How To Lower Auto Insurance Coverage For Commercial Cars

Auto insurance coverage is essential for anyone who uses a vehicle for commercial purposes. This type of insurance provides coverage to vehicles that are owned by a company or business. If you buy insurance for commercial cars, the insurer will cover your expenses in case of unforeseen situations like a collision, a car accident, burglary attempts, fire and theft. Operating a company can be quite costly, so you should do everything possible to reduce costs. You can start by finding ways to lower your premiums on auto insurance coverage.

Why Students Pay More For Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance coverage is not cheap for any age group, but student auto insurance usually leads the way in terms of how expensive it is to maintain insurance. The older you get and further away from school you get the more the cost starts to go down and you become able to get better quotes across the board. This is not a good thing for many students as money is already hard to come by without having to pay more than anyone else driving on the road with them.

How To Lower Auto Insurance Coverage Rates For New Cars

Many drivers often don't consider the cost of insurance when shopping for a new vehicle. The fact is that auto insurance coverage is an important factor to consider in your budget. New cars require full coverage, which can be quite expensive. If you are in the market for a brand new vehicle, you may want to consider these money-saving tips for insuring your vehicle.

Two Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage That Are Not Always Necessary

State statutes mandate auto insurance coverage for all licensed drivers operating a motor vehicle. Insurance brokers and agents typically include a variety of coverage and benefits in the auto insurance quote; they include many extraneous and expensive coverage elements. Prospective clients, in an effort to be indemnified against all conceivable accidents and occurrences, accept the quote without consideration. Policyholders inadvertently increase their auto insurance invoice with nonessential rudiments that basically have little utility over the life of the policy. It is critical to be informed, aware, and well versed in auto insurance terminology in order to display sapience and profundity when analyzing the auto insurance quote.

How To Tell Whether You Need More Car Insurance Coverage

One of the hardest parts of purchasing car insurance coverage is selecting the right amount. A driver with less coverage runs the risk of financial devastation in a major accident. On the other hand, if you buy too much coverage, you’re essentially throwing your money away. Most drivers are confident that they’re buying enough coverage; however, tend to under-buy in order to find less expensive auto insurance quotes. It can be hard to tell whether or not you need more car insurance coverage. Drivers should evaluate their needs carefully before and during a car insurance policy’s duration.

Deciding Whether To Lower Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Ask any insurance agent, and you'll get the same advice: more coverage is better than less coverage. This is generally true, but in some cases, the premiums on some auto insurance quotes are simply impossible to afford unless coverage is lowered. In these cases, it's necessary to lower your auto insurance coverage. However, before you take any action, you should think carefully about the potential ramifications for your auto insurance coverage, and be absolutely sure that it's necessary to lower your coverage. Here are a few things to think about before you decide to lower your coverage in order to save money on car insurance premiums.

When To Raise Your Deductible And How It Affects Your Coverage

Auto insurance coverage is based on several factors. Drivers are given many options to choose from including coverage type, maximum payout and the total deductible to be paid by the driver. All of these factors combined determine the total premium that you must pay for the current policy. Drivers are able to change the coverage options, including the amount of the deductible. It is a good idea to reexamine the current policy prior to each renewal period to ensure the proper coverage is included in the policy without any unnecessary coverage.

Defensive Driving Courses And Three Ways They Impact Your Coverage

Premiums charged by auto insurance companies vary widely based on location, demographics, driving history, and a multitude of other factors. Despite variation in how insurance premiums are calculated, completion of defensive driving courses from an approved traffic school will result in lower insurance premiums for most drivers.

How Young Drivers Can Afford Good Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance quotes are one of the major costs of owning a vehicle for all drivers, but young drivers have it especially rough. Auto insurance coverage costs far more for drivers under 25, and even if they drive as safely as possible, it can take years for car insurance premiums to drop to a reasonable level. However, drivers that actually look for ways to lower their costs may be surprised at the wide variety of insurance programs and techniques for locking in a low-cost auto insurance quote.

How Opting Out Of Auto Insurance Add-on Covers Can Put Your Vehicle at Risk

When deciding the amount of auto insurance coverage to buy, many drivers barely graze over the add-on covers that they are offered. These add-on covers provide additional insurance for varying scenarios, ranging anywhere from natural disasters to auto theft and beyond. Avoiding add-ons keeps the cost of an auto insurance policy low, but it can prove an extremely costly strategy. Drivers who opt for basic auto insurance coverage amounts may be putting their vehicles and themselves at great risk, and understanding the benefits of additional coverage is a vital step when buying a new policy.

Why Smaller Auto Insurance Companies Might Not Provide Adequate Coverage

Everyone who operates an automobile needs to have auto insurance. In fact, it is mandatory to at least have liability auto insurance coverage in order to drive legally in the U.S. When shopping for auto insurance, keep in mind that auto insurance is controlled by the provisions and guidelines of individual states. Just having a liability only auto insurance policy may not be adequate coverage for you no matter who you buy your insurance from. For instance, if your automobile is financed, you will need to have a policy that provides comprehensive coverage. Liability-only coverage will only cover damages or injuries if you are at fault. Even then, a limited liability policy may only cover damages done to the other driver and his or her automobile.

Who Decides Percentage Of Fault In An Auto Insurance Claim

In some states, a claim made against a driver’s auto insurance coverage must be decided by a percentage of fault. For many accidents, this is as simple as declaring which driver was completely at fault; for instance, if one motorist backed into the car of another motorist, there’s no question as to whose insurance will pay for the damages. However in some cases, both drivers have some amount of fault, and damages are assessed according to the percentage. For instance, if one driver made an illegal right turn and hit another driver who was exceeding the speed limit, both drivers would have some amount of fault. Many motorists wonder how these percentages are decided, as they seem fairly random in nature.

Warning Signs That Your Auto Insurance Claim May Not End Up In Your Favor

After getting in a car accident, many thoughts go through your head, including whether or not your auto insurance claim will be settled in your favor. Although you would likely worry no matter what the circumstances surrounding your insurance claim are, there are some signs that suggest that you might not win your auto insurance claim. However, if you catch these signs early enough, you can take action to help yourself turn the tables and get the reimbursement you believe you deserve.

Using Low Coverage Auto Insurance As A Temporary Solution

Sometimes motorists simply don’t have the necessary funds for a high amount of auto insurance coverage. This can be a serious problem since you cannot legally drive without auto insurance, but in bad economic times there is sometimes no alternative than to cut a bit of coverage. You will often hear from insurance experts that this is a bad plan; driving with inadequate insurance coverage puts you at high risk, and if you are involved in an auto accident, you could be in serious trouble. Nevertheless, sometimes cutting a bit of coverage can be a necessary move, and as a temporary solution, it can help drivers get out of a jam.

Tips For Talking Your Auto Insurance Agent Into A Lower Rate

Most of us are familiar with the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that states In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.’ The absolute truth of that statement is debatable, but few would argue against the notion that both those topics are unpleasant to think about. You may call them ‘necessary evils’ of the human experience. Likewise, all law-abiding drivers find auto insurance to be a necessary evil. You must have a valid policy, but that doesn’t mean you have to enjoy paying for it. Let’s consider some ways to negotiate a lower rate on your plan.

Special Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage For Customized Vehicles

Have you ever seen the TV show Pimp my Ride?’ In this program, the host, a famous rap star, accepts videos from viewers who ask him to help them out with their cars. Their cars are old, beat up, full of rust, held together by duct tape, and in some cases, it is hard to believe that they are even still running. When selected to participate on the show, their old cars are given an extreme makeover with no boundaries. And when I say no boundaries I mean chrome grills, spinners, hydraulics, spoilers, flat screen TVs, fish tanks, full surround entertainment systems, mini casinos, etc. So now that the lucky winners on the show have got their cars all supped up, how do they get them properly insured?

Limiting A Traffic Citation’s Effect On Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Anyone who has had a traffic citation in the past knows that it can certainly have a negative effect on your auto insurance. While it is not always possible to completely stop a citation from affecting your auto insurance coverage or an auto insurance quote, it is possible to limit the effect that it has. Here are some tips for keeping that traffic citation as painless as possible for your car insurance.

Is Accident Forgiveness A Worthwhile Auto Insurance Add-on Cover

Quite a few extra coverage options exist that a driver can buy when purchasing an auto insurance policy. However, many of these options are not necessarily great purchases for every buyer. For instance, customized parts and equipment coverage are not necessary if a car is not going to be modified or upgraded. Other add-ons, however, seem like logical buys, such as accident forgiveness. Accident forgiveness stops an auto insurance claim from counting as a point on a driver’s record. Since the cost of auto insurance coverage can skyrocket when a claim is made, some drivers consider it a great deal. As with any add-on, it is worthy of consideration, but it is important that drivers understand exactly how accident forgiveness functions.

How To Plan For Your Next In-full Auto Insurance Payment

In a tough economy, people are trying to cut expenses in any way they can, but auto insurance is an expense we cannot do without. State laws tell us we must have insurance in order to drive a car, and many states will not even allow you to license an auto without providing proof of insurance. Do you panic when that yearly insurance premium is due? If so, there are strategies to help you plan to pay the full amount without breaking your budget. Some insurance companies offer monthly, quarterly or yearly payments of premiums. However, there is usually a fee that accompanies installment payments, so it is best to pay the auto insurance coverage yearly.

The Consequences Of Withholding Information From Your Auto Insurance Company

When you begin the search for an auto insurer, you will find yourself asking for auto insurance quotes from a number of companies and hoping one comes at an affordable rate. However, you can be sure the auto insurance agents will be asking you questions as well regarding your driving record and whether you’ve even been in a car accident. You know that answering yes’ will mean a higher auto insurance quote if the company is willing to offer you auto insurance coverage at all.

Is There Special Auto Insurance For Electric Cars

Buying auto insurance for an electric car is just like buying insurance for a traditional car, but for one essential element. When you get an auto insurance policy for an electric car, you’re likely to get it a little cheaper. So there is no special insurance for electric vehicles, but their are companies that will give you a better deal on electric vehicle insurance. Electric car auto insurance, even a hybrid car insurance, can be more affordable when placed with the right company. There are several factors that certain companies look at when it comes to these cars. First, electric cars present an image of responsibility, making you look like a better risk to the insurance company. Second, electric cars have less horsepower, which has a direct effect on reducing the cost of auto insurance coverage. Finally, electric cars have a limited range, translating into fewer miles driven and ultimately, lower insurance rates.

Can My Auto Insurance Cover A Vehicle I Don’t Own

There are several instances when your own insurance policy may cover a vehicle you don’t personally own. These situations require that you were driving the car and were responsible for the accident. Essentially, your auto policy covers other cars only when they do not have insurance of their own or when they exhaust coverage on the primary policy.

What You Need To Know About Split Limit Auto Insurance Coverage

When purchasing auto insurance coverage, you need to know that insurance companies use the concept of split limits to reduce the cost of a policy. If they successfully reduce that cost, that enables them to offer the consumer a more attractive auto insurance quote.

Why Is It That The Government Requires Auto Insurance

The U.S. government has very good reasons for requiring that all drivers in the country carry the right amount of auto insurance. Perhaps one of the most fundamental and compelling reasons that auto insurance policies are required is that cars have the potential to kill or maim people and cause significant property damage. Because a vehicle is a piece of machinery, drivers – no matter how good they are behind the wheel – can’t always control how the vehicle will react in certain situations. Although no one sets out in the morning deliberately planning to have an accident, it happens. And it happens for any number of reasons, such as inattention, inexperience or distraction. We haven’t even gotten to the less forgivable reasons like alcohol or road rage. Auto insurance ensures that regardless of the accident’s cause or who is at fault, the damage will be paid for.

Does Having Auto Insurance Protect Me From Lawsuits

Having the right auto insurance can protect you from lawsuits. As a matter of fact, this is one of the major reasons for purchasing an insurance policy. We live in a litigious society where people sue each other without hesitation for the smallest things – and a motor vehicle accident is by no means a small thing. When you purchase auto insurance coverage through a carrier, they assume the role of protecting you in an accident. This means that if the other driver hires an attorney to sue you for injuries and vehicle damage, your insurance carrier will step up to the plate and defend those auto insurance claims that arise against you.

Strange Stories About Auto Insurance Companies

Over the years, many strange stories about auto insurance companies have surfaced. These stories spread misconceptions regarding the auto insurance industry – how they determine coverage and rates, what different policies cover and how drivers should go about obtaining auto insurance. This article aims to put some of those stories to rest.

Michigan Drivers May Be Paying Less For Insurance Coverage In The Future

Although the people of Michigan have had to pay more than residents of any other state for their auto insurance coverage in the past, new legislation might make obtaining insurance at a lower cost possible for them soon. According to, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill before the New Year that could lower insurance prices and change how auto insurance is regulated in the Great Lakes state. Despite the fact that Republicans and Democrats still don’t see eye to eye on the issue, it could make some important changes for Michigan residents who are paying too much for their car insurance.

Driver’s Ed Gaining Popularity In Schools, Minimizing Future Insurance Claims

Driver’s education is now currently popular in high schools across the country. There are a number of reasons why teen drivers are benefiting from taking drivers education classes in school. Less than ten percent of the last generation of American school children took drivers ed as an optional course. Here are some reasons why drivers ed is gaining increased popularity in schools.

Winter And Auto Insurance Claims

Winter can be a depressing season for many motorists, as the colder months tend to be those when most auto insurance claims are filed. Auto insurance companies are often quick to point this fact out, as their interest is, of course, to decrease the amount of claims they handle in any way possible. They do this by sometimes sending out information on winter driving or even use press releases to try to urge drivers to behave more carefully in colder conditions. Nevertheless, it’s still a treacherous season to be on the road, according to accident statistics on American highways.

How Do You Acquire Overseas Auto Insurance

If you are traveling abroad and planning on using a car as your primary transportation, it is imperative that you get sufficient auto insurance coverage for the duration of your trip. Meet with your insurance agent to discuss your travel plans in order to determine the proper amount of coverage for you and any other drivers. And, though most personal auto insurance policies do not usually provide international coverage, if you have an umbrella policy, you may already find you have worldwide coverage. It’s important to meet with your agent to discuss this, and the other options you have for overseas auto insurance.

Can Proper Winter Car Preparation Result In Auto Insurance Discounts

When looking for an auto insurance quote, you probably make a point to take advantage of every possible discount you can find – good driving, multiple car, safety features, etc. After all, you don’t want to pay a cent more for good auto insurance coverage than you had to. However, once you get your policy, is also helps to look at it every season to find seasonal discounts on your premiums. This is especially true in the winter, which is historically the worst season for driving – claims against auto insurance policies skyrocket during the icy season, and the number of accidents in colder climates climb as drivers hit the road in vehicles that are under prepared for winter driving conditions. Under many policies, you can get an auto insurance discount by taking a few simple steps to get your vehicle ready for the cold.

Auto Insurance Policies For Military Personnel

Members of the military perform strenuous jobs in order to maintain national security. Unfortunately, this danger level isn’t always reflected in their pay rate. Like every member of society, service members may have large families, be paying off student loans or have excess debt. Luckily, one of those added excessive costs doesn’t have to be auto insurance. Today, many insurance companies acknowledge the sacrifice that military personnel are giving for their country by offering discounts to service members. In addition to these discounts, military members can further save themselves money by exploring other discounts offered by insurance companies. Affordable auto insurance rates can be a help to anyone.

What Is Comparative Negligence In Auto Insurance?

One of the most important things you’ll need to understand about your auto insurance policy is the terms surrounding your claim payments. It’s critical to know what situations would prompt an insurance pay out on one of your claims, and how your state figures accident fault. Many states now use a method called comparative negligence to find who’s at fault in an accident. So, if your state uses comparative negligence, you should learn about the term before you’re involved in an accident.

What Is Diminished Value?

After a car has been damaged in an auto accident, it has less value. If you try to sell the vehicle after it has been damaged and repaired, you will receive less money for it. This is also referred to as your vehicle’s diminished value. Research shows that people who buy cars that were involved in an auto accident expect to pay less money for them. In addition, the cost for auto insurance coverage usually increases with previously damaged vehicles. Furthermore, people automatically assume that the car is not in perfect condition anymore, and it might cost them money down the road with repairs. Another concern is the parts used to repair the vehicle after the accident. Sometimes, repair shops do not use parts from the manufacturer, so people assume that the car will not function as well, or it will need to be repaired again in the near future. As a result, the seller risks losing money when someone buys the vehicle. Keep in mind that the seller is obligated to tell the buyer about the car’s history. It is illegal to withhold that information when selling a car.

How To Determine If Commercial Car Insurance Is Right For You

Whether commercial car insurance is something you should consider depends on how you use your vehicle. If you own a company and you drive while on the job, commercial auto insurance may be worth having. In other words, your standard auto insurance coverage will protect you when you’re driving to and from work, but it may not protect you if you’re driving for work. A lot of people overlook that serious distinction. Usually, it’s not much of a problem. If you’re in an accident, though, your auto insurance may not cover you if you were driving in a work capacity at the time that the collision or other problem occurred – and that can be true even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

How To Be Prepared For A Hit-and-run Accident

No matter how safely you drive, or how much auto insurance you have, you can still be the victim of a hit-and-run driver. While there’s no way to foresee a hit-and-run accident, there are ways to protect yourself through auto insurance coverage. Most drivers are prepared for a typical car collision, where one or both drivers’ auto insurance covers the costs of damages and injuries. However, in the case of hit-and-run accidents where the driver at fault leaves the scene, the victim of the accident is the one who’s left to pay.

The Wrong Questions To Ask When Purchasing Auto Insurance

It's easy to ask the wrong questions when buying auto insurance. The law requires you to buy insurance if you're going to drive, so it's natural to look around for the cheapest option that satisfies the legal requirement. But, if the only questions you ask when you're buying insurance have to do with cost, you're more than likely to purchase auto insurance coverage that won't meet your needs down the line when you really need it. While it's certainly true that different companies offer some of the same services for different rates, it's also the case that comprehensive coverage costs more. When you buy a policy that covers you more fully, you'll pay more in the short term, but you'll be more fully covered in the event of an accident.

Perks To Keeping Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance companies have begun battle for your patronage. Everyday, carriers are beaming their slogans and mascots directly into your homes attempting to convince you that their coverage or service is superior to that of all others. While conventional wisdom may imply that the best auto insurance benefits are to be reaped by switching insurance companies, this is not always the case. By staying with your current auto insurance carrier, you can incur a number of slightly more hidden – but equally valuable -benefits, such as greater familiarity and fiscal savings.

In What Situations Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance Necessary

When talking to your insurance company about auto insurance, many times they will mention or suggest getting full coverage auto insurance. While full coverage insurance is not required in every state, it can be important to at least consider.

Auto Coverage For College Goers

When a college student moves away from the home, auto insurance coverage might be the last thing on parents' minds, but it's an important consideration that's best made sooner rather than later. On one hand, if you're paying for too much insurance for the college student, you're wasting money; on the other hand, it's never a good idea to be uninsured, especially when young drivers are involved. Here's a look at how to determine how your insurance policy should change when a college student moves away from home, and how parents can keep their children properly insured.

Auto Insurance Coverage Keeps You Relaxed When Driving

Just being armed with auto insurance is not all; you have to know if the auto insurance coverage is sufficient to stand you in good stead if you meet with a car accident. Having no insurance coverage for your vehicle is illegal in a majority of the states, so you need to have one. It is not a good idea to carry very little auto insurance coverage as that might land you in trouble in the future.

The Minimum Amount Of Auto Insurance Coverage You Are Allowed To Have

Auto insurance can cost a lot of money, so there are many people trying to lower their auto insurance coverage in hopes of trying to save money. The cost for insurance will depend on different things, like how much coverage you want. The question is, how much coverage is actually necessary. Understanding your state's minimum liability coverage and whether that will be enough to cover you in case of an accident is important to determine what you will want to seek when looking for your insurance policy.

State-to-state Coverage: How Long Can You Go Without Switching?

Insurance laws can vary from state to state. If you have auto insurance coverage in one state and then move to another, there are vital steps you'll need to take in order keep your vehicle covered and to keep driving legally. Most of the time you don't have a very long window of opportunity for changing your auto insurance coverage when you change states. This is especially true if your coverage provider isn't licensed to insure in your current state – leaving your vehicle's insurance completely invalid. Familiarizing yourself with state requirements and the coverage you need will be highly beneficial to you as a driver.

Auto Insurance Abroad: Making Sure You’re Covered While Traveling

Traveling overseas is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity to explore new places, to immerse yourself in rich cultures, to have culinary feasts and to take as many spontaneous road trips as you can. Driving in another country may sound like a fabulous idea, but before flying out of here and getting yourself behind the wheel, it would be best to review your auto insurance coverage. You might think that your auto insurance policy in the U.S. will cover you elsewhere, but this not always true.

Will My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

Will My Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers?

In most cases, car insurance policies will cover damages to a vehicle, no matter who was driving your car. However, this is not always true. It is important to check your specific policy, or inquire about this coverage from any company you receive car insurance quotes from. Also, different states have different policies when dealing with these situations so it is important to be thorough when searching for car insurance coverage.

What Does Full Coverage Mean?

What Does Full Coverage Mean?

In today‘s market, there are an absurd amount of options to choose from when insuring your automobile. There are a wide range of different levels of car insurance plans for different needs and different budgets. It is very important to know what you are paying for with your plan and what is all included in your coverage. You want to pay for only what you need and deserve, especially when the cost of everything around you is on the rise.

What does it mean that my car is insured, but not the driver?

Automobile insurance polices and coverage can vary from company to company and state to state. In most instances, car insurance follows the car first and the driver second. What this means is that the owner of the vehicle is usually responsible for making the insurance claims on any damages that are accrued from their automobile, no matter who was the wheel.

What’s An Auto Insurance Binder

Understanding the terms of your auto insurance coverage is crucial. Otherwise, you might end up driving with less coverage than you’d thought, or you might even end up on the road without an active auto insurance policy. This happens to many policyholders because they don’t familiarize themselves with the details of their insurance coverage. One part of most car insurance policies that’s often neglected by motorists is the auto insurance binder. Many drivers aren’t even aware of what a binder is, much less how it works. It’s certainly a term you want to know when you’re shopping around for an auto insurance quote because it pertains to when your new insurance becomes active, and when your policy becomes officially legal.