead of switching providers. Always remember there is more to an auto insurance quote than dollars and cents.

Minimizing Auto Insurance Premiums In A Two Car Household

It's very common today for families to have more than one vehicle. Are you aware that you can benefit from having a two car household? Multiple car discounts are widely available through most insurers. Combining two vehicles under the same policy could save you some extra cash with an auto insurance quote.

Having two vehicles insured together with the same company is much more affordable than insuring each one individually. You could save as much as 25% on an auto insurance quote for a two car household. It adds convenience as well since you only pay one premium.

Although you have both vehicles under the same policy, this doesn't mean you have to carry the same coverage on each one. You can have more or less coverage on one of the vehicles depending on what your needs are. In fact, many insurance providers offer an extra discount for having an older vehicle that's paid off on the policy. Since older vehicles require less coverage than newer ones, your premiums would be even lower.

You do not have to be married to benefit from a low auto insurance quote for insuring two vehicles. Any two car household can be eligible for a multi-car discount regardless of the relationship between drivers. Depending on your insurance company, it may be required that both drivers live at the same address.

If you are married then you may receive an additional discount for insuring two vehicles under the same policy as a married couple. This is especially true for the male driver. Car insurance is higher for male drivers than females; however, if a married couple gets insurance for multiple vehicles, his premium will be lower.

With most car insurance companies, there are no additional costs to have a policy for a two car household. Having each vehicle combined into one policy saves you from having to pay for additional fees. You don't have to worry about paying twice for renewal fees, billing fees, policy fees, and broker's fees. With a multi-car discount, renewal is easy.

Best of all, the longer you keep a policy for two vehicles through the same insurer, the more you save. Coverage for two vehicles often carries new driver benefits. For instance, if you will be adding a teen to the policy you could save with a lower premium for having them insured under a multi-car policy.

Having car insurance for a two car household will prove very beneficial for you financially. You can save even more by comparing rates for policies on multiple cars. An auto insurance quote is the best way to find the lowest rates for your multi-car coverage needs.

Auto Dealerships And Forced Insurance Coverage

Most drivers don’t pay for their cars outright, but rather use a bank loan for their vehicles. These loans are often provided by auto dealerships that have special deals set up with local banks for low-interest loans with very few questions asked. There are some major advantages for drivers–it’s easier to find a trustworthy car without worrying about the price tag, and large loans can be easily paid off over a three or two year term. It’s also a great arrangement for auto dealerships, which make more sales due to their special arrangement with banks. However, before buying a new car, drivers should be aware of the affect that a loan can have on an auto insurance quote, specifically through forced coverage.

Forced coverage’ is extra coverage not required by law that is required by a car loan lender. The debt of the loan is called the ‘lien’ and the lender, usually the bank, is known as the ‘lien holder’ for the purposes of car insurance contracts. Since the bank has an interest in the vehicle, they’re legally allowed to force drivers to buy certain extra coverage. After all, if something would happen to the car and the driver simply stopped paying loan payments, they would have much less recourse if the car wasn’t insured. Banks therefore structure loan contracts to compel drivers to buy comprehensive coverage, which protects the vehicle in case of theft, natural disaster, or an auto accident. If the vehicle is damaged, the driver’s insurance will cover the costs of repairs.

Most banks' car loan companies also have a term built into their contracts to allow them to buy car insurance if the driver doesn’t. If they do not receive proof that a driver is insured, they’re allowed to buy insurance for the driver. The insurance companies that banks use for this forced coverage often cost far more than the ones that a driver could find using auto insurance quote services online, and on top of the insurance costs, the bank may pile on additional fees. It is therefore very important to show proof of insurance to your bank when starting a new loan, and inform them of any major changes to your car insurance policy (especially if you decide to switch car insurance companies).

If you buy your vehicle through a loan, be aware of any coverage that you’ll be forced to buy. Know the rules of your contract, and you’ll be much less likely to fall out of favor with your car loan company. You’ll also find it easier to get an auto insurance quote that works for you.

Reasons The Cost Of Car Insurance Quotes May Fluctuate

When a person obtains an auto insurance quote, they may be confused as to why there is such a difference in what they are charged compared to the premiums paid by a family member, friend, or neighbor. The price fluctuation of car insurance rates is a result of a combination of factors.

First of all, car insurance is largely calculated based on the individual driver. Insurance companies are concerned with risk; the risk that a driver may cause the insurance company to dish out a large monetary payout. If an individual has a poor diving record with several traffic tickets or at-fault accidents, then they are more likely to file a claim on their auto insurance policy. Because of this, insurance companies will impose higher premiums on such an individual than on one who has a clean driving record. Even if your record is spotless, if you are involved in an at-fault accident, your insurance premiums may be assessed a price fluctuation at your renewal date. A person's credit score also plays a part in auto insurance premiums. According to insurance companies, a person with a poor credit score is more likely to file an insurance claim.

If you have recently moved from a small town to a large city, the premium you receive when you obtain an auto insurance quote will probably be higher than your previous insurance policy. This is because larger cities are subject to higher crime rates. There will be more car thefts and instances of vandalism in a bigger city. This means that the insurance companies will have to pay out a larger number of car insurance claims. Because of this, they raise the premiums to offset possible claims. The same applies with motor vehicle accidents. There is more traffic in a larger city which contributes to a higher possibility of being involved in an accident.

Each insurance company determines the rates that they charge their clients. A larger insurance company that has a substantial amount of policies in their books is able to negotiate better rates than a smaller insurance company with few clients. Many insurance companies will extend discounts to their clients, while others will not. These discounts can save an individual a substantial amount of money over the term of the policy.

The bottom line is, when searching for the most affordable car insurance policy with the best coverage, you need to shop around. Compare several quotes from several different insurance companies. Keep in mind that price is not the only issue you should consider. Research the insurance company to make sure that they are financially stable and provide you with exceptional customer service as well as round-the-clock claims service.

How Periods Of Being Uninsured Affect Future Insurance Quotes

Research indicates that over 16% of all Americans drive without car insurance; these uninsured periods are against the law. Even though all states require liability insurance, with the exception of New Hampshire and Wisconsin; drivers continue to disregard the law by driving without the appropriate automobile coverage. Laws mandate that drivers carry the basic insurance coverage. This would pay for any damages caused in the event of an automobile accident. Drivers sometime choose to drive without the state required liability insurance while they are unemployed or after allowing the policy to lapse. Paying the monthly insurance premiums may prevent some drivers from purchasing even the most basic auto insurance quote. However, if an accident occurs during these uninsured periods no money is available to pay for damages.

Being involved in an accident during uninsured periods can be a logistically expensive nightmare. If there is no policy in place to cover medical expenses and damages, someone must pay. Research indicates that an uninsured motorist not only affects the uninsured, but society overall. In many cases, even the person who was not at fault can be sued for the damages caused in the accident. Horror stories are told of escalating hospital bills, lawsuits, lost wages and no money to pay. Because an uninsured driver has no coverage, the insured driver must pay for their own rental car, hospital and all other expenses. Even avoiding drivers during uninsured periods can be a tricky proposition. There is no way to determine whether a driver is uninsured or not. Ironically, the only method for knowing whether a driver is insured is to contact their insurance agent after being involved in an accident. Claims become complicated when involved with an uninsured driver.

A competitive auto insurance quote is based on the past record of all drivers. An experienced insurance agent can explain how uninsured periods can negatively affect their insurance rates. An understanding of the consequences of driving without insurance coverage may enlighten drivers to its potential repercussions. Most auto insurance agencies are linked to their states' motor vehicle database. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) randomly checks their database for car insurance violators. When the system identifies an uninsured motorist, a letter is generated, informing the motorist of penalties and late charges. The DMV then alerts the insurance agency, causing the uninsured premiums to increase. An auto insurance quote can assure consumers that they are meeting the state required insurance coverage.

Going without insurance is a huge risk, especially in an economic state such as we're in today. Being uninsured can be costly for both the uninsured driver and anyone else involved in the accident.

Three Ways To Find Out Exactly What An Auto Insurance Quote Covers

When shopping for an auto insurance quote, many consumers are confused by the variety of options and constant claims that a particular policy is the best insurance coverage value for the money. This article provides guidance on how consumers can compare apples to apples in making smart decisions when purchasing auto coverage in three ways.

First, take a moment to read your quote. Whether your policy is purchased from an agent or online, the quote is a summary that will often describe the types of protections included, such as uninsured motorist, medical payment coverage, and/or liability protections. Many of these are designed to be easily understood by the consumer.

Second, be sure to read the insurance policy itself. The unfortunate reality is that many people spend more time shopping for an auto insurance quote than they spend learning what they have purchased. The policy should have separate bold or highlighted headings for each type of coverage offered. In addition, a quick review of the policy's exclusions and endorsements can explain what coverage is carved out, and what limits apply to them. Mistakes by insurance agents and on applications are not uncommon, and review of the policy may be a customer's only chance to determine if the coverage purchased is the coverage desired.

Finally, don't be shy about contacting your agent, or the insurance company to ask specific questions about the protections afforded by your policy. When buying new policies or getting coverage from a different carrier, it is important to learn from the insurance seller what, if anything, has changed in the new policy. It can even be wise to ask your agent what auto insurance he, or she carries, and why. When calling carriers, be sure to have the policy in hand so the customer service representative can provide direction as to the places in the policy where the protections you want are located. If the coverage cannot be located in writing, on the policy, the safe assumption is that the policy does not afford that specific protection. Some online auto insurance quote services will compare prices on auto insurance coverage with handy charts and graphics that will check or highlight these differences.

While not a substitute for reading the policy, these sites can give very easy to understand guidance on key differences in the policy. Nothing is more frustrating than incurring an insurance loss only to discover that the coverage needed is excluded. Plan ahead and use these three sources and available online help to get what you want, how you want it.

Loyalty Discounts And How They Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

Every driver wants to pay as little as possible for car insurance premiums, and the best way to do this without compromising one's insurance coverage is to find as many discounts as possible. Insurance discounts can take many forms, and one of the more popular types of discounts is the loyalty discount. This special type of discount provides customers of a certain insurance company with relief if they've kept a policy in good standing for a certain length of time. They're often applied automatically, so some drivers aren't even aware of the fact that they're getting a loyalty discount. However, there are a few important facts that all drivers should know about loyalty discounts and how they affect an auto insurance quote.

First of all, while loyalty discounts can be significant, it's usually possible to get a comparable discount from a rival insurer. Simply inform the rival insurance agent about the loyalty discount, and they'll usually do whatever they can to meet the new price. Insurance agents want to get as many customers as possible, as you might assume, and in many cases, this means offering great deals–particularly when you can provide proof of their competition's rates.

You should also know that loyalty discounts are illegal in some states, as state insurance commissions often see them as a way to unfairly force customers to keep substandard auto insurance policies. You can check with your state insurance commission to find out whether loyalty discounts are allowed, although insurance companies rarely offer illegal discounts due to the heavy penalties that they may receive. Instead, many insurers in such states offer consistent insurance discounts–drivers with no gaps in their insurance records receive discounts that are fairly comparable to typical loyalty discounts. However, the discount won't be denied if you were insured with another company.

When looking for an auto insurance quote, don't base your decision on a loyalty discount. While they're a useful way to decrease the overall cost of a car insurance policy, they are by no means the only way to do so. Many drivers find comparison shopping websites and alternative discounts (such as discounts for anti-theft devices or for keeping low mileage on a vehicle) to be a better way to save money, and they don't require a driver to keep his or her car insurance policy with a certain company. Think carefully when looking for an auto insurance quote; remember, your goal is to find the best possible coverage that you can afford. While a loyalty discount may help you to do this, it's usually not necessary, and it's nothing to base a policy decision around.

How Driving Experience Impacts The Cost Of Auto Insurance

While you're getting an auto insurance quote, there are several factors that will affect your rate. Obviously, the limits you set and the coverage you select will be the main deciding factors. Once you have a quote, you can begin applying various discounts against the original rate, which may include driving experience.

If you're an older driver, you'll receive a discount compared to a driver in the sixteen to twenty-five year group. That's because you're more mature and more likely to not drive recklessly or while under the influence. If you're married, you'll receive another auto insurance quote discount because married folks are more stable and statistics show they have fewer accidents.

Another intangible for which you'll receive a discount is your driving experience. Although you won't find a place on your insurance application to enter the number of years you've been driving, there are ways to get a discount for your experience. One of them is age, as mentioned before. Your rates will continue to decrease as you reach various milestones in your life such as your 30th and 40th birthdays. This is due to the combination of your maturity and your extra experience. The fact that you've been driving longer means you've been in more situations that required applying your knowledge as a driver. When confronted with similar situations, you know how to react.

Your insurance company will reward you for taking driver safety classes. These classes bolster your skills and keep driving laws up to date in your mind. Advanced driving courses include lessons on dealing with difficult driving conditions like icy roads, heavy rain, and driving at night. Hands-on experience in these extreme situations will increase your confidence if they arise in the future. A course can also strengthen your defensive driving skills so you can avoid a collision if one comes looking for you.

The most obvious way a new driver can get reduced rates from their insurance company is to stay out of trouble. If you avoid traffic tickets or accidents during your first three years of driving, you'll receive a discount for the experience you've acquired. Insurance companies know that the first three years are the most dangerous for a new driver, due to their lack of experience. That's why they'll discount your policy for a good driving record or any extra experience you can get, like lessons or defensive driving courses.

As with anything, the more you practice driving, the better you'll drive. The better you drive, the less your insurance will cost because you're less likely to have an accident. Your insurance company bases their rates on driving statistics. If you prove to be a less risky driver to insure, they'll reward you with a discount.

Naming A Secondary Driver On Your Auto Insurance Policy

Parents want their kids to be safe. The economy is toughest on young drivers and their families, who often struggle with extraordinarily high premiums in exchange for occasional vehicle use. For this reason, while in the past auto insurance companies often allowed parents to keep a child on their policy up to the age of 25, now some insurance companies allow dependents up to the age of 31 to be included on a parent’s insurance policy. This looks good on paper – the parent feels good that the child is protected and is not having to pay an arm and a leg for premiums just because they are young. Furthermore, since many states require insurance coverage, keeping a dependent on an existing parental policy for an extended period of time reduces the risk that a child may shortsightedly and unknowingly illegally choose to cut costs by eliminating auto insurance coverage.

The issue arises with the definition of the word secondary.’ While in many cases the dependent is actually an occasional driver on the named vehicle, in a growing number of cases the child is actually the primary or only driver of that vehicle. When this is the case, naming a dependent as a secondary driver is illegal and can backfire when seeking reimbursement in auto claims. When gathering an auto insurance quote for adding a secondary driver to an existing policy, it is important to be clear about the difference between a primary and secondary driver. Insurance companies view adding a primary driver of a vehicle to an existing policy as a secondary driver as insurance fraud, and any money saved on monthly premiums up front is at risk when claims are filed. Both parent and child will be liable if insurance fraud is confirmed, and may find themselves dropped from coverage. A future auto insurance quote may show that both parent and child are now subject to severe premiums from being moved to the ‘high risk coverage’ category, if they can obtain coverage at all.

When done for the right reasons and under the right conditions, adding a dependent as a secondary driver on an existing auto policy just makes sense. It saves the family money, teaches the child about the value and expense of budgeting for future auto insurance expenses when it comes time to pick a primary vehicle, and allows parents much more say over how often the dependent is allowed to use the vehicle in question. When it is clear the dependent’s vehicle needs exceed what secondary coverage legally allows for, it is then time to take out an independent policy to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

4 Ways To Avoid High Risk Auto Insurance Classification

With the rising cost of living, many people are looking for immediate solutions to lowering their bills. This, of course, includes what they are paying for insurance on their vehicle. Those who are concerned about what they are paying and are concerned about high risk auto insurance classification, will be happy to know that there are four ways to avoid this.

The first way to avoid being grouped into this particular classification is to keep a clean driving record. Anyone with a DUI or DWI on their driver’s record will immediately be considered as a high risk, as well as those who have been involved in two or more auto accidents. If you have received numerous marks against your record, it may benefit you to take a driver’s safety course.

Those who have large gaps in their insurance coverage will also find that the auto insurance quote they receive is often much higher. The reason for this is that insurance companies want to see that you have continuous coverage. In the event of gaps in coverage, they will believe that they, too, will just be insuring you for a short time and will be actually losing out on making a profit.

As young drivers are often placed in this category, without any fault of their own, other than being young, students and young adults will want to do everything they can to maintain good grades in high school and college. The insurance companies will consider any young person with good grades as a much more reliable individual. To them, more reliable means the young person will be less of a risk on the road.

Last, even older drivers can be classified as a risk, even if they have nothing on their driving record. Anyone with extremely poor credit will also be considered a risk. The insurance companies look those with poor credit as someone who may not be reliable behind the wheel or paying their insurance bill. Paying your bills on time and making sure that all of your insurance payments are made on time can reduce your chances of getting put into this category.

If you have recently requested an auto insurance quote and have received a higher than expected estimate, you may want to inquire whether or not you have been placed in the high risk auto insurance classification. It is important to remember that the insurance companies will do a thorough search of your driving history, as well as your credit history. The best thing you can do is make certain that any problems in these two areas are avoided to make sure your rates are affordable.

3 Auto Insurance Riders That Most Drivers Do Not Need

Are you in the market for a new car or truck? Are you searching local car dealerships for a new or used vehicle? No matter where you choose to purchase your new car, you will need to gain an auto insurance quote on any make or model car you think about buying. When considering the monthly cost of a new car, you must figure in auto insurance as a monthly expenditure, as well as potential maintenance on a new or used vehicle.

Buying a new car is filled with decisions, so it is important to create a mental checklist of what you need in a new car and what upgrades and add-ons are nice to have. Do you need a DVD player in your new car or truck with leather or cloth seats? Do you have a specific color in mind for your new vehicle? Car buying is a process starting with searching multiple lots, comparing prices and negotiating the best possible deal for you as a car buyer.

Once you’ve settled on the desired car or truck and have settled on a price you’re willing to pay, you need to purchase auto insurance. Some available auto insurance riders which may be offered aren’t always applicable for every driver. Determining which riders will benefit you and which riders are a waste of money is up to each driver. Available riders include new car premium insurance, alternative transportation benefits and forgiveness for first time, no-fault accidents. Most insurance companies will offer an auto insurance rider for new vehicles which are designed to keep your new car or truck looking new. It will allow for repairs of scrapes and dings which are inevitable with a new vehicle. New car premiums are designed for new model year car purchases. Alternative transportation benefits give a driver a rental car in the event of an accident which isn’t necessary for every car owner. Accident forgiveness coverage only benefits people if they are involved in an accident caused by another driver. The insured may never gain benefits under this type of policy.

Buying a new car causes people to shop for new a car insurance quote. As a new car owner, be careful not to over purchase riders that are costly and which you may never use. Evaluating exactly what you need from your auto insurance quote might be best handled by reviewing your existing policy and keeping the riders you’ve used and not opting for those you find unnecessary. Being smart about which car insurance rider you need will help you manage the cost of your car insurance policy and keep your monthly premiums cost effective for the car buyer.

Why Texting Can Increase Your Auto Insurance Quote

The safest conditions for driving include driving free from distractions. Whether it’s eating, checking the radio channels or flipping through CDs, talking on a cell phone, or texting, distractions and driving are a dangerous combination, resulting in needless accidents and injuries every year. And accidents will always increase your auto insurance quote.

According to a 2008 national study, eighty percent of all those who own cell phones confessed to talking while on the road, and nearly twenty percent admitted to texting – an even more dangerous enterprise, as it involves taking one’s eyes off the wheel to compose or read messages, search for the correct keypads, and check for spelling. And almost fifty percent of drivers stated that they had been involved in accidents in which the other driver was using a cell phone.

Currently, five states prohibit talking or texting on hand-held cell phones while driving. Twenty-one states prohibit the use of cell phones by new drivers, and seventeen states ban school bus drivers from chatting on cell phones while they are at the wheel. Since texting is considered more dangerous than phone conversations, even more states – fourteen – have made it illegal for any driver to text while driving, while ten more states make it illegal for new drivers only, and one additional state forbids only school bus drivers from texting.

In accidents resulting from distracted driving, the cause is not always attributed to talking or texting, because the driver at fault knows that admitting this will only increase insurance rates. How so? A recent U.S. survey has shown that motorists who text and drive are six times more likely to end up in a collision than those who drive distraction-free. And over in the U.K., recent statistics reveal an increased likelihood of accidents of up to twenty-three times more. Once a claim is filed after an accident, the auto insurance company pays on the policy, driving up one’s future premiums, as the policy holder is deemed less and less reliable as accidents accrue. If it is true that texting is far more likely to cause accidents (and it is indeed true), then one can expect auto insurance quotes to rise based on the number of accidents resulting from distracted driving.

Although it is tempting to answer every phone call and read every incoming text message, statistics show it’s safer simply to put the hand-held cell phone away until you are out of the car. The small gratification of answering a text message is far outweighed by the increased safety and security of driving free from distractions, not to mention avoiding higher auto insurance quotes when shopping for a policy. Make safe choices for yourself and for others by avoiding texting while driving.

What To Check Before Buying An Auto Insurance Policy Online

Getting an online auto insurance quote is rapidly becoming commonplace. Almost every large auto insurance provider now offers this option as a part of their websites’ basic functionalities, and many consumers are far more comfortable obtaining quotes for auto insurance premiums and even purchasing them online. In many cases, the time saved and the ability to get multiple quotes to narrow down the option best for the specific consumer far outweighs the potential dangers in purchasing online insurance. Although many companies offer a safe way to get online insurance policies, here are a few things to check up on before signing on the virtual line.

The first is the company’s reputation. Often, an auto insurance quote that seems too good to be true–is. This may be because there are hidden fees or because it doesn’t cover what it should, but it can also be simply because the company does not treat its customers well. The cheapest online auto insurance quote in the world will not help a client if the company who issued it never responds to their calls or actually lives up to their promises. So, before buying a policy online, do a little homework on the company itself. What kind of reputation do they have, both online and according to people who actually use them? Do they answer their phones promptly, and do they treat customers fairly? It is essential to make sure that they do before agreeing to pay any auto insurance premiums.

Next, be sure to examine exactly what type of coverage this auto insurance company is agreeing to provide. Every state has a minimum amount of required liability and possibly even uninsured motorist coverage which all drivers must carry. Make sure to first of all check the minimum requirements are being met by the insurance policy. Next, make sure that the coverage that is being signed for actually matches what was offered. Many people are drawn in by the startlingly low auto insurance quotes offered on a website, only to discover that they offer virtually no useful coverage.

Lastly, check to make sure that the amount being paid and the methods of payment are fair. How much, exactly, are the monthly premiums? When will they be taken each month, and in what form? Does the company want a lump-sum up front? Too many people enter into auto insurance policy contracts without knowing the answers to these questions, and receive a large and expensive shock when their first month of coverage is up. When purchasing online insurance, as with buying any online product or service, research, preparation, and attention to detail are key in making sure the best coverage for the best value is purchased.

Understanding The Subrogation Procedures For Your Auto Insurance Claim

Every auto insurance quote has a subrogation clause. The purpose of this clause is to protect the insurance company from being solely responsible for paying auto insurance claims for an auto accident when there is other insurance available that should have been paid out for the claim.

For instance, if you are involved in an automobile accident and your insurance company pays for the damages to your vehicle, as well as any injuries you may have sustained, and they later determine the other driver was at fault and has coverage, your insurance company has the right to seek reimbursement from that company for the money it paid out on your behalf.

When you purchase an auto insurance premium, and there is a subrogation clause, you’ve signed over your rights to your insurance company to act on your behalf to seek to get their money back’ that was paid on the claim. Your carrier can go after those monies from the other carrier, which may include suing for those funds. This can include money paid to you from your separate health insurance or other medical insurance carrier, as well. If your auto insurance carrier paid you monies for personal injuries, and you also filed a claim with your health insurance carrier and they paid the medical claim, either one of these carriers can file for their subrogation rights to get their money back. Subrogation usually occurs after the original auto insurance claim was filed. The carrier allows you to be paid for your damages and not have to wait to determine fault. As a show of good faith, you, as the insured, can release your rights over to your carrier so that they may recoup their funds if it is determined that another driver, or legal entity, was at fault and they had insurance that would have covered the damages that your carrier has already paid to you. Usually, your insurer will have you sign a subrogation release that assigns your right of recovery against the person responsible for your loss to your insurance company

Auto insurance quotes were not intended to assist people from profiting from an accident. Subrogation rights were put in place to keep people honest and to protect insurance companies from paying claims that another company was responsible for and would have paid. It is important that you remain in close contact with your carrier during this process as they are going back and forth between companies to determine fault and what has been paid to you. You do not want to have your auto insurance premium canceled due to not cooperating with your carrier. They are there to help protect your rights as well as their own.

Understanding A Combined Single Limit On An Auto Insurance Quote

Auto insurance requirements vary by state, but there are several basic elements that all auto insurance quotes must include. The most important of these is liability insurance. Liability often forms the bulk of the amount of auto insurance premiums paid by individuals, and it is also one of the most essential parts of any auto insurance policy. This coverage is used to pay the costs if an insured strikes another object or person and causes damage or injury. Every state mandates a minimum of required liability, but the amounts vary greatly. Liability coverage typically takes two forms – split coverage and combined single limit.

The more common type of liability payout structure is split coverage. The coverage is split into two types – bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD). BI limits cover any and all injury suffered by another party in the accident. This can include at the scene and ongoing medical expenses. Property damage coverage takes care of any damage to another person’s car or any other property damaged, such as a light standard or road sign. In states that operate under a split limit structure, it is typically written out as three numbers – for example 25/50/25 in Oklahoma. This means that the auto insurance provider will pay out $25,000 for one person’s injuries in a crash, not more than $50,000 in total for everyone involved, and not more than $25,000 for property damage. In some states, the minimums are much higher, resulting in higher premiums, and in some states they are far lower, meaning more risk for the consumer to have to pay out of pocket.

On the other hand, there are states that use a combined single limit, which is simply an amalgamation of the PD and BI coverage into one number. $75,000 worth of combined single coverage will pay out for any property damage or injury sustained in an accident. This means that if substantial injuries occurred, but minimal damage, up to 100% of the coverage could be used to help pay for treatments and hospital bills. In the same way, a collision with significant property damage but no injuries could be fully paid for by this kind of coverage. Combined single limit can be of benefit to customers, as it allows for a greater flexibility in coverage when it is most needed.

From an auto insurance quote standpoint, these two types of coverage will look the same. An auto insurance agent will be able to advise clients of exactly how their coverage will be distributed, and what kind of effect that will have on their auto insurance premiums. While both have their merits, combined single limit makes reaching the cap for either type of damage less likely.

How To Get A Driver Training Discount From Your Insurer

Auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who take driver training courses. They offer driver training courses online and offline. Drivers can save on auto insurance premiums if a driver takes the initiative to take these courses. The certificate that is issued at the conclusion of the course is submitted to the insurance company.

First, a person must get information from his or her auto insurance company on the approved driving courses. The individual needs to call the insurer and request two auto insurance quotes. Each auto insurance quote should be detailed. Individuals should request quotes that show pricing for auto insurance premiums without discounts provided. The second quote should include the pricing with the various discounts applied, if the individual takes driver improvement safety courses. The driver should then request an approved list of providers for the training. It is important to choose from a list of approved providers for the driver safety education. Many of the insurers only recognize certain courses provided from certain schools. A driver should avoid investing in a course that is not approved by the insurer. Attending an unapproved driver safety class can result in wasted time and effort. Again, the insurer will be able to provide you with the resources needed to select a course that meets their requirements.

The driver must attend the accredited course. The driver has to make sure that he or she receives the proper certification at the conclusion of the course to verify attendance. Without it, the driver will have a difficult time getting the auto insurance discount. Once a person has attended an approved driver safety course, the person will be able to request that the discounts be applied to the premium. When the insurer requests a copy of the certification, make sure to submit the previously issued quote received with the quoted discounts. A person should be prepared to submit a valid license, the insurer’s previously issued quote, and a certificate of completion. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, the discounts are applied to the premium in accordance with their written policies.

Providers of auto insurance offer these discounts to encourage drivers to take additional courses to improve on their driving. Insurers prefer that drivers take the initiative to improve on skills such as defensive driving. This translates to a lower level of risks associated with providing auto insurance to a driver. Auto insurance discounts are given to drivers that take the initiative to take advantage of driver improvement courses. When drivers inquire about auto insurance rates, they can also ask for the specific amount of the auto insurance discounts associated with any courses that they desire to take.

How An Out Of State Accident Can Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

A carrier will issue an auto insurance quote based on several factors including location, credit and driving history. A person’s driving history is evaluated in a three-year time period. Auto insurance rates by state often vary. Different states allow certain insurance companies to divide territories into tiers based on risk. This is the reason for the variation in auto insurance rates by state. When a person is involved in an accident, a person’s premium will usually increase by 20-40% if the driver is at fault. There are multiple variables that affect the rates of auto insurance premiums where accidents are concerned. There are several ways out-of-state accidents can affect how much an individual pays for insurance.

If one is involved in an auto accident and fails to report the incident to the insurance company, there could be consequences. This is especially the case if the driver happens to be involved in an at-fault accident that occurred outside of the state the driver resides in. Insurance companies can impose a surcharge on the policy holder for neglecting to inform them of the incident and/or violation. Those surcharges could prove to be costly. An accident that occurred out-of-state can also cause a driver to have to carry more insurance. If the insurance that an individual had at the time of the accident was insufficient, that person could be required to carry an SR-22. This means that one could be required to get a specialized auto insurance policy specifically designed for an SR-22. A driver could be required to carry that for years. SR-22 policies are expensive and can affect auto insurance premiums for a period of three years. If a driver is involved in an at-fault accident in another state, that accident will affect that person’s insurance rates.

An auto accident counts against a person’s driving record regardless of where it occurred. If the driver moves to another state and obtains a new driver’s license, the auto accident will appear on a person’s new driving record with the new state. When the driving record is reviewed by the auto insurance companies, the person’s driver history in another state is also taken into consideration. It’s important to remember that states share information regarding violations and accidents. States report auto accidents and moving violations to the driver’s state of residence.

Auto insurance rates by state are determined by location, state laws, driver history, and often credit. Auto insurance quotes are determined for the most part by a person’s driver history. Auto insurance companies want to insure drivers with better driving records. It’s best to take a driver improvement course, if involved in any auto accident.

Deciding Whether A Car Alarm Will Help You Control The Cost Of Your Auto Insurance Premium

Auto insurance premiums are a big part of every driver’s budget, and although auto insurance companies often offer discounts, it is hard to keep costs down. Many drivers look for every possible way to get a low auto insurance quote, and one of the more popular techniques is by making a car less susceptible to theft via the installation of a car alarm. Most insurance companies will offer some type of discount for an alarm, as they drastically reduce the likelihood of auto theft, but before heading to your local custom auto shop for an installation, take a few minutes to consider whether an alarm could really help to get you the lowest auto insurance rates possible.

First of all, alarm discounts will only help your auto insurance premiums if you are paying for comprehensive coverage. This is the part of your policy that covers losses due to theft, acts of God, and other major claims, and if you are buying a car with a loan, you’re probably already paying for comprehensive coverage. However, if you own your car, you may not have comprehensive coverage on your policy. It is certainly worth adding, as you’re putting your vehicle at risk by driving without a comprehensive plan. Of course, adding any coverage will increase your auto insurance quote, but installing the alarm could alleviate some of the added costs.

The model of vehicle you drive and your driving habits will often affect the size of the car alarm discount that you receive. If you’re driving a vehicle in a safe area, you park in a covered garage, and your vehicle isn’t too susceptible to theft in the first place, adding an alarm probably won’t impact your policy very much. It might not lower your auto insurance costs enough to offset the price of the alarm and its installation. There are other anti-theft measures that you can take that won’t be as expensive, such as locking your garage and getting your vehicle’s VIN etched somewhere (if it’s not already on your car’s window or door).

If you’re looking for the lowest auto insurance prices possible, be sure to look at other types of discounts and do a bit of comparison shopping before you decide to install a car alarm. If you drive an expensive sports car, or if you are a city driver living in a high-theft area, they’re well worth the money, but the majority of drivers will see more of a cost benefit from a bit of negotiation with auto insurance companies. You’ll have to look at your own vehicle, habits, and policy to decide whether a car alarm is a worthwhile investment.

Finding Military Discounts On Auto Insurance Quotes

One of the noblest choices that can be made by any American, man or woman, is to serve in the military. This can be Army, Air Force, National Guard or the Reserves – all enjoy a proud history and traditions that speak to both commitment and duty. To honor both those currently serving in the armed forces, and those who have done so, many auto insurance companies offer discounts to military members, and some discount auto insurance providers were created specifically with the military in mind. These providers offer reduced auto insurance premiums as well as home insurance and investment opportunities.

The easiest way to become a member of one of these provider plans or to take advantage of a military discount through a mainstream provider is to join the military, in any form. If that is not an option, there are other ways to access the auto insurance quotes available to the military. The first is to be a family member of someone who is serving in the military. This can be a parent, child, spouse or even former spouse of a member. That connection to a member of the armed forces is often enough to grant access to the discount auto insurance offered. As well, those who have been widowed or have completed a term of service in the military are also eligible for discounts. In the case of military-specific providers, even those who have left the plan are typically able to return if they so desire.

Although auto insurance companies do offer discounts for those no longer serving, or those connected to someone who has, the biggest discounts on auto insurance premiums will always be for those who are currently engaged in active duty. Many companies feature a list of deployment zones’ and offer steep discounts to any member who is stationed there. These include places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and El Salvador. It is also possible to access the services of these companies by being an officer in training, or being a member of numerous American military organizations. Each company has its own rules and regulations, with some dedicated to providing insurance only for the military, and some allowing a broader range of possible use. It is a good idea to contact an insurance provider directly to see what, if any, military discounts they offer and how they can be accessed.

Although auto insurance companies always operate with risk as their bottom line, they do take special pains to make sure that those serving in the military do receive some benefit for the time they are investing. The discounted auto insurance premiums received by members seem a small price to pay for their service and dedication.

4 Tips To Teach Teens About Auto Insurance Quotes

It’s probably safe to say, a universal milestone in every teenager’s life is learning how to drive and getting a driver’s license. Oftentimes, passing the driving test is the easy part when compared to what comes next; calling around for auto insurance quotes and selecting suitable coverage. Below are four tips on how to approach the four major areas of teen auto insurance-premiums, deductibles, type of coverage (liability or full coverage), and discounts.

Auto insurance premiums are your out-of-pocket costs. Typically, auto insurance premiums are recalculated every six months and are billed on a monthly basis or, at a discounted rate, every six months. The key to premiums is not to get tripped up by them. Absolutely shop around for the best auto insurance quote, but be careful not to sacrifice sufficient coverage for a lower premium. Auto insurance premium costs are directly dependent on the amount of your deductible and the type of coverage selected. The deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket when your vehicle has been damaged by a collision or vandalism, or involved in a theft. Your car insurance deductible-usually ranging from $250 to $1,500-must be satisfied before your insurance company pays anything; the higher the deductible, the lower your auto insurance premium will be.

The key to deductibles is to choose an amount you can afford. Do not choose a $1,500 deductible because your monthly premium is lower. If you can’t afford the extra $30 to $40 a month for a lower deductible, you will not be able to afford a $1,500 deductible to fix or replace your vehicle. In addition to selecting a deductible amount, you also need to select the type of coverage you want-liability or full coverage. Essentially, liability covers damages caused to other people and their property; full coverage is an add-on to liability-comprehensive and collision. If you are financing a vehicle, you are required to have both; and do keep in mind that each state sets the minimum liability coverage allowed in order to be legally insured. All things considered, the key to electing a type of coverage is – if your vehicle is not a lemon – it’s probably best to elect what is known as full coverage.

The key to discounts is availability and eligibility. Discounts range from multi-car/line discounts, which are offered when more than one vehicle/insurance plan in the same household is insured, to driver training discounts, usually offered as a result of driver’s education courses. There are also good student discounts, which are offered based on grade-point averages. Teen auto insurance can seem overwhelming-from premiums and discounts to type of coverage and deductibles-but keeping these four tips in mind should simplify the process.

4 Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage That Most Drivers Will Use After An Accident

A motorist’s auto insurance gets a work-out after an accident when various coverages will be called upon to pay accident costs. Coverages most likely to be used are personal injury protection, liability, collision, under or uninsured motorists, and gap. A good agent will provide auto insurance quotes for all the insurance types, taking into consideration what state requirements for auto insurance are. Vehicle owners can then decide upon what coverage they want based on the auto insurance premium to be paid.

Most automobile accidents mean injuries, so Personal Injury Protection is probably the most used type of coverage. It’s also known as PIP, or Med-Pay, because it pays medical expenses if you are injured in the accident. While Med-Pay pays only medical expenses, PIP also covers wage loss if you are unable to work, and for household services if you can’t clean your house or cut the grass. PIP pays regardless of which driver was at-fault for the accident. It also covers passengers in your vehicle. Medical treatment following an accident can be very expensive and sometimes the initial emergency room visit can easily cost thousands of dollars. Be sure to have your agent give you auto insurance quotes for several levels of PIP coverage.

Liability insurance comes into play if you caused the accident. People who you’ve injured are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering for an auto insurance accident. They’re also entitled to have their damaged car repaired. Liability insurance covers all this as well as paying for repairs to other things, such as fences, that were damaged in the accident. In some states, passengers in your car may have a liability claim against you. If you do not have enough insurance to cover the accident costs, some states allow injured people to go after your personal assets. That’s why it’s so important for your agent to give you auto insurance quotes for several levels of coverage. Then you can choose the auto insurance premium that you can afford.

If a driver hits you who does not have insurance or insufficient insurance to compensate you, you can file for additional compensation under your under or uninsured motorists policy. The amount of this coverage is usually tied to the amount of liability insurance you have. Collision insurance will pay for the damage to your own car. Some lenders require new vehicle buyers to carry gap insurance. This insurance will pay off the rest of your loan if your car is totaled while thousands of dollars are still owed on it. Make friends with your car insurance agent; auto insurance premiums may seem high, but they’ll save you money following an accident.

Finding Low Cost Non Owner Auto Insurance Quotes

A non-owner auto insurance policy covers borrowed and rented vehicles. This kind of policy will cover any damages that you cause to someone’s body or property while driving a vehicle that you borrowed from someone, and do not own. It does not cover damages to yourself and the vehicle you drive. If you crash someone’s car, the vehicle owner’s policy will pay out first. If his policy is not enough to cover the damages, your non-owner auto insurance policy will kick in. Keep in mind that you cannot add another driver to this kind of policy. Other drivers must purchase their own non-owner policies. You can secure an affordable non-owner auto insurance policy by obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes online or over the phone.

You can visit auto insurance quote websites online to obtain quotes. Some quote websites offer non-owner auto insurance policies. Complete the quote applications online and compare the information you receive. If you obtain a cheap auto insurance quote, you will not be obligated to make a purchase and you will not be charged to obtain the information. Quote websites will provide you with accurate prices in a few seconds and they will find you the best auto insurance premium around. Shopping online is the quickest way to find auto insurance premiums, so it is worthwhile.

Alternatively, you can call auto insurance companies to obtain quotes. Tell them you need a non-owner insurance policy. You will not have a problem finding an insurance company that offers a non-owner policy because every company offers these kinds of policies. Compare prices, terms, and conditions with each insurance company that you contact until you find the best deal. Keep in mind that the only type of insurance policy that you qualify for is liability because the vehicle you drive is not yours. You should shop around and compare prices with many insurance carriers until you find a cheap auto insurance quote.

Non-owner auto insurance premiums are affordable. Annual prices for these kinds of policies range from $300-$700. Keep in mind that if you rent vehicles when you travel, you are probably better off purchasing a non-owner insurance policy. Rental car companies usually charge more for their insurance policies. Also, keep in mind, if you purchase a vehicle in the future, you must purchase a traditional auto insurance policy. Non-owner insurance is not the type of policy that you need. After you obtain an auto insurance quote online or over the phone, review the details you are provided with. Make sure you understand what kind of insurance policy you are being offered before you make a purchase. If you have any questions about the insurance policy, contact a licensed agent.

How An Auto Insurance Quote And Your Monthly Premium Are Connected

When purchasing an auto insurance policy, the first piece of information that most consumers will receive is an auto insurance quote. This can be done online or over the phone, and typically represents the cheapest auto insurance that the company has to offer. The consumer, intrigued by the low auto insurance premium, makes further inquires with the company, and eventually arrives at an agreement that includes all of the coverage that they need. However, when their first monthly car insurance bill arrives, they note that the rate quoted bears little resemblance to the auto insurance premium they are expected to pay. For many, this comes as a shock, as it seems only reasonable that the original quote and the eventual premium should be the same. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. While the two are connected, there is a wide gap which lies between an initial quote and the eventual payment.

Auto insurance quotes are generated on a low-cost, best-case scenario. They include the lowest coverage levels mandated by the state, and assume a clean driving record, well-maintained car and a host of other factors that often do not all occur together. Quotes will often say things like “as low as” or “starting from.” These give an indication that although the rate could potentially be that low, it will only occur under the most optimal of conditions. Once a basic auto insurance policy has been inquired and agreed upon, most insurance providers will begin speaking to their clients about more specific add-on coverage that they may want, or may encourage clients to increase the minimum liability that they are paying. While all states require some form of personal and property liability coverage, the basic amounts are often far too small to actually cover everyone and everything damaged in an accident. Having extra coverage is very useful, but will also increase the basic monthly premium paid. Similarly, add-on coverage such as uninsured motorist coverage, which is not mandated by all states, can be very useful but will result in a discrepancy between the original quote and the eventual price.

At its heart, an auto insurance quote represents the best monthly premium for a customer under ideal conditions. Their actual monthly rate is a reflection of their initial quote, but with extra coverage, add-ons, and their specific car details and driving history factored in. The two numbers are related, but the chances of paying the rate advertised in a quote are slim to none. While this may seem unfair, it is better to have more coverage in an accident than the basic amounts offered, as a higher premium may cost the consumer initially, but can save a great deal in the long run.

What A Good Online Auto Insurance Quote Should Include

Looking for an auto insurance quote online can be a convenient, low hassle way to get car insurance quickly. It lets you compare the costs, benefits and coverage of several different companies in a relatively short period of time. But what do you look for in a good online quote? There are actually several important things that should appear in a good online quote. Personally, you may not need every single one of them (or need them in reduced amounts) but in general they are the things most people will need if they are ever in a car accident. ??Liability coverage is very important. Every good auto insurance quote has one. Liability protects you and your assets when you are the at fault driver.

Liability covers the damaged car and any person physically injured in the crash. Your insurance company pays the other driver and your money is protected. Collision covers damage to your car when you hit another car or object. It pays to fix your car minus your deductible. It also protects you if another car hits you. Comprehensive insurance is also important as it covers what collision doesn’t and it protects against loss if your car is stolen or damaged. If you have a newer car, one in excellent condition or if your car is leased or financed, you may need this type of coverage. Uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage should also make the list. This coverage keeps you from financial loss if your car is damaged by a driver who either has no auto insurance or not enough insurance to pay for your losses.

Comprehensive or collision coverage should include options for car rental and towing/roadside assistance. If you have one or more cars that you use almost every day, losing your car to an accident, either permanently or temporarily, can place strain on everyday life. Car rental coverage would ease this problem. Roadside assistance, while an option, can be a big help when you are stranded. Both of these are well worth the cost if you can afford it.

In the current economy, the auto insurance premium has become more important than ever. When cash is tight, choices between cost and coverage are made. Higher deductibles are an option. People, with older cars may choose to eliminate collision coverage since this coverage is limited to the car’s value. Probably the last thing you should consider doing to reduce your auto insurance premium, is to choose the minimum coverage. Every state has different minimums so check with your state for a complete list. But remember, good auto insurance will protect you and your financial assets. Minimum coverage is often not enough.

Truths About Auto Insurance Rates Being Cheaper For Female Drivers

There are a number of popular misconceptions about auto insurance and the way that insurance providers decide quotes for their customers. However, some of the popular knowledge is fairly accurate–for instance, female auto insurance often costs less than auto insurance for males. This isn’t true in all cases, of course, and understanding the way that gender affects insurance statistics (and therefore, insurance rates) can be very helpful when you decide to look for a new, lower-cost auto insurance quote.

As many drivers know, insurance companies rely heavily on statistics to gauge whether drivers will make claims on their policies. This allows them to accurately give low-cost policies to safer motorists. It’s a process that lends itself to a lot of discrimination, which is why younger female drivers will often see lower rates. Women make fewer claims on average than men. Some types of “discrimination” in auto insurance rates are illegal according to state and federal law, but an insurance provider is completely within its rights to discriminate on the basis of gender. Other factors may push a female driver’s auto insurance premium higher than the average male police, however; for instance, making even a single claim or getting a traffic citation will affect any driver’s rates negatively, and the lower rate given to a female driver will disappear instantly due to these types of incidents.

Age is also a major factor in insurance company statistics, and once a female driver reaches a certain age (usually around 65), her rates will be significantly higher than male drivers of the same age. This is because older female drivers, for whatever reason, tend to make more claims. Some insurance companies have speculated that this is due to female drivers’ propensity to allow other drivers (such as their husbands) to handle the driving duties at the later stages of life, which can make a female driver less experienced when she needs to get back behind the wheel. Whatever the case, age and gender have a direct correlation, and the average cost of any driver’s insurance policy will fluctuate throughout his or her life based on insurance company statistics.

Drivers don’t have any control over their age or gender, but by keeping a clean record and regularly reassessing your insurance policy, you can lock in the lowest rates possible for your coverage. Always look at more than one auto insurance quote, and try to lower your potential risks by choosing a safe vehicle. Every driver can find low insurance rates, but it’s important to take an intelligent approach in order to avoid overpaying for your car insurance coverage. You will be lucky you did when you have a premium that’s easy to pay.

How Long Before A Drivers Auto Insurance Quotes Change After An Accident

Having an accident is stressful enough. But as any driver knows, the fallout from the accident itself is only the beginning. An auto insurance premium increase is nearly always sure to follow, and navigating the longer term impact of handling auto insurance claims, plus negotiating for a new auto insurance quote, can take even longer. This is why it is important to know what to expect and how to handle changes to auto insurance following an accident.

Drivers in search of an industry standard are in for a rude awakening – even a cursory inspection of different carriers reveals that no such standard is currently in place. Auto insurance premium increase rates, time lapse between auto insurance claim settlements and insurance rate increases vary widely. While auto insurance carriers are required to file what is called a “surcharge schedule” with each state in which they operate, these schedules can read like Sanskrit to the unskilled eye, and the insured is often left to their own devices to decipher the financial impact of rate surcharges after an auto insurance claim is filed. This can vary by number of insured on a single policy, number of vehicles, length of time as a policy holder, and more. Even for the fortunate few whose carriers offer a first-timer accident-forgiveness clause, which means that for the first accident no rate increase will be imposed, only certain applicants who fit certain criteria are eligible for such benefits. Devoting the extra time to researching whether a carrier offers accident forgiveness and under what circumstances can pay off in the event of an accident. Similarly, accepting a slightly higher monthly rate in exchange for such protective measures can be a bargain over time.

For many individuals involved in an accident, the rate increase will not appear until renewal time. But when it does appear, the increase can carry a whopping punch – most carriers hike rates between 20 and 40 percent of the insured’s current premium. Once again, it is important for a new policy applicant to ascertain the potential impact to insurance premiums in the event of an accident to avoid being swayed by low up-front auto insurance rates. Similarly, it is important to know how long the rate increase will last, and which types of accidents will incur a rate hike. Some states and carriers penalize for all violations, while others distinguish between moving, parking, and fault or no-fault incidents. Be wary of insurance agents who are unwilling to answer these basic questions about rate increases in the event of an accident. A little extra time and persistence in seeking out a quality auto insurance quote now will be worth it in the long run.

Considering Whether Car Insurance Rates Will Continue To Rise in 2010

Auto insurance rates have increased in 2010 and they are expected to keep rising. The economy has a huge impact on insurance providers, and many people will have to face higher auto insurance premiums in the near future. According to USA Today, the average auto insurance policy will increase by 4 percent. Experts recommend that consumers shop around for affordable auto insurance rates. You can request an auto insurance quote online if you want to save money. Requesting an auto insurance quote is easy and it will only take you a few minutes.

In some states, auto insurance rates have increased by 12 percent, including Montana. In Florida, State Farm has increased their rates by 9.2 percent. Twenty-three states have seen a rise in auto insurance premiums this year. Other parts of the country have seen a drop in premiums. Drivers in Idaho and Vermont have the lowest auto insurance rates in the nation. The truth is that insurance fraud and the amount of claims that are being filed is causing many insurance carriers to raise auto insurance rates for profit. Besides the increase in auto insurance premiums, certain vehicle models will cost more to insure due to risk ratings such as the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Sonata. Insurance rates have been going up since 2008, and they will probably keep rising. Consequently, many motorists are driving without insurance and about 16 percent of drivers are likely to let their policies expire without renewing them.

It is important that you compare auto insurance rates with a variety of insurance companies. If you find an expensive policy, you will reduce your auto insurance premium. You can obtain an auto insurance quote online with more than one insurance comparison website. You will have to enter your zip code, select the type of coverage you need, and complete a simple application. You will receive instant quotes in minutes. You can reduce your auto insurance premium even further by raising your deductibles and taking advantage of discounts. For instance, insurance companies may offer you discounts if you complete a safety, defensive driving course, if you have air bags, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes, a car alarm and other safety features. If you are a student and your grades are excellent, you may qualify for a discount. In addition, if you do not put a lot of mileage on your vehicle each year, if you keep it in a garage, if you insure more than one vehicle or purchase more than one kind of policy with one insurance company, you may qualify for discounts on your premiums. If you follow these tips, you may find a low cost auto insurance policy.

Age Groups That Pay The Least For Auto Insurance

Motorists are legally required to possess auto insurance to operate a vehicle. If a regrettable car accident transpired, an auto insurance company would help pay for any injuries or damages that resulted from the misfortune. Additionally, auto insurance may help cover the expenses of repairing or replacing your vehicle if it is either damaged or stolen. Car insurance rates are determined by many factors. Some determinants for car insurance rates are a driver’s credit history, occupation, gender, area of living, and the make and model of a motorist’s vehicle. However, another vital determiner is a driver’s age. Drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 generally receive the preeminent auto insurance premiums available on the market.

Auto insurance companies usually divide drivers into three categories to ascertain the amount that they will charge in premiums. Provided that they own a good driving history, auto insurance premiums are the least costly for drivers in the age group of 26-73. Drivers in the 26-73 age group receive reduced auto insurance premiums because they are experienced motorists that have proven over time that they can operate a vehicle in a safe manner. On the contrary, individuals in the 16-25 age group pay the highest premiums because they are inexperienced drivers that are deemed high risks on the road. Statistics indicate that drivers in the 16-25 age group are accident prone and they have historically filed the most insurance claims. Sandwiched between the 26-73 and 16-25 age groups are drivers age 74 and above. These drivers will face premiums that are a tad lower than the most risky 16-25 age group. Drivers 74 and above are considered minimal risks to auto insurance companies because some of their reflexes behind the wheel may have diminished with age.

Personal auto insurance is mandated to lawfully operate a motor vehicle. Auto insurance premiums can be quite expensive in some instances. To locate the most affordable personal auto insurance, drivers are strongly advised to seek the best insurance quote that they possibly can. Conducting research and shopping online are simple ways to find the most economic auto insurance premiums obtainable. With due diligence, online consumers can discover the foremost auto insurance premiums offered.

Many factors are considered when an agent establishes an auto insurance quote. Unfortunately for some motorists, age is of primary importance to auto insurance companies. Young and inexperienced drivers are viewed as liabilities on the road. Conversely, elderly persons are also reckoned to be perilous drivers on the road. Data has shown that drivers between the ages of 26-73 are the safest individuals to operate a motor vehicle. In particular, dependable drivers between 50 and 65 are offered the lowest auto insurance quotes.

Why An Auto Insurance Quote May Not Be What You Actually Pay

The internet has made it a simple matter for drivers to find accurate auto insurance quotes, and every year thousands of drivers go online instead of calling their local insurance agents. Unfortunately, not every auto insurance quote is accurate, though, and this can come as an unwelcome surprise to many motorists. There’s sometimes a big difference between a quote and an auto insurance premium, and, more often than not, this is due to an omission on an online form that affects the cost of insurance–a driver forgets about a certain detail of his or her record, or the insurance company doesn’t ask enough questions about the driver’s habits. However, there are several other major reasons for a discrepancy between a quote and the actual premium that a driver pays.

The first is form accuracy. Most insurance providers have online forms that generate car insurance quotes, but these forms have several issues that can throw off an estimate. Online forms assume that the information that a driver inputs is true; however, many drivers don’t remember the dates of previous claims or citations, and may not even know the exact year that their car was manufactured. Relatively minor details can make a big difference in car insurance rates, so car insurance providers double-check every estimate before offering a policy to a driver. They’ll check a driver’s record, run the vehicle’s VIN number, and more. During this process, it’s not uncommon for several details to change, which, of course, affects the overall cost of car insurance coverage.

Premiums can also change if a driver waits to sign on to a new policy after receiving a quote. Insurance companies use a wide variety of statistics to decide a driver’s premiums, and they’ll look at everything from a driver’s age and gender to the incidence of car theft in that driver’s zip code. If any of these statistics change between the time that the driver applies for an auto insurance premium and the time that the driver signs a policy, premiums could potentially change. Many insurance providers will honor the first cost they’d estimated for a driver, but of course, there’s no guarantee until a policy is signed.

When you look online for an auto insurance quote, be sure to keep printouts of every quote that you receive. This can help you out if you need to negotiate before signing a policy (for instance, if the policy’s premium is much higher than the initial quote). Answer all questions honestly, and collect several quotes–you’ll stand a much better chance of locking down a low-cost, high coverage auto insurance policy. It is definitely worth your time to look to do the research to get the best rates.

What You Need To Know When Shopping Around For An Auto Insurance Quote

You can find auto insurance for a sensible price if you shop around. You can obtain an auto insurance quote online with an insurance comparison website. You will have to enter your zip code, select the kind of policy that you need, and fill out the brief application online. After you complete the application, you will be provided with auto insurance rates from multiple insurance carriers in your area in a few minutes. You will have to compare insurance policies by their features and prices until you find the best offer. If you find a policy that suits you, you can make a purchase online. Otherwise, you can contact a licensed representative by phone to purchase a policy.

If you want to find auto insurance for an excellent price, you should obtain several quotes online and compare them until you find a policy that you can afford. If you shop from home and find auto insurance online, you will save money because insurance carriers are competing for your business. Insurance companies reduce their business expenses when they offer auto insurance policies online, so they can afford to lower your premiums. In addition, many insurance companies offer special incentives to customers that purchase policies online. Just make sure you complete the applications correctly because a mistake can affect your auto insurance quotes.

If you already have auto insurance and you are switching to a new provider, you should send your old insurance carrier a letter to inform them that you are cancelling your policy. Tell them that you have obtained auto insurance with a different company and make sure your new insurance policy will go into effect without any gap in coverage. If your old insurance provider informs the state that you are driving without auto insurance, your driver

Ways The Area You Live In May Affect Any Auto Insurance Quote

When it comes to auto insurance, zip codes are important. Car insurance providers use statistics heavily when deciding premiums and many of these statistics are centered around where a driver lives and parks. As such, regardless of the policy or amount of coverage you’re buying, your auto insurance rates are certainly influenced by your zip code. Understanding a bit more about this correlation can be extremely helpful when considering different quotes, as it allows motorists to lower their potential risk factors and find cheaper car insurance.

The biggest effect of a driver’s zip code on his or her auto insurance quote is due to theft rates in a given area. Drivers who pay for comprehensive coverage often pay for theft protection, and if theft rates in a certain area are exceptionally high, the chances of a theft-related claim will also be high; as such, the cost of insurance increases. This increase is significant, since car theft causes such a large claim. Drivers can combat this increase in a number of ways, for instance, by installing a car alarm (which has a major effect on the likelihood of car theft). Parking in an enclosed garage can also help to keep your insurance rates down. Be sure to find out auto theft rates for your area, and if necessary, be willing to take action to limit the effects of car theft on your policy.

The number of accidents in a zip code can also affect your insurance rates. High-traffic areas often have more car insurance claims per capita than rural areas, and if this is the case in your city, you’re probably already paying for the difference. However, insurance companies are very fair, and don’t penalize safe drivers unnecessarily, so the best way to avoid high auto insurance rates in high traffic areas is to keep a clean record. If you’ve already received a traffic citation or you’ve made claims on your policy, try driving a safer vehicle or taking a defensive driving course to keep costs down.

When you look online for auto insurance quotes, be sure to do a bit of research on how your zip code will affect your premiums. Collect quotes from several insurers, and see which types of coverage cost the most in your area. You can then contact an insurance agent for tips on keeping your risks down, which will help you to avoid overpaying. Remember, every driver is capable of finding a low auto insurance premium, and regardless of where you drive, you simply need to compare several policies to find affordable coverage that works for you. Your zip code does not have to mean the end of low auto insurance for you.

Three Ways To Find A Better Auto Insurance Quote

Insurance companies are willing to compete for your business, and as a consumer you can take advantage of that to find auto insurance at lower rates. Ideally, you should review all your insurance policies once every two years and shop for better rates. The auto insurance market is one of the most fluid and competitive markets

Minimum Coverage Included In The Price Of Any Auto Insurance Quote

When most drivers look for an auto insurance quote, generally they’ll try to find the lowest rate possible. In order to lock in a great premium, many motorists begin cutting their coverage, assuming that the minimum coverage offered by an insurance provider will be adequate in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. While every insurance provider offers minimal coverage levels, these levels vary quite a bit, and it’s important to understand the coverage that each policy offers when looking at any auto insurance quote online.

Any insurance policy will offer your state’s minimum legal requirements for insurance, as they’re not allowed to offer an illegal policy. You’ll have to look up your state’s individual minimum requirements, but most states require liability coverage for property damage and personal injury. This means that your insurance policy will cover costs for accidents that you cause up to your coverage amounts–however, your deductible may be set fairly high, which will limit the potential benefits of your coverage. Most states don’t require any personal medical coverage (with the notable exception of no-fault states), so you may be risking your own health by driving with the minimal car insurance coverage offered by an online quote. You’re simply covering the costs of other drivers, and you might not even be paying for enough coverage, considering that the costs of a major accident can easily exceed state minimums.

If you’re buying your vehicle through a loan, most banks will require you to buy comprehensive coverage, which covers damages to your vehicle in an accident that you cause. This protects the bank’s investment, and comprehensive coverage often protects you against auto theft and environmental damage as well. Comprehensive coverage is a fairly common add-on, and as such it’s often automatically added to quotes for auto insurance rates, particularly if you tell the insurer that you’re leasing your vehicle or buying it on a loan. Look into comprehensive coverage and if your policy currently includes it.

Remember to read over any quote that you receive, and look carefully at the type of coverage that an auto insurance provider offers as part of their basic policy. Try to consider what coverage you’ll need if you’re involved in an accident, and don’t avoid important coverage to save a few dollars on your auto insurance rates. It’s far more important to drive with good coverage, although it’s tempting to purchase the smallest amount of car insurance coverage possible. Keep your rates low by collecting several insurance quotes before making a purchase, and you won’t have to sacrifice important coverage in order to save a relatively small amount of money each month.

Why Drivers Should Keep Records Of Their Auto Insurance Payments

If you drive a car, there is at least one monthly payment you are inevitably making. No, it’s not for the car itself – many people are now paying out their cars fully at the time of purchase – it’s for auto insurance. No state permits any driver on the road without some sort of auto insurance coverage, or a bond authorized by the state. What this means for consumers is that over time they are will be paying a significant amount of money into a policy that, if they are fortunate, they are never going to use.

That’s the odd thing about auto insurance. Logging online and getting a cheap auto insurance quote is simple, but even cheap’ quotes these days end up having a significant monetary footprint. For those drivers that are careful, considerate and fortunate, their policy will be something they pay for but never use. A safety net in case of trouble, but one lined with their own money, with a host of limits and exceptions. Over time, even a low auto insurance premium builds up, and the total amount paid out by clients to insurance companies is simply staggering. While insurance is an expensive purchase for only a potential use, not having it at the right time can be disastrous, and a great insurance company can make all of the difference in post-accident litigation. Every driver needs good car insurance, but every driver also needs to keep a record of every payment they’ve made.

Why? Two reasons. The first is that even with new laws limiting when and how an auto insurance company can change rates or drop customers, they are still permitted to cancel policies for non-payment. If the insurance company claims not to have received their money, you need to have records of some kind, electronic or paper, to back up your assertions that you have always paid on time. Second, if it appears that you have stopped paying for your coverage for any period of time and your coverage is suspended or cancelled, the company may try to claim that your vehicle was uninsured. When your policy is ‘reinstated,’ your auto insurance price may have jumped significantly. Keeping detailed records of auto insurance payments can help ensure that mistakes, if they occur, can be easily rectified before they have an impact on your insurance or your premiums.

As with any payments you make to an institution, keeping accurate records is key. While companies are typically diligent about keeping up with who is paying what and for how much, a power failure, company merger or other event could cause a loss of data. It is far better to be prepared than face potential insurance issues.

The Long Term Costs Of A Bad Auto Insurance Policy

A good auto insurance policy can make all of the difference after a collision. A decent provider will be there when you call, able to provide advice on how to proceed, willing to speak to the other driver’s insurance company, and ready to get a rental car set up for you immediately. As well, a great auto insurance company should have agents that can help put your mind at ease, instead of adding greater stress to an already difficult situation. Regardless of fault, your insurance company should be upfront about what is going to happen, and how long the process will take. If you are entitled to compensation, your company should be able to inform you about their progress. If your company must pay the other driver, they should be able to tell you exactly how much your auto insurance premium will increase.

Sadly, for many consumers, having a good auto insurance policy is far from a reality. Fortunately, finding a good auto insurance quote is easier than ever, and can help consumers avoid some of the serious pitfalls of having a bad auto insurance policy. While a bad auto insurance policy will often come with a very reasonable rate, the long-term effects are often not worth the cost. Here are some of the ways that a poor policy can affect you in the long-term.

First, a poor auto insurance policy will likely take far longer to pay out than a reputable one. This may not seem like a large inconvenience until you are actually in a car accident, and you either need to be paid out or the other driver needs to receive compensation. If the insurance company is slow in paying out, or gives you the run-around, it can mean a significant financial hardship for you if you are injured or your car has been written off. It can also mean potential litigation from the other party if your company refuses to pay them, or takes too long. This can be an extremely expensive prospect.

Additionally, having a bad auto insurance policy can eventually affect your chances to get a better quote in the future. If you have had multiple accidents that have all resulted in litigation, or which you listed as fault due to poor effort on the part of your insurance company, other auto insurance providers will be very leery about insuring you, even if none of the insurance problems were actually your fault. A bad auto insurance policy, despite its often initial low price and small monthly premium, is simply a ticking time bomb. While the explosion may not come initially, it’ll come eventually, leaving you with limited funds, potential litigation, and eventually no way out.

How Young Drivers Can Afford Good Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance quotes are one of the major costs of owning a vehicle for all drivers, but young drivers have it especially rough. Auto insurance coverage costs far more for drivers under 25, and even if they drive as safely as possible, it can take years for car insurance premiums to drop to a reasonable level. However, drivers that actually look for ways to lower their costs may be surprised at the wide variety of insurance programs and techniques for locking in a low-cost auto insurance quote.

For starters, many insurance companies offer good student’ discounts to any college or high school drivers that can maintain a certain GPA. It works as a great incentive to keep your grades up, and it makes sense from the insurance company’s perspective, since good students tend to drive more carefully. You’ll usually have to fax in a copy of your report card at regular intervals, but if you are already a good student, there is no reason not to apply for this discount. Many insurance companies offer other types of discounts that aren’t age-specific, such as discounts for anti-theft devices and discounts for drivers that elect to take defensive driving courses. If your auto insurance premium is exceptionally high, you should contact your insurance agent to see what programs are available.

It should go without saying that safer vehicles cost less to insure, but even so, many drivers don’t look at safety ratings when picking out a vehicle. Young drivers should use online insurance quote tools to look at the varying rates for different vehicles before making a purchase; remember, safer vehicles often cost less at the lot, too, so it makes sense to avoid a flashy car in favor of a safe vehicle, at least for the first few years of your driving career. While you’re online, be sure to look at as many insurance quotes as you can find, as this will help you to understand some of the factors that insurers use when deciding rates, and you’ll be able to compare policies to find an affordable premium.

Above all, young drivers should be especially careful during their first few years on the road. Nothing helps your insurance costs more than a good record, so keep your attention on the road. Be aware of your state’s laws, and avoid any distractions while you drive–especially from cell phones and iPods. In fact, using these devices while driving is against the law in many states, so to avoid a ticket, stay alert. If you’re careful and you shop around for car insurance premiums, you will lock in an affordable rate that you can keep for years.

Are No Fault States Better For High Risk Drivers

Auto insurance policies vary greatly from state to state. Some states, such as Oregon, require that all drivers carry a minimum of $25,000 in coverage for damage done to another person’s property in an accident. Others, such as California, require only $5000. As well, there are wide divisions on how much bodily injury (BI) and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage are required by law, and some states simply do not mandate any coverage for under-insured and uninsured motorists. The different levels of coverage required in each state can make a significant difference in any auto insurance quote or auto insurance premium that a consumer will receive. In addition, each state has different legislation regarding how claims for auto accidents can be pursued. Bearing this in mind, is there a state in which a high-risk driver would be better off calling home?

First, it is essential to understand the litigation options open to individuals in various states. Put simply, there are two models currently operating in the United States. In the first model, one driver must be declared at fault for the accident. Depending on the specific legislation, a driver may be found wholly responsible, or responsible for only a percent of the damages caused, and may have to pay out entirely, or for only a fraction of the total cost. The second model is what is known as no-fault.’ In no-fault states, neither driver is identified as being wholly responsible, and there is no ability for drivers to sue each other to recover costs. Some states offer a partial no-fault model, in which drivers can choose to either pursue damages in court or agree not to do so, but the decision must be made before a car is put on the road.

A high-risk driver – one who has had a history of accidents or just bad luck – would do well to find a no-fault state. Although they would pay a significantly higher auto insurance premium, as coverage levels in no-fault states are mandated at much higher levels in order to cover motorists as they cannot pursue a court settlement, any accident would simply be dealt with at an insurance level and never move on to the potentially time-consuming and expensive process of court.

There is a wide variance in auto insurance rates by state, in addition to significant differences in how claims are handled – from the entirely litigious options of an at-fault state to the simple and easy insurance payouts of a no-fault state. For a high-risk driver, a state which has high required levels of coverage and no-fault legislation is often the best option, as they will have a better chance of finding a reasonable auto insurance quote.

3 Tips For Limiting The Effects Of An Accident On Your Auto Insurance Rates

No driver wants to be in an accident. Aside from the potential damage to their car, the other driver’s vehicle and the possible injury involved, no one wants to have to call their auto insurance company and make a claim. Not only can the process be confusing and sometimes maddening, but it can often mean an increase in premium rates as well. While defensive driving, a well-maintained vehicle and a general awareness of the road can often mean that a driver can limit the number of accidents they are involved in, avoiding them altogether is almost impossible. Here are three ways to limit the effect of an accident, and the subsequent auto insurance claim, on your monthly auto insurance quotes.

First and foremost, be upfront. Some drivers choose not to report immediately, fearing a steep rate increase to their auto insurance premium or concerns that their auto insurance company will simply declare them at fault without hesitation. Many drivers attempt to resolve the situation without the use of their insurance company, and while this can sometimes be successful, if an accident does need to be claimed, the time spent waiting and hoping for a non-insurance resolution can work against a driver. It is far better for your insurance provider to hear from you about an accident than from another insurance company or the other driver involved.

Secondly, consider adding extra security or damage-mitigation features to your vehicle. Many car companies now offer electronic monitoring services which can detect car accidents and vehicle problems and can dispatch emergency services almost immediately. The safer that you can make your car in the event of any subsequent accident, the more reasonable your rates will remain. The third way to limit your rate increase after an auto insurance claim is to consider raising your deductible. A higher deductible means that a larger sum of money will have to be paid up-front by you before the insurance company will become involved. This limits the risk of payout on their part and will mean that your rates stay as low as they can.

No driver can avoid every accident, or pay for every damage or injury themselves. Despite their reluctance, there are times when calling the auto insurance company to report a claim is necessary. Although tough questions may be asked, and the insurance company may ultimately declare their driver at-fault, this does not have to mean the end of a reasonable rate of insurance for the consumer. By making sure to report early and honestly, install the latest safety features on their car and taking a proactive approach to up-front costs like deductibles, a car owner involved in an accident can still expect a reasonable rate.

Keeping Auto Insurance Costs Down When Moving To A New Area

Taking out auto insurance has all kinds of costs attached to it, but one many people may not be aware of are the costs involved when you move location. Depending on where you move, your auto insurance premium could either go up or possibly even down in price. This is because your auto insurance is based on more than just your own driving record – it also takes into account factors such as insurance laws in each state and the break-in history in the area in which you are moving to.

How populated your new location is can also be a factor that could increase your rates, as could the level of theft in your new location. Let your insurance company know as quickly as possible when you move or are considering a move to a new state. It might be a good idea to get another auto insurance quote from a different company regarding what your rates will be in your new state; as it may turn out to be in your best interests to change who you hold your policy with. There is, of course, another reason to inform your insurance company as quickly as possible when you have moved. If you have had an accident before you have even informed them of your change of address, the company could refuse to pay out. It is also possible that your current company may not actually be able to cover you in the new state. Therefore, you need to contact your insurance agent as quickly as possible upon moving.

If you can maintain your current policy with no change, then there is no problem. If the agent is incapable of continuing your policy in this new state, or the move would result in a hefty increase on your auto insurance premium, then that would give you more time in which to shop around for more affordable car insurance quotes. Research the mandatory insurance requirements in your new state, so that if their insurance laws are going to make it necessary for you to add further coverage to your existing policy, such as personal injury protection or underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, you are aware of it ahead of time. If you are intending to change your insurance agent when you move, be sure to cancel your current policy in advance, otherwise you are likely to continue to be charged for your current policy even after you have moved.

Moving to a new area can be a costly business in terms of auto insurance – but careful forward planning can help ease the pain. Look into your new area, speak to your agent, and get quotes beforehand.

Limiting The Cost Of Your Auto Insurance Policy When Adding A New Driver

Insuring all the drivers in your family gets expensive when the kids reach driving age. If adding an experienced driver drives up car insurance quotes, imagine the cost of auto insurance for a teen driver! And if you are getting a separate car for your teen driver, auto insurance quotes can be even more. Not to worry, though – there are some strategies you can use to minimize the cost impact of adding a new driver to your policy. It will take a little time and attention to get all the information you need, but it will be well worth it when you see how much you can save on your auto insurance quote.

Before adding your new driver, set out an action plan to help you analyze your auto insurance needs, research alternatives and find the best coverage combination and auto insurance quotes for your new driver. Start the auto insurance quote process as soon as your child gets a learner’s permit so that you can take your time making some difficult decisions. For instance, on the car you buy for your teen, could you replace it with your own money if it was totaled in an accident? If the car is worth only a few thousand dollars, set the money aside in your savings account. You could save hundreds on your car insurance quotes, plus earn interest on the money while you hold it in your savings account.

In most states, you can list your teen as a secondary driver on your auto insurance policy to save money. However, some states require the insurance be priced based on the highest rated driver who operates the car, whether that is occasional use or not. Find out ahead of time how your company rates auto insurance quotes based on drivers and make smart decisions accordingly. In many cases, you can get a cheaper auto insurance quote by excluding your child as a driver on your car and then buying your child a cheap car for which he or she can be a primary driver. If you do this, be very careful never to let your child drive your car. Otherwise, you may end up with an uninsured accident on your hands, after going through all that trouble to find good car insurance quotes.

Once you decide what type of coverage you will purchase, it’s time to get an auto insurance quote. Get car insurance quotes from several insurance companies. Be sure to include a company that specializes in high-risk drivers when you get auto insurance quotes because companies can sometimes offer you a separate policy for your teen that is cheaper than insuring on your own policy.

When To Buy More Than State Required Levels For Personal Injury Protection

Being injured in a vehicle accident can be traumatic, painful and result in a great deal of recovery time. Injuring someone else can be costly. As a result, every state mandates a minimum amount of personal injury protection (PIP) for all auto insurance policies, which covers passengers in your vehicle and the driver and passengers of the other vehicle in the event of a collision. This amount can vary from state to state, with some requiring coverage of $10,000 and some requiring $50,000. While these numbers seem quite high, PIP protection is meant to cover all persons involved in an accident, and can be used up extremely quickly. Any amounts above and beyond the coverage provided by your insurance policy will be left up to you as the driver to supply, which can result in a massive financial strain.

Typically, auto insurance quotes will include over the bare minimum of protection when they are issued to consumers. This increases rates slightly, but also offers better protection. Often, people choose to reduce their coverage down to the bare essentials as a way of saving money on their monthly premiums. However, if you live in a state with an extremely low PIP limit, or you frequently transport other individuals, as with a growing family or with elderly parents living at home, increasing PIP can do a great deal to ease the burden if an accident occurs.

Options also exist to increase your bodily injury (BI) coverage, which will cover injuries to you as the driver, and your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage – UM and UIM, respectively. These types of insurance pay out if the other party has little or no insurance coverage, and can be of great benefit if multiple people are injured or there is a great deal of property damage. Raising insurance coverage and getting a higher auto insurance quote also makes sense in states that follow a purely no-fault collision system. In these states, both insurance companies will always pay out if used, and no driver will be declared at fault. This limits litigation options, but can also cost a driver a great deal of money if they and their family are injured by another driver who has limited insurance. The law in these states does not allow suing to recover costs, and so a robust insurance policy is key.

Car insurance quotes will vary by provider and by state. Make sure to know what the minimums in your state are for all types of coverage, and then determine what works best for your needs. Large families, or those who transport others on a regular basis, may wish to consider increasing their PIP coverage to ensure the best protection.

When To Buy More Than The State Required Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

While every driver is mandated to carry some form of insurance or bond in order to be eligible to drive on any roadway, the nature of these requirements are determined by each state. This means that Oregon has significantly different requirements than California, and New York’s system is a whole different ballgame from that in Illinois. The differences by state can include levels of coverage required, including things like underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage (UIM and UM), bodily injury (BI), as well as what type of fault’ system is used. These factors combine to make up the totality of auto insurance requirements in a state.

One of the most important pieces of coverage, and one that will always be a part of all auto insurance quotes, is bodily injury liability coverage. This coverage is meant to payout for injuries caused to others by the actions of the policyholder. This means that if you get in an accident and injure another driver and their passenger, your BI coverage will pay for their injury treatment costs, getting them to a hospital, and possibly their lost wages and legal costs. Your policy will contain a maximum amount that will be paid out to all parties injured in an accident. This means that a BI coverage maximum of $50,000 would be split between two injured parties. Multiple passengers, or multiple vehicle collisions, can severely reduce the amount paid out to each person. Every state will mandate a minimum limit for BI coverage, and these can range from $10,000 to $50,000.

It is often a good idea to ask your insurance provider for an auto insurance quote that includes a higher level of BI coverage than required by the state for several reasons. The first is that lower levels of BI coverage can be used up quite quickly, leaving the other parties in a position to take legal action against you to recover costs. In ‘no-fault’ states, this option does not exist, but in any state which still uses a traditional or modified tort system, legal action is a real possibility. As well, any drivers who are on the road for extended periods of time should consider increasing their BI coverage. The longer one spends on the road, the greater the chance of an accident.

Increasing BI coverage is truly a case of ‘better safe than sorry.’ Often, it is a good idea to shop around and see what different companies can offer you for car insurance quotes that include greater BI limits. While this will increase your monthly premium, a little bit more per month for insurance is better than a great deal more to pay for another driver’s ongoing treatment or living expenses.

When To Buy More Than The State Required Levels For Property Damage Liability

State governments regulate auto insurance, and set minimum levels of coverage. Purchasing auto insurance at the state level will likely result in very low car insurance quotes. However, it may not be nearly enough protection, making the insurance policy somewhat useless. There are times when one should buy more than the state required level for property damage liability.

Each state sets their own limits and those vary greatly. For example, Massachusetts only requires $5,000 of property damage, while Rhode Island requires $25,000. This does affect auto insurance quotes in the two neighboring states, likely with higher rates for better coverage. However, cheaper is not necessarily better. From the National Automobile Dealer’s Association, the average cost for a new car sold in America was $28,400. Now, say a person is found at fault in an accident which destroys this average new car. If the person has only $5,000 of property damage coverage, then the remaining $23,400 would be that person’s personal liability to pay. Thus, this policy is somewhat worthless. If that person had $25,000 in property damage coverage, then the remainder would be only $3,400. So, for purchasers living in states requiring only $5,000 of property damage liability coverage, it is very advisable to find a policy with significantly more than the state minimum.

This is not to say that more is necessarily better. First, all cars undergo depreciation. The car that cost $28,400 on the lot loses at least 10% of its value the moment it is sold. So, the average liability for even a new car will not be much more than $25,000. Also, this is the limit on a single case. Drivers who put large amounts of mileage on their cars do not require a larger amount to protect from the risk of multiple accidents. However, many insurance companies do not charge much more for a higher amount of coverage. It is important to see the prices for these different levels when searching for a car insurance quote. Buyers must balance coverage and cost, and wisely choose the proper balance. However, by the numbers, since the average car is not worth more than $25,000, this may be a good choice for the minimum level of property damage coverage.

For insurance, state minimums assure that no policy is completely useless. However, no insurance will cover 100% of every possible negative action that could ever occur. Buyers need to determine the likely amount of risk and the proper amount of coverage when searching for an auto insurance quote. With proper research and advice, buyers will get solid protection for an affordable price. The state minimum is not your only choice, it is up to you to decide.

How A Driver Zip Codes Affect Auto Insurance Quotes

There are many factors that can affect your auto insurance quote. From your age and gender, to the car that you drive, everything is weighed by insurance companies. Your zip code is even a factor–a pretty major factor, actually, as you might have noticed if you have ever moved to a new area and seen your auto insurance premium change. Understanding the ways that your zip code affects your insurance can be very important, as it offers drivers new ways to limit their monthly costs and negotiate with insurance companies when renewing.

Zip codes are especially important because insurance companies find statistics based entirely around zip codes. The more insurance claims made in your area, the higher the risk of the area at large. An area with a high population of safe drivers will therefore generally see low auto insurance quotes. Insurance companies look at the number of accidents, but also at the severity of each accident and the average cost of a claim in a certain zip code. They will also look at auto theft, as for insurance companies, this is one of the largest potential claims out there–they have to reimburse a fully covered driver for the entire cost of a vehicle. As a result, areas with high crime will see sometimes drastically increased auto insurance premiums.

To keep car insurance quotes down when driving in an at-risk zip code, drivers should look into various discounts offered by their insurance providers. Installing a car alarm, for example, will usually decrease the cost of comprehensive coverage quite significantly. Choosing a safe vehicle (rather than a flashy sports car) will greatly limit your risks, and this is generally reflected in your auto insurance premium. You should look at quotes from several areas in your city before moving to be prepared for any changes in your rate that will occur. This will help you plan out your budget after a move, and in extreme cases, it might even help you make a decision about where to live.

Collecting various auto insurance quotes will also let you see how different insurance companies set their rates in relation to the risks of certain zip codes. Drivers in your area might be able to save quite a bit of money by choosing a different insurance company. There is no real way to tell unless you check around different places, and fortunately, cost comparison websites make it easy to get several quotes at the same time. Regularly checking rates in your area and adapting your driving habits to your zip code’s risks, will lower the possibility of a claim and allow you to find a reasonably priced policy.

Getting A Guaranteed Rate For Your Vehicle’s Auto Insurance Policy

We all want to save money on auto insurance. But what happens when that six-month teaser rate on the policy you just bought runs out? You are left scrambling to come up with the new higher auto insurance quote at renewal. When you are on a budget, having fixed costs is essential. The best way to manage your car insurance budget and get a good rate on your insurance is by purchasing a guaranteed rate policy. Offering a lower rate for new customers is an age-old practice for car insurance companies. They attract long-standing customers away from other insurance companies with low car insurance quotes, hoping the new policyholders will stay even after they hike the rates back to the standard auto insurance premium.

It’s true you may pay a little bit more for auto insurance with a guaranteed rate of a one-year term. But you may be able to get a big discount by staying with one company for a long time, bringing the auto insurance quote even lower than that teaser rate you saw. Customer loyalty and accident-free rewards can save you as much as 40% when you stick with one company for three years or so. Before jumping ship, ask your insurance company what sort of rewards you might gain by staying. When you tell them you are thinking of switching, they may lower your car insurance quotes to get you to stay. Add customer loyalty and other discounts to that equation and you are really saving some big money. Teaser rates can sometimes come with hidden fees too. You may be charged $3-$5 each month for making installment payments, costing you another $36 to $60 on your insurance. Make sure you have factored in any such fees when you examine any auto insurance premium.

There are additional ways you can bring down your guaranteed rate to the same cost as a teaser rate. This lets you save money and stay on budget throughout the year. The first option is to choose a higher deductible. Save up a small nest egg and leave it in your savings account in case there is an accident. Then you can carry a higher deductible, save money on your auto insurance and earn interest on the savings. If there is more than one car in your household, keep them both on one policy. You will almost always get lower car insurance quotes this way. If the company also sells home insurance, see if you can get a lower auto insurance quote for adding your homeowner’s insurance into the mix. If you can, pay the full auto policy premium in advance to avoid installment fees.

Finding The Right Auto Insurance Coverage Levels In A No Fault Insurance State

No fault insurance is defined as a type of insurance policy where the insured are indemnified for any losses suffered no matter who is at fault in the claim filed. This is most common in auto insurance policies but can also be found in homeowner’s insurance and life insurance. There are 12 states in the country that have no fault auto insurance. Of course, each state varies in the amount of coverage provided to the insured and how much each policy costs. These policies can be found with a simple search online, but make sure you compare as many rates returned to you as possible. Finding the right auto insurance quotes in a no fault state is not difficult to do but it will take a little bit of research.

There are some states that will offer their clients inexpensive car insurance quotes while others will offer some very expensive and unaffordable auto insurance quotes. No fault auto insurance is required in some states by law, which means that no matter what type of vehicle you drive, you must have this type of insurance somewhere in your policy. This type of insurance will cover the payment of your medical bills, as well as insure you as a driver but it will also cover any lost wages if you are not able to work after an accident that causes an injury.

Never assume that you will have coverage for everything in your life if you do purchase no fault auto insurance quotes. Also do not think that since you have no fault insurance you do not hold any responsibility in an accident in terms of damages suffered by the other person in the accident. For the most part, no fault auto insurance quotes are more expensive than regular auto insurance policies. One reason for this is because no fault policies cover the insured in more categories than regular insurance.

Finding the right auto coverage levels in a no fault insurance state is pretty much up to the driver. The driver will need to determine how much no fault insurance he or she will need based on the no fault laws of the state where they reside. The driver can always purchase more no fault insurance than what is needed so that they can cover their assets without having to worry too much about having an accident. Many states will require a minimum amount of no fault auto insurance, which means that drivers can search for various car insurance quotes based on those minimums. Make sure you do not settle for the first policy you come across. Browse around and find the best rate for you and your family.

Common Mistakes That Drivers Make When Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

Any motor vehicle accident is a traumatic experience. For many, carefully laid plans to collect the other driver’s information and take clear photos of the event are lost when the first crashing noise is heard and your car deforms from its intended shape. After the dust settles, however, and you’ve managed to collect what information you need, you now have to approach your auto insurance company and start the claim process. Many drivers, often unwillingly, do things that can damage their claim without even realizing it. Here are a few common mistakes made by drivers.

The first is waiting too long. This is typically because the damage doesn’t look that bad, or the other driver promises to pay in cash, and soon. While this is a perfectly viable option, you pay your auto insurance premium so that your provider will both protect your car and fight on your behalf. Often, promises of money turn out to be just that – they lack any action, and you are left with a broken car two months after the accident occurred. This can make determining damage and fault a great deal more difficult for your insurance company, and can result in either less money than you are actually entitled to or no money at all. The next mistake that many drivers make is not calling to get advice. Everyone remembers the nice, low auto insurance quote they got when they first signed on with the insurance company, and no one wants that to change. Too many people have heard horror stories of insurance companies raising rates simply because a client called in to ask a question. While this has actually happened, most states have policies in place to prevent such actions, and any insurance company worth its salt will simply answer your questions honestly.

One other large mistake that drivers filing insurance claims often make, is that they are not completely honest. This may be due to embarrassment or a desire to see the greatest payout possible, but it is always a bad idea. The other driver, and any witnesses, will be providing statements, and the insurance company will be sending out an adjuster to look at your vehicle. If you have been less than forthcoming, the truth will come out, which will almost certainly result in a larger auto insurance premium, at minimum.

Although there are some companies that make auto insurance claims extremely difficult, these are becoming the exception rather than the norm. If this is the case, it may be time to seek new car insurance quotes. If, however, your insurance company deals honestly with you, show them the same courtesy and report quickly, honestly, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4 Ways To Decrease Auto Insurance Costs In The Spring

There are a lot of ways to save money on auto insurance. Some of them can save you a lot more than others. For instance, did you know that your good credit can save you money on auto insurance quotes? Insurance companies have found a correlation between those with good credit and those with good driving records. It seems that the better your spending habits are, the better your driving habits are and the better your auto insurance quote will be.

Another way to save money on auto insurance is to shop around and play the numbers game with the insurance companies. Get auto insurance quotes from several different insurance companies. Always try at least three companies and get auto insurance quotes every time your policy renews. Try to mix in different types of insurers when you get your car insurance quotes too. Try getting quotes directly from insurance companies and through your agent. You may get a cheaper auto insurance quote on your own. Talk to friends for ideas on other insurance companies you might try. If you are quoted a lower price, talk to your insurance company. They may match the rate, plus offer you loyalty rewards for additional discounts and savings.

Use your savings account to save on auto insurance premiums. Put your savings account to use by loading it up with $1,000 or $2,000 to cover any deductibles you might incur from an accident and choose a high deductible on your policy. You’ll earn interest on the money while it sits in the bank and save hundreds on your auto insurance. You could also use this same technique to save money on insurance for older cars. Keep enough money to cover the market value of your car in the bank. If there is a total loss accident, you’ll have no trouble replacing the car and you will have saved hundreds in premiums.

Discounts are another way to save a lot of money on your auto insurance. Companies offer discounts as a way to retain long-time customers who have always been good drivers. Ask if loyalty rewards or accident-free discounts are being applied to your car insurance quotes every year that you renew your policy. Companies change their pricing structure and incentives regularly, so never assume you’ll get the same discount from one year to the next. If you are only a few miles away from your workplace, be sure to ask if a low-mileage discount was applied to your auto insurance quote. Other discounts you might get include a multi-vehicle discount and multi-policy discount if you also insure your home with your auto insurance company. With so many options, it’s worth researching to keep costs low.

When Is It Alright To Buy Only Your State’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

When you are searching for auto insurance and receiving auto insurance quotes, there are a lot of products and services available. With so many car insurance quotes out there, it can become difficult to know which ones to buy, when to buy them and how much auto insurance you actually need. You want to have the coverage you need, but you do not want to spend all of your income on it. Overspending on car insurance doesn’t always mean you’re getting just the essentials. With that in mind, there are some circumstances where purchasing the minimum auto insurance quote allowed by the state is appropriate and is all you need.

One such situation, where purchasing the minimum auto insurance allowed by the state, is when you own an older vehicle. The value of an older vehicle has been reduced greatly and because of this, many auto insurance companies will only pay a very small amount or even nothing at all, to replace the vehicle if it has been in an accident. Car insurance quotes for older vehicles many times will be lower because of the age of the vehicle. Also, an auto insurance quote for the minimum auto insurance requirements is great when you do not plan to drive the car often. If the vehicle is on the road seldom, you do not drive far distances or take out-of-town trips in the vehicle, the minimum amount of insurance is fine as well. A car that mainly sits in a garage or parking space, or is used only for short trips to the store or in the vicinity of your home, only needs the minimum amount of coverage.

An auto insurance quote for a vehicle that has few passengers, or no children, is another time when the minimum insurance is fine to have. If you are not transporting people and do not have children or grandchildren regularly in your car, there is no need for the additional passenger coverage that can be purchased with auto insurance. Also, if you are the main driver of a particular vehicle, the minimum auto insurance requirements is okay to buy. If no one else drives your car, within your home or at your job, there is no need for the additional driver coverage that is available as well.

Buying the minimum amount of auto insurance will work fine in the above situations. Maximum amounts of auto insurance should be reserved for new vehicles, passenger cars, heavy use vehicles, long distance driven vehicles, business owners and high amounts of on-the-road driving. Purchasing the minimum amount of car insurance allowed by the state will be simpler and save you money as well.

What Age Groups Get The Lowest Average Auto Insurance Quotes

The process of looking for an auto insurance quote can be daunting. Understanding the factors that contribute to the cost of insurance can be helpful. You may wonder, for instance, how your age influences the car insurance quotes you are getting from different companies. Insurance costs are set by a combination of factors, including gender, location, driving record, and the type of car you drive. An auto insurance premium also takes into consideration the age of the driver. However, it is not just because a driver is a certain age that he or she has a higher or lower rate for auto insurance. Insurance companies use statistics of how many accidents each age group averages to set an auto insurance premium. The companies want to minimize their losses, of course, and using statistics on safe driving can help them to do that. If you are in a high-risk group, this process can seem unfair, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Insurance companies protect their interests while they also protect yours by insuring as many drivers as they can.

For a number of reasons, drivers under 25 tend to have more accidents and, therefore, have the highest average car insurance quotes. At the other end of the scale are drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 who tend to have the fewest accidents. These are the drivers who will likely get the lowest auto insurance quotes. Drivers of other ages fit somewhere along the cost continuum. Senior citizens tend to have slightly more accidents, so auto insurance costs tend to be higher after the age of 65.

You have to keep in mind, though, that your age, in combination with other factors, can make a big difference in your car insurance quotes. For instance, an unmarried male under 25 years of age has a much higher auto insurance premium than does a married man of the same age. Women under 25 years of age also have lower rates, but changing your marital status is easier than changing your sex!

There are things that are in your control and that can influence the cost of your auto insurance. The fewer accidents you have, the more favorably insurance companies will view you. Insurance companies value safe drivers and reward you for being a responsible driver. Always check with several auto insurance companies to get quotes. Different companies weigh generally favorable or unfavorable factors in different ways. Their different formulas can result in large savings for drivers of any age. Spending a little time online or on the phone speaking with agents, can make a difference in how much you pay for auto insurance.

Things To Consider When Combining Your Auto Insurance Policy With Your Spouse’s Policy

If you’re thinking of getting married, or have just gotten married, one of the things to consider when planning your new life together is the issue of insurance; auto insurance being one of those insurance policies requiring attention. As a married couple, it is possible to combine your insurance into one auto insurance policy. However, there are things that need to be taken into account before making the decision to do so. For one thing, if one partner has a bad driving record, it could severely affect the auto insurance quotes for the premium of the other partner, even if he or she has an exemplary record themselves.

Another factor that could adversely affect a joint insurance policy is if one partner drives a vehicle such as a sports car or any other vehicle that is deemed ‘high risk’, regardless of previous records. Be sure to get an auto insurance quote for both partners separately, as well as an auto insurance quote for both combined. And, of course, shop around – get as many individual auto insurance quotes for you individually and together from as many different companies as you can before making a final decision and committing to anything. You should also be aware that once you make the decision to combine your auto insurance, you will need to check with your insurance company to find out if both names need to be added to every vehicle possessed; in some cases can even extend beyond things such as motorbikes and even include vehicles such as boats.

One good thing to consider when shopping for your combined car insurance quotes, however, is that many companies will offer car insurance quotes featuring substantial discounts for couples. Many companies consider married couples to be a lower insurance risk than singles – statistics show that married couples are involved in fewer accidents and are safer drivers, and will thus offer lower rates. Also, you are considered to be a ‘less active’ driver if there are two of you, which likewise bring the cost down. There is also always the possibility of other advantages for couples such as multi-line or additional volume discounts.

Driving will be made simpler and more cost-effective to both of your, or it could be wiser to stay on separate plans. While it may sound complicated, in truth, evaluating your decision as to whether or not to take out a joint auto insurance policy really is not all that taxing. All it requires is to follow the basic principles as laid out above, and you will quickly determine whether or not a joint insurance policy is, or is not, financially beneficial for you and your partner.

Questions To Ask Your Auto Insurance Agent Before Switching Your Policy To Another Company

Dealing with an auto insurance provider that charges a reasonable rate, responds in a timely fashion and treats their customers with respect can take a great deal of stress off of the shoulders of any customer. Dealing with an insurance provider that fails in any one of those areas can be both frustrating and expensive. Often, what began as a good deal or reasonable option can turn into a nightmare when a claim is processed or additions to the policy need to be made, and what started out as a sensible auto insurance quote can easily turn into a massive monthly premium. But before cancelling your old policy and taking your business to your provider’s competition, give them a call and speak to one of their agents. A few simple questions may be able to salvage a floundering policy. Before making the call, however, go online and find a few good auto insurance quotes. It never hurts to be prepared.

Once you’re speaking with an agent who knows your policy, start by asking if there are any discounts they can offer. These may include a cheaper price if more than one car is insured with the company, if another type of insurance is purchased through them, or simply because you have been a loyal customer with a clean driving record. Any or all of these things may entitle a customer to discounts, but insurance companies don’t always advertise them. Secondly, ask the agent if there is any coverage on your car currently that you don’t need. This may include collision coverage on an older vehicle, or excessive amounts of underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. Some states mandate that these types of coverage be a part of all car insurance quotes, but it may be possible to reduce them to their bare minimums.

Lastly, ask about the possibility of a new, cheaper rate overall. Make sure to have a list of auto insurance quotes nearby. Tell your insurance agent what other companies are offering, and see if your provider will consider matching it. If you are a long-time customer in good standing, they should at least be able to negotiate the price, even if they cannot meet another company’s rate. If none of these questions yields positive results, you can instruct the agent to terminate your policy, but make sure not to do so before you’ve got new auto insurance in place – an accident while your are between insurance companies could be very costly.

While not all insurance companies will be reasonable or willing to make change to your policy, many will be able to offer some discounts or other ways of making your monthly premium less of a burden.

How To Set Up A Plan For In-full Auto Insurance Payments

When purchasing auto insurance, it is always best to shop around at several different companies to insure that your auto insurance quote is the lowest that you can possibly get. Sometimes that will mean paying your auto insurance premium in one payment.

In most circumstances, the auto insurance that you get will be cheaper if you make a lump sum payment, rather than making monthly payments. When you begin to call each company to get an auto insurance quote, ask how the cost will differ based on method of payment. If you are told that your best price can be obtained by paying every six months, or even one time per year, then planning for that financially is your best bet. Here are some tips on planning your auto insurance premium so that it can be paid in in-full payments.

First, write down the amount given to you for car insurance quotes, both the monthly and the lump sum payment. Calculate how much money you will be saving by paying all at once. Most of the time when you are getting car insurance quotes, the insurer will even tell you the exact amount you can save with an all-at-once payment. This is often quite a significant amount of money, and keeping that savings in mind is important when you are planning to pay at one time. People are sometimes worried that they will not be able to come up with enough money to pay at once, but when you look at the savings it can be a big motivator. To plan for this lump sum payment, start by setting aside an amount equal to that which you would be paying for your auto insurance in a monthly payment each month. Keep this money in a separate account, and do not touch it for any reason – even pretend like that money does not exist. You may need to cut out a few extras’ like that specialty coffee every day, or those magazines that you really didn’t need anyway. However, cutting out those extras will net you quite a big amount of savings in the long term.

After saving that amount of money until you have accumulated an amount equal to the full term of the auto insurance policy, immediately contact your insurance company with the payment information. By that time, you will find that you will actually have extra money left over. This is the amount that you managed to save by paying all at one time! Most people find that having this extra cash after making a payment will be a great way to keep them motivated and to give them a real sense of accomplishment.

How To Research An Auto Insurance Company’s Customer Satisfaction Levels

One of the most important things to know about a company before doing business with them is how they treat their customers. This is true for any business – from banks to credit card companies to auto insurance providers. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get accurate information about how a company treats its clients. Take an insurance company, for example. Many have made the switch to a predominately online model, which means that they may not operate in the same city, let alone the same state as those who visit their site. Information present on their site, alongside their auto insurance quotes, will likely be glowing descriptions of how they treat their customers, but that information is suspect at best.

To find out how satisfied customers truly are with their car insurance company’s performance, start by trying to talk to some of their actual customers. Ask around – see if anyone you know is using this company, or has friends that do. Talk to them and see what they think. Ask them about things like wait times when they called in with questions or concerns, and response times after any collision – major or minor. In addition, ask about the price. More important than what they pay is whether or not the auto insurance quote they were given actually matches up with what they pay. If it doesn’t, that may be a concern.

Another great tool for checking up on a company’s customer satisfaction levels is the Internet. Instead of looking at the company’s website, do a search on the insurance provider’s name and see what comes up. Scan through a few forums and see what people have to say. Individuals who have been wronged by a company will often post their frustrations online in order to warn off prospective customers. Likewise, those who have had a good experience with a company may document that as well. Either way, taking a look can only help.

Even in a day-and-age of e-mail, text messaging and online, instant car insurance quotes, it’s always worthwhile to simply call up the company and speak to a real person. Tell them you’re interested in a policy, and see what they have to say. Do they answer your questions right away, or give vague generalities while trying to sell you coverage? Can they answer specific coverage questions when asked? Overall, do they sound professional and friendly? It is all of these things together – word of mouth, the Internet, and speaking to the company directly that will give a true feel for the level of customer service the business offers. Knowing that, you can make an informed choice about your auto insurance.

How Students Can Find Lower Auto Insurance Quotes Without Joining A Parent’s Policy

When you are studying in high school or college you need a car of your own. There is just so much you can not imagine doing without that car. However, along with the car comes the responsibility of auto insurance. As a responsible driver, you need to make sure that you have auto insurance for your car. If you take a look at the average auto insurance quotes for students, you will find that they can be quite steep. This is because car insurance quotes consider the student community, as a whole, not quite as responsible as adults, to whom the companies are willing to offer lower premiums.

So how do you get a lower auto insurance quote despite being part of the student community? One way to do it would be to ask your parents if they will allow you to join in on their auto policy. But this may not always be an option, or even your desired choice. The auto insurance quote can be adjusted on a person-to-person basis, and for the auto insurance company to consider you less of a risk than a regular student, you need to have a clean chit on all your records. This begins with your academic record. Yes, if you get good grades and are a full-time student, the insurance companies are likely to offer you lower auto insurance quotes.

The next way to lower your insurance cost is pure common sense – be a safe and careful driver. If you don’t have a history of getting parking tickets and have never been in a crash, you have a better chance of getting lower car insurance quotes than you fellow students. In fact, you can use this clean record of yours to lower an existing premium as well when you go in for the renewal. Persistent, good behavior is rewarded well in terms of lower auto insurance costs. This good behavior needs to reflect in your credit card history as well. If you don’t get into too much debt, you are seen as more responsible than other students by the insurance companies.

Another factor which is likely to lower the auto insurance cost that you must bear is driving frequency. Some insurance companies also offer a discount to students who have shorter distances to cover. The idea being that, the less you are on the road, the less likely are you to get into an accident. And as a student, you know there is a lot you can do with that extra money that you will save on the policy. So get wise to the options that are available to you to lower your auto insurance.

How Auto Insurance Quotes Are Affected By Summer Weather

Auto insurance is one of the most important types of insurance a person can have aside from health and life insurance policies. It is illegal for anyone to drive on the roads of the United States without some form of auto insurance. An insurance policy does not need to be extensive; the driver just needs to have the minimum as required by the state they reside in to drive legally. Weather conditions in all parts of the country can affect the way drivers operate their vehicles and how car insurance quotes are handed out to those seeking a new policy or a new premium. Make sure you are prepared before beginning your insurance search. This means you should have all of your automotive information on-hand so you can perform the search quickly and effectively.

Aside from the winter months, the summer months pose the most threat to drivers when on the roads, especially when it comes to an auto insurance premium. The weather conditions during the summer can turn pretty severe, as tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and floods are common all across the United States. All drivers should protect themselves from the weather conditions by making sure that their auto insurance premium is up-to-date and covers floods, fires, and other natural disasters. There are automotive insurance companies in business today that offer coverage plans for natural disasters, should a driver live in a high percentage area such as Florida, California, or the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Car insurance quotes can be reduced by drivers if they drive safely during wet weather conditions. Always remember that even if a driver has automotive insurance, it does not mean that a lawsuit will not be filed if an accident occurs. Wet weather is extremely common during the summer months when the temperatures warm up, making the roads incredibly slick and treacherous if flooding occurs. In the end, it all depends on where the driver lives when applying for an auto insurance quote from an insurance provider. If a driver lives in a state known for flooding, their auto insurance premium might be higher than a driver who lives in an area that rarely floods.

Some auto insurance companies will increase their rates pending the weather forecast for the upcoming year. Companies will do this in order to protect themselves from major claims coming in should natural disasters occur, destroying thousands to millions of vehicles at once, which would force drivers to pay more money for their car insurance quotes. All-in-all, an auto insurance quote can be determined by an automotive company based on the zip code you enter in their search form.

4 Things To Know Before Buying Your First Auto Insurance Policy

The purchase of one’s first car is a milestone event. Likely, the car has seen better days and could use at least a tune up, if not a full overhaul, but that makes it no less exciting. Along with first-time car ownership, however, comes another first – car insurance. For many first-time auto insurance buyers, knowing what kind of policy to buy is overwhelming. With so many insurance companies now offering online and instant car insurance quotes, finding a quote is easy – but finding the right one can be a challenge. Here are four things to bear in mind before purchasing any insurance policy.

First, remember that your age and the type of car you drive will significantly factor in to the price of your auto insurance quote. A driver who has thirty years of experience on the road will receive a much better rate than one who has only been driving for five years. Experience, and a lack of accidents, count. As well, a sports car or motorbike will cost more to insure because those types of vehicles have a higher likelihood of being involved in a collision, which means a higher chance that the insurance company will have to pay out. Initially, your auto insurance quotes will largely be based on these two factors.

Secondly, understand that every insurance provider operates differently. This can be because they are from different states or specialize in different types of insurance. This can be of benefit to the consumer, as one insurance company may offer a discount for bundled services such as second car or apartment insurance. Third, be very clear when purchasing any car insurance policy; look at exactly what the minimum deductible is and if you can increase it. A deductible is the amount payable by the customer before the insurance company will begin paying out for any damages. The higher the deductible, the lower the premiums on the policy will be.

Fourth, be sure you understand exactly what types of insurance you are purchasing. Not all states require vehicles to carry collision insurance, and providers from those states will likely not include it in their base price. Ask if the policy includes things like underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, which will payout in the event you are in a collision with someone who does not have an adequate amount of auto insurance to cover your damages. For a first-time buyer, sifting through all of the available car insurance quotes can be time consuming. But with a little research and by taking the time to carefully review your options before making a purchase, you can be sure you’ve found the right auto insurance for your needs.

3 Car Insurance Discounts That Policy Holders Don’t Use Nearly Enough

There are several auto insurance discounts available on the market. Unfortunately, policyholders do not utilize or implement these discounts effectively. It is essential to look for auto insurance quotes at discounted rates. This can help modify an existing policy, or be a cost-effective solution for a new one. One discount offered is full property coverage. When you insure your home, apartment, or condo with a service provider, you can receive substantial auto insurance discounts. You should speak to your insurance agent about consolidating insurance coverage. This will not only centralize your payments, but keep all of your valuable possessions under one insurance umbrella.

You can greatly reduce your auto insurance premiums by combining policies. When searching for auto insurance quotes, check to see if multiple property coverage is offered. Another discount that policyholders hardly use is defensive driving. You can reap the benefits of completing an accident prevention course. Some providers offer up to a 10% discount, sometimes more. You can take this course at your convenience, and do not need a Judge’s approval. In other words, you don’t have to be involved in an accident in order to qualify. There are several online defensive driving courses that will meet your needs. Upon successful completion of the course, simply submit the certification to your agent for review. Your state’s transportation department, of course, should also approve the test.

This is the perfect way to lower your auto insurance premiums. If you are looking to replace a current policy, this information is available at many sites. Car insurance quotes will also offer market comparisons and discounted rates. It is important to see which discounts or promotional offers can best assist you. There are discounts for the entire family as well. Another discount offered is via anti-theft installations. When you install anti-theft devices, you are highly securing your vehicle. Depending on the devices, you can also receive discounts and save money. From wheel locks to digital alarm systems, your insurance premium can significantly decrease. Another factor in lowering your premiums is simply where you park. Parking in a garage with 24/7 security, this too can help lower your auto insurance costs.

There are countless other discounts that are also available. In today’s economic climate, you need insurance discounts more than ever. All it takes is a little bit of searching to find and apply these savings measures. From car insurance quotes to coverage enhancements, there is a wide array of amenities currently available. Statistics show that policyholders either do not know, or do not have time to tap into these savings. This is unfortunate, as it can lead to a great deal of savings for you and your loved ones.

Which Safety Features In Your Car Lower Your Auto Insurance Quote

There are several car safety features that can lower your auto insurance quote. These features include airbags, head protection, seat belts, and other components. The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency, NHTSA, conducts crash tests every year to determine vehicle protection. If your vehicle meets these requirements, you can truly save on auto insurance coverage. It also projects how your car will perform in the event of an accident. This includes frontal and side collisions, along with minor fender benders. With stringent requirements, car safety features will significantly lower your auto insurance. This enables a high threshold to accident damage, while certifying that your car meets all safety regulations.

As you search for a low auto insurance quote, a good vehicle safety rating is a must. Not only will you be able to tap into lower rates, your car will also pass yearly inspections. One safety feature that is often overlooked is the size and weight of your vehicle. The NHTSA recommends a heavier vehicle to ensure maximum safety. Although accidents can occur at any time, the size, weight class, and structure of your car can counter accident damage. This is not to say that heavier cars can withstand any damage, but they do fare better than lighter cars. The accident survival rate is greater with a bigger vehicle, and it also qualifies for significant auto insurance savings. The key is to maintain your vehicle safety features, as they can protect you and your loved ones from serious injury. This is especially true for two-car collisions.

The implementations of airbags and head protection are mandatory features. These must have components can lower your car insurance quotes, while saving countless lives. Over 10,000 drivers were saved by airbags in 2003. This number has steadily increased over the years, with the side air bags also making a huge difference. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety reported a drop of car related deaths by 45%. Although this statistic was based in 2003, the number of lives saved due to airbags and head protection has dramatically increased. As a main safety feature, the seat belt has also contributed to saving lives and lowering insurance rates. According to the Department of Transportation, seat belts save over 15,000 lives a year.

All these features are key elements in lowering auto insurance quotes. In addition to driving records, a service provider can also base insurance coverage on your vehicle’s safety rating. This is why it’s paramount to keep your car up to date with safety enhancements and regular servicing. You can also receive insurance discounts on factory-installed safety features. It is best to speak to a trusted provider who can facilitate this information for you.

What Factors Determine A High Or Low Auto Insurance Premium

If you drive a car on public roads, you must have auto insurance. Finding good auto insurance is very important. When searching for auto insurance, you must take certain things into consideration. Most importantly you want to have the most coverage for your money. They payments you make for this insurance is called a premium. Auto insurance premiums can vary depending on a number of factors. The first factor is age. Are you a young driver who just got their license? Or are you an experienced driver who has been driving for years? A younger driver is more likely to have a higher premium, while an older and experienced driver will generally have a low auto insurance premium. This being said, older drivers have a higher chance of having negatives marks on their traffic record, which will mean a high premium. If you have a bad record with a lot of speeding tickets or a DUI, or you have had accident claims in the past, you will find that your premiums are very high. This is because you are a risk to the insurance company and it is more likely that you they will have to shell out money on your behalf at some point while you have their coverage. Another factor is location where the car is primarily driven. Auto insurance companies conduct surveys in order to see how much people in a particular area are paying for insurance. They use formulas in order to know how much to charge people in a certain part of town. They will look for trends in accidents and claims. This is why when you are researching auto insurance quotes, you are asked to input your zip code. You will be asked what the primary use for the car is and how far you travel on a daily basis. This is because the more time spent in the car, the higher the odds that you could be in an accident. Another factor involved is gender. This is because, based off the studies conducted by insurance companies, women tend to have less accidents than men. The level of education completed also effects premiums. Having a higher level of education might get you a deal on auto insurance. Another factor is the type of car you drive. Certain models are more likely to be stolen or statics show that they are used recklessly. Which, again, means that the insurance company is more likely to have to pay on a claim. In conclusion, there are quite a few factors that insurance companies have to consider when offering a high or low auto insurance premium to its clients.

Top 5 Reasons For Distracted Driving Auto Accidents

There are five common activities that can inadvertently cause auto accidents if performed while driving. And with any auto accident, it will definitely raise your auto insurance premium. Being conscious of these 5 everyday behaviors and avoiding them will help avoid accidents, and keep your auto insurance payments low.

First, the most common is operating a mobile device while driving. This includes talking, texting, and any other features your mobile device may offer. While many places have passed laws prohibiting the use of mobile devices without hands-free capabilities, there is still an inherent risk of distraction. Which leads to another common distraction: conversations with passengers. These situations typically include spouses/significant others interacting or parents interacting with their younger children. It may be tricky in the latter situation, however if there is a situation with younger children that needs your attention, pull over. The safety of yourself and the children in the car may very well depend on it.

Applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth and eating while driving are common distractions. In the case of the first three, concentration is divided between the road and your face, and in the case of all four there is inherent danger of not being in total control of your vehicle. This also can lead to another distraction: retrieving an item. Be it in the glove compartment, middle console, passenger or back seat, it may be best to avoid searching for items while moving. This distraction not only takes eyes off the road, but reduces control of the vehicle. The fifth common distraction while driving that many people seem to overlook is tardiness. That’s right, running late for something increases anxiety, and many drivers are so preoccupied with the concept of being late, that they often drive faster and more aggressively, frequently look at the clock, and engage in other distracting behaviors that were previously listed. While it is very easy to attempt to accomplish several tasks while driving, especially if you’re late, it might be safer to wait until you arrive at your destination or pull over to avoid an accident.

With more vehicles on roads, there are more drivers to be aware of. These everyday behaviors may seem mundane, but shouldn’t be overlooked for their potential to divert attention away from driving. Engaging in any of these behaviors increases risks for an auto accident, and insurance companies are aware of that. A few brokers offering an auto insurance quote may even ask about driving habits to asses risks. Maintaining a focused state of mind while driving is not only economical, but will also help prevent an unfortunate event- and perhaps save a life.

Is Texting More Dangerous Than Talking On A Cell Phone While Driving

Cell phone driving is a dangerous habit that many people participate in on a daily basis. In the comparison between which is worse, chatting or texting, texting is definitely more dangerous than chatting while driving. Here is why; texting requires that you are looking at the phone while doing it. In contrast, with chatting, you don’t have to be looking at anything to engage in a successful conversation with someone.

This is not to say that chatting on your cell phone while driving is a safe option. First, think about how it affects other motorists. After all, we all have places to be and we all have to share the roadways. What are the times you are most tempted to call or text? For example, is it when you are sitting in dead locked traffic or sitting at a stop light? There are most likely cars sitting behind you, waiting, just as you are and you decide to send a quick text to a friend to tell them that you are on your way. Well, within seconds the light can change or traffic can move and all of a sudden you have a bunch of cars honking because they should not have to wait for you to finish your text. Studies have shown that texting or talking on your cell phone while driving increases the rate of accidents similar to drinking and driving.

The road is made for traveling and anything that is impeding that process is seen as a problem. As this has become a more common problem, more and more states are making laws against driving and chatting on a cell phone or texting. These new laws mean that you can get a ticket and a fine for chatting on a cell phone or texting while behind the wheel. These tickets can result in a mark on your record and higher auto insurance premiums, depending on the state that you live in. When researching auto insurance quotes you may now be asked about your habit of texting or chatting on your phone while driving. If you are like everyone else you are concerned with the price you pay for car insurance and you should be doing everything in your power to ensure a lower rate. Texting while driving is a quick way to not only wind up in an accident, but also, as another repercussion, have to shell out exorbitant amounts of money for auto insurance. So, why would you do it? Because it’s convenient? Because you must text that person immediately and it really can’t wait? Well, ultimately with texting and driving the costs outweighs the benefits.

In Which States Is It Illegal To Drive While Using A Cell Phone And Why

One of the main controversial issues in the news is the use of cell phones while driving. Many have said that it infringes upon the rights of individuals and that there should not be any type of ban on how and under what circumstances they can be used. The Department of Transportation has cited numerous accidents that have been caused by drivers being distracted while talking on the phone. Most individuals feel that a driver can be just as distracted while talking to a passenger in the vehicle. There are several states that have banned the use of cellular phones altogether while driving. A few states will allow the driver to use a hands-free set or only use the hand held set during times of emergencies.

The state of California, Washington, District of Columbia, New York, Oregon, Utah and New Jersey all have a ban that forbids the use of hand held cell phones while driving. In the states that have bans, an officer can issue a ticket for a violation that pertains to cell phone usage alone. This does not apply in the state of Utah. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a driver in the state of Utah must have some other type of violation along with being cited for using the cell phone while driving.

Due to the attention of the driver not being on the road, serious accidents are happening more frequently. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has data to support the increase in accident rates due to cell phone usage while driving. To decrease the rate of accidents that occur while on the phone, strict bans are being put in place. Most cell phones have the capability of sending and receiving text messages. Sending and receiving text messages while behind the wheel is just as dangerous as talking on the cell while driving. New Jersey and Washington are the only two states so far that ban texting while driving. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association can be contacted for more information regarding new cell phone bans.

All drivers have the responsibility to practice safe driving techniques. Driving is a privilege that should be protected. Auto insurance premiums will be high for drivers that have tickets for driving while talking on the cell phone. Young drivers have formed bad driving habits that cause numerous accidents and result in fatalities each year. Trying to obtain auto insurance will cost more once the auto insurance quote is requested and the agent is aware of all types of tickets including ones for cell phone usage. While on the cell phone, driving is considered dangerous.

Top 3 Factors In Auto Insurance Quotes For Men Under 25

When it comes to buying auto insurance for men, quotes for males under 25 are usually assessed at a much higher rate than about any other demographic. Statistics show that men in this particular group, on average, drive more recklessly, receive more speeding tickets and therefore are involved in more accidents. As a result, auto insurance premiums are generally higher as well.

The top three factors that influence the higher rates for male drivers under 25 are gender, age and marital status. Statistics show that males, 25 and younger, who are single are less responsible than, say, females in this particular group who are single. Therefore, even if some of the men in the group are considered to be safe drivers, the overall average still affects the rate that’s paid. The lowest risk drivers are typically married, middle-aged mothers who don’t smoke. As a result, men in the 25 and under age group pay approximately 40% more for their auto insurance than other groups. Therefore, if you’re a man who fits into this category, it’s important that you take certain measures to reduce your premium costs as you fall into a high-risk category even if you yourself may be a responsible driver.

If you are indeed a careful driver and have had no previous violations or speeding tickets, many auto insurance companies will provide a safe driver’ discount for drivers who can show they are conscientious in this regard. Also, some companies provide lower auto insurance quotes for drivers who don’t smoke. Your mileage or the amount of time you spend driving your car can also have a bearing on what you’re quoted. If you can keep your mileage below the average 12,000 miles per year, you can often reduce the amount of your auto insurance quote as well. The year and model of the car you drive affect auto insurance quotes for collision coverage too. Typically, luxury cars, sports utility vehicles and sports models command steeper rates. Where you live also factors into the equation. Areas that are highly populated often carry more of a risk for accidents; therefore, auto insurance quotes are higher as a result.

As there’s not much you can do about your gender or age at the present time, the only ways to reduce the higher rates associated with this kind of auto insurance for men is to drive safely, drive less, choose a car that won’t increase your rates, increase your deductibles and make sure that you only buy coverage that you really need. Keep the aforementioned information in mind as you shop for insurance and you’ll obtain a premium you can, at least, afford.

Top 3 Reasons For Higher Auto Insurance Quotes For Men Under 25

Let’s face it, numbers don’t lie. Statistics are a useful tool in determining auto insurance rates and use many factors to determine industry standard rates and guidelines. While each company may charge slightly different rates, one thing that all auto insurance companies have in common is an increased rate for men under the age of 25. So let’s take a look at the top reasons young men pay more for auto insurance, regardless of other factors, such as demographics, health conditions, and how often they drive.

First of all, male drivers under the age of twenty five are the highest risk group of drivers to be involved in accidents causing bodily harm and death. This piece of data is obtained strictly by statistical research. Auto Insurance companies are completely aware of this and the only way for them to cover this risk is to charge higher premiums to young male drivers. The law of large numbers’ is what auto insurance quotes are based on. Even though you have never had a ticket, never driven drunk, never made a claim, you are still going to pay more based on your fellow American drivers in the same category.

The second reason that men under the age of twenty five pay more on auto insurance is based strictly on sex. Sure, it doesn’t seem fair, especially if you are a male who has never been involved in any kind of accident or claim, but once again numbers don’t lie. Let’s face it: statistics tell us that men are much more likely to cause accidents than women, men receive many more speeding and moving violation tickets, and men simply tend to be less cautious than women while driving. Another factor that raises your insurance quotes when you are trying to find insurance is the fact that men tend to drive faster and more expensive cars than women. Obviously, a more expensive sports car is going to pay a higher premium than, oh let’s say, a VW Jetta.

Lastly, male drivers under the age of twenty five all have one common factor against them that is going to cause them to have a high auto insurance payment. If you are under twenty five, you are young, and by the auto insurance company standard, you are not an experienced driver. You just don’t quite have the experience necessary to qualify for lower premiums. If you are a male driver under the age of twenty five, don’t worry, the more years of experience you gain, the less you will eventually pay on auto insurance.

Top 5 Factors In Auto Insurance Quotes For Women Under 25

Young drivers often have trouble locating low auto insurance quotes, even with tools like online insurance comparison websites. It’s not as simple as entering your information and selecting a quote–knowing about your driving record and how insurers decide what to charge is essential to finding a policy that works for you. This is especially true when it comes to auto insurance for women, as young female drivers often miss out on great opportunities to get great coverage at a low cost. Here’s a look at a few major factors that influence an auto insurance quote for a young female driver.

First of all, women start with a significant advantage–they’re safe, and are involved in fewer accidents than men. Statistically, women are better drivers than men up until age 65 or so, when the statistics reverse. This is a fairly well-known fact, and all major auto insurance companies give women better rates as a result. Unfortunately, young women might not see drastically lower rates than their male counterparts right off the bat, though, due to age. Anyone in the 16-25 year old age group will see higher auto insurance quotes than slightly older drivers, and this eclipses the gains from gender. If you’re going to school, however, you should investigate to see whether your insurer has special programs for drivers who keep good grades (drivers with better grades are also statistically safer).

Your driving record will certainly be the biggest determinant for insurance companies, as a motorist who’s been involved in one claim has a high chance of being involved in a second (this continues for the third, fourth, and fifth claim, of course). However, many young drivers aren’t aware that location is also a major determinant–drivers in areas with high rates of auto theft will pay higher premiums if they’re buying comprehensive coverage. While young women can’t be expected to move simply to find low auto insurance quotes, investing in an anti-theft device might be a good idea, particularly for drivers on the West and East coast.

Remember, it’s never a good idea to simply accept your auto insurance rates without questioning them. Use cost comparison websites to look for the best possible quotes, but be sure to also compare coverage amounts. If you don’t understand something in a car insurance policy, or if your rates seem to arbitrarily go up and down, call your insurer and ask. Arming yourself with knowledge is always a great strategy, and this is especially true in the field of auto insurance. Learn how your quotes are figured and what they offer, and you’ll end up with a great, dependable policy.

Tips For Collecting Auto Insurance Quotes In Alaska

Alaska is in the top 25% of all states when it comes to auto insurance rates, with only 10 states in the nation who have higher rates. A typical annual premium in Alaska costs $500 more than the national average. The reason for this higher premium is because Alaska insurance law requires drivers to have large amounts of injury and property liability coverage in their insurance policies.

Alaska operates under what is known as a 50/100/25 system for liability, and any auto insurance quote given in Alaska must abide by it. The first number represents $50,000 and is the total amount of liability that a policy must carry for a single person injured in an accident. The second number represents $100,000, and is the total amount that must be covered for all parties injured in an accident. This means that if only one person is injured, the insurance company will pay out a maximum of $50,000 to that individual. If three people are injured, they would, at maximum, have to split $100,000 three ways. The last number in the system is $25,000 and is the amount of liability that the policy holder must have to cover property damage to other vehicles in a collision.

These are the only requirements of the state, as Alaska does not mandate that drivers carry comprehensive, collision, or underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). All of these can be extremely beneficial add-ons, however, even if the government does not require them. Collision coverage will pay out for damage to the driver’s own vehicle, even if they are at fault. Comprehensive damage covers everything other than collision, including damage to the vehicle due to weather or theft. UM and UIM can be very useful as even $50,000 can be used up very quickly, and there are still drivers who do not carry insurance, which could leave a law-abiding motorist in serious trouble if they are injured. It is also worth noting that Alaska uses what is known as a tort’ system in determining fault, which means there is no such thing as no-fault accidents. Someone has to be found responsible, and that someone can be sued. Having excellent coverage is essential simply for that reason.

Collecting Alaska auto insurance quotes should therefore be done with an eye for detail. All basic auto insurance quotes issued there are going to include the minimum liability, but be sure to check out what else, if anything, is covered. If the policy only speaks to the bare minimum of liability, shop around to see if there are better quotes that include a few add-ons. There are many insurance companies operating out of the state of Alaska, and vehicle owners simply need to be diligent.

Reasons To Shop Both Online And In Person For Auto Insurance Quotes

The Internet has made it quite a bit easier to shop for auto insurance quotes in the past decade. Most major auto insurance companies offer quotes directly from their websites, and drivers can find out possible rates in only a few minutes. Cost comparison websites have taken this a step further, allowing drivers to get dozens of quotes without re-entering information. However, there are still quite a few local car insurance offices, and some consumers still do business the old fashioned way, calling and visiting insurance offices to find the best premiums and coverage levels available. This may seem old fashioned, but there are benefits to getting insurance quotes online and offline, and the best course of action for most drivers may be some combination of the two.

While it’s true that offline auto insurance quotes take more time to gather, they’re often easier to negotiate. Insurance agents make their living off of commission from sales, and they’ll do whatever they can to get a driver to sign a new policy. Keeping in contact with a local agent can be a great move after you’ve gotten a few quotes together, as you can actually discuss premiums and coverage levels face to face and get a great deal. If you’re ever involved in a claim, you can also use your personal contact with a local insurance agent to get the claim processed more quickly, and you can review and re-negotiate your premiums at regular intervals more easily.

That’s not to discount the enormous benefits of online auto insurance quote comparison. As mentioned earlier, major insurance companies can be compared with a few button clicks, and many online insurers offer fantastic customer service and great premiums. Looking online can quickly give a buyer some perspective, and let the driver know what rates are fair and what rates are wildly inaccurate. Online auto insurance comparison websites can also help a driver understand the benefits of additional coverage types and options, such as comprehensive coverage and roadside assistance.

Before looking for auto insurance quotes, gather information about your car and driving record. Check online first, using comparison shopping websites when possible, and keep a printout of each quote you receive. The Internet has made it quite a bit easier to shop for auto insurance quotes in the past decade. Most major auto insurance companies offer quotes directly from their websites, and drivers can find out possible rates in only a few minutes. Cost comparison websites have taken this a step further, allowing drivers to get dozens of quotes without re-entering information. However, there are still quite a few local car insurance offices, and some consumers still do business the old fashioned way, calling and visiting insurance offices to find the best premiums and coverage levels available. This may seem old fashioned, but there are benefits to getting insurance quotes online and offline, and the best course of action for most drivers may be some combination of the two.

Reasons For High Auto Insurance Quotes For Women Under 25

Some age groups are lucky, because they can find inexpensive auto insurance quotes at many Insurance companies. There are certain age groups that are considered a high threat, thus making it a higher premium in general. It is valuable information to know how much your age is apparent in relation to your auto insurance quote. The basis that it is good to know is because although your premium may be higher if you fall into the high risk age group, there are still additional discounts that you can get as well. There are many reasons that auto insurance rates are higher for women under the age of 25. There have been numerous statistics and incidents that show that women under the age 25 are seen as more careless drivers than other age groups. Not all of women under the age of 25 can be dangerous drivers, but because of the ones that have caused accidents, they unfortunately set the standard for the rest of them.

We are first able to get our license at the age of 16. At that time you are not yet an adult and still a teenager without a care in the world. It is easy to not focus when you are driving at that age, and there are many distractions. That is also an age where you are always hanging out with friends and driving to and from other places. Young drivers lack the experience that you get from driving for many years. Due to these distractions and inexperience, it amounts to numerous amounts of accidents per year that these teenagers are involved in. The insurance company must provide a high auto insurance quote for women, because it is like a safety net for them if something does occur.

Although auto insurance for women can be pretty expensive at first there are a number or reductions that you can get. There is a discount for being a good student. If you are in high school or college you can show them an average or above grades and that qualifies you for the good student discount. There is also a good driver discount; if you haven’t had any accidents or speeding tickets and have a clean record then you are entitled to a discount as well. Auto insurance should be cheaper every year if you keep renewing your policy with the same company. Although auto insurance coverage is costly for women under the age of 25, the only thing you can do is prevent any accidents from occurring and keep a clean driving record.

Reasons For High Auto Insurance Quotes For People With Criminal Records

The cost of auto insurance can vary broadly from one company to the next. The media constantly bombards us with messages from insurance companies claiming they have the lowest rates for coverage. On the surface lower cost insurance can seem attractive but beware – what you pay for is what you get. The cheapest insurance may not always be the best. A good insurance company will give you auto insurance quotes based on the state approved rates for products that best serve your individual needs. The quote you are given takes into consideration your driving history, credit history, insurance report and criminal record.

The best way to get a low price with satisfactory coverage is to ask several companies for an auto insurance quote and do a comparison. Technically a criminal record has nothing to do with a person’s driving record but ex-offenders tend to be given higher quotes for several reasons. First, they are considered high risk because on average they have bad credit scores and this means they have developed a habit of missing payments. Second, if they have been convicted and spent time in prison or jail, they have allowed their insurance policy to lapse. This is a primary reason for being forced to pay higher premiums. It is never a good plan for anyone to allow their insurance to lapse, even when changing to a new company.

The third reason is the overall risk involved to insure an individual that is more likely to engage in irresponsible activities and will cause accidents on the roads or damage to other vehicles. The amount the insurance provider believes it will have to pay out on behalf of the client is the basis of the cost of auto insurance. A criminal record in a client’s history is an indication there will be a greater cost to the provider. Higher premiums are put in place to counteract the higher risk.

If you have a criminal record you can lower your insurance costs a number of ways, starting with consistently maintaining a good driving record. Before buying a car check with a few insurance providers to determine the vehicles they can insure at a lower cost. If you already own an older car you may wish to think about dropping the comprehensive and collision coverage. You can also consider racking up lower yearly mileage on the vehicle you are driving until you have proven your driving record. Maintaining a good credit score and payment history in general will help lower your risk in the eyes of your insurance provider. You also have the option of paying a slightly higher deductible so that you can pay a lower premium.

Factors In Auto Insurance Quotes For Persons With Disabilities

There’s a lot of confusion about the rights of disabled drivers, and this is especially true when discussing those drivers’ auto insurance policies. Auto insurance is, after all, a complex subject, and many contract terms can be difficult to understand. As such, it’s understandable why some drivers have misconceptions about insurance policies for disabled drivers. The fact is that it’s illegal for any auto insurance company to raise the cost of a disabled person’s insurance simply because of their handicap. This is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which has clear provisions regulating the methods that insurance companies use to decide an auto insurance quote.

Many people assume that disabled drivers pay more for auto insurance, since a person with a disability would logically be a more dangerous driver and more likely to make an auto insurance claim due to an accident. This is not the case, however. Statistically, disabled drivers are actually safer than non-disabled drivers, which is one of the main reasons that discrimination is illegal. Regardless of the type of handicap, if a driver is allowed to legally drive, he or she is entitled to the same auto insurance quotes that would have been available if the handicap was nonexistent. Insurance companies are not allowed to ask about disabilities, and are certainly not allowed to apply any change in a driver’s premiums due to a disability that they find out about. Insurers can still figure auto insurance quotes by looking at a driver’s age, sex, and driving record, and claims against any driver’s policy will inevitably cause car insurance rates to rise.

If a disabled driver suspects any sort of discrimination, he or she should immediately contact the insurance commission of the state where the car insurance policy was issued. Insurance commissions will investigate any claims of discrimination to determine whether or not the insurer was violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will penalize the insurance company as needed. Insurance companies often receive hefty fines if any evidence is found of unlawful activities, and will be required to get back in line with state and federal requirements before they’re able to conduct business again.

When it comes to auto insurance, disabilities should not factor into quotes or policies. Disabled persons should use cost comparison websites to find the best possible rates, and may decide to take defensive driving courses to get car insurance premiums to drop even further. In any case, discrimination is illegal in insurance, and a driver’s policy can only be legally decided according to measured statistics and the record of the driver.

5 Factors To Determine The Best Auto Insurance Quotes Besides Price

It’s easy to quickly find a number of auto insurance quotes online, but finding the best auto insurance quotes is a bit harder. It’s certainly a simple matter to look at prices to find the lowest possible premiums for a policy, and this is the course of action that many drivers take. However, there’s much more to finding a great insurance policy than simply looking at rates. Coverage levels are crucial if a driver is ever involved in any sort of accident, and it’s also important to know whether your insurer will pay out claims promptly (or at all). Therefore, when looking at auto insurance quotes online, it’s well worth any driver’s time to consider a few factors besides price.

Customer reviews are a great indicator of whether an insurer is providing adequate services and coverage to its policy holders. They’re also easy to track down–simple Google searches can show numerous reviews that give insight into a company’s reputation. You should also look at a company’s profile on the Better Business Bureau to see how they deal with customer complaints and problems. Another good indicator to research is whether or not a certain auto insurance company has a history of federal or state insurance law violations. Any significant history of violations is a serious red flag, and indicates that a company might not operate honestly and might be hiding some unpleasant surprises in your policy’s fine print.

Speaking of fine print, by the way, every driver should carefully read a policy contract before signing it, paying special attention to any exclusions listed. An auto insurance quote might seem too good to be true, but if special exclusion terms make payouts unlikely in the event of an accident, the policy isn’t worth very much. Cost comparison websites generally don’t list all of the terms of an auto insurance contract, but you’ll always have a chance to look them over before buying a new policy. You should also consider any additional coverages offered in auto insurance quotes–things like accident forgiveness and solid roadside assistance can make a policy worth quite a bit more.

A low rate doesn’t necessarily mean that an auto insurance company is hiding something, and many inexpensive policies offer great coverage, fantastic customer service, and quick and dependable payouts after accidents. However, you’ll need to carefully read your policy and do a bit of research on each quote that you receive in order to determine whether this is the case. Researching your quotes can take a bit of extra time, but it pays off significantly in the long run.

3 Ways To Find The Best Auto Insurance Quotes Online

If you need car insurance, you should compare rates with multiple insurance carriers online. You can obtain multiple online auto insurance quotes and it won’t cost you anything. I strongly recommend that you visit to obtain an auto insurance quote. works with well-known insurance companies and they have been in business for a long time. All you have to do is fill out the application and compare your quotes online. If you find a great deal, you can purchase a policy on their website or call one of their licensed agents. Insurance companies are competing for your business online, so take advantage of it and obtain a free auto insurance quote on

Another website that provides car insurance quotes is You can apply for a quote for free on their website and it will only take you a few minutes. has partnered with the top insurance providers and they will help you find a car insurance policy for a decent price. When you are completing the application online, make sure your answers are correct. That way, you will receive accurate quotes from the insurance companies. You will be able to compare auto insurance prices and policies on

In addition, if you want to find auto insurance for less money, you can visit insurance companies online. Many insurance companies offer free auto insurance quotes on their websites. Alternatively, you can contact insurance companies to see what they have to offer. Some companies that offer auto insurance include Progressive, State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Prudential, Unitrin, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Gmac, 21st Century, Esurance, Electric Insurance, Infinity, The Hartford, Meritplan Insurance, QBE Insurance, Newport Insurance, Permanent General Assurance Corporation (The General), Travelers Insurance, and MetLife.

If you do enough research online, you will find an auto insurance policy for an excellent price. When you find the best rate, you can review the policy to ensure that it meets your needs. You will save time and money if you compare multiple auto insurance quotes online. Just make sure you review your quotes carefully before you make a purchase. If you find an auto insurance policy that suits you, you will be able to purchase a policy online or over the phone. Remember that many insurance providers offer insurance for less money online. If you have auto insurance and you are looking for a new provider, you should be able to find a company that charges less money for the same kind of policy that you have now. If you compare online auto insurance quotes, you will save at least 25% on your monthly premiums, so it is worth it.

When To Consider A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

If you are engaged in a business and are using a vehicle or vehicles, it is important to obtain commercial auto insurance coverage. Commercial auto insurance will afford you mobility and more freedom to carry your business forward. Even if the business vehicle is used only to ferry your employees, products or equipments, a comprehensive commercial auto insurance is vital and indispensable, especially if the vehicle gets involved in an accident, gets hit by an uninsured driver, or is vandalized.

If you are intent on getting the best commercial auto insurance policy in the market, utmost patience is vital in finding the best deal. Shopping for auto insurance can be daunting at times. With an assortment of auto insurance quotes, plans and varied offers and features, the selection can really be overwhelming, thus careful research and thorough comparison is needed. You must make a complete list of the vehicles you’ll be insuring along with with all the relevant information. Jot down the models and makes, and if possible detail each vehicle’s current mileage. With all the pertinent information at hand, ask for auto insurance quotes from different companies. Get more than one auto insurance quote from each insurance company, and to really see how your needs can be met it is better to ask for auto insurance quotes on varied policy coverage.

Prices should not be the only determining factor in sealing a deal. Most big companies might offer lowest prices, but may be short in giving a more personal and responsive customer service, which the smaller companies can provide due to their still-manageable customer base. It would do you well to contact a reputable and experienced auto insurance professional and get an overview on what is the best coverage for your vehicle or vehicles. Ask for a customized commercial auto insurance quote which includes comprehensive coverage, the auto liability, collision coverage, medical payments, coverage for autos you rent or borrow, and uninsured and underinsured motorists’ coverage. Every insured businessman must also know that certain types of businesses must adhere to state or federal regulatory standards in the operation and function of their vehicles.

Once you have the auto insurance policy with you, it is important that it should be read thoroughly, especially the fine print. It is always in your best interest that you know the whole policy from first to last page, so that when the time comes or you to need the policy for your coverage claim, you won’t have any difficulty.

When To Change Your Auto Insurance Coverage Limits

Checking your auto insurance coverage levels occasionally and changing them as needed is an important part of owning an auto insurance policy. Without proper coverage limits, you could end up in a terrible position after an accident, or you may pay too much from month to month, so careful evaluation every few months can be very helpful. Still, it’s sometimes difficult to know when a change is necessary.

First, it’s helpful to look at your driving habits and consider what you’d actually need in terms of insurance if you were involved in a major accident. Liability insurance is required by the state, but requirements are often set low–remember, if you’re found to be at fault in an accident, you’re liable for medical costs and property expenses, and your minimum coverage might not be enough to handle these occasionally enormous costs. Also, in that situation, you’d likely need coverage for medical bills and other expenses, which would come from non-mandatory coverage types. Therefore, it’s wise to buy at least a bit of additional liability and personal coverage, and it’s better to buy as much as you can afford. With that being said, you might reasonably try to find a middle ground between no extra coverage’ and ‘the maximum affordable coverage’ if you don’t drive very often, or if you always drive in the same low-traffic areas. Considering your driving habits can give you perspective on the amount of auto insurance that you actually need, and help you to pick a reasonable amount that doesn’t inflate your auto insurance quotes too drastically.

Once you’ve decided how much coverage you’d reasonably need, your job isn’t done. You should continue to examine your coverage levels every six months or so when renewing your policy, to determine whether to increase or decrease coverage amounts. Generally speaking, your auto insurance coverage limits need to change when your financial situation has changed and you’re not at your ideal coverage levels. Also when you can either afford more personal protection coverage to handle your expenses in the event of an accident or you’ve changed your driving habits and no longer need as much coverage.

If you’re looking for more coverage and are worried about the higher auto insurance quote that you’ll receive as a result, know that there are many programs offered by auto insurance companies that can provide a discount on your premiums. Low-mileage drivers often receive discounts, as do safe drivers and drivers in low-crime areas. Talk to your insurer about ways to keep your bill in line, but if you need more coverage, buy it–otherwise, you’re taking on a lot of risk.

What Seasonal Drivers Should Know About Their Car Insurance Policies

If you do not drive your vehicle often, you can save money on auto insurance. Contact your insurance provider and find out if they will offer you a discount on your policy. If you do not put a lot of mileage on your vehicle each year, you may be able to save a significant amount of money. In addition, some insurance companies offer per mile car insurance and it is affordable. You can still keep a full coverage policy, but it won’t come with a hefty price tag. You may have to track your mileage in order to qualify for per mile insurance. Some insurance companies will require that you use a special device in order to track the mileage and transmit the information to them. Other companies require that you purchase miles ahead of time.

So what kind of person would benefit from per mile car insurance? If you are retired and you do not drive your car a lot, you should consider purchasing this kind of insurance. If you are a student and you live on campus, you probably do not drive a lot, so you may be able to insure your car for less money. In addition, if you work at home and you don’t go out a lot, you will definitely benefit from this kind of insurance policy.

If your car is insured now, you should contact your insurance provider. Find out if they offer per mile insurance. If they do not, you may qualify for a cheaper premium. Additionally, you can obtain an auto insurance quote online for free. Please note that what you will pay for traditional or per mile auto insurance depends on your credit score, your age, and many other factors. If you don’t have a clean driving record, you will pay more for coverage. What you pay for auto insurance also depends on your location and how often you drive your vehicle.

If you own a seasonal business, you have different insurance needs than the average person. Many commercial auto insurance providers offer seasonal insurance for businesses. These insurance companies will create a customized auto insurance policy based on your needs. Furthermore, if you keep your car or truck parked during the off season and you still want to be protected, you can switch your policy to comprehensive-only. This coverage will protect you against theft and vandalism. If you are a seasonal driver, I don’t recommend that you pay full price for auto insurance. Search for a company that offers discounts for seasonal drivers or per mile auto insurance. Compare multiple providers by their prices and policies by obtaining auto insurance quotes online.

What Are Auto Insurance Customer Loyalty Discounts

Auto insurance is often an expensive investment, but can be made less so by companies who offer customer loyalty discounts. One of the largest problems facing insurance companies is the ability to retain clients, especially given the sheer volume of providers now available via the Internet. This has led to an increase in a long-standing practice, which is the reduction of rates for certain customers based on their time having been insured by the company, along with how many vehicles and other items they have insured there. These discounts can make even a marginal insurance company more appealing.

For a first time buyer, an auto insurance quote can be a daunting number. With no years spent with the company, the total can be quite high, even with an excellent driving record. Companies attempt to off-set this by promising discounts if the customer is loyal. Loyalty’ in this case is defined both by how long the customer stays with the insurance provider and also how many policies the customer purchases from them. While some discounts will simply take time to manifest, such as a percentage decrease in premium price per year the client has been with the company, there can be other, more immediate discounts available for clients. These can help keep premiums manageable.

One such discount commonly happens if there are multiple cars or drivers in a household, and the client chooses to insure all of them under the same policy. The subsequent auto insurance quotes for the 2nd or 3rd car and/or driver will typically be quite a bit less than the initial quote, ranging anywhere from a 10% to a 25% savings. This both encourages customers to purchase more policies and generates higher revenues for the company. Other factors which may affect discounts can include the age of both the cars being insured and their drivers, the accident records of all drivers insured, and even if other, non-automobile services are being purchased. Most insurance companies do not simply deal in car insurance any longer, and will offer price reductions if home and other specialized motor vehicle coverage is purchased through them.

While a steep discount is no replacement for excellent service and the ability to pay out on claims, customer loyalty discounts can take the edge off of what can be significant bill each month. Every company will offer a different schedule of discounts and offers depending on what services are combined and how long a client is willing to stay with them. These discounts, combined with an effective and efficient response to customer needs, can greatly increase a client’s satisfaction with their insurance provider, leading to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Choosing A Local Auto Insurance Company

These days, buying auto insurance can be as simple as clicking a button on a website, but many people still prefer the personal, friendly approach that only a local auto insurance company can offer. But what kind of company offers the best auto insurance quotes, a local one or one you find on the web? What company offers up close service? You may choose to get auto insurance from a local company, as there are many advantages to the friendliness, but you also give up a little in terms of savings as well. Just what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a local car company?

Online prices can be more competitive

This varies by how well your local car company is connected. Really, many auto insurance companies are just the brokers. They serve as the liaison between you and the insurer. If they have the right connections, you can get a competitive auto insurance quote. Many of these companies realize they are competing against the web, so they try to stay well connected by offering competitive auto insurance quotes.

At the same time, the web is a virtual world of competition when it comes to auto insurance. Google cheap auto insurance quotes’ and you’ll get a list of thousands of possibilities. If your local company strives successfully to have cheap connections to auto insurance quotes, it may be able to offer you an auto insurance quote that’s competitive. If they’re not able to get the lowest rates due to a lack of connections, you’ll probably pay higher than you can on the web simply because there’s so much competition on the web. Do the research.

More personal service

It really comes down to how much you prefer face-to-face interactions. Thanks to the Internet, any auto insurance company is only as far away as an email. However, many people find this to be a fragmented way of dealing with people, especially in high stress situations like when a claim has to be made. If you prefer to talk to your agent face to face, go for the local company. You’ll be more comfortable. If a phone conversation works well enough, find an auto insurance company on the web since you’ll also have a larger pool of competitive quotes to choose from. It’s really just a personal choice. Practically, a long distance auto insurance company won’t make much difference. Personally, that’s another matter altogether. If you do decide to go local, definitely compare their auto insurance quotes to those on the web. If you choose the Internet, make sure the auto insurance company offers adequate personal service, regardless of the low auto insurance quotes they offer.

How College Drivers Can Find Better Auto Insurance Rates

College students don’t generally have a lot of money, and budgeting is very important throughout a collegiate career. This is particularly true where vehicle costs are concerned. Auto insurance rates tend to be fairly high for college students, as many students are in high-risk age groups. However, there are a number of ways that college students can find low auto insurance quotes, and the potential savings can be quite significant.

Before getting an auto insurance quote, it’s helpful to look at a college student’s driving habits to determine an appropriate amount of coverage. For instance, if the student doesn’t drive very often and usually stays on campus, it doesn’t make much sense to pay for unnecessary levels of comprehensive coverage or medical liability coverage. Cutting these amounts can lead to some serious savings. Many car insurance companies also offer low mileage discounts for infrequent drivers, which also helps to lower premiums, though drivers may be required to prove their infrequent driving habits (typically through odometer checks). Don’t cut coverage across the board, though; the state minimums for auto insurance are often low enough that a serious accident could bankrupt a driver. Drivers should take care when changing their coverage rates and deductibles–you still want to be protected if an accident occurs, as otherwise there’s not much of a point in buying an auto insurance policy. College drivers should also consider purchasing a vehicle with a good safety record, as this can greatly cut insurance premiums.

Many other insurance programs offer great discounts. For example, taking a quick defensive driving courses can greatly improve your rates, as most insurance companies offer a discount for drivers of any age group that complete such a program. They’re low cost or free, and your insurance agent can tell you where to sign up and what you’ll need to do to get a discount. Some insurers offer discounts for good grades, too, though this is more common with high school-aged drivers.

Perhaps the most important step that a college driver can take when looking for a good rate is to find as many auto insurance quotes as possible. Using online cost comparison websites can help drivers find some amazing deals, and can help when negotiating with a particular insurer for a lower auto insurance quote. It’s important to re-assess your premiums every six months or so, as costs change in the insurance industry very often. Always ask insurers about discounts, and read your car insurance policy’s fine print. This sort of active approach to auto insurance can lead to some tremendous savings.

Finding Lower Auto Insurance Quotes For Teenage Drivers

Increasingly, there are parents with active teenagers needing rides everywhere that look forward to the day they can simply hand over the keys to the new drivers in their family. It can be a relief for a parent to get some of their time back and have teenage drivers in the house take on some of the responsibility for running errands and shuffling younger siblings around for various activities. It can all make sense on the surface until the shocking news about the cost of auto insurance for new drivers comes into play.

Regardless of the fact that you may have a near-perfect driving record and pay reasonable prices for your own coverage, your teen may be provided an auto insurance quote that is almost double what you are paying. Unfortunately, national statistics are at the root of the skyrocketing costs for insuring a young driver. Motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 20 years. It is common news that insurance companies shy away from risks. It is a very costly business to insure teenage drivers, so they raise the premiums to cover the exposure. It makes no difference how well you believe your son or daughter drives – your insurance company has borne the brunt of the cost enough times to be wary of the risk.

There are some steps you can take when seeking affordable auto insurance for your teenager. First you need to consider seeking auto insurance quotes from more than your current provider. You may be pleasantly surprised to find better deals and a variety of price quotes. It is also very helpful if your teenager is maintaining high grades in school – a GPA of at least B’. You could quality for lower rates. Some insurance companies will offer discounts to parents that add an electronic device to their vehicles that monitors the driving habits of the teen.

Knowledge of driver safety is highly recognized by auto insurance companies across the board. You can send your teenage driver for hands-on driver education or you can both take online courses. This is perhaps the best way to get better rates for your young driver. For your own peace of mind, when your teen first gets his or her driver’s license make some rules that will help reduce the risk of an accident. Limit their driving to daylight hours. Discourage the use of talking and texting on cell phones while driving. Do not permit them to drive with several friends in the vehicle. Remove these restrictions when you can be assured they drive with safety in mind first.

Does Your Car Insurance Company Cover Windshield Replacement

A rock or bird impacting a windshield can cause either a significant crack or necessitate a complete replacement. Either situation is stressful and often leaves auto insurance holders wondering if their insurance company will cover the damage.

Any glass damage on a car will be covered under the insurance policy’s comprehensive physical damage coverage. This covers things such as fires, floods, and windshield damage. How much will be covered will vary from company to company. Most insurance providers will be upfront about the amount of this coverage when any auto insurance quote is obtained. Even so, the policies surrounding windshield replacement can be murky. Typically, the car owner will be required to pay their deductible before the insurance provider will pay out for any damage. As this deductible is often $500 or more, and a replacement windshield is often only $350, insurance is not always the best choice. Companies do offer lower deductibles, sometimes as low as $100, but with a corresponding increase in monthly premiums. In that case, an insured person could pay only $100 to have a windshield repaired. Some states, such as Florida and Kentucky, have laws which prevent insurance companies from charging the deductible in windshield claims. This means that in those states, insurance would pay out for a windshield regardless of its cost, and no deductible would be required.

Companies may offer a waived deductible for glass if the occurrence is ‘no-fault’, such as a rock being thrown up from the road by a vehicle in front of the client, or if the windshield can be repaired for a smaller cost than replacement. Each insurance company will have different policies, so it is worth obtaining multiple auto insurance quotes to see who provides the best options, as glass repair and replacement are very common occurrences in the life of any vehicle. One common misconception about glass replacement is that using an insurance policy to cover it will mean an increase in rates. Again, damage which is considered to be ‘no-fault’ should not have this effect on a policy, but always be sure to confirm this with the insurance provider before proceeding with any work.

While almost any insurance company will cover the cost of windshield replacement under their comprehensive physical damage coverage, the cost of the deductible can often be more expensive than the windshield itself. If not living in a state where glass deductibles have been eliminated, a client needs to weigh the higher premium cost of a low deductible against the upfront cost of replacing a windshield. Windshield replacement, while technically a part of any auto insurance policy, is often more costly than it is worth.

Can Auto Insurance Rates Legally Increase Without Notice

Auto insurance companies, like many types of insurance providers, are carefully regulated by the government. However, they are still businesses, and companies must profit to survive in the market. While both parties in an insurance agreement are bound by contract, there are still several instances when an auto insurance provider legally reserves the right to change their rates without notice.

Most importantly, a driver who is routinely cited for driving violations can be certain to see their auto insurance quote rise. Auto insurance companies need to make money, and the risks of insuring a reckless or dangerous driver force them to raise their rates to compensate. Drivers who are in accidents often see their rates rise as well, for the same reason. Insurance rates also may rise without notice if the driver files a claim. Fault does not necessarily come into play in this situation. If the driver was the aggrieved party in the accident, the costs of medical expenses or vehicle repair may still prove prohibitively expensive to the insurance company, particularly if the other party involved was driving without insurance.

If a driver is cited for a violation like driving under the influence or any number of misdemeanors, the court may suspend the driving license. The only way to regain this license and return to the road is to file for a type of insurance called SR22. The SR22 form is a pledge from the insurance company that they take responsibility for insuring the individual, even though the driver has proved reckless in the past. As may be obvious, insurance companies do not appreciate the added risk of insuring such drivers, and will often raise rates or even charge new premiums in response. Insurance companies are often notified of such violations even before the driver applies for the SR22 auto insurance change, and raise their rates without notice and even before the next billing cycle.

In all these instances, the company is responding to a change from the insured driver. If the driver participates in accidents, is found to drive intoxicated, or is cited while behind the wheel of a car, the driver has effectively modified their contract. By changing the circumstances of the policy through reckless or dangerous behavior, the driver has forced the insurance provider to reexamine the policy. The provider of insurance can legally adjust their auto insurance quotes without warning or advance notice to fit the new situation. Therefore, a driver who uses a vehicle in a safe and wise manner can be assured that their rates will remain constant between renewals.

Are There Special Auto Insurance Options For Military Families

Although the cost of living has been on the rise in the United States there are still some things that military personnel can benefit from. Discounted auto insurance is offered from certain insurance companies, to all active or retired military. There are also two programs that are especially helpful to military and those programs are USAA and AFI.

USAA (United Service Automobile Association) was created in 1922 and formed by a group of active military workers who wanted to self insure each other. The reason they did this was due to the fact they were seen as a high risk group and could not get auto insurance otherwise. USSA is a program specifically designed for military clients and offers coverage and protection to families and active duty military members who are deployed or at home. USSA offers very low auto insurance quotes and according to their website, members can save up to $525 a year.

Another program is AFIC (Armed Forces Insurance), which provides discounted auto insurance through Progressive. Progressive is a well known auto insurance company and these services are provided in 38 states. Auto insurance offers the same benefits and protection for military and non- military persons. To get the lower auto insurance rate, the coverage is merely based on a group categorization for all military and their families. This allows the company to provide an economical coverage in the interest of the family, in case of any accident or problem with the vehicle.

Another option for a military family is simply making certain adjustments to the Insurance you currently have or the coverage you purchase. One way to lower your premium is to take a higher deductible, and then you will be paying less every month. One can also buy a policy that solely covers motorist liability and does not offer any benefits toward fixing or replacing a vehicle. Customizing your current auto insurance will bring down your overall premium without having to change companies.

You may be able to get a discount if you are deployed. If you discuss with your insurer that you are being deployed you may get a discount if the car is not being used for commuting purposes. If the car is going to be in storage you may still have to hand in your license plates if you want to drop your insurance all together. While your military status gives you a discounted rate on insurance, you determine how big of a discount that is by calling Individual companies for an auto insurance quote.

Using Low Coverage Auto Insurance As A Temporary Solution

Sometimes motorists simply don’t have the necessary funds for a high amount of auto insurance coverage. This can be a serious problem since you cannot legally drive without auto insurance, but in bad economic times there is sometimes no alternative than to cut a bit of coverage. You will often hear from insurance experts that this is a bad plan; driving with inadequate insurance coverage puts you at high risk, and if you are involved in an auto accident, you could be in serious trouble. Nevertheless, sometimes cutting a bit of coverage can be a necessary move, and as a temporary solution, it can help drivers get out of a jam.

Your coverage levels make up a very big part of your auto insurance quote, so lowering coverage lowers the premiums that you will be paying. By checking with your state insurance commission or contacting your insurance agent, you can restrict your coverage to the state-required minimum levels. If you’re leasing a car or using a loan to buy it, you’ll likely need some amount of comprehensive coverage as well. (This is often in your loan or leasing agreement; it protects the bank from a potential loss). You can also raise your auto insurance deductible in a few areas, as this will further decrease your quote, but be sure to leave the deductibles at a level where a minor accident would be affordable. You should always assume that an accident is possible, even if you are only cutting back on your auto insurance for a month or two while you get your finances in order.

It’s very important to switch your auto insurance coverage levels back to a reasonable amount once you’re able to afford the cost. Remember, an accident is always a possibility, and more coverage is actually a good deal when you consider the peace of mind that you’re purchasing. Before you increase your coverage levels, talk to your insurance agent to try to negotiate a lower price than what’s advertised on their website or company literature.

If you’re uncomfortable with changing the levels of your auto insurance coverage, there are other options. Using cost-comparison websites can help you find a company that offers better rates for the same amount of coverage. You can take a driving class or get court supervision if a recent accident or citation has caused your rates to rise. You’ll get a lower premium and will avoid taking a hit to your driving record. In any case, only use low coverage as a temporary solution to financial problems; otherwise, you will pay for it in the long run.

Limiting A Traffic Citation’s Effect On Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Anyone who has had a traffic citation in the past knows that it can certainly have a negative effect on your auto insurance. While it is not always possible to completely stop a citation from affecting your auto insurance coverage or an auto insurance quote, it is possible to limit the effect that it has. Here are some tips for keeping that traffic citation as painless as possible for your car insurance.

If you have received a traffic citation, you should make every effort to keep it from appearing on your driving record. If a traffic citation is paid, you will then have a notation of that on your driving record, which will almost always eventually cause your auto insurance rates to be raised. However, if you are able to go to a court-approved driver safety course, you can avoid having the citation on your record. You can normally request taking a driver safety course, or traffic school,’ with the court at the time you call or report to your court date. The court will give you a time and place to report to the driver safety course, and you will need to pay an enrollment fee (normally around $35) as well as court administrative fees. Typically, the cost for the driver safety school will be less than the cost of the ticket would have been. Completion of the course will allow you to keep the traffic citation off your driving record and will therefore help you avoid an increase in auto insurance coverage.

Another way to limit the effect a traffic citation has on your car insurance is deferred adjudication, which is a form of plea bargain that is available only in certain states, so you will need to check with your local court. If you choose deferred adjudication, you will usually enter a guilty or a no contest plea. You will then be placed on a type of driving probation in which you will need to maintain a clean driving record for the next 90 days. Upon completion of that period, the traffic citation will normally be dismissed. In this way you can avoid any appearance on your traffic record as well as any damage to your car insurance rates. There are some minimal court costs associated with deferred adjudication, which vary by state.

While you may not be able to avoid getting the occasional traffic citation, you can make every effort to be a smart and safe driver. When you do have to deal with a traffic ticket, try using the methods above to limit the effect it has on your auto insurance.

When Items Stolen From Your Car Aren’t Covered

Vehicles get broken into quite often leaving people unsure and angry. It’s a troubling experience that people shouldn’t have to go through, but unfortunately, they do. Your privacy has been invaded, your personal belongings are gone and you’re stuck to clean up the mess.

The first step is to make a claim on your auto insurance policy and fix the damage as quickly and possible. But the tricky and at times frustrating part is figuring out what items your auto insurance will actually cover in this already tough time.

Common Items Stolen From Vehicles:

Most break-ins occur because a burglar will spot valuable items inside a vehicle. Some common items stolen include: Car stereos, cell phones, CDs, laptops, small electronics, MP3 players and wallets or purses.

Many times people are unsure about which items are covered on their auto insurance policy.

What Most Auto Insurance Policies Will Cover:

With most auto insurance policies, damages due to theft will be covered under your comprehensive coverage. After the break-in, check your auto insurance policy to see if you have comprehensive coverage. This will tell you what items are covered in the event of a theft.

In most cases, only car stereos will be covered by your auto insurance, and you can’t even always count on that being covered. This happens because most stereos are made so the unit can be detached from your car; in other words, it’s not considered part of your car. This also explains why the other items are not considered part of the car, since they are not physically attached to it. All your other items will most likely be covered by your homeowners (or renters) insurance policy.

If the thief breaks a window, scratches your door, breaks the lock or does any other damage to the car itself, the damage will be covered under your comprehensive coverage if it’s on your policy. With comprehensive coverage, all you’ll need to do is pay your deductible and your insurance company will pay for the remaining amount of damage.

Avoid Being the Victim of a Burglary:

There are a few steps you can do to prevent someone from breaking into your vehicle. The biggest thing would be to install an alarm system. They can be quite expensive, but in the long run, it’s an investment worth making. Next, always keep the doors locked and windows closed, even if you’re just running into your house for a second.

Don’t leave any valuable items (purse, cell phone, wallet, keys, etc.) out in the open. It is best to leave them in your glove box.

Just a few simple steps can prevent you from having to deal with the aftermath of someone breaking into your car.

Why Adding Towing And Labor Coverage To Your Auto Insurance Policy Is A Good Idea

Adding towing and labor coverage to your auto insurance policy is a small investment that can bring tremendous peace of mind. Being stranded by the side of the road with a non-functioning or damaged vehicle is terrible enough without having to wonder how to get your car towed or how much it will cost. Choosing to have towing and labor coverage added to your auto insurance policy ensures that a tow truck is only a telephone call away and will arrive to help in less than an hour. With this coverage, towing, which can easily run in upwards of $100 for a short trip to the nearest mechanic, is paid in full by your insurance. It also means that the cost of the labor involved in getting your car back on the road, such as fixing a flat tire or replacing a dead battery, is included under towing and labor coverage on your auto insurance policy.

Some auto insurance companies offer towing and labor coverage as an option you can add to a comprehensive insurance policy. Other companies offer this type of coverage as part of an emergency roadside assistance program. Either way, coverage is extremely affordable and can cost as little as a dollar or two per month. Unless you’re driving a new car that is still under warranty and includes roadside assistance through the manufacturer, adding towing and labor coverage to your auto insurance policy is the best way to ensure you don’t get hit with high towing costs if your car breaks down, has a flat or is involved in a collision.

The next time you’re inquiring about auto insurance quotes, make sure to ask about the cost of towing and labor coverage and consider all of your options before purchasing. Different auto insurance companies specify different limits allowed under towing and labor coverage as well as which labor costs are reimbursable and which are not. There may also be restrictions, such as how many miles your car can be towed, how many claims you can make per year and coverage being limited to only the vehicle listed on your auto insurance policy. So, it’s smart to shop around and find an auto insurance quote with the greatest benefits from a carrier that best fits your needs.

Towing and labor coverage can bring you peace of mind during a very stressful time. It just makes sense to have this valuable, money-saving coverage added to your policy. It’s worth the small monthly investment to know that fast, reliable towing and roadside service is only a telephone call away and the cost to return your car to road-worthiness is already covered under your auto insurance policy.

Why Do Auto Insurance Companies Offer Discounts To Policyholders

When purchasing any sort of insurance, whether it be auto, home or life insurance, the ultimate goal is to find the cheapest premiums combined with the best coverage. This can mean shopping around and investing the time to determine exactly what is available. In the world of auto insurance, one effective way of lowering premiums is to find a company that offers discounts to its policyholders.

Most auto insurance quotes are for the basic’ plan – that is, they do not include any discounts the company may offer. In order to see if a company does in fact offer any kind of auto insurance discount, a good idea is to speak to a representative either in person or by querying the company via email. In many cases, auto insurance companies will provide discounts to their policyholders based on a number of factors: One important factor will be the client’s previous driving record. A clean driving record will likely lead to a far lower rate than if several accidents have been reported and claimed. Another factor is the age of the driver. Typically, anyone over the age of 25 receives a reasonably large discount on their insurance simply based on their age and the fact that they have had a significant amount of driving experience.

Other factors may be less clear-cut. The type of vehicle that a client owns can most definitely influence the price of an insurance policy. The color of the vehicle influences the price as well. Some studies have shown that red cars, as an example, are involved in more accidents than those of other colors. It is therefore possible to end up paying too much for auto insurance simply based on the hue of a car’s paint. Also, the type of driving the vehicle is going to be used for will also make a difference in premium price. If the vehicle is claimed as only being driven occasionally, the cost to insure it will be less than if it is a primary vehicle.

One other important way that discounts are given out is when a client has other insurance policies with the same company. Often times companies will offer two or three different types of insurance. In the same way that a phone, internet and TV package can be ‘bundled’, so too can insurance policies, which leads to a reduced rate. Every company will have different criteria which must be met to give out discounts, and it is worth a prospective client doing the research to determine which company’s discounts most favorably suit their needs. This will allow them to find the most cost effective way to insure their vehicle.

Why Do Auto Insurance Premiums Change So Often

Motorists that check online for a new auto insurance quote every few months may be shocked to see the vast difference in premiums that tend to occur, especially when the economy is fluctuating. It can seem as though auto insurance premiums are decided haphazardly; after all, even if you don’t change your policy from company to company, you’re likely to see changing premiums. However, the methods that car insurers use to decide rates are far from random and are based on logic. Understanding their methods can make it much easier to find a great auto insurance premium and avoid the occasional rate hike when an insurer tries to sneak one in.

As you might expect, car insurance companies rely heavily on statistics to estimate the probability of insurance claims. The more accurately that they’re able to predict whether a certain individual will make a claim, the more money they’re able to make, since they can choose to refuse dangerous drivers coverage or raise their rates to compensate for their possible losses. The thing is, statistics change regularly, especially the statistics that the insurance companies use. They might look at the likelihood of car theft in a driver’s town, for instance. Car theft costs insurance companies make a lot of money since each claim results in a full payout, so anything that an insurer can do to predict this costly type of claim results in a huge advantage. They’ll look at crime statistics for a driver’s neighborhood, and car insurance premiums will go up if the rate of auto theft increases. Likewise, if a certain age group begins driving more dangerously, their premiums will most likely rise.

The actions of an individual driver are important, too. Each claim results in a higher premium, since there’s a higher probability of a second accident after a first accident occurs. In troubled economies, the actual financial resources of the insurer come into play. Insurance companies must back up insurance policies, and if their parent companies aren’t worth a whole a lot of money, then they don’t have many resources to use when backing up new policies. To compensate, they’ll raise the cost of auto insurance rates. However, if capital isn’t an issue, troubled economies might actually spur lower insurance rates since insurance companies must deal with increased competition to get new drivers to sign up for policies.

In order to control the cost of your car insurance premiums, you should check over your policy every few months and compare it to the ones on other car insurance websites in order to ensure that you are paying fair rates. You may also ask your insurer for any additional tips.

Why Some Think 2010 Is The Year For Green Vehicles

The grass is always greener on the other side’. While this may not always be true, it could be for the ‘green’ vehicle forecast of 2010. Sustainability, eco-friendly, and green are just a few buzz words floating around our recessed economy as consumers are constantly looking for ways to better the environment around them. Is 2010 the best time to go green on the road?

Car companies wised up a couple years ago, catering to the mass market demand of more fuel efficient vehicles as gas prices rose to more than $4 a gallon, and they continue to please with new options every year. In 2010, Honda will introduce a new Insight, modeled very closely after the Prius, with an EcoScore system that tells the driver how ‘green’ they are driving. And going to back to the basics by choosing a manual over an automatic transmission boasts Insight’s overall mile per gallon to 51 mpg. Honda also introduced the Civic GX that runs completely on natural gas. Since the Smart Car passed U.S. standards and safety inspections, more consumers are jumping on the European bandwagon and purchasing this mini vehicle, realizing its 44 highway mpg is checkbook as well as eco-friendly, not to mention convenient to park. Looking larger, automotive companies are converting more and more SUVs to be environment-friendly, such as the Cadillac Escalade. In 2010, GM introduced the first ‘green’ Escalade as a hybrid. The unfortunate downside is it starts at $80,000. It may be eco-friendly, but that is all. However, GMC’s Sierra is also a SUV hybrid that offers a more economical price tag starting in the high 30s.

Perhaps the most anticipated vehicle of 2010 is a Canadian import that is lauded for its 280 mpg, affordable pricing for under $22,000, and its silence. ZENN Motor Company is tagging the ZENN as ‘Zero Emission. No Noise’. It is a fully electrically-operated vehicle that requires no gas and can be recharged within four hours by plugging it into any electrical outlet. The only ugly side as of now is that it’s not approved for highway use and has been deemed a city car. Other than that not bad, eh?

Last year had many consumers bating their breath in hopes of the ‘greenest’. This year may be greener than 2008 and 2009, as technology is allowing automotive companies to create more alternatives, revamp the old alternatives and augment with new additions such as EcoSource. However, this does not mean 2010 is it. Automotive companies are constantly learning on how to improve and how to innovate, and many 2010 advances are not enough to trade in your 2008 eco-friendly vehicle for the ‘new and improved’ 2010 eco-friendly vehicle.

The Importance Of Making Sure Your Auto Insurance Company Offers Quality Customer Service

When you are searching for an auto insurance quote, the first thing you are likely to look for is the cost. Naturally, a cost-effective auto insurance rate is always a selling point, which any consumer will be attracted to. That said, it is important to do your research and ensure that you get good value for your premiums. Any auto insurance company can offer a competitive quote, but it is the fine print and policy details which will determine whether you are getting value for your money. Cost is one thing, but customer service and comprehensive coverage are just as important when looking for your best option.

Once you have done your research and found the auto insurance quote that fits your budget, that is when the details become critical. Customer service, whatever the sector, is one area where a company can really stand out and become your auto insurance company of choice. From the moment you talk with an auto insurance company on the phone, you should take note of the customer service you experience. It is great to have a polite representative to talk with, but how does that translate if you ever need to make a claim? Dealing with an auto insurance quote is one thing, but the claims process is another. Make sure your auto insurance company has the customer service to back up their offer.

Making sure that your auto insurance rate includes superior customer service is something that can make all the difference. Being in an accident is traumatic enough, so what you need to ease the burden is a seamless and easy customer service experience to guide you through your claim. Succinct, accurate and professionally delivered information should be part and parcel of your auto insurance rate. Any auto insurance company worth dealing with will make their customer service claims department one which gives the customer what they need, when they need it. Put simply, when you receive an auto insurance quote, you should make sure that the rate includes all the services you expect.

Comprehensive coverage should always include customer service. Dealing with the financial claim can be difficult, especially with lots of paperwork to get through. You auto insurance rate gains extra value if you have a dedicated file worker who guarantees the kind of customer service that will ensure you stay with that auto insurance company and recommend it to others. So when the time comes to secure your auto insurance rate, ask around and shop around: customer service can make all the difference in getting the auto insurance rate you need from an auto insurance company you can trust.

The Consequences Of Withholding Information From Your Auto Insurance Company

When you begin the search for an auto insurer, you will find yourself asking for auto insurance quotes from a number of companies and hoping one comes at an affordable rate. However, you can be sure the auto insurance agents will be asking you questions as well regarding your driving record and whether you’ve even been in a car accident. You know that answering yes’ will mean a higher auto insurance quote if the company is willing to offer you auto insurance coverage at all.

You need to always tell the full truth on the insurance application. It is legally required that you report all auto accidents you have been involved in, claims you made against previous auto insurer, and/or any driving infractions. Failing to do so could make your auto insurance more costly than if you had been honest up front. Even an accidental omission could end up costing you a lot of money. According to Auto Insurance, about one out of every five drivers leaves out some information-whether accidentally or purposefully- when applying for new auto insurance coverage.

Once you fill out an application for auto insurance coverage, the company is going to review the information and verify it. If it is found that you left out some of your driving record, the insurance company may turn you down. If you left out information and still received insurance, your best course of action is to tell the agent you remembered additional information. The auto insurance company is less likely to drop your coverage if you bring an omission to its attention. Your auto insurance rates may still increase, but at least you will still have coverage.

If you already have an auto insurance policy and are involved in an accident, you need to report the incident to your auto insurance agent even if it is a minor accident that you plan on covering repair costs for yourself. You never know when the other driver involved in the accident might make a claim down the road. If your auto insurance company doesn’t know about the accident, then the company may drop your coverage, raise your rates, change your coverage or reduce your auto insurance coverage once the omission is discovered. If you can notify your auto insurance agent immediately following an accident, do so because your auto insurance policy may have restrictions on who can tow your vehicle as well as where it can be repaired. Though you don’t legally need to notify your insurance agent immediately after an accident, you shouldn’t wait for longer than a week before letting your insurance agent know. The longer you wait, the more suspicious you will appear.

The Best Way To Deal With Online Auto Insurance Agents

One of the fastest growing online markets is online car insurance. With the ability and convenience to obtain free quotes and see policy details and premium information at a glance, many people are turning to the internet for their auto insurance quotes. Though this can save time and money, the simple fact is that auto insurance is too complex a purchase to be made without ever contacting an agent to hammer out the finer points of the agreement. Whether it is by phone on online, speaking to an auto insurance agent before purchasing a policy is essential.

Most online insurance companies will offer both a toll-free number which potential customers can call as well as an e-mail address where they can be contacted for questions. To obtain a quote from them might also require the filling out of a short questionnaire, to which they will reply by e-mail. Although insurance agents are in the business of trying to sell a product and therefore must be dealt with accordingly, they can be an invaluable source of information regarding the many policy details. Consumers should first ask the agent who is covered under the policy to drive the car. Is it simply the policyholder or can a spouse or child drive the car and be covered as well? In addition, how will the insurance work if a rented car is necessary, or if the client is driving a friend’s car? What kind of coverage does the insurance provider bring to the table in situations that are slightly out of the norm?

Also, be sure to inquire thoroughly about payment details, fees, etc. Some companies will charge an administration fee’ if payment is broken up into twelve equal installments over a year, and will continue to charge that fee every year the policy is in place. Also, be sure to ask about the ability to cancel the policy for any reason. Ask if this will incur a fee or affect the ability to get future insurance. It is worth knowing before purchasing a policy. That way, if the answers don’t add up, no money will have yet been spent and a better provider can be found.

The key dealing with any auto insurance agents is to be prepared. Know what kind of coverage is needed, how much is required by state law, and have all the details about drivers, cars, and previous accident histories ready. Also, be sure to insist on specific answers. Vague generalities or ‘to be determined’ statements can lead to future problems. Any online insurance company worth its salt should be able to give clear cut and honest answers to its clients’ questions.

Knowing How To Set The Limits On Your Auto Insurance Policy

Setting your auto insurance limits is one of the most important parts of purchasing a new auto insurance policy. Your limits determine how much you will ultimately pay for your premiums as well as how much your insurance will benefit you when you make a claim, and it’s one of the parts of your policy that you have a good deal of control over. Whether you have just recently started looking at insurance quotes online or you have had a policy for some time, it is always worth taking a quick look at your auto insurance limits to determine whether you’ve set the amounts at an appropriate level.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a simple number that can clear the entire matter up. The appropriate level of coverage for one motorist might be entirely too low or high for another motorist. Of course, states set minimum levels for many types of coverage (and these minimums vary quite a bit from state to state), but those minimums are often set fairly low. The best course of action is to think about what would happen if you were involved in an auto accident tomorrow. You would want a reasonable amount of liability coverage, and also personal coverage for your own property (especially if you travel with business equipment or other valuable property in your vehicle) as well as medical expenses. You would want your deductible set at a reasonable place, too. After all, if you can’t afford the deductible, the amount of coverage you buy won’t really matter- you will run out of money just the same.

Many drivers worry that raising their insurance limits will affect their auto insurance rate. This is true, as higher limits typically demand a raise in premiums. However, the change is often not as drastic as some drivers think. By looking online, you can experiment with different limits and deductibles to see how changes in certain areas of your coverage could affect your auto insurance quote. This is a good exercise, and will help you determine the limits that you could afford. In general, it is best to opt for high limits as opposed to low limits-you do not want to be stuck in a bad situation after an accident. If you are at fault and the case goes to court, you could end up having your wages garnished or your property seized. Consider each area of your coverage realistically and take into account the amount of driving that you do each day and the possibility of a serious accident. By setting your limits responsibly, you will achieve some great peace of mind on the road.

Is There Special Auto Insurance For Electric Cars

Buying auto insurance for an electric car is just like buying insurance for a traditional car, but for one essential element. When you get an auto insurance policy for an electric car, you’re likely to get it a little cheaper. So there is no special insurance for electric vehicles, but their are companies that will give you a better deal on electric vehicle insurance. Electric car auto insurance, even a hybrid car insurance, can be more affordable when placed with the right company. There are several factors that certain companies look at when it comes to these cars. First, electric cars present an image of responsibility, making you look like a better risk to the insurance company. Second, electric cars have less horsepower, which has a direct effect on reducing the cost of auto insurance coverage. Finally, electric cars have a limited range, translating into fewer miles driven and ultimately, lower insurance rates.

On the flip side, there are two aspects of electric cars that work against finding affordable rates. First, pedestrians cannot hear these silent running cars approaching, making the likelihood of a pedestrian accident greater. During low-speed maneuvers like turning and backing, electric cars are 50 percent more likely to strike a pedestrian. Ask the insurance company about discounts for installing an alert device. The second problem for electric car auto insurance rates is common to all new technologies. Electric vehicles are more expensive to repair. As the technology becomes commonplace, these costs should come down, helping to bring down insurance rates as well.

Still, it’s important to be smart no matter what kind of insurance you plan to buy. Because actuarial data on electric vehicles is limited, some companies are using the method applied to first-year model gasoline cars when establishing their rates. These numbers take into account the sticker price of the car, which is often higher on electric vehicles. You want to work with companies that look at electric vehicles in a new light, calculating rates based on the real-world risk that these cars pose, which is substantially less that gas vehicles when it comes to accidents. The only way to find the company that sees electric vehicles in their own category is to shop around. Get an auto insurance quote from at least three companies. Look for companies with a history of innovation and embracing change. These are those most likely to give you the best price on auto insurance coverage. Don’t forget to check the insurance companies and their financial ratings. Work only with companies that are financially stable and will be around to pay any claims that might arise on your electric vehicle.

Is Auto Repair Insurance Included In My Regular Auto Insurance

Auto repair insurance is not that same as your regular auto insurance. While regular auto insurance covers damage to a car due to an accident or road hazard, repair insurance is for mechanical failures. Many people with used cars have no idea they could be protecting themselves from large out-of-pocket expenses by purchasing auto repair insurance. Coverage for car repairs is helpful for anyone with a car with an expired warrantee. Many agents can tell you what a policy would cost at they same time they give you an auto insurance quote. Because coverage for repairs is not included with other auto insurance coverages, a policy must be purchased separately. The policy is an agreement that lasts for a specified time period and covers certain major repairs.

The repair items covered can be different from one company to the next. Make sure you ask questions to find out exactly what is covered in a policy. Most repair policies will pay for car breakdowns as well as for wear and tear- items that are excluded on a standard automobile policy. But there are some companies that will only pay for breakdowns when a part actually breaks. When this happens, drivers should also consider getting an additional policy for wear and tear or look for a company that will cover both types of repairs. Other policies only cover parts of the car where there is oil like the engine and transmission. While very affordable, these plans only cover a small portion of the kinds of car repairs drivers may need coverage for.

Some companies offer a bumper-to-bumper policy that covers just about anything that can break on a car. Any excluded repairs are specifically listed in the policy. Excluded items often include parts that require periodic replacement like brake pads and wiper blades. Many will not cover total losses that occur because a car overheats from a radiator problem. These policies are the most expensive type of car repair coverage, but they can be a great help to those who cannot shell out big bucks for a car repair on short notice. By paying a monthly insurance premium that lies within your budget, you can regulate your expenses and be protected from repairs that could break the bank.

Auto repair insurance gets more expensive as the car increases in mileage. Most policies will not cover cars with more than 100,000 miles on them. The higher the mileage, the more a policy will cost. Still, repair policies can help you with the resale value of your car if they are transferable and may help pay for themselves through the money you get back in selling your car.

How To Wisely Adjust Your Liability Coverage To Save Money On Auto Insurance

Liability coverage is a fundamental part of insurance policies in protecting drivers from law suits that may arise because of an auto accident. When deciding on your liability limits, you need to pay careful attention to the damages that can arise because of an accident. No one intends to cause an accident, but it can happen to anyone. Accidents can result in property damage or bodily injuries. If you are at fault for an accident, you need insurance to pay for the damage and medical expenses of other people. Liability insurance only covers the damage for which you are legally responsible. You should only consider lowering your limits if you have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars that may be needed to pay for someone else’s injuries.

Most liability coverage is split into two parts. Bodily injury coverage pays for the injuries to other people, and property damage pays to repair or replace damaged property, which can include another car, a lawn fixture, light pole or a house that gets struck by a car. State laws will tell you the minimum liability coverage you must purchase. There will be limits for bodily injury per person and per accident plus a limit for property damage. This is called a split limit’. A typical policy may carry coverage of 25/50/10. This means the policy will pay up to $25,000 per person injured in an accident up to a total of $50,000 for all injured persons. The policy will also pay up to $10,000 total for any property damage caused. Some policies carry a combined single limit that covers any kind of liability. A typical limit may be $100,000. This policy will pay up to a maximum of $100,000 for all injuries and damage.

There really is no way to predict how severe an accident may be. Anyone who cuts liability limits to save a few dollars on premium could end up in the position of selling his or her home to pay for damages to another person. This is why higher liability limits are always recommended. In fact, you should choose the highest limit available from your insurance, which is usually $500,000.

Trying to save money by lowering liability limits is a risky strategy. In most cases, higher liability limits are very inexpensive. You can sometimes increase your limits for as little as $25 or $50, so there is little logic to saving on liability premiums that may ultimately end up saving you thousands of dollars or even your home should a large accident occur. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars quickly available to you, buying the highest limits available is the smarter choice.

Finding Affordable Insurance For Your Muscle Car

Muscle cars are irresistible. Even in this age of fuel efficiency and aerodynamics, the muscle cars of the seventies and eighties are still classic examples of car design at its finest. The roar and power of the engine, the shape of the body and the sheer excitement of driving a muscle car all make these vehicles fun to own. They bring enjoyment to drivers, but can put a dent in you wallet when going for an auto insurance policy. This makes finding affordable muscle car insurance important. Muscle cars are built for speed, which is why insurance coverage for them is so expensive. There is a direct relationship to the horsepower of a car and the amount of damage it can cause in an accident. The heavy weight of muscle cars also makes them more likely to do a lot of damage. Most car insurance companies consider these factors and charge high rates for policies on such cars. But a muscle car owner that takes the time to shop around and think ahead can find an affordable auto insurance quote for his or her muscle car.

This first thing to do is call your regular life or home insurance carrier for an auto insurance quote on you car. A company that already profits from the policies you buy will be much easier to bargain with on insurance rates. Your clean driving record can also go a long way in convincing the company to give you a good deal or a discount. Even if your driving record is not perfect, or you don’t already have an established insurance company, you can still seek out a specialty car insurance company.

In fact, an entire industry has sprouted around muscle car insurance. There are companies that only offer policies for fast or high-end cars. You can find these companies online and read all about the coverage you can buy for your muscle car. Locate three companies and get an auto insurance quote from each one to make sure you are getting the best deal. Take a minute to check out the company’s rating to make sure they will be around to pay a claim if an accident should happen.

There will be certain factors that can cause problems for muscle car insurance buyers, even with a specialty company. Find out about any annual mileage limits, coverage for spare parts, vehicle repair insurance or stated value coverage. Before you actually buy the policy, make sure you have the change to read a copy carefully first. By following these guidelines, you will be able to find a policy that covers the special needs of your muscle car at an affordable rate.

Can My Auto Insurance Cover A Vehicle I Don’t Own

There are several instances when your own insurance policy may cover a vehicle you don’t personally own. These situations require that you were driving the car and were responsible for the accident. Essentially, your auto policy covers other cars only when they do not have insurance of their own or when they exhaust coverage on the primary policy.

For example, you could be in a rental car while your car is in the shop. It could be that the insurance on the car was exhausted, causing your policy to take effect as a supplemental source of insurance. Perhaps you don’t own a car but occasionally borrow one from a friend. In the first two scenarios, your own car insurance policy can come into play while you are driving someone else’s car. In the third case, you may have a non-owned automobile policy to cover your incidental use of the cars owned by your friends and family.

In the case of rental cars, your auto insurance coverage and limits will often apply to the rental car too. If you have collision coverage on your policy but did not purchase additional collision coverage from the rental company, your policy pays for the damage. If you do buy collision coverage from the rental company, your collision policy would only come into play if the coverage you bought through the rental agency was exhausted. Comprehensive coverage works the same way. Liability coverage is mandated by law in some states. In these situations, the rental company is forced to carry its own liability insurance and will be primary for any accidents. Otherwise, your policy will pay first.

When you borrow a car from someone else, a similar situation arises. It may be that your friend let their car insurance lapse or that the insurance on the other car was not enough to cover the damage. If you were driving the car, your insurance may end up paying the claim.

In the case of non-owned vehicles, you can buy an insurance policy that covers you whenever you drive a car that belongs to someone else. This coverage is most appropriate for residents of large cities that often rent cars. It can be cheaper to purchase one year of non-owned auto coverage that pay rental insurance fees every time you rent. The non-owned auto policy is primarily for liability coverage in the even that losses exceed the coverage on the car you are driving. Damage to the vehicle itself will be covered by the vehicle owner, as long as they gave you permission to drive the car. In general, these policies do not carry deductibles, as is the case with most liability policies.

Auto Insurance Saving Traps Many People Fall Into

With the economic climate of the world today, it’s hard to determine which businesses are honest and which are out to scam customers to make money. Finding the right auto insurance company is especially difficult. With the number of insurance companies competing against one another, consumers are bombarded with messages regarding savings. Most people look to save money when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. Seeking out the best savings sometimes means people fall for savings traps that auto insurance companies may not be telling unaware customers about.

One thing to remember when purchasing auto insurance is that setting your deductible too high in order to lower monthly premiums will inevitably result in high pay-outs in the event of an accident. You must consider if a super high deductible would be worth it in the long run, should an accident happen. If you end up paying a $1,000 deductible, one accident alone could seriously hurt your financial situation. Another factor to consider when looking for savings with auto insurance coverage is opting out of getting the uninsured motorist coverage. In the event that you are involved in an auto accident with a person who is uninsured and has no assets to pay your damage costs, if you are not covered, you risk having to pay out of pocket for repairing damages. The high cost of paying for damages outweighs the amount you save each month from excluding this coverage.

Another auto insurance savings trap to be mindful of is added costs at the time of renewing your auto insurance coverage. More often than not, insurance companies slip extra costs into your policy in hopes that you won’t notice when you receive your renewal information. Further, when an insurance company offers a special discount that you qualify for, the discount isn’t automatically applied to your policy. Auto insurance companies hope that you do not notice the missing discount, and that they in turn will benefit from your mistake. Therefore, you may not notice you aren’t even receiving the discount, and your policy will continue without it. You must mention the discount to the auto insurance company if you want to receive it, and you must check your statement to ensure it is applied.

Auto insurance companies, like most companies, want to make money. Offering savings and discounts entices customers to want to sign up. It is important that as a consumer you are always aware of what is going on in your policy – especially in regard to your auto insurance quote, premium and deductible. Do your research and be cautious that where you may be saving in one regard, you may end up paying more in another.

What You Need To Know About Split Limit Auto Insurance Coverage

When purchasing auto insurance coverage, you need to know that insurance companies use the concept of split limits to reduce the cost of a policy. If they successfully reduce that cost, that enables them to offer the consumer a more attractive auto insurance quote.

When an insurance carrier sets the limits on a split limit auto insurance policy, it provides two numbers like this, 100,000/300,000. The first number represents the amount of money that would be paid to a claimant in an accident. The second number represents the total amount of money that would be paid to ALL claimants in an accident. For instance, if the liability policy were designated as 100,000/300,000 a claimant would be entitled to $100,000 in the event of an accident. If there were multiple claimants, each would be entitled to no more than $300,000 among all of them. If there were more claimants than $300,000 is evenly divisible by, the adjustor handling such a claim would have to apportion each claimant an equitable figure.

The term split limit’is used, as opposed to the term ‘combined single limit.’In a combined single limit plan, there is only one figure, say $300,000. In the event of an accident, that amount has to be divided among claimants, which results in the same outcome as the split limit plan. However, it is when there is only a single claimant that there is a difference. This is because there is no additional cap, like the $100,000 applied above. A single claimant could possibly receive payment of the entire $300,000. Split limit auto insurance is generally used in bodily injury coverage, uninsured (and underinsured) motorist coverage, and property damage. The property damage limit may be tacked on at the end, producing a string of three numbers. A policy designated as $25,000/$50,000/$25,000 would work in the same manner, only with lower payouts. The third figure would be the cap on the property damage, which is not split. Uninsured, or underinsured motorist coverage is used to protect you in the event you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Just as you can select limits on your bodily injury protection, you can select limits on your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This can be particularly important in states such as Texas, where there is a high percentage of uninsured motorists.

Although the technique of splitting liability limits is an effective means of saving money, it is not used in all policy areas. No-fault benefits are a good example of a single limit type of coverage. However, you will find, that most of your car insurance coverage will come with a split limit.

Why Auto Insurance Deductibles Tend To Be Overlooked – But Shouldn’t Be

There are quite a few factors to consider when looking online for an auto insurance quote. Unfortunately, some of the more important factors are ignored or overlooked by the vast majority of consumers. One of these factors – auto insurance deductibles – is usually not the main concern of motorists. Instead, these drivers focus on finding decent coverage and a low rate. From a very basic standpoint, this isn’t a terrible strategy. However, when trying to get sufficient car insurance coverage to protect oneself in the event of an accident, deductibles can’t be ignored. They’re a vital part of your insurance policy, and should be considered carefully every time you look for new or updated coverage. Deductibles are one of the most important options that you have control over when it comes to your policy.

As you’re probably aware, your car insurance deductible is the amount of money you’ll pay on a claim before your coverage kicks in. For example, let’s say you’re in an accident with a neighbor that’s your fault and you cause $6,000 worth of damage. If your deductible was $500, your car insurance company will pay you $5500 on the claim. What many drivers fail to consider is that deductibles for different types of coverage aren’t necessarily the same, and your auto insurance rate is greatly affected by your deductible amount. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will probably be. Deductibles are not necessarily directly linked to the amount of coverage you buy.

The best strategy when deciding on your deductible in each area is to consider what you could afford in the worst-case scenario. After all, the point of insurance is to plan for accidents. Your insurance coverage won’t do you a lot of good if you can’t cover the cost of your deductible, so shoot for a cost that’s low enough to be potentially affordable. Keep in mind that in the event of an accident, you’ll likely have quite a few other costs – especially if you have to stay home from work to recuperate. While this means that you’ll be paying more than the absolute minimum for your auto insurance coverage, you’ll be much safer in the event of the unexpected. On the other hand, if your deductible is lower than it needs to be, there’s a good chance that you can save money by raising it.

In order to find your deductible, take a look at your auto insurance contract. Look at each area that a deductible is listed. Taking an educated approach to auto insurance deductibles is certainly a good idea, and whether or not it saves you money, you’ll be much more aware of the insurance that you’re paying for.

Why Is It That The Government Requires Auto Insurance

The U.S. government has very good reasons for requiring that all drivers in the country carry the right amount of auto insurance. Perhaps one of the most fundamental and compelling reasons that auto insurance policies are required is that cars have the potential to kill or maim people and cause significant property damage. Because a vehicle is a piece of machinery, drivers – no matter how good they are behind the wheel – can’t always control how the vehicle will react in certain situations. Although no one sets out in the morning deliberately planning to have an accident, it happens. And it happens for any number of reasons, such as inattention, inexperience or distraction. We haven’t even gotten to the less forgivable reasons like alcohol or road rage. Auto insurance ensures that regardless of the accident’s cause or who is at fault, the damage will be paid for.

If the government didn’t mandate auto insurance, it would be up to the drivers to their losses from an accident. Damages that occur in accidents can be very extensive, and the associated costs can quickly add up. Victims in auto accidents could suffer serious personal injury. They could also be rendered unable to work. Worst, they could suffer permanent and lasting disability. It is unlikely anyone could afford to pay these costs unexpectedly out of pocket. Insurance is the means by which such pain and suffering and loss of earnings is compensated. After all, a fundamental premise of a developed nation’s legal system is to ensure that victims will be made whole for their losses.

When you obtain an auto insurance quote, one of the coverages you are required to purchase through state law is no-fault insurance. No-fault insurance, or personal injury protection as it is sometimes called, makes the reimbursement of medical expenses automatic rather than based upon fault. By doing this, no-fault coverage frees the dockets of a nation’s courts over lawsuits arising from what, in some cases, are minor medical bills

Then a social issue runs beyond the mere legalities of auto insurance coverage. Imagine the inequities that could arise if people of means could inflict damage to others and then aggressively defend lawsuits arising from their wrongs. Or, in the converse, what if the person of means wasn’t actually damaged, but because of their resources, had the power to bring frivolous lawsuits against another driver to coerce a settlement. In that vein, mandated auto insurance is an equalizer.

For these reasons, it becomes clear that there are very sound reasons for making auto insurance mandatory, from a legal standpoint and from a social justice standpoint.

Tips To Make Online Car Insurance Comparison As Fast As Possible

Looking for auto insurance can be a pretty time-consuming affair, especially if you take the wrong approach. A decade ago, a motorist would have to call around to local car insurance offices to try to find a low rate and then go into the office to put a policy in place. Lucky for us, the Internet age has made the process of buying auto insurance much easier. Online auto insurance comparison websites make it much simpler to get quotes on varying amounts of coverage from dozens or even hundreds of car insurers. However, you can still spend quite a bit of time sorting through various quotes and offers. By doing a bit of preparation, you can make your search for a good auto insurance quote quick and easy.

First, gather your information. You’ll want to have your car’s make, model and year in front of you. You may also want to have access the VIN number. Additionally, get the details from any traffic citations and accidents that might count as points against your record. Auto insurance comparison websites will also often ask for your address. This allows them to determine whether you live in a high-crime area (the more auto theft in your neighborhood, the higher your rates will be).

Then, find several car insurance comparison websites. Enter the requested information to view the top quotes based on your driving record, age, gender, address and other factors. Keep in mind that while a comparison website might outright declare that a certain insurer will offer you the lowest possible rate, this isn’t always the case. You’ll want to narrow down your options to a few choices, and then get a detailed quote from each of these options. The actual insurer’s website might ask for more information than the comparison website. Enter all information truthfully; otherwise, the quote that you receive is likely to be inaccurate. You can also often save quite a bit by contacting prospective insurers via phone. Let them know if you’ve seen any lower quotes, and see if you can talk them into matching or beating their competitors’ prices. In today’s market, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to save significantly with a single phone call to a knowledgeable agent.

You should research auto insurance rates online at least once a year. This will ensure that you’re getting the best rate possible. Just because you receive a great low rate from your auto insurer to begin with doesn’t mean that the rate will continue to be the best in the industry. Car insurance is a very fluid market, so it’s well worth your time to check around, particularly if you’re at the end of your current car insurance term.

Things To Look Out For When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Buying auto insurance online is by far the most efficient method for quickly obtaining auto insurance policies. By browsing the Internet, you can gather better results much faster because many websites give you the capacity to compare quotes and packages instantly from different companies. You can easily get an auto insurance quote with just a few clicks of a button. However, there are some important things you must remember when dealing with online auto insurance. The Internet will always have its share of malicious and fraudulent schemes you need to be aware of.

First thing you need to be aware of is that auto insurance websites should not require you to provide any personal and identifiable information, and more importantly should not require any form of payment. Sending information and payment of fees should only be done when you have already agreed to the terms and have signed the policy agreement. The common data that should be obtained from you usually consists of your car model and your zip code information. In some cases they may even inquire about your driving experience and record. This data is essential, as it will aid the companies in putting together an accurate and appropriate insurance coverage quote for your vehicle. Nevertheless, always be extra careful in giving out information to online companies. Be vigilant of Internet frauds and scammers just waiting to fool you for money and use your common sense.

Also, make it a point to only deal with companies that are well known. It is very easy to be drawn to a company that offers a seemingly perfect package but is just too good to be true. Be wary of this especially when the company is requesting for a payment upfront. All online quotes should be free because it is part of their service and marketing strategy to collect customers that way.

The Internet is a very powerful tool. Utilize it to research various insurance companies and to read through their company reviews, forums and testimonials. Are there more successful stories or complaints? Is the feedback mostly positive or negative? Are there customer service issues? Use the information you gather to determine the legitimacy of the company you are dealing with. Additionally, feel free to call the insurance company to validate all the data they have provided you through their website. Any discrepancies in the data can be an indication of a scam.

It may be time consuming to do the research, but after doing so, you will definitely be rewarded by finding a company that is legitimate, one that you feel secure with and one that will offer the best-suited policy for your vehicle.

The Difference Between Commerical Auto Insurance And Conventional Auto Insurance

Obviously, different types of auto insurance are made to cover different types of risks. The main difference between commercial auto insurance and conventional auto insurance lies in the use of the vehicle. If you use your car to get to work, shop for groceries and take the kids to school, it’s considered personal use and is covered with a basic conventional policy. However, if a vehicle is used for commercial purposes, the rules change and that ordinary auto insurance policy is no longer adequate to cover the greater level of risk associated with commercial use of a vehicle.

Commercial vehicles are defined in different ways. For example, commercial insurance is required if the vehicle is used to transport passengers for hire. A good example of this is taxis or limousines. If a vehicle is used to carry out a service outside of personal use it should also carry a commercial auto insurance policy. Additionally, if a vehicle is used under the name of a corporation or other business entity, such as Harry’s Landscaping Service, Inc., such use is commercial in nature. This also applies if employees of that corporation use the vehicle in the course of their duties.

Commercial auto policies generally differ from personal policies in the amount of coverage a policyholder carries. In fact, it is not uncommon for commercial policies to exceed one million dollars of coverage. However, most of the basic risks that a commercial policy protects against are the same ones found in a conventional personal auto policy. The included coverages are usually bodily injury, property damage, no-fault, collision, comprehensive and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. Bodily injury and property damage coverage is necessary to protect against lawsuits by third parties. No-fault pays medical expenses for the vehicle’s driver and occupants regardless of fault. Collision and comprehensive covers physical damage to the vehicle, and uninsured/underinsured protection covers against vehicles with no insurance or inadequate insurance.

When searching for the best auto insurance quote – whether for commercial or conventional coverage – it is important to disclose the nature of use that you have planned for the vehicle. No one is being fooled when a personal vehicle is used for commercial purposes. At best, an insurance carrier will suspend the personal coverage because it doesn’t reflect the commercial use of the vehicle. At worst, the owner could face the unpleasant surprise of the insurance carrier refusing to defend him in the event of a lawsuit because the use of the vehicle was fraudulently misrepresented.

Understanding the difference between commercial and conventional auto insurance to determine the coverage you should buy is very important. If you don’t have the right coverage in an accident, the costs could be substantial.

Texas Program Cracks Down On Uninsured Drivers

Texas drivers will soon have powerful new incentives to get auto insurance, thanks to the efforts of the TexasSure program. TexasSure is comprised of an immense database of auto insurance policy information supplied by auto insurance companies of all sizes. The database will be used by law officials to locate drivers that might be forging insurance cards or foregoing car insurance altogether. Policemen and other officials will easily be able to determine whether a certain driver is insured using the database, and TexasSure officials will use the system to warn uninsured drivers that heavy penalties await them if they’re not willing to find some sort of legitimate auto insurance coverage.

Most of the time, drivers don’t get insurance policies because the cost of coverage is too high. This is especially the case when a bad economy hits, a time when the number of uninsured drivers commonly rises. While driving while uninsured might seem like a cheap option when looking for an auto insurance quote, it’s illegal in the United States. It can also result in huge fines and financial ruin in the event of a serious accident. The penalty in Texas for driving a vehicle without insurance is $350 for the first offense. The fine more than doubles for additional offenses, and can result in the loss of a person’s driver’s license and even jail time.

Texas drivers looking for a cheap auto insurance rate should consider online insurance cost comparison websites. Additionally, other methods can be used to further decrease premiums, even for high-risk drivers. For example, defensive driving courses and joint policies (policies that cover all of the drivers in a household rather than a single motorist) are great ways to decrease costs. Most auto insurance companies offer tips for decreasing the cost of policies, which certainly will be helpful when the TexasSure system goes into widespread use. Insured drivers in the Lone Star State will probably see decreased premiums as a result of the TexasSure system for several reasons. More insured drivers means less litigation and payout for car insurance companies. These savings are passed on to consumers. The increase in demand for car insurance might further drive rates down, as car insurers will have more capital to use when paying out on claims.

If the system is successful, it may expand to other states. This development could lead to safer roads throughout the United States, as well as lower auto insurance costs across the board. For Texas drivers, though, the benefits of the new program are immediate – fewer drivers will be able to find ways around the law, and safe drivers will enjoy a lower auto insurance rate.

Are Old Cars Better Than New Cars When It Comes To Auto Insurance Costs

Buying a new car is a big decision with many factors to consider. Often, in making this choice, the thought of the auto insurance premiums that may accompany this new purchase is as an afterthought. However, like gas mileage, these premiums add up over the life of the car and should be considered when making purchase decisions. A little research may yield some surprising findings, especially when considering a new car versus an older model. Older cars can actually be better than new cars when it comes to auto insurance costs.

While the factors that go into calculating car insurance premiums can seem obscure to the average insurance consumer, many of the insurance companies’ concerns mirror those of the consumers. At the top of the list of concerns are cost, safety and risk of theft. While other elements come into play when determining insurance rates, a buyer can control these factors. When considering an older model, start with the vehicle’s safety rating. Older models need to have modern safety features to secure lower premiums. Look for models with proven safety records, such as five-star safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In general, larger cars have higher safety ratings than smaller ones, but there are exceptions. Safety features such as airbags, seatbelt types and anti-lock brakes can often save you money with your insurance provider. When considering an older model, use these features as a guide to help keep your premium costs down.

Theft deterrent features may also lower you insurance premiums. More expensive new and luxury cars may have lower theft risks, which can make up for the high sticker prices and lower safety ratings. For older models, research theft rates in your area for the type of vehicle you are considering. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a good source for this kind of information. In addition to theft, costs for repair and frequency of claims can also drive up auto insurance premiums. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which provides data on frequency of insurance claims for specific vehicle models, is one resource for investigating potential red flags. When considering an older model, availability of parts and service should also be considered.

Older cars have an initial advantage in terms of auto insurance premiums, given that they are generally less expensive than newer models. Capitalizing on this advantage and translating it to an actual lower premium requires some research and careful decision-making. Talking to an insurance agent and requesting an auto insurance quote is the surest way to determine auto insurance costs. Keeping all these guidelines in mind can help steer you towards auto insurance savings.

Four States – So Far – To Implement Stricter Laws Against Distracted Driving In 2010

You can spot them a mile away. They’re the ones driving 10 to 30 mph under the posted speed limit, swerving between lanes, speeding up only to slow down again and oddly stopping at a green light. These drivers are demonstrating the telltale signs that they are either impaired or distracted. Depending on which of many credible studies you want to believe, distracted drivers are responsible for up to 80 percent of the accidents reported in 2009. Sadly, the majority of these distracted motorists are those with the least amount of experience behind the wheel – motorists under the age of 20. The last decade has seen an explosion in hand-held technology and by far, the use of these devices is the number one distraction for motorists. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board is urging individual states to crack down on and take measures to reduce distraction for young drivers in its November 2009 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Issues.

Already this year, four out of the 50 states in the country have heard the call. Illinois, Kansas, New Hampshire and Oregon are all poised to implement new legislation designed to punish and discourage drivers from engaging in the use of hand-held electronic devices while driving. The proposed distracted driving laws vary from one state to another, but the spirit of the law is universal in all four states. Oregon laws will be the most restrictive, since the state plans to prohibit the use of any hand held device for drivers of all ages. Illinois and Kansas plan to target those drivers with probationary licenses and learner’s permits, while New Hampshire intends to crack down on those who send or receive text messages while driving.

Since 2006, the National Transportation Safety Board has been encouraging the electronics industry to employ their genius to create technology that would make the driving environment less complex and reduce the toll of injuries and deaths on the nation’s highways.’In his January 6, 2006 address at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV then acting chairman Mark V. Rosenker stated, ‘There are technologies that can improve safety in the driving environment. Adopting these safety enhancements and making them readily available to consumers should be an industry priority.’

Since then, the electronic industry has failed to gain the attention of young drivers with such measures. Perhaps the insurance industry will have the last say. In tandem with stricter laws that are spreading throughout the country, one can only imagine that obtaining an auto insurance quote for an affordable auto insurance rate will be infinitely more difficult if the driver has recorded citations for breaking the traffic laws in these states.

How Understanding Coverage Levels Can Reduce Your Premium Costs

In tough economic times, any cost-saving measures that can be taken, should be. In the realm of auto insurance, understanding your coverage levels can help you keep your auto insurance premiums lower.

When determining your coverage levels, make sure to understand what you’re looking at. Carriers generally designate an auto insurance policy by two numbers with a slash between them, such as 25/50, 50/100, or 100/300. The first number represents how much liability coverage is available per person in the event of an accident. Liability coverage is what protects you from the lawsuits of others. The second number represents the total amount of liability coverage for an accident. If there are several people injured in one car, they’ll have to split the pie between them. This means that if you carry a 25/50 policy and have an accident with a driver and three passengers, the most your carrier will reimburse them is $50,000. By purchasing the lowest possible insurance coverage, you have saved money over buying a 100/300 policy.

However, be cautious when considering buying the minimum amount of coverage. In an accident involving four people, $50,000 is not going to go very far. If claims against you cost more than that, you will be forced to pay out of pocket or through your assets. So, instead of getting minimal coverage, opt to save on your premiums by looking at limits in other safer areas. You have limits on uninsured and underinsured motorist protection. You purchase this for the contingency that you may have an accident with someone who has no insurance, or has pitifully low limits of insurance. You could opt for lower limits on these coverages. Although you might still feel uncomfortable in making reducing your protection there, it is probably preferable to making a concession in your liability coverage.

When comparing one auto insurance quote with another, you can explore even more ways on lowering your premiums. If you don’t mind paying the first few hundred dollars of a loss out of pocket, you could opt for a higher deductible. For instance, premiums will be lower for a policy with a $500 deductible as opposed to a $200 deductible. If you don’t have an accident, you enjoy sizable savings at the end of the year. Like other aspects of insurance, it’s essentially a gamble. You could also save by not opting for the supplemental provisions of your first party benefits, such as enhanced lost wages benefits.

When you’re shopping for auto insurance, understanding your coverage levels can be a great help in saving you money on your premiums. Obtaining adequate, yet minimal coverage may put a good wad of cash in your wallet at the end of the year.

What Is A Payment Recovery Adjuster

When obtaining an auto insurance quote, most people are focused on how much the initial cost will be, the amount of the monthly premiums and what exactly the policy will cover in the event of an accident. It is naturally taken for granted that if the car insured is involved in an accident where the other party is at fault, the insurance company will diligently pursue them on the client’s behalf. But how exactly does this process work?

Every insurance company has a portion of its staff dedicated to the process of payment recovery, or, in technical terms subrogation.’ After an accident claim is reported and fault is determined, an insurance company will pay out to have their client’s vehicle repaired, and will then begin the payment recovery process with the other party’s insurance company. They do so by employing a ‘payment recovery adjustor.’ It is this person’s job to recover the funds that the insurance company has paid out to repair the car, and in some cases the client’s deductible as well, from the at-fault person’s insurance company.

The payment recovery adjustor will typically begin by speaking to the at-fault party’s insurance company, or directly to the other party themselves. Insurance websites and agents are very clear that payment recovery is not always a guarantee, especially if the other party disputes the accident or does not have insurance. In any event, the payment recovery adjustor will typically keep the client informed of the subrogation progress, as well as its intended resolution time. This time varies wildly, depending on how cooperative all parties wish to be, and it can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months. As mentioned, some companies will try to recover their client’s auto insurance deductible, but their first priority will always be to recover their own costs. In different states, the amount of recovery and what exactly can be recovered varies greatly. A states’ car insurance regulatory body will set out the guidelines for what can be recovered.

The adjustor will typically work until all options have been exhausted to recover payment, and in some cases will also work to have the at-fault party’s driver’s license suspended if they were driving without insurance. Adjustors will ask clients to deal with them only on insurance matters, and not to speak to the other party or their insurance company. They’re also instructed not to admit fault or take any sort of cash payout, as it could affect the claim’s progress.

Knowing the process of subrogation and the role a payment recovery adjustor plays in a claim can be beneficial when you find yourself in the middle of accident claim.

Tire Safety And Minimizing Auto Insurance Claims

While news stories often document cases of excessive speed or alcohol consumption as leading factors in automobile accidents, a more mundane factor can be the possible wear on a vehicle’s tires. Whether this is due to improper alignment, under or over inflation or a simple leak, a bad tire and a high rate of speed can have disastrous results. This can lead to unnecessary insurance claims, resulting in higher auto insurance rates for drivers.

Many websites, including the one for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, advocate checking a vehicle’s tires periodically in order to help minimize accidents and mishaps. A good rule of thumb is to check the tires of a vehicle every month or so. The first thing to do is to check the wear pattern on the tire. If the tires are worn on both outer edges, the tire is under-inflated. If the center is worn, over-inflation is the likely culprit. If there are sporadic bald spots or only one side is worn, the tires may not be balanced or aligned properly, and the car should be taken to a repair shop for servicing. Drivers are also encouraged to have their tires rotated at certain mileage points. Drivers should also check their tires for nails, screws or anything else that may have become lodged in them. If attempting to remove and foreign body from the tire, be extremely careful. If there is the noise of air escaping as the object is removed, take the vehicle to be serviced immediately. Minor holes or punctures can be repaired quite easily, provided the car owner gets their vehicle to a service station as soon as possible.

It is also worthwhile to make sure that the spare tire in the vehicle is inflated and ready to be used if necessary. Despite all precautions, the road remains a hazardous place, and even careful planning cannot account for chance. If the car does happen to receive a flat tire on the road, a spare can make all the difference between waiting for hours for a tow truck and being able to drive oneself to the mechanic.

The goal of any driver is to limit the amount of auto insurance claims they make during the course of their policy, and checking tire pressure and wear is an excellent way to be proactive against preventable traffic collisions. Despite the plethora of online insurance agencies now operating, a driver with numerous collisions on record will be assaulted by high-cost auto insurance quotes at every turn. This can be made all the more frustrating if a few moments of tire inspection could have prevented any or all of those accidents.

The Genetic Connection Between Bad Driving & Costlier Auto Insurance

It should come as no surprise that dangerous drivers pay more for auto insurance. After all, the entire insurance industry is set up to charge drivers more or less based on their level of driving risk. What might surprise some policyholders, however, is the fact that genetics might have something to do with their bad driving habits.

A study recently reported in the journal Cerebral Cortex’ noted that about a third of all drivers are missing a gene that allows them to develop a working memory while performing repetitive tasks – like driving a set course. Drivers missing this gene therefore have a minimized sense of direction. This results in them paying less attention to the road, a higher risk to be in an accident and a potentially higher auto insurance rate. Genetics can also impact a driver’s ability to react and think quickly to avoid an accident. Some have even suggested that the tendency to drive while stressed out or emotional may be genetic, meaning that ‘road rage’ might not be in the control of some drivers. In a broad way, genetics effects everything that humans do, down to driving, but discovering specific missing or malfunctioning genes that lead to bad driving habits could have strange implications for insurers and policy holders.

Don’t expect your insurer to ask you for a genetics test the next time you look for an auto insurance quote, however. While genetic studies are interesting, they’re not a determinant used by any insurer. In fact, genetics might actually be an illegal consideration for insurance companies to use according to some federal and state guidelines. And, even if genes were easy to read, they wouldn’t provide as much information for an insurance agent as a driver’s record and the various statistics that car insurance companies currently use when determining coverage and rates. If they were, auto insurance companies would ask for a family history, as this would be a fine way to determine whether someone was genetically predisposed to driving poorly.

The tried and true methods that insurers use are always adapting as new statistics become available, but rates are still essentially based on a driver’s record. Drivers can avoid high car insurance premiums by simply driving well, using comparison websites when looking for new quotes, and by following insurance agents’ instructions to decrease the risk that they pose to insurers – such as taking defensive driving courses and driving safer vehicles.

Genetics may factor into car insurance some day, but for the lowest rates, the best approach is to simply take an active approach to driving carefully–even if this tactic goes against your genes.

Driver’s Ed Gaining Popularity In Schools, Minimizing Future Insurance Claims

Driver’s education is now currently popular in high schools across the country. There are a number of reasons why teen drivers are benefiting from taking drivers education classes in school. Less than ten percent of the last generation of American school children took drivers ed as an optional course. Here are some reasons why drivers ed is gaining increased popularity in schools.

Inexperienced teenage drivers often overestimate their abilities while driving. Many teens do not know common driving rules. For example, they may not know how to measure a safe distance from other cars while in traffic. Teens that do not learn about why certain laws exist may unknowingly break them. Open discussion forums in classrooms can walk students through many different traffic scenarios. Teens that have some monitored experience driving with an adult have less accidents and unintended property damage claims. Auto insurance quotes allow for a quick addition of young drivers to policies that may include other family vehicles.

Obtaining auto insurance coverage is more affordable for teens that have completed drivers ed in school. Passing the required drivers ed class may be easier with peer support. Students involved in extracurricular activities must pass all classes to participate. Parents may be more involved in helping with reviewing safety issues regarding obtaining a license when there is instruction at school. Meetings should be held to let parents know exactly how their teens can qualify for auto insurance coverage discounts. Many states have increased the budget for driver’s education in high schools. This helps students whose parents may not be able to pay the out-of-pocket expense for the drivers ed course. Some schools may offer the course for free or at a discount. There are some community organizations that support teenage drivers ed courses. Parents that have severely injured teens in auto accidents or those who have experienced traffic-related deaths of their own teens support schools monetarily for providing more drivers education. Educating the parents may increase the number of students that choose to enroll in driver’s education as an elective in high school.

Many car insurance companies offer reduced rates for teen drivers that have one or more driver’s education courses completed. Auto insurance coverage is easier to obtain for teens that have successfully completed drivers ed and obtained licensing. Use the resources provided by local schools to help educate your teen driver. Educated teen drivers have fewer fatalities and severe injuries.

Your Insurance Score: What It Is And How It’s Used By Auto Insurance Companies

Do you ever wonder how an auto insurance company comes up with a quote for you after you’ve supplied them with all of your information? Enter the auto insurance score. This figure determines the premium you will pay to an auto insurance company. However, this number is rather elusive to the average consumer. According to Consumer Reports, the average auto insurance company seldom discloses auto insurance scores or their function in deciding premiums. The scoring models utilize data that seem to have no influence on the driver’s potential to file claims. Because each company uses different models and considers factors such as credit report information in different ways, there isn’t an industry standard for calculating scores.

Although methodology varies, there are factors that comprise your auto insurance score. An auto insurance score reflects a combination of your driving record and your credit score. Insurers consider your credit history because it is an indicator of the likelihood that the insured will file a claim. It is worth noting that even a person with a clean driving record could experience increased premiums if they have a low credit ranking.

The calculations of insurance scores differ from traditional lender scores. The formulations for insurance scoring consider credit data in a different way. For example, if a credit bureau reports that a person has opened a credit card account recently and two credit accounts the year before; then made a couple loan inquiries without accepting the credit; they may experience higher premiums. Insurance industry professionals contend that there is a statistical correlation between auto insurance scores and claims filed. However, consumers should be aware that shopping around and getting multiple auto insurance quotes does not penalize you in any way when the time comes to actually purchase an auto insurance policy. On the other hand, inquiries resulting from a loan application do count.

In addition to your insurance score, factors such as age, gender, marital status, yearly mileage, coverage type, accidents and traffic violations, and the type of vehicle being insured influence auto insurance costs Whether you live in the city or in a rural area is yet another factor The amount of an auto insurance quote also has everything to do with your loyalty to your current insurer. You can benefit by staying with the same company because insurers have determined that long-term customers have fewer claims. Multiple policies with the same company, going paperless, scheduling electronic funds transfer or paying your premium in full are other ways to lower your auto insurance costs.

Knowing ahead of time what is going to affect the insurance rates you receive will help you prepare yourself for the costs you will be asked to pay for auto insurance.

Winter And Auto Insurance Claims

Winter can be a depressing season for many motorists, as the colder months tend to be those when most auto insurance claims are filed. Auto insurance companies are often quick to point this fact out, as their interest is, of course, to decrease the amount of claims they handle in any way possible. They do this by sometimes sending out information on winter driving or even use press releases to try to urge drivers to behave more carefully in colder conditions. Nevertheless, it’s still a treacherous season to be on the road, according to accident statistics on American highways.

The reason behind the elevated number of claims on auto insurance coverage during the winter is easy to figure out – road conditions change drastically during the winter months. Colder temperatures mean more ice, snow, impaired vision via frost on windshields and mirrors, and accidents due to vehicle malfunction. Drivers can, of course, plan for and adapt to these new conditions. Learning the correct procedures for driving on snow and hitting patches of black ice, as well as monitoring your speed on highways or other roads are all crucial for safe winter driving. It also pays to spend a bit of money before the winter hits to get your car ready for the season. Investing in snow tires and getting regular tune-ups can help you coast through the winter months without incident. In addition, dealing with vehicle problems as soon is they’re apparent is also important. Remember, if you make any claims where you’re at fault, you can expect a higher auto insurance quote in the future, so spending a little precautionary money actually saves quite a bit in the long run.

Unfortunately, even if you take every possible step to ensure your safety during the winter months, you can’t do the same for other drivers. One of those other drivers may end up causing an accident with your car, which results in a claim – maybe not a claim that will affect your insurance, but an annoyance nonetheless. Before you hit the road, double check to make sure you’ve got up-to-date insurance information in your car, and make sure you know the correct process for documenting and reporting a claim. A seemingly minor mistake like apologizing for an accident that wasn’t your fault can end up ruining your claim and costing you a lot of money.

Some areas of the country have to worry more about the winter than others, but even if you live in bad winter weather, taking time to know your auto insurance policy and to keep your car (and driving habits) winterized will be incredibly helpful throughout the season.

Why Are All State Auto Insurance Requirements Different

When it comes to auto insurance requirements, each state in the United States sets its own standards that its citizens need to adhere to in order to operate a vehicle. Because there are no federal standards for auto insurance, there are no states that have the same requirements. For instance, each state mandates the minimum amount of coverage an auto insurance policy must provide in terms of bodily injury liability per person, total bodily injury liability and property damage liability on an accident-by-accident basis. Similarly, the penalties for not having adequate auto insurance also vary by state. The primary reason why states vary in their auto insurance requirements is because each state is loosely classified as being either a tort state, no-fault state, or add-on state.

Tort states, also known as fault’ states, require auto insurers to cover claims only to the degree by which the driver is decided not to be at fault. For instance, if you run a red light in a tort state and cause an accident, your insurer may not be responsible for covering any costs you personally incur for either property damage or medical bills, or costs for which you are deemed responsible following a lawsuit. However, even in tort states most auto insurance providers offer policies that cover medical bills and sometimes even property damage regardless of fault. Most states have adopted these tort-based systems.

No-fault states differ from tort states in that insurers are required to cover medical costs regardless of who is determined to be at fault for an accident. The most important feature of no-fault states is that while they do not allow one driver to sue another seeking medical compensation, they do allow for insurers and individuals to sue one another for property damage, including damage to one’s vehicle. The justification for a no-fault system of auto insurance is to reduce the costly burden placed on both the legal system and individuals in resolving accident claims via lawsuits and to generally expedite the process for drivers.

Add-on states represent a combination of the tort and no-fault state approaches, generally requiring that accident victims seek compensation from their own insurers, but place little or no restrictions on lawsuits against the other involved parties in order to seek compensation based on who was at fault. Drivers in add-on states can purchase optional personal injury protection that requires their own insurer to pay medical costs regardless of fault, but still maintain the driver’s legal right to sue the other party for additional accident-related injuries and for pain and suffering.

It is important for all drivers to familiarize themselves with the requirements of their own state to ensure they seek the proper sort of auto insurance quote.

What Students Can Do To Minimize Their Car Insurance Costs For Parents

When under the age of 25 it can be expensive to insure student drivers. Fortunately, there are many auto insurance discounts available to minimize this cost for teen drivers, and their parents. Parents can call for an auto insurance quote and ask for discounts applicable to teen drivers.

Students have at their fingertips an array of auto insurance discounts that they should take advantage of in order to save substantial money. For example, teens are able to take courses to reduce their auto insurance rates. To qualify for this discount, the student usually has stipulations to meet with the course. Most times these include receiving 30 hours of classroom instruction, undergoing a minimum of six hours operating a motorized vehicle and that the course must be conducted by a licensed instructor. Students can locate courses online, and oftentimes, insurance companies work with specific programs that offer driving courses for students. If using an outside agency, students should verify the course meets the required stipulations before signing up for the class.

A good driving record can also pay off for teens when it comes to car insurance rates. In order to apply for this discount, all members under the same insurance policy (usually all drivers in the same household) must have no at-fault accidents and no moving violations of any sort within the past three years. Teen drivers can receive further discounts for good grades in school. If you are enrolled in high school or college full time, under the age of 25 and unmarried (depending on the insurance company), you may be eligible for an auto insurance discount. The student must show proof of their enrollment and meet one of the following requirements: rank in the top 20 percent of his/her class; a grade average of B or higher; a grade point average of 3.0 or higher (out of 4.0); or made honor roll or dean’s list. Students that are home schooled can also qualify for teen auto insurance discounts. They need to rank in the upper 20 percents on one of the following tests taken within the last 12 months: PSAT, PLAC, SAT-1, ACT, TAP or the California achievement test.

Teens can also minimize auto insurance rates by choosing cars that are low in maintenance costs, are not at high risk for being stolen, perform well in safety testing and are low performance’ vehicles. It is prudent for students to contact their insurance company for an auto insurance quote and double-check their vehicle of choice.

Students have many opportunities to save their parents money. A little bit of research goes a long way, and so does good grades and driving records.

The Difference Between An Amendment And An Endorsement On An Auto Insurance Policy

In the market to buy a new auto insurance policy? Shopping for a competitive discount rate is the easy part. While learning how auto insurance policies differ from company to company could take a little more time, it also could dramatically affect the rate that you will ultimately pay. However, you could also choose to stay with your current policy. A friendly auto insurance customer service representative will give you an auto insurance quote and update you on auto insurance policy information. Using a clear understanding of your driving record, these folks can help you determine your best options and what advantages or limitations that can offer you. Once you’ve decided upon your policy, it’s imperative you understand the difference between an amendment and an endorsement so that you don’t suddenly find yourself paying an increased auto insurance rate.

An auto insurance amendment is an update or a change made to your auto insurance policy that would change or correct coverage and therefore change the cost of your new policy. For example, if the state in which you live changed the legislative requirements for auto insurance companies to increase or restrict bodily injury coverage and the limits for bodily injury were increased or even decreased, there would be an auto insurance amendment to your policy. You would receive an updated declarations page in the mail with the new limits to bodily injury in the incident of a collision. Most likely this will affect the cost or the rate and your new policy would need to be adjusted. When you obtain your policy, inquire about the procedure your insurance company follows to make these sorts of changes.

An auto insurance endorsement is a change made to your policy instigated by you, the policyholder. If you make an endorsement to the policy, such as adding another vehicle or adding another driver or another car, be aware of the costs associated with that coverage. Because the coverage would change in this situation, the rate you pay might also be adjusted. It is wise to understand the variables that might affect a change of rate and coverage in your policy.

In summary, when shopping for a new auto insurance policy the best idea is to choose an auto insurance company that is not only competitive in rates, but flexible, when it comes to making changes to your policy. Make sure you are familiar with their policies and be aware when changes are being made to your coverage. Being flexible should appeal to the auto insurance company because it allows customers to grow with the company. And loyal customers that are happy with the way their policy is handled will ultimately bring profits into the auto insurance company.

Motor Vehicle Report: What Is It And How Does It Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate

When looking for auto insurance quotes, it’s helpful to know the methods that insurance companies use to determine the rates they offer you for coverage. Most drivers know that car insurance companies look at demographics and statistics to determine the likelihood of a claim being made on a policy. They’re also aware that the amount of coverage that a driver buys directly affects the cost of his or her policy. However, many drivers are unaware of motor vehicle reports (MRVs). These reports detail the entire history of a certain driver’s record, including any citations that have been issued, accidents and other incidents. Every car insurance company uses these reports when determining auto insurance rates. They’re also commonly used by companies that hire commercial drivers, or companies that issue company cars’ to certain employees.

For the insurance companies, motor vehicle reports represent an obvious advantage. They give a clear picture as to how safe a driver is, and how likely that driver is to make a claim – and how often. Insurance companies want to make a profit, after all, so they compensate this risk by charging higher risk drivers higher auto insurance rates. Therefore, every mark against a driver’s record as displayed in a motor vehicle report is reflected in the auto insurance quote that the motorist receives when applying for a policy. The more offenses a driver has, the worse his rate, and conversely, the less offenses, the better the rate.

Some drivers may find motor vehicle reports unfair, especially if they were issued multiple citations in a single traffic accident. In this scenario, auto insurance rates can suddenly experience a massive jump. State law often requires that insurance companies decide their rates by going back no more than two years on a motor vehicle report. This limits the possible negative consequences of a motor vehicle report. Your auto insurance quote will still be affected by those last two years, though, and unfortunately there’s no way to get a blemish off of your MRV other than to wait and keep your driving record clean.

In the meantime, drivers who have received several citations and offenses can lower their auto insurance quotes by doing comparison shopping. Using comparison shopping websites can be particularly helpful, especially after a driver obtains a copy of his motor vehicle report to use when looking for an auto insurance quote. It’s also often possible to take defensive driving courses and pay for court supervision to lessen the effects of an offense on a MRV. Safe drivers can benefit from their motor vehicle reports by pointing out a clean record when negotiating with their insurance company for better rates.

How To Get The Most Accurate Auto Insurance Quote Online

When you want to get the most accurate auto insurance quote online, it’s a good idea to know how insurance companies rate vehicles and determine insurance costs, discounts and options that can affect how much you have to pay. If you give the insurance company as little information as possible, whoever answers your request won’t have enough to go on in order to make your quote accurate. It’s tempting not to offer too much information so you don’t get spammed with companies trying to sell you something – especially if you use a site that lets you get quotes from multiple companies – but it’s very important to be thorough in order to get an accurate price on an auto insurance policy the first time around.

The best information you can offer to any auto insurance company is the VIN of the vehicle you’re thinking about purchasing (or already own). The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is found on every vehicle. It can tell an insurance company the make, model and year of the car, truck or motorcycle. It also helps with auto insurance quotes because the insurance company can determine what kind of equipment came standard on that particular car. This could include things like front and side airbags and alarm systems, as well as anti-lock brakes and other options. The higher the number of safety features the lower the cost of insurance – no matter what type of car you’re driving. The VIN will provide the insurance company with the most accurate description of the car and, therefore, making it possible for them to provide the most accurate auto insurance quotes. You can certainly get auto insurance quotes without it, but you might find that your auto insurance policy doesn’t cost what you thought it would as it may adjust when you actually enter your VIN for the final purchase.

If you don’t have the VIN, providing the make, model and year of the car are all necessary to get auto insurance quotes that have any kind of accuracy. In addition, it’s important to find out what features your vehicle has. If you don’t know, you should say that the car doesn’t have the feature. That way, your quote for auto insurance may be higher than what you actually have to pay, but it won’t be lower. If you say that the car has every safety feature, but the VIN reveals that this is not the case, your price for the auto insurance policy could potentially be a lot higher than you were expecting.

When you’re serious about getting good auto insurance quotes, the more information you can provide the better for the company to help you.

How Important Is It To Have Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Coverage

For anyone who owns a car, the idea of breaking down in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare. Therefore, getting an auto insurance quote that includes breakdown coverage is critical. At the time of such an unfortunate event, your auto insurance policy could make all the difference. Under your policy, mechanical breakdown insurance coverage can help you turn a difficult situation into one with a quick solution. Put simply, you never know if or when you may breakdown. The value of knowing you will be fine in a breakdown situation makes a comprehensive auto insurance policy the best option all round.

As with any other coverage, getting an accurate auto insurance quote is the place to start. Even if your car is brand new, it is still important to have the peace of mind that mechanical breakdown insurance coverage provides. Breaking down is never fun, but the time, location and situation can always make a bad situation worse. What you do not need in the event of such a mishap is the immediate concern of how you are going to sort things out. Having an auto insurance policy that covers breakdown repairs, towing and other related issues is the only way to go.

When you are shopping for that all-important auto insurance quote, it is important to read the details. If you want mechanical breakdown insurance, make sure to let your agent know, as this coverage doesn’t usually come standard on most policies. Additionally, your breakdown coverage will vary based on many factors to ensure that your policy is personalized to reflect your needs based on your situation. Have your agent go over everything that is going to be covered under this area of your policy so you aren’t caught off guard when the time comes to use it. This way you’ll know if towing is covered or if calling someone to change your tire is covered.

Some people go without an auto insurance policy that covers breakdowns. It may save money on premiums, but there will always be a price to pay. If you do not have mechanical breakdown insurance coverage and your car breaks down, the cost will soon be clear. Tow trucks, call outs, repairs – they all cost a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be better to have an auto insurance policy that covers all that? Being at the side of the road and knowing that one call to your insurance company will ensure you have a reliable, cost-efficient fix to a difficult predicament is worth it. So if it’s peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones that you’re looking for, mechanical breakdown insurance coverage is the answer.

Are Online Auto Insurance Quotes Better Than Those Given By Agents

Back before the Internet, the only way to go about getting auto insurance quotes was dealing directly with an insurance agent. Though this is still an option today, it’s one that comes with several elements you have to consider. For example, an agent may not have up-to-date software to give you the lowest rate possible. This may also make it harder for the agent to help you compare their company’s rates with that of other companies. And, while it is nice meeting with a person face-to-face, the agent you wish to meet with may be extremely busy and may require you to make an appointment. So, despite it all, is it better to meet with an agent, or are online quotes just as good?

Online insurance quotes consider many key questions that an agent might not. These questions open up the discussion for additional avenues of available discounts. Auto insurance quote questions may address age, the number of drivers in the household, driving habits and organization affiliations. Though, some questions may seem a bit personal or redundant, they are designed to uncover which car insurance policy is best. Answering each question accurately can result lower auto insurance premiums.

Many online comparison companies are also able to offer you a view of what many companies can offer you in terms of auto insurance rates. Sites that are not affiliated with a specific insurance company can lay out several different costs to you from a number of companies based off the questions you answer. This can assure you that you are getting the best price for your auto insurance, and that you aren’t overpaying by not getting your auto insurance policy through another company.

Working with an agent means the auto insurance quote must be handled when it is convenient for them. This may be during business hours or on weekends. It is also possible that if an insurance agent is working for a specific insurance company, he/she won’t offer you policies from another that would be of lower cost to you. If you are able to work around this, you may benefit from working directly with an agent as opposed to a computer. You will be able to ask clarifying questions of an agent that you might not be able to ask when getting a quote via computer. You may also be able to obtain great advice about how much coverage you need on your policy based on your specific scenario.

There are advantages and disadvantages to either method of finding auto insurance. More or less, it all depends on how important face-to-face interaction is to you and how quickly you need an auto insurance quote.

Do All Auto Insurance Policies Come With Roadside Assistance

In today’s McDonald’s world, everything is about choices. We get to decide whether or not we want ketchup on our cheeseburgers, how many text messages we want to send per month, and if we need 100 or thousands of cable channels. Today, few products or services come with standard models. The same is the case with auto insurance. Although the purpose of auto insurance is to protect a customer’s vehicle in the event of a theft, accident or other disaster, many insurance companies are offering many different options that can be added to policies for an additional cost. Roadside assistance is one of them.

Not all car insurance policies come with roadside assistance. In fact, not all policies come with all kinds of coverage. This is why it is of the utmost importance to do your research before you get an auto insurance quote. While auto insurance quotes might tell you that you can pay the low auto insurance rate of only $35 per month, this generally includes on the liability insurance that you are required to have by law. If you want coverage for your own car in the event of an accident, coverage for an accident that you may cause, or extras like roadside assistance, you’ll have to pay more. When you search for an auto insurance quote, be sure to specify what kind of auto insurance options you’re looking for.

Although, at first this seems like a trick of business, it’s not. Of course, car insurance companies are looking to make some money off of you being safe, but adding options like roadside assistance to your policy doesn’t mean you’ll be paying an exorbitant auto insurance rate. Instead, roadside assistance options can cost as little as $15 a month when added to your auto insurance plan. You can also find roadside assistance by joining a motor club like AAA. When it comes to paying the bill, it’s all up to you!

How much you pay for roadside assistance reflects how much assistance you’ll need. Do you just need basic services that can tow your car if you should be unable to fix it on the road? Or, do you need more comprehensive services that will come and change your flat tire or give you a jump? Before deciding on the amount of roadside assistance coverage to add to your auto policy, consider your circumstances. If you work far from home and would need a long tow should your car break down at work, you might want to go for a plan that offers long rage towing.

If you want this extra protection, don’t assume it’s covered by your insurance policy. Ask for it, and you’ll be good to go.

Can Proper Winter Car Preparation Result In Auto Insurance Discounts

When looking for an auto insurance quote, you probably make a point to take advantage of every possible discount you can find – good driving, multiple car, safety features, etc. After all, you don’t want to pay a cent more for good auto insurance coverage than you had to. However, once you get your policy, is also helps to look at it every season to find seasonal discounts on your premiums. This is especially true in the winter, which is historically the worst season for driving – claims against auto insurance policies skyrocket during the icy season, and the number of accidents in colder climates climb as drivers hit the road in vehicles that are under prepared for winter driving conditions. Under many policies, you can get an auto insurance discount by taking a few simple steps to get your vehicle ready for the cold.

Many insurance companies will add a discount to your policy if you get regular tune-ups and scheduled maintenance. This maintenance decreases the chances of a vehicle malfunction that would lead to an accident – ultimately leading to claims. Choosing tires that are well adapted to snow and ice can also be beneficial to your car insurance policy. The type of tires that you drive on can make an enormous difference, as many motorists in the northern United States already know. Insurance companies also know that the best way to avoid accidents in the winter is to drive more safely. You can refresh your winter driving skills by attending a defensive driving class, and most insurance companies have discounts available for drivers who attend these short, low cost (or free) sessions.

Some insurance companies don’t offer any sort of discount for smart drivers that winterize their vehicles. Most of the major companies have discounts, but it’s impossible to say whether your policy has built-in discounts without looking at your car insurance coverage. Contacting your car insurance agent is the best way to determine whether any sort of auto insurance discount is available when you take steps to winterize’ your vehicle. This may also be something you want to inquire about in your initial car insurance search, especially if you live in the northern U.S. that experiences lots of snow.

Regardless of whether a winterizing discount is available for you, you will at least know that you are taking the proper precautions to keep your passengers safe, and to help you avoid insurance claims due to winter accidents. Doing all these things will also help in the long term, because the less claims you make and the smarter you drive, the easier you will make it one yourself to get car insurance in the future.

Auto Insurance Policies For Military Personnel

Members of the military perform strenuous jobs in order to maintain national security. Unfortunately, this danger level isn’t always reflected in their pay rate. Like every member of society, service members may have large families, be paying off student loans or have excess debt. Luckily, one of those added excessive costs doesn’t have to be auto insurance. Today, many insurance companies acknowledge the sacrifice that military personnel are giving for their country by offering discounts to service members. In addition to these discounts, military members can further save themselves money by exploring other discounts offered by insurance companies. Affordable auto insurance rates can be a help to anyone.

Families of service members may be currently working lower paying jobs due to having to be close to their spouse’s assigned duty station. It also possible that a member’s significant other is watching over the family – and their auto insurance coverage -alone while the service member is deployed overseas. In these situations, having low-cost car insurance that provides the proper amount of coverage can bring peace to a soldier who can’t be there all the time with their family.

When military members are seeking out auto insurance quotes, they can question agents about making sure coverage is adjusted properly. It may also be worth looking to see if the companies you are inquiring with have a separate inquiry process for military personnel. Having this available in the future can be helpful with problems that service members and their families commonly face, including frequent moves, address changes and deployments. Inquiring in this manner can also ensure military families get the best possible rate for the proper amount of auto insurance coverage. If a spouse is taking on this task, they can still make sure the family gets a discount by mentioning their military affiliation.

When determining coverage, it’s important to consider whether the service member will be overseas. If a military member is deployed, their vehicle in the U.S. will likely be left undriven, and therefore will require minimal auto insurance coverage. By making sure this sort of adjustment gets made, insurance rates can be dropped significantly. Avoid dropping insurance on that vehicle all together – though it may be tempting to save money. Even though the vehicle is not being driven, it may still be subject to damage that may occur where it is stored, or it may still be at risk of being stolen. Maintaining a certain amount of coverage is still vital.

Getting an accurate auto insurance quote doesn’t have to be difficult just because you’re a member of the military service. In fact, you might be in for some great money-saving discounts.

Shopping Around For Auto Insurance Gives Leverage With Current Insurer

Auto insurance rates have been on the rise. Much of this has to do with the state of the economy and the increasing costs of claims for insurers. State, provincial and federal governments have considered initiating certain programs to help curb the costs for insurers and drivers. In the meantime, many drivers have considered shopping around at different car insurance companies for better premiums. This can be a great idea, especially if you have problems with other aspects of your auto insurance coverage or the customer service of the program that you're currently using. Doing a bit of comparison shopping can save drivers a lot of money in the long run.

The auto insurance industry is extremely competitive, and insurance companies do everything they can to get and keep new policyholders. Switching insurers can get a driver exclusive auto insurance rates that they might not have otherwise received. In this case, their new insurance company will offer a better auto insurance quote in order to "steal" business away from a competitor. Other than this, there's simple competition to take into account. You've got a better chance of finding cheap auto insurance quotes by looking at 12 companies than you'd have by simply looking at one, so drivers are making a good decision to compare a few auto insurance rates every once in a while.

However, there are advantages to staying with your current auto insurance company. That company has immediate access to your driving records, and many offer loyalty discounts. These factors may allow you to simply negotiate a better rate by calling them. Sticking with a single insurer may also help build your insurance score, making you more valuable to insurance companies if you should choose to switch in the future. If you've got an auto insurance company you like, it may be best to do a bit of comparison shopping to use as leverage. Call your insurance agents with the results of that comparison, and try to talk them into a lower rate. Never be afraid to switch your auto insurance policy to another company if you've received a better quote for the same amount of coverage. Switching insurers may be the best way to save money.

Taking a look at your auto insurance rate every few months is a good way to keep your costs in check. You should especially look towards other insurance companies if you suddenly have a premium hike that you didn't expect without good reason (no claims or traffic citations on your record). The Internet makes comparing auto insurance quotes easy, and it's worth a few minutes of your time to make sure you're not paying too much for your auto insurance coverage.

How To Save Money On Auto Insurance Without Cutting Corners

According to, there were 6.4 million car accidents in the U.S. in 2005, costing drivers more than $230 billion and injuring 2.9 million people. This shows that if you are going to drive a car, you're going to need auto insurance. It's a way to protect you and the passengers in your car from unnecessary medical and repair expenses if you are in an accident. But finding the right auto insurance can be confusing and costly. There's liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. Then you've also got deductibles, premiums and add-ons to consider. Here are some ways to cut down the expense of your auto insurance without leaving yourself unprotected.

Getting the best auto insurance rate begins even before you start shopping for auto insurance quotes. It begins even before you have a car. The model car you purchase, and even the color of that car, can affect your auto insurance rates. Why? Some cars are more expensive to repair than others. Some are more likely to be stolen and some are safer to be in if you get in an accident. The insurance companies track these trends and use them to determine their auto insurance rates.

Once you've found the car that will get you a good insurance rate, begin getting auto insurance quotes from different insurers. Rates vary widely between insurance companies. You don't have to call each individual company yourself. An independent agent can collect auto insurance quotes for you, or you can try various Internet insurance quote sites. Also, make sure to ask for any discounts the company might offer – like safe driver discounts, safety feature discounts or multiple policy discounts (it may save you money to have your homeowner's, life and car insurance with the same company). When setting a deductible amount, select the highest deductible you can afford. Higher deductibles lower your premiums, though you'll have to pay more before your auto insurance will begin to cover any claims you might have. However, if you're a safe driver, this won't be a problem. Select at least $500, but if you can afford it, raise your deductible to $1000.

While you can easily drop comprehensive and collision coverage for older cars (or if you're a safe driver, cars that have been paid off), don't skimp on things like uninsured motorist coverage or medical coverage. Some companies also have an extra charge if you pay your auto insurance premiums month to month. Pay six months of the premium at once and you'll eliminate those extra charges.

Ultimately, you can save a decent amount of money on auto insurance without cutting corners as long as you do your research and understand the coverage in your policy.

How Switching Auto Insurance Providers Can Save You Money

Even though it is at a pace lower than overall inflation, the cost of auto insurance is rising, adding approximately $8 to $9 to the average consumer’s annual bill, said Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute. While that may not seem like a large increase, there are documented ways to reduce your auto insurance rates so you don’t have to worry about rising costs at all.

Primarily, it is important that you research and shop for new auto insurance quotes either on the Internet or by contacting local insurance agents. First, visit your state insurance website; they often list complaint ratings against companies. There are also several websites that not only allow you to directly compare personalized auto insurance quotes from various companies, but will also connect you directly with local agencies. Experts advise that three quotes from competing companies will provide a good indication of prices you can expect to pay. Insurers want new business and will most likely try to accommodate prospective clients. Some auto insurers will even provide an early shopper’ discount to those looking into changing their auto policies before their current policy expires, assuming this initiative indicates responsible drivers – the most desirable type of clients for insurance companies.

Obviously, some companies offer better discounts than others; so ask for every type of discount available at a specific company. Inquire to see if they offer a ‘safe driver’ discount if you have a good driving record with few or no infractions or ask for a low mileage discount if you do not drive far every day or you carpool. Ask if your rate can be reduced even further if you have or will take a defensive driving or safe driving course in the future (some of these courses are offered online and can cost as little as $12). ‘All in all, good research and communication are the keys to getting the auto insurance premiums you’ve been dying to achieve amidst rising insurance costs,’ says

While making any type of auto insurance switch, it is imperative that you do not allow your current auto insurance policy to lapse. This can make obtaining coverage much more difficult in the future. Also, make certain there are no fees charged by your current insurer for canceling your policy with little notice. And check with your new carrier that you are not signing on for introductory coverage rates that may change after the first year.

Regardless of how pleased you are with your auto insurance rates, it is good to shop around at least once a year to make sure the price you are paying is fair. You never know, you may be able to cut your costs even more by doing so.

British Auto Insurer Aims To Help Virginians Save Money

There's an elephant in the room, and one UK insurance giant is hoping American consumers will notice. The Elephant Insurance Group, which has been selling insurance in Britain under the name Admiral Group PLC since 1993, is now selling auto insurance in the United States. Starting in Virginia, the auto insurance provider is now up and running, as of the beginning of October. Although only currently offering coverage to Virginians, the company expects to be a pachyderm-sized new player in the American car insurance market, hoping to eventually expand nationwide.

Admiral Group PLC is Britain's third-largest auto insurer. And, with a $10-million investment so far in Richmond, Virginia, the company expects brisk business and quick payouts of claims in the U.S. Although Virginia seems an odd choice for an international company to begin its campaign, Virginia's regulatory commission allows the flexibility of quick rate changes, meaning the company can determine its marketing and cost structure on the fly. In California, for example, it takes 63 days to change an auto insurance rate, and the process can literally take months in other states. And if the question, "Why America?" comes to mind, well, the U.S. has become ripe for new auto insurance companies. Geico, and its process of educating and transforming the American car insurance market, has shown American consumers another way to get auto insurance quotes and buy auto insurance. And Elephant is poised to exploit that.

Most of the U.S. auto insurance market is still agent-based, meaning each customer has his or her own personal representative. But Geico has successfully shown Americans that the agent is not always necessary. Elephant Auto Insurance Group will keep their business phone and Internet based. Admiral Group's foray into the American auto insurance market will be its fourth overseas company. With 12 brands extending into three European countries – and now the US – Admiral operates a direct-to-consumer insurance business, serving customers via the phone and Internet. So far, it has nearly 2 million customers worldwide. The company is not expecting its international divisions to post a profit for another four to six years. If that happens, however, the group will double sales in the next eight years. Admiral Group has no debt, and has consistently reported higher net income since its initial public offering in 2004. The giant had a higher return than any other insurance stock in Europe, according to data compiled by

So why call it Elephant? Said CEO and Admiral founder Henry Engelhardt in an interview published in Bloomberg: "The elephant is the biggest animal in the jungle, it could step all over a gecko," referring to the English-accented mascot for Geico. And this Elephant will definitely be noticed when it comes to Virginia auto insurance.

About California’s Low-cost Auto Program

Sometimes driving in the state of California can be a challenge with its many freeways, smog and traffic congestion in greatly populated cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Yet, some still say that having a car is the best way to get around and see all that California has to offer. While sightseeing on a sunny afternoon can be fun, having trouble behind the wheel is not. In California, it is mandatory that all running autos have liability insurance. Even in routine traffic stops, all drivers must show current proof of liability insurance. Failure to do so may result in vehicle impounding or being arrested on the spot by law enforcement.

Many California residents would complain that the only way they can afford to have a decent lifestyle is to have the ability to drive to work. While paying for liability insurance may have been financially inconvenient for some in the past, for some workers it was impossible. As a result, these drivers chose to do so uninsured. As the years passed, millions of dollars were lost in property damage, lawsuits, lost wages, unpaid bills and time spent in the jail system due to uninsured drivers on the roads. So, for drivers who cannot afford auto insurance, the California Automobile Assigned Risk Program (CAARP) started the California Low Cost Automobile (CLCA) Insurance program in 2000. This is a basic liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) policy for low-income drivers who are legal California residents. Options such as medical or Uninsured Motorists coverage can be added to policy for an additional charge.

Eligibility for this auto program is determined by several factors. For example, a driver must be at least 19; they must have a clean driving history with no license suspensions, misdemeanors or felonies in the past three years; and the current monetary value of driven vehicle must be $20,000 or less. The rates on this auto insurance policy are budget-friendly as there are no broker fees, and there are five payment options available. The policyholder also agrees to have the CLCA as their sole auto insurance carrier with no more than two vehicles on the policy per household. In the beginning stages, the auto program covered only Los Angeles and San Francisco counties, but as of 2007, more than 50 counties have been added.

To find out more about this program’s auto insurance rates or how to get an auto insurance quote, go to and click on

AAA Lincoln Offers $10 Gas Card With The Request Of An Auto Insurance Quote

Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their spending in this economy, to the point where even necessary expenses are an issue. Everyone gets busy, and shopping for updated auto insurance can be considered an inconvenience. However, AAA Lincoln is rewarding potential customers and policyholders with an incentive to review their auto insurance options. During the month of October, AAA Lincoln will make the effort worthwhile by offering a $10.00 gas card to any car owner who will visit their office and get an auto insurance quote. Consumers are not obligated to purchase coverage from AAA in order to receive the $10.00 gas card.

As gas prices continue to increase what better incentive to encourage drivers to seek a better rate for their policies? This campaign is directed at new AAA customers, but existing AAA Lincoln insured customers are not left out of the promotion. Referrals for auto or property insurance quotes pay off for these customers. Each referral for an auto insurance quote will reward loyal customers with a $10.00 gas card. And, if a policy is sold as a result of the referral, AAA Lincoln will send an additional $20.00 gas card to the referring party. This incentive can help consumers save money at a time when they need it the most, and it helps put a little back in their gas tanks as well.

AAA is proud of their position as America's most trusted auto club all around the nation. Top-notch property and auto insurance is a major part of the AAA package and members are encouraged to take advantage of all their benefits. For example, AAA California offers its members time- and money-saving benefits like emergency roadside assistance, expert travel planning, auto buying counseling and service at certified auto repair shops. Getting the most for your money is important to all American at this time. And, because most people are watching every penny, regardless of holding AAA coverage or not, they should run a check up on their auto insurance coverage to be certain that they are getting the best rates. Knowing that you have a good insurance policy in place provides for financial security.

AAA has a good product to offer and the gas card incentive is designed to spread the word. Given the opportunity AAA agents can offer great expertise to help consumers choose the right coverage to meet their individual needs at the best possible rate. The most important thing car owners get is not the $10.00 gas card, it is the peace of mind they gain in knowing that their coverage is up to date, appropriate and available at a fair and reasonable cost.

Michigan Courts Argue Credit Rating Relevance In Auto Insurance Quotes

In early October, the Michigan Supreme Court heard arguments in a case aimed at determining whether or not auto insurance companies have the right to partially base auto insurance rates on credit score. This has been standard practice in the auto insurance industry for a long time, however, the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation tried to put a stop to in, at least in their state. They did this by passing a law in 2005 forbidding insurance companies from using this information in calculating auto insurance quotes. Insurance companies challenged the new regulation, and were supported by a lower court. After the case was appealed, the appellate court reached a split decision. As a result, the state Supreme Court is now will make the ultimate resolution on the matter.

Insurance companies consider credit score when determining an Michigan auto insurance quote because a statistical correlation has been observed between individuals who have a poor history of paying their bills, and policyholders who tend to make the most claims. This fact may be because people with poor credit are generally considered less responsible than those with high credit scores, making them more likely to drive recklessly. In addition, policyholders struggling to pay bills may be more inclined to file an insurance claim in the event of an accident, not because of the situation but because of the potential money they may receive in settlement.

An argument in this case is that it is tricky to hypothesize about a cause and effect connection between statistics that could be entirely coincidental. Some people may have low credit scores because they made unfortunate investments. Others may have had health problems resulting in costly medical bills they couldn't pay. In the case of these individuals, a low credit score may have nothing to do with their driving tendencies, or even their likelihood of filing a claim. For the auto insurance companies, though, the fact that there is a potential correlation is reason enough to adjust rates based on credit history.

The practice of using credit score to calculate the auto insurance premiums charged to policyholders may seem potentially unfair to some drivers, particularly those whose inability to pay their bills has little to do with their ability to drive safely. But this practice does offer some potential benefits for consumers as well. The fact that insurance companies are able to use this information to generate auto insurance rates helps them to meet their basic company expenses and stay profitable, in turn enabling them to charge lower premiums overall.

Either way, the Supreme Court has a tough decision to make – one that could eventually affect auto insurance policyholders all over the U.S.

A Guide To Getting Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Buying auto insurance online is something anyone can do. The days of locating an insurance agent, driving to his or her office during working hours and waiting for a quote are long gone. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can buy insurance in your pajamas, 24 hours a day. All you need to compare and purchase auto insurance is a computer, access to the Internet, some basic terms and a few minutes.

Before you log online to compare auto insurance rates, you should familiarize yourself with a few insurance terms. Minimum requirements are just that " minimum. But make sure that if you are aiming to just maintain that minimum that it provides you with all the coverage you think you may need. You should also understand the difference between comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Collision is coverage that pays only for the other driver's car in an accident you cause. A comprehensive coverage policy pays to fix both the other person's vehicle and yours. It will also protect you against an uninsured motorist accident. Finally, you need to think about options. Do you want your insurance to cover a rent-a-car while yours is in the shop? Do you want insurance for theft of items in your car? You will also need to decide if you want to pay by the month, quarter or year.

Now that you know what kind of auto insurance quotes you need, where do you go to find them? Every major insurance company has their own website for online sales. If you want to go with any of the big providers, simply Google their name and go to their website. If you would rather look at a wide array of policy offers, visiting independent sites like may be a good place to start. These sites allow you to see quotes from many different insurance companies at a time. If you are a member of an organization like AAA, you should visit their site for a quote. If you're older, AARP may have a policy for you. There is no shortage of auto insurance websites, so get as many insurance quotes as you need to feel confident that you are getting the best deal for yourself.

Finally, a word about online applications. Do not buy any policy from a site that requests unnecessary personal information. Social Security numbers, driver license numbers and back account numbers are things you should never reveal online. They are not needed for auto insurance quotes and releasing them may make you vulnerable to identity theft.

As long as you follow these guidelines, comparing and buying auto insurance online is safe, effective and above all, easy.

Limits On Auto Insurance Charges: How Much Can They Charge

In tough economic times, Americans look to cut out any excessive costs that they can. In these instances, it seems auto insurance premiums are certainly a large priority for drivers. High-risk drivers, especially, may find that their auto insurance rates skyrocket in a recession, and they accept the charges as legitimate. However, there are limits to what an auto insurance company can charge, and drivers with high premiums should be aware of how some companies operate before they agree to high fees.

It’s important to avoid companies that advertise extremely cheap auto insurance premiums through television and magazine ads. These companies will often give a low rate, then raise your premiums several months in – occasionally claiming that the initial low premium was due to an accounting error.’ This is standard practice for companies that are less than reputable. In many states this ‘low-balling’ practice is illegal. Do not sign contracts that lock you into coverage. Also make sure that in the event you cancel your auto insurance plan, you’ll get back any money you’ve paid towards the premium for a policy that isn’t entirely used. Auto insurance laws vary quite a bit from state to state, but usually a company is legally obligated to return the unused portion of your premium. Remember, the best way to avoid scams is to do a bit of research on the company you’re considering after getting your auto insurance quote to make sure their customer satisfaction level is high and they are established.

Federally, there aren’t a lot of laws on how auto insurance companies operate, but state to state there are quite a few. Unfortunately, it’s hard to spell out how these laws operate, as different states have different mandated minimum coverage and may even have entirely different systems of insurance. For example, Michigan and 11 other states use ‘no fault’ auto insurance systems that can be very complex. Research your state’s laws to find out if you’re paying too much for your auto coverage.

Even if you’re dealing with a reputable company that charges relatively fairly, if auto insurance premiums are high, there are still ways to decrease your own to make them more manageable. All drivers should consider calling around to different companies to get auto insurance quotes. This information can be a valuable tool to negotiate a better rate with your current insurers. If you’ve got a fairly safe driving record and you’ve been with your current insurer for a long period of time, you can often talk them into decreasing your auto insurance premiums by significant amounts.

In this economy, it’s severely important that any unexpected rise in your premiums should result in swift contact with your insurer.

Five Tips for Reducing Your Auto Insurance

Reducing your auto insurance can help take the financial stress out of other areas of your household budget. Small monetary amounts that you save each month are important. Many consumers may not realize that they are missing out on valuable discounts simply because they do not take the time to search for lower auto insurance rates. Here are five tips for reducing your auto insurance bill.

Time is often a factor. Calling an auto insurance company by phone is an option. However, technological advances through online services make it easy to search the rates of numerous auto insurance providers quickly.

Another way to save additional money on your auto insurance is to take the time to answer individual, personal questions. If you’re requesting an online auto insurance quote, then you may be tempted to quickly answer the questions without thoroughly reading or answering truthfully. These questions are designed to find out more about your lifestyle, personal, and professional affiliations.

There are specific discounts for auto insurance available to certain members of groups. These organizations could be non-profit organizations, alumni, or other local affiliations. If you are asking for an auto insurance quote over the phone or online, then look for questions that ask about your personal life.

Discounts are available to certain employers. Always ask specifically about your employer. Military members, both active full time and those on reservist duty, may qualify. Military families with a member deployed may be able to receive additional discounts or service perks. Non-paid volunteer work may also be given a discount. This may work if you’re volunteering regularly for the school district, hospital, or local shelter that is on the list of discounted employers.

Teenagers or adults that have received traffic tickets, parking violations, or speeding tickets can take education courses. These classes can reduce monthly auto insurance rates. Ask your current auto insurance provider which courses need to be taken. Most cities have defensive driving classes. Your insurance provider may be able to refer you to an online class if you're not near an institution, or it does not fit your work schedule.

If you have a high school or college student, take steps each semester to help lower their insurance costs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for receiving high grades or perfect attendance. Follow the exact instructions given on how to send in proof of their grades and attendance.

Taking additional time to complete an auto insurance quote is the only way to truly lower your insurance rate. Contact the auto insurance company periodically to see if they have any additional programs that you qualify for to receive a reduced auto insurance price. If you'd like to lower your insurance rates as soon as possible, take time to ask the right questions.

Turn Your Clunker into Cash — Escort or Ram Van?

How do you turn your hot 2002 Ford Escort into cold, hard cash? No problem, Uncle Sam can help. In an effort to stimulate the challenged U.S. auto industry, in June, Congress passed what is now being hawked as the “Cash for Clunkers” Act. Officially, it’s a government program called CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System). Unfortunately, you won’t actually ever see the cash. Instead, you’ll save up to $4,500 on top of any other savings at your auto dealer when you trade in your beaten up jalopy. Your dealer then gets the rebate from the government. It’s not a bad deal. You could end up double or even triple dipping on the savings. If you purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid, you can still qualify for a federal tax credit. Add on top of that any dealer incentives, plus the $3,500 or $4,500 from the government and all of a sudden that new ride is looking pretty good.

Plus, you’ll finally be able to retire that late 80’s hunter green, high-top Dodge Ram Van with the wicked panel art, running boards, and after-market Blaupunkt cassette player. Hmm, on second thought, trade in the wife’s mini-van instead. You never know when you’ll need to find a quiet escape in the warm embrace of your coffee-stained captain’s chair with Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” setting up on entertainment system.

OK, let’s get to the basics. Here are the rules to know:

1. Your trade-in vehicle has to be less than 25 years old.

2. You need to be purchasing or leasing a new vehicle to qualify.

3. In a nod to the Green movement, the program is designed to take old, gas guzzlers off the road. So your trade-in vehicle must get 18 or less MPG (some very large pick-up trucks and cargo vans have different requirements). Be safe, and double check that your vehicle qualifies before you race over to your auto dealer.

4. Trade-in vehicles must be registered and have auto insurance continuously for the full year preceding the trade-in date

5. Act fast because the program runs through the earlier of November 1, 2009 or when the $1.0 billion program funding runs out. As of today, there was $858 million left in the kitty, or just about enough for another 200,000 sales.

6. Because the program is intended to permanently remove these wasteful, rust-buckets, the dealer is also required to estimate the scrap value of your trade-in and will throw that amount, however small, on top of the rebate as well.

More detailed Program FAQ’s can be found here or call the CARS Hotline at (866)-CAR-7891.

Last, but not least, it is critically important that you get the right auto insurance for your new vehicle. Remember, cruising around in a brand new gem is going to be a lot different than your last ride. And with your hard-earned $$ at stake, you need to make sure you’re covered. In keeping with the money-saving spirit of the “Cars for Clunkers” program, go no further than to get the lowest quotes on your auto insurance.

What Kind of Auto Insurance Options Do I Have with a Spotty Driving Record?

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Six Steps to Safe Summer Driving

Rather than flying off to some exotic destination, more and more people are opting to stay closer to home for their Summer vacations. These vacations close to home have been recently deemed "staycations," which is basically a fancy name for the good-old family road trip. If you are planning a road trip this Summer, here are six steps to safe summer driving, to be sure your trip goes as smoothly as planned.

1.    Get a Check-Up for the Vehicle: Its smart to have your vehicle inspected at the beginning of both Summer and Winter. They type of oil and fluids your car will use differs from the hot weather months to the cold weather months. Take your car to a service center and ask them to give your car a Summer check-up, including checking the fluids, testing the belts and cables, checking the wiper blades, testing the battery, and giving it an oil change or tune-up. The type of oil you use in Summer will be thinner than the thick oil used in the Winter. Plus, your radiator will likely need to be filled with a coolant (like water) rather than anti-freeze. The spark plugs may also need to be changed after a long Winter of hard use. Any experienced mechanic or service center will be able to properly prepare your car for Summer. This is good "preventative maintenance" so you don't run into problems on the road. But, just like health insurance doesn't cover preventative medicine, online car insurance and traditional car insurance companies do not cover this routine maintenance. The cost will come out of your own pocket, but it is well worth the investment.

2.    Stay Sober, Stay Alert, Stay Focused: Everyone knows that drunk driving is one of the leading cause of deaths in this country — so don't do it! However, driver fatigue and distractions are also major causes of traffic accidents and deaths each year. In fact, studies have shown that texting while driving is equally as dangerous as driving while drunk or impaired. Don't take that risk while driving a car full of kids and family members. If you must communicate via phone or text, ask someone else in the car to do it for you. Or, have someone else drive. This also applies to driver fatigue. Be sure to switch drivers often, and pull over and take a rest if you feel sleepy. Sometimes it just takes a walk around a rest stop or visit to a road-side attraction to get re-invigorated for another couple hours on the road.

3.    Have Child Seats Checked: Many local social service agencies or fire departments will offer free child seat checks periodically at the beginning of Summer. Take advantage of this free service. Stop into the location where the check is being held and have them inspect all of your child seats. They will be able to tell if they are installed properly, as well as if they are the right size for your children.

4.    Get New Tires: Yes, it may be expensive, but a fresh set of tires is a good, safe investment for your car and family. This is especially true if your vehicle has Winter tires or off-road tires on it. Change them to Summer tires, which are smoother, yet grip the road better in wet conditions. Consult with your local tire shop to see which type of tires will be best suited for your car. Also, get quotes from at least three different shops so you find the best price. Unfortunately, unless the tires are damaged due to vandalism or other events, your online car insurance company will not cover the cost of new tires.  

5.    Review your Car Insurance Policy: Before heading on a long road trip away from home, be sure to have your online car insurance policy or local car insurance policy checked. Be sure that you have the right coverage for your situation. For example, you may want to have road-side assistance coverage in the case of a break-down. You may also want to expand to full-coverage or comprehensive coverage, given the amount of travel you will be doing.  

6.    Prepare an Emergency Kit: People often make Winter survival kits for their vehicles, but a Summer survival kit is just as important. Here are some items to include in your kit (not counting the iPod or DVD player):

•    Flashlight with extra batteries
•    Mobile battery charger or road-side jumper kit
•    Bottled water
•    Non-perishable food
•    Tool set
•    Road flares (to alert drivers if you must change a tire at night)
•    First aid kit
•    Emergency tire inflation kit

Remember to check with your online car insurance company about road-side assistance coverage. It can be a life-saver, in more ways than one. To find cheap car insurance, check for fast, easy auto insurance quotes from around the country.

The ABCs of Auto Insurance

One of the first questions people ask when comparing auto insurance is what determines the cost? With auto insurance, many variables factor into the ultimate cost. The following are some of those main things that determine how much you pay for a policy. I’ve broken them down into two categories–the things you can’t control and the things you can control:

Why Worry About Things You Can’t Control? You Can’t Control Them!

1. Where You Live. The place you live will impact your insurance rates. Besides the rate differences from state to state, living in a city, where you can naturally expect higher claims from traffic accidents, thefts and vandalism, will be pricier than in the burbs and more rural areas. Some would argue that this is something you can control. I would answer with a question, “How many people do you know who sold their houses and up-rooted their families just to save on auto insurance?”

2. Sex. No, I’m not referring to the quality, frequency, style or preference–most of which you can control–unless, of course, you’re like me and you’ve signed over your “performance rights” to your significant other. It’s gender that impacts auto insurance rates. Yes, gents, the fact is that we have more accidents than the ladies. So for the sins of a few, all men end up paying more. A little unfair? Perhaps, and some states are eliminating gender-based underwriting. Oh, and let’s not argue over whether this is one you can control. I can double check with Dr. Phil on this one, but I’m pretty sure lower auto insurance rates is not a major reason behind transgender surgery.

3. Age. Bottom line, if you are 16-25 you will pay more for insurance. It should come as no surprise that the inexperience and recklessness of our ADHD-saddled youth leads to more dust-ups and fender benders. Ah, youth is wasted on the young. It also makes sense that when we turn 26, get married and have kids, the world slows down just enough to make the auto insurers sleep a little easier.

Why Worry About the Things You Can Control? If You’re Worried, Change ‘Em!

4. Get Yourself a Spouse. It’s a known fact that married couples are safer drivers. If you disagree, just call up one of your bachelor or bachelorette friends and tell them you feel like taking a ride on the open road. What you’ll likely get is a thrill ride, music blasting, heading straight towards a destination of other joy-riding singles seeking the same. Then follow it up immediately with the suggestion to a married couple that you’d like to take a day trip out of town and that their car would be perfect. You’ll need about two minutes in the minivan to understand what the statistics tell the auto insurance companies–married couples are more careful. And the on-road conservatism isn’t only dictated by a dissipating level of testosterone, but rather the lovingly, sung chorus, “Honey, please slow down”. And yes, tying the knot or staying single is definitely in your control, until, of course, your guilt-producing parents start the “when are you going to give me a grandchild?” chatter. And if arranged marriages are in your future, feel free to move this up to the previous category, and consider this a new-found benefit.

5. Credit History. OK, here’s another reason to irrationally monitor your credit rating 24/7. The auto insurers have established a direct relationship between credit history and expected claims. If you’ve missed a few credit card payments, or you’re levered up like a Wall Street buy-out king, and your credit score is below 650, you’ll likely pay more for your insurance. Unfortunately, this gives the “free credit report” marketers more reason to pollute the airwaves with lame, pseudo-user generated indie bands making up songs about credit scores.

6. Driving Record. Simply put, if you are a good driver, you’ll pay less for your insurance. For the most part, you have control over your driving destiny. Here are some helpful tips to consider when behind the wheel: don’t speed, don’t eat (especially spring-loaded Chalupas from Taco Bell), don’t text, don’t use a cell phone (except hands-free), don’t read the paper, don’t day-dream, don’t fall asleep, don’t do needlepoint, don’t watch TV, don’t blog, don’t run red lights, don’t run yellow lights that you know will turn red, don’t hit anything, don’t park under falling tree limbs, etc… To the extent you’ve had an accident or traffic violation in the prior 3-5 years, you will pay more for your insurance.

7. Your Ride. Choose wisely. The model and make of your car will have a direct impact on your insurance costs. If your vehicle is one that is popular with the car-jacking set or is just prone to higher historical claims, then you’ll pay more.

These are some of the important factors that go into the formula that determines your final auto insurance quote. There are other factors too. In the end though, the best way to get the best quote for your insurance is to start at and let the insurance companies compete for your policy. Ultimately, this is the best way for you to save big bucks.

Get a Free Auto Insurance Quote to Start Saving Money

In this economy, many people are looking for ways to reduce their costs on a monthly basis. Besides driving less, eating in more and clipping coupons when grocery shopping, there are other ways to save money. We all have fixed monthly expenses such as our cable bill, phone bill and so forth. Many people get auto insurance and then let the policy ride from year to year without seeing if they are over-paying or have too much or too little coverage. A good way to start saving money is to grab a copy of your current auto insurance policy (or print it out). Then, visit and enter your zip code to find trusted auto insurance companies who service your area. Fill out a short form using your current policy as a guideline and then you will be presented with an auto insurance quote that fits your policy needs. Comparing multiple auto insurance quotes will help you possibly save hundreds of dollars per year. Get started with a free auto insurance quote today.

What’s An Auto Insurance Binder

Understanding the terms of your auto insurance coverage is crucial. Otherwise, you might end up driving with less coverage than you’d thought, or you might even end up on the road without an active auto insurance policy. This happens to many policyholders because they don’t familiarize themselves with the details of their insurance coverage. One part of most car insurance policies that’s often neglected by motorists is the auto insurance binder. Many drivers aren’t even aware of what a binder is, much less how it works. It’s certainly a term you want to know when you’re shopping around for an auto insurance quote because it pertains to when your new insurance becomes active, and when your policy becomes officially legal.

The selling insurance company issues an auto insurance binder when a driver first purchases the auto insurance policy. The binder provides temporary proof of insurance. You should be able to find the active dates of the binder listed on the card. (If you buy your insurance online, you might print the binder, in which case it’s listed somewhere on the page that you print off). An auto insurance binder is issued while underwriting is completed for your insurance policy. Basically, the binder provides proof that you legally have auto insurance coverage, but indicates that your policy isn’t completely purchased or active yet. After the underwriting process is complete, an official insurance card will replace the binder. Depending on the state that you live in, the length of an auto insurance binder might vary. It may be helpful to research your own state’s laws to ensure that your insurance is valid before you hit the road.

It’s a bit complicated, as you might have noticed. But all a policyholder needs to know is that their policy is active and legal as long as they keep the auto insurance binder with them, and replace the binder with proof of insurance cards as soon as they can. If you get into an accident in your newly-insured car while you’ve got a binder, you can still make a claim on your new insurance policy, and you still have all of the coverage that you paid for when you purchased your new plan.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. If there are any terms that you don’t understand, contact your insurance agent immediately, and when looking for an auto insurance quote, inspect all parts of prospective policies. If you get into an accident, it will be very helpful to know how your auto insurance coverage works, and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle when submitting a claim.